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2701. The Select Documents of India-China Relations: Politics of Resources, Identity and Authority
2702. Selected Works of Charan Singh (7 Volumes)
2703. Selected Works of Jawaharlal Nehru - Second Series (Volume 41, 44-66, 66 Supp., 67-85) [Set of 44 Volumes]
2704. Selected Works of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad; 11 Volumes / Kumar, Ravindra (Ed.)
2705. Selected Works of Subhas Chandra Bose; 3 Volumes / Kumar, Ravindra (Ed.)
2706. Sermons from Stones Contribution of Andhras to Art, Culture and Thought / Kumari, Krishna
2707. Settlement Pattern in Northern India / Singh, Pushp Lata
2708. Settlement Pattern Urban Growth and Craft Technology in North India: An Archaeological Perspective / Singh, Santosh Kumar
2709. Settling the Unsettled: A Study of Partition Refugees in West Bengal / Mandal, Monika
2710. The Seven Cities of Delhi / Hearn, Gordon Risley
2711. Seven Years in Tibet / Harrer, Heinrich
2712. Shades of Kashmir: Landscape - Daily Life - People - Protest / Basu, Shome
2713. Shadow War: The Untold Story of Jihad in Kashmir / Jamal, Arif
2714. The Shah Hamadan of Kashmir / Hassnain, Fida Mohammad
2715. Shah Jahan and His Paradise on Earth: the Story of Shah Jahan's Creations in Agra and Shahjahanabad in the Golden Days of the Mughals / Sarker, Kobita
2716. Shahan-E-Gurjar; (in Urdu) / Barkat, Abul & Malik, Maulvi, M.
2717. Shaheed Bhagat Singh and the Forgotten Indian Martyrs / Massey, Reginald
2718. Shahjahanabad: A City of Delhi, 1638-1857 / Chenoy, Shama Mitra
2719. Shahjahanabad: The Sovereign City in Mughal India 1639-1739 / Blake, Stephen P.
2720. The Shah-Namah of Fardusi (Translated from the Original Persian) / Rogers, Alexander
2721. Shaivism in Ancient Kashmir: A Historical and Cultural Study / Paul, John Mohammad
2722. A Shared Heritage: The Growth of Civilizations in India and Iran / Habib, Irfan (Ed.)
2723. Sharing the Blame: Subhas Chandra Bose and the Japanese Occupation of the Andamans 1942-45 / Sareen, T.R.
2724. Sheikh Ali Hujveri: His Life and Contributions / Akhgar, Abdul Halim (Dr.)
2725. Sher Shah Suri and His Dynasty / Siddiqui, I.H.
2726. The SherThukPens of Arunachal Pradesh: A Narrative of Cultural Heritage and Folklore / Sharma, Anita
2727. The Shi'as of Jammu and Kashmir (The History of Shi'ism in Kashmir) [1324 to 1947], 2 Volumes / Hussain, Hakim Imtiyaz (Justice)
2728. Shimla: A British Himalayan Town / Vashisht, Sumit Raj
2729. Shipwrecks around the World: Revelations of the Past / Tripati, Sila (Ed.)
2730. Shivaji, the Founder of Maratha Swaraj / Vaidya, Chintamana Vinayaka
2731. Shivaji: The Great Maratha; 4 Volumes / Sardesai, H.S.
2732. A Short History of Aurangzib (Aurangzeb) / Sarkar, Jadunath
2733. Short History of Indian Literature / Horrwitz, Ernst
2734. Short History of the British in India / Innes, Arthur D.
2735. A Short History of the World / Wells, H.G.
2736. Shudras in Ancient India / Chandra, R. & Chanchreek, K.L.
2737. SIACHEN Conflict Zone: Looking Beyond the Himalayas (Battles-Geopolitics-Geostrategy) / Lal, Anil
2738. Sign of the Tiger: Subhas Chandra Bose and his Indian Legion in Germany 1941-45 / Hartog, Rudolf
2739. The Sikh and the Khalsa / Kohli, Surinder S. (Prof.)
2740. Sikh Coinage: Symbol of Sikh Sovereignty / Singh, Surinder
2741. The Sikh Empire (1708-1849 A.D.) / Data, Piara Singh
2742. The Sikh Resurgence / Singh, Joginder
2743. Sikh Warrior, Hari Singh Nalwa / Johar, Surinder Singh
2744. Sikhism and History / Singh, Pashaura & Barrier, N. Gerald
2745. The Sikhs / Gorden, Sir John J.H.
2746. The Sikhs and the Sikh Wars: The Rise, Conquest and Annexation of the Punjab State / Innes, Arthur D. & Gough, Charles
2747. Sikkim: Past and Present / Joshi, H.G.
2748. The Silk Road: A New History / Hansen, Valerie
2749. Simla: The Summer Capital of British India / Bhasin, Raaja
2750. Sindhu-Sarasvati Civilization: New Perspectives (A Volume in Memory of Dr. Shikaripur Ranganatha Rao) / Rao, Nalini (Ed.)
2751. Sindias and the Raj: Princely Gwalior, c. 1800-1850 / Farooqui, Amar
2752. Singha Durbar: Rise and Fall of the Rana Regime of Nepal (Revised and Updated Edition) / Rana, Sagar S.J.B.
2753. Sir Aurel Stein's Central Asia: Detailed Reports of Explorations in Central Asia, Kan-Su, China, Mangolia, Russian Asia, Iran, Afganistan, Tibet, Oxus and Hindukush; 12 Volumes / Aurel Stein
2754. Sir Banister Fletcher's A History of Architecture (20th Edition) / Cruickshank, Dan (Ed.)
2755. Sir Syed Ahmad Khan: The Man and His Work / Bakshi, S.R.
2756. Sister Nivedita: Dedicated Champion for India / Gajrani, Shiv & Ram, S. (Drs.)
2757. Sister Nivedita: Social Revolutionary / Kumar, Raj
2758. Sivasri: Perspectives in Indian Archaeology, Art and Culture (Birth Centenary Volume of Padma Bushan Dr. C. Sivaramamurti and Padma Bushan Sh. K.R. Srinivasan) / Dayalan, D. (Dr.) (Ed.)
2759. Sixty Five Years of the Indian Economy: 1947-48 to 2012-13 / Prasad, Chandra Shekhar & Shekhar, Himanshu
2760. Sixty Years of Sanskrit Studies: 1950-2010; 2 Volumes / Tripathi, Radhavallabh (Ed.)
2761. Si-Yu-Ki: Buddhist Records of the Western World: Translated from the Chinese of Hiuen Tsiang (A.D. 629), 2 Volumes (Bound in one) / Beal, Samuel
2762. A Sketch of the History of Painting; 2 Volumes / Wornum, Ralph Nicolson
2763. Sketches of the Relation between British Government in India and the different Native States / Sutherland, J.
2764. Smoke without Fire: Protrait of Pre-Partition Delhi / Siddiqi, Abdul Rahman
2765. Soch Samandar; (in Gojari) / Anjum, Rafiq (Dr.)
2766. Social and Cultural Depictions of India c. 1700-1850 (The Memsahibs' Narrations) / Awasthi, Shalini
2767. Social and Cultural Heritage of Sikkim and Bhutan / Sharma, S.K. & Sharma, Usha (Eds.)
2768. Social and Cultural History of Ancient India / Kumar, Raj (Dr.)
2769. Social and Cultural History of India / Sharma, R.K.
2770. Social and Cultural History of India Since 1556 / Jayapalan, N.
2771. Social and Cultural History of India; 2 Volumes / Bakshi, S.R.
2772. Social and Cultural History of Modern India / Pruthi, Raj Kumar & et. al.
2773. Social and Cultural Life of Jharkhand / Karan, Sudhir
2774. Social and Economic History of Jammu and Kashmir / Kapur, M.L. & Kapur, Sindhu
2775. Social and Economic History of Modern India / Gohit, Rajeev Kumar
2776. Social Change in Post-Independence India / Lal, A.K. & et. al. (Eds.)
2777. Social Conscience in Sanskrit Literature / Bisgaard, Daniel James
2778. Social Formations of Early South India / Gurukkal, Rajan
2779. Social History of Andhra Pradesh / Reddy, Nagolu Krishna
2780. Social History of Chhattisgarh: Myth and Reality / Shukla, Hira Lal
2781. The Social History of Health and Medicine in Colonial India / Pati, Biswamoy & Harrison, Mark
2782. Social History of the Deccan / Yarlagadda, Tejaswini
2783. Social History of the Tamils (1707-1947) / Subramanian, P.
2784. Society and Culture / Nagendra, S.P.
2785. Society and Culture in Rajasthan c. A.D. 700-900 / Sharma, Shanti Rani
2786. Society and Culture under Sultanate / Saxena, Anil
2787. Society in Ancient India: Evolution since the vedic times based on Sanskrit, Pali, Prakrit and other classical sources / Banerji, Sures Chandra
2788. Society in Early Historic Tamilakam / Rajamani, Radhika
2789. Society Nobility and Institutions in Ancient India / Verma, B.R. & Bakshi, S.R. (Eds.)
2790. Socio Economic Exploration of Medieval India from 800 to 1300 A.D. / Jain, Purushottam C.
2791. Socio Economic Life in Chotanagpur 1858-1935 / Sinha, B.B.
2792. Socio-Cultural Environment of Tribal Landscapes / Gupta, G.P.
2793. Socio-Cultural History of an Indian Caste / Gupta, C. Dwarakanath
2794. A Socio-Cultural History of the Later Colas: As Gleaned through Epigraphy / Karuppiah, K.
2795. The Socio-Cultural World of Women in Medieval Andhra (From 11th to 13th Centuries A.D.) / Padma, A.
2796. Socio-Economic History of Medieval India / Chitnis, K.N.
2797. Socio-Economic, Political and Cultural History of South India / Sarma, A. Vizaya Dattatreya
2798. Socio-Political Trends in Indian Nationalism / Ahluwalia, S.K.
2799. Some Aspects of Indo-Islamic Architecture / Parihar, Subhash
2800. Some Blunders of Indian Historical Research / Oak, P.N.
2801. Some Ksatriya Tribes of Ancient India / Law, Bimala Charan
2802. Some Missing Chapters of World History / Oak, P.N.
2803. The Song of the Queen of Spring or A History of Tibet by Nag-dBan Blo-bZan-rGya-mTSHo (Fifth Dalai Lama of Tibet) / Ahmad, Zahiruddin (Rev. Tr.)
2804. Sons of Sita / Banker, Ashok K.
2805. The Soul of India / Chopra, Tarun
2806. A Source Book of World Politics: Encyclopaedia, Historical Perspectives Political Developments and Sources; 2 Volumes / Gupta, V.P. & et. al.
2807. Source of Mughal History / Gupta, Lal Manik
2808. Sources for the History of Bhutan / Aris, Michael
2809. Sources of the History of Arunachal Pradesh / Dutta, S. & Tripathy, B. (Eds.)
2810. Sources of Vijayanagar History / Aiyangar, S. Krishnaswami (Ed.)
2811. South Africa: The Land of Mandela / Naik, Vijay
2812. South Asian Prehistory: Archaeology of South Asia / Agrawal, D.P. & Kharakwal, J.S.
2813. South Asian Texts in History: Critical Engagements with Sheldon Pollock / Bronner, Yigal & Cox, Whitney & McCrea, Lawrence (Eds.)
2814. South Asian Transnationalisms: Cultural Exchange in the Twentieth Century / Sinha, Babli (Ed.)
2815. South Indian Archaeology / Kamalakar, G. & et. al. (Eds.)
2816. South Indian Feudatory Dynasties / Venkatesha
2817. South Indian Studies / Murali, S.
2818. South Indians in Kolkata: History of Kannadigas, Konkanis, Malayalees, Tamilians, Telugus, South Indian Dishes, and Tippoo Sultan's Heirs in Calcutta / Nair, Thankappan P.
2819. South-Indian Horizons: Felicitation Volume for Francois Gros / Chevillard, Jean-Juc (Ed.)
2820. Spectrum of Indian Culture; 2 Volumes / Margabandhu, C. & Ramachandran, K.S. (Eds.)
2821. Spices and Condiments: Origin, History and Applications / Patil, D.A. & Dhale, D.A.
2822. The Spinning World: A Global History of Cotton Textiles, 1200-1850 / Riello, Giorgio & Parthasarathi, Prasannan (Eds.)
2823. Spiritual Authority and Temporal Power in the Indian Theory of Government by Ananda K. Coomaraswamy / Iengar, Keshavram N. & Coomaraswamy, Rama P. (Eds.)
2824. Spiritual Bastards and Intellectual Parasites / Chowdhury, Paramesh
2825. The Spiritual Heritage of India / Prabhavananda, Swami
2826. Splendour of Fatehpur Sikri / Verma, Chob Singh
2827. Sri Prakasa: A Political Biography / Kishore, Nilanjana
2828. Sri Puspanjali: Recent Researches in Prehistory, Protohistory, Art, Architecture, Numismatics, Iconography and Epigraphy; 2 Volumes (Dr. C.R. Srinivasan Commemoration Volume) / Ramesh, K.V. (Ed.)
2829. Starvation and Colonialism: A Study of Famines in the Nineteenth Century British Punjab (1858-1901) / Singh, Navtej
2830. State and Diplomacy under Tipu Sultan: Documents and Essays / Habib, Irfan (Ed.)
2831. State and Minorities: What are their Rights and how to Secure them in the Constitution of Free India / Ambedkar, B.R. (Dr.)
2832. State and Society in Latin America: Challenges of Globalisation / Nafey, Abdul & et. al.
2833. The State and the Village Community in Medieval Maharashtra / Anand, Mily Roy
2834. State Formation in Ancient Orissa / Mohanty, Prafulla Kumar
2835. State Formation in Rajasthan: Mewar During the Seventh-Fifteenth Centuries / Kapur, Nandini Sinha
2836. State Formation in the Eastern Deccan 7th Century A.D. - 13th Century A.D. / Aruna, A.
2837. A State in Turbulence: Jammu and Kashmir / Sehgal, Narender
2838. States Peoples Conference / Mathur, V.D. (Dr.)
2839. Status of Panchayati Raj in the States and Union Territories of India 2000 / Mathew, George (Gen. Ed.)
2840. Status of Peasants and Monks in British India / Vashishth, Suraj
2841. Stone Age to Iron Age: Development of Early Human Culture in Andhra Pradesh / Venkatasubbaiah, P.C.
2842. Stories About the Partition of India; 4 Volumes / Bhalla, Alok (Ed.)
2843. Stories of British Heroes in India / Gilliat, Edward
2844. The Story of Kashmir: Yesterday and Today; 3 Volumes / Grover, Verinder
2845. The Story of rGyalam Kesar (From the Legend of Ladakh) / Khan, Kacho Asfandyar
2846. Story of the Civilization: The Life Story of the Earth and of all Nations; 15 Volumes / Innes, A.D. & et. al.
2847. Strategies and Practices of Rural Development in India / Mathur, T.N. & et. al.
2848. Structure of Politics Under Aurangzeb 1658-1707 / Husain, S.M. Azizuddin
2849. Struggle for Free Hindustan; 2 Volumes / Singh, Bhai Nahar & Singh, Bhai Kirpal
2850. Struggle for Human Rights: Nelson Mandela / Anand, Meena
2851. Studies in Archaeology and History; 2 Volumes / Siddiqi, W.H. & Chandra, Satish (Eds.)
2852. Studies in Historical Ecology of India / Ashraf, Jaweed
2853. Studies in History and Archaeology of Vikramasila Mahavihara: The Last Beacon of Buddhist Philosophy / Sinha, Rajiva Kumar & Pandey, Om Prakash (Eds.)
2854. Studies in History of Deccan Medieval and Modern / Nayeem, M.A. & et. al.
2855. Studies in Indian History: Bihar Through the Ages; 4 Volumes / Bakshi, S.R. & Chaturvedi, Ritu (Eds.)
2856. Studies in Indian History: Festschrift to Prof. Adapa Satyanarayana / Rao, K. Arjun (Ed.)
2857. Studies in Indian History: Madhya Pradesh through the Ages; 4 Volumes / Bakshi, S.R. & Ralhan, O.P. (Eds.)
2858. Studies in Indian History: West India Through the Ages; 3 Volumes / Prasad, S.P. & Seth, R.R. (Eds.)
2859. Studies in Jaina History and Culture: Disputes and Dialogues (Special Indian Edition) / Flugel, Peter (Ed.)
2860. Studies in Medieval Andhra History and Culture / Myneni, Krishna Kumari
2861. Studies in Modern Indian History: India's March to Swaraj; 2 Volumes / Sharma, B.R.
2862. Studies in Pre Historic Culture of Andhra Pradesh / Sastry, D.L.N. & et. al.
2863. Studies in Prehistory and Ethnoarchaeology of South Asia (in Honour of V.N. Misra) / Kanungo, A.K. (Ed.)
2864. Studies in Public Administration: History and Problems of Civil Services in India; 3 Volumes / Parashar, P.N.
2865. Studies in the Anatomy of a Transformation Awadh from Mughal to Colonial Rule / Jafri, Saiyid Zaheer Husain
2866. Studies in the Geography of Ancient and Medieval India / Sircar, D.C.
2867. Studies in the History of the Deccan and South India / Goyal, Shankar
2868. Studies in the History, Economy and Culture of Arunachal Pradesh / Dutta, S. (Dr.)
2869. Studies in Tribal Development; 4 Volumes / Gupta, G.P.
2870. Studies on Indian Medical History / Meulenbeld, G.J. & Wujastyk, Dominik
2871. A Study in Nepali Economic History / Regmi, Mahesh C.
2872. A Study in the Mathematical Contribution of Varahmihira and His Heritage / Pande, G.S.
2873. A Study of Persian Ghazal and Ruba'i Under the Great Mughals (1526-1707) / Qamaruddin, Muhammad (Dr.)
2874. A Study of Telugu Place-Names: Based on Inscriptions from the Earliest to the 13th Century / Ramachandramurty, S.S.
2875. A Study on the Chronicles of Ladakh (Indian Tibet) / Petech, Luciano (Dr.)
2876. Stylistics of Early Khmer Art; 2 Volumes / Benisti, Mireille
2877. Subhash Chandra Bose (in Hindi) / Gupt, Asha
2878. Subhash Chandra Bose and Fundamental Problems of India / Pruthi, R.K.
2879. Subhash Chandra Bose: His Dream of Free India / Pruthi, R.K.
2880. Subordinate Rulers in Medieval Deccan / Ganapathi, Racharla (Dr.)
2881. The Successors of Maharaja Ranjit Singh / Latif, Syad Mohammad
2882. The Successors of the Mauryas: A Political History based on Coins and Inscriptions / Srivastava, Prashant
2883. Sudras in Ancient India: A Social History of the Lower Order Down to Circa A.D. 600 / Sharma, Ram Sharan
2884. Sufis of Naqshbandiya Mujddidia Order (Translated into English) / Ansari, Ishrat Husain & Hamid Afaq Qureshi al-Taimi al-Siddiqi (Tr.)
2885. Sultan Zain-ul-Abidin of Kashmir: An Age of Enlightenment / Zutshi, N.K.
2886. Sultanate Architecture of Bengal: An Analysis of Architectural and Decorative Elements / Alamgir, Khoundkar
2887. Summary of Affairs of the Mahratta States / Wheeler, J. Talboys
2888. Sunga Art: Cultural Reflections / Hegde, Rajaram
2889. Sura: The Liquor and the Vedic Sacrifice / Kolhatkar, Madhavi Bhaskar
2890. Surapura Samsthana: Historical and Archaeological Study of Poligar State in South India / Aruni, S.K.
2891. Surplus to Subsistance: A Critique of British Land Revenue Policy in Rajasthan; (1870-1910) / Jain, M.S.
2892. Surrender at Dacca: Birth of a Nation / Jacob, J.F.R. (Lt. Gen.)
2893. Survey of Ancient India; 5 Volumes / Kumar, Raj
2894. Survey of Medieval India; 15 Volumes / Kumar, Raj
2895. Survey of Modern India; 8 Volumes / Kumar, Raj
2896. Survey of Research in Economics of North East India (1970-1990) / Srivastav, Nirankar
2897. Suvarnadvipa: Ancient Indian Colonies in the Far East; 2 Volumes / Majumdar, R.C.
2898. Swami Vivekanand / Ranjan, Ravi & Singh, M.K.
2899. Swami Vivekananda / Sen, A.P.
2900. Swaraj Party and Gandhi / Bakshi, S.R.
2901. Swatantra Bharat (1947-1964) / Rajkumar (Dr.)
2902. Symbols of Trade: Roman and Pseudo-Roman Objects Found in India / Suresh, S.
2903. Tagore in Print: A Compatative Study Before and After Expiry of Copyright / Ray, Partha Pratim
2904. Tai Ahom System of Government / Sarma, Amulya Chandra
2905. The Taj Mahal is a Temple Palace (The Greatest Historical Discovery of Modern Times) / Oak, P.N.
2906. The Taj Mahal is Tejo-Mahalya: A Shiva Temple / Oak, P.N.
2907. Taj Mahal: A Tale of Love and Sorrow in the Mughal Empror's Court (Colour comic book) / Gol
2908. The Taj Mahal: History and Architecture / Nath, R. & Nath, Ajay
2909. Tales of Banaras: The Flowing Ganges Life and Lore of India's Sacred City on the Ganges; (Translated from the Original Hindi of Shiv Prasad Mishra) / Golding, Paul R. & et. al.
2910. Tales of the Punjab / Steel, Flora Anne
2911. Taliban Phenomenon: Afghanistan 1994-1997 With an afterword covering Major event since 1997 / Matinuddhin, Kamal
2912. Tamil Culture: Religion, Culture & Literature; 2 Volumes / Krishnan, A.
2913. Tamil Siddhas: A Study from Historical, Socio-Cultural and Religio-Philosophical Perspectives / Sarma, S.A.
2914. Tanik Do Saptah Uttaranchal Mein / Kapoor, B.L.
2915. Tareekh-E-Gurjar (in Hindi) / Chauhan, Rana Ali Hasan
2916. Tarekh-i-Rashdi of Mirza Muhammad Haidar, Dughlat: Travels in the Mughals of Central Asia / Elias, N. (Ed.)
2917. Tarikh-i Firoz Shahi (An English Translation of Zia ud Din Barani’s original) / Zilli, Ishtiyaq Ahmad (Tr.)
2918. Tarikh-i-Akbari: Muhammad Arif Qandhari / Ahmad, Tasneem
2919. Taxila: An Illustrated Account of Archaeological Excavations Carried Out at Taxila Under the Orders of the Government of India Between the Years 1913 and 1934; 3 Volumes / Marshall, Sir John
2920. Teacher's Handbook of History / Syed, M.H.
2921. Teaching Archaeology: Lewis R. Binford in the Classroom / Stone, Nancy Medaris & Paddayya, K. (Eds.)
2922. Teaching of History / Garg, Bhuvan
2923. Teaching of History / Sharma, S.K.
2924. Teaching of History / Yadav, Nirmal
2925. Teaching of History: The Paedo-Centric Approach / Pathak, S.P.
2926. Telangana-Andhra: Castes, Regions and Politics in Andhra Pradesh / Thirumali, Inukonda
2927. Telugu Resurgence: C.P. Brown and Cultural Consolidation in Nineteenth-Century South India / Schmitthenner, Peter L.
2928. Temple and Society in South India / Rajan, K. Mavali (Ed.)
2929. Ten Thousand Crores: A Personal Memoir of Uttaranchal's Industrialization / Chopra, Sanjeev
2930. Terracotta Animal Figurines in the Ganga-Yamuna Valley / Prakash, Pratibha
2931. Territory, Polity and Status: A Study of Shekhawats / Maharda, B.L.
2932. Testimony of Stones; 2 Volumes / Gangopadhyay, Subinoy
2933. Text and Context in the History, Literature and Religion of Orissa / Malinar, Angelika; Beltz, Johannes & Frese, Heiko (Eds.)
2934. A Text Book of History of Ayurveda / Ranade, Subhash & Joshi, Renuka (Prof.) (Dr.)
2935. A Textbook of Historiography (500 BC to AD 2000) / Sreedharan, E.
2936. Thaideshasya Itihasa: Sanskritischa / History and Culture of Thailand by Radhavallabh Tripathi; (in Sanskrit)
2937. Thailand: Political History and Buddhist Cultural Influence; 2 Volumes / Hazra, Kanai Lal
2938. Thanjavur: A Cultural History / Chakravarthy, Pradeep
2939. Theistic Vedanta (History of Science, Philosophy and Culture in Indian Civilization, Vol. II, Part 3) / Balasubramanian, R.
2940. Thinking Territory Some Reflections / Giri, B.P. & Kar, Prafulla C. (Eds.)
2941. The Third Sikh War?: Towards or Away From Khalistan? / Butani, D.H.
2942. Through a Feudal Window: Chronicles of a Rajput Clan / Rathore, Indrajit Singh
2943. Tibbati Navavarsh Parva (Hindi) / Song, Li (Ed.)
2944. Tibet - Guge: The Cultural Relics of Ancient Western Tibet / Beck, Michael
2945. Tibet and the British Raj: The Frontier Cadre 1904-1947 / McKay, Alex
2946. Tibet in 1938-1939: Photographs from the Ernst Schafer Expedition to Tibet / Engelhardt, Isrun (Ed.)
2947. Tibet, Himalaya, Bharat, Chin aur Dr. Rammanohar Lohia / Kumar, Anand & Kumar, Manoj (Eds.)
2948. Tibet, India and China: Critical Choices, Uncertain Future / Kadian, Rajesh
2949. Tibet: A History / Schaik, Sam Van
2950. Tibet: A Political History / Shakabpa, Tsepon W.D.
2951. Tibet: History, Art and Culture / Gupta, Nita Sen (Dr.)
2952. Tibet: Writings on History and Politics / Mehra, Parshotam
2953. Tibetan Nation: A History of Tibetan Nationalism and Sino-Tibetan Relations / Smith, Warren W. (Jr.)
2954. Tiding of Troubled Times / Tewari, Manish
2955. Tilak and Gandhi: Perspectives on Religion and Politics / Sharma, Jyoti T.
2956. Top Cops: Biographies of World's Best Crime-fighters and Policemen; 3 Volumes / Shah, Giriraj
2957. Torch Bearers of India's Heritage; 2 Volumes / Sharma, R.N.
2958. Tourism: Operations and Management / Roday, Sunetra; Biwal, Archana & Joshi, Vandana
2959. Towards A Democratic Nepal: Inclusive Political Institutions for a Multicultural Society / Lawoti, Mahendra
2960. Towards a Liberating Peace / Kothari, Rajni & et. al.
2961. Town Planning in Ancient India / Dutt, Binode Behari
2962. Tracing Marco Polo's Journey: The Silk Route / Ahluwalia, H.P.S. (Major)
2963. Trade and Commerce During Dogra Rule in Kashmir AD 1846-1947 / Dar, Ali Mohammad
2964. Trade and Commerce in Western Rajputana: A Study of Four Princely States of Bikaner, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer and Sirohi (1818-1900 A.D.) / Sharma, Hari Shankar
2965. Trade and Statecraft in the Age of the Colas / Hall, Kenneth R.
2966. Trade, Politics and Plunder: The Marathas at Cambay c. AD 1725-1825 / Ray, Aniruddha
2967. Tradition and Modernity in Eighteenth Century Goa, 1750-1800: Indo-Portuguese Studies-1 / Lopes, Maria De Jesus Dos Martires
2968. Tradition and Transmission: Current Trends in French Ethnology: The Relevance for India / Vardarajan, Lotika & Chevallier, Denis (Eds.)
2969. Traditional Beliefs and Practices of the Kukis / Haokip, Songkhojang (Dr.)
2970. Traditional Indian Economy: A Reconstruction Based on Sanskrit Epigraphs / Misra, Kamal K.
2971. Traditional Indian Ship Building: Memories, History, Technology / Rajmanickam, G. Victor
2972. Traditional Institutions of Meghalaya: A Study of Doloi and His Administration / Gassah, L.S. (Dr.)
2973. Traditional Knowledge Systems and Archaeology: With special reference to Uttarakhand / Agrawal, D.P.; Jamal, Sameer & Shah, Manikant (Eds.)
2974. The Traditional Scholarship in India / Michaels, Axel (Ed.)
2975. Traditions and Culture in Ancient India / Rajurkar, C.G.
2976. Tragic Tale of Maharaja Duleep Singh / Gulati, S.P. (Ed.)
2977. The Trans Himalayan - Tibet (3 Volumes) / Namgyal, Tsetan
2978. Transformation of Poetic Discourse in Rasa and Post-structural Poetics / Rajoriya, Vandana
2979. Transformations in Indian History / Astbana, Pratima & Jafri, S.Z.H. (Eds.)
2980. Travels and Adventure in the Province of Assam: During a Residence of Fourteen years / Butler, John
2981. Travels from Delhi to Punjab and Cabul: With the mission of Lieut Colonel Sir C.M. Wade including travels in the Punjab, A visit to the city of Lahore and a narrative of operations in the Khyber Pass undertaken in 1889 / Lieut, Lilliam Barr
2982. Travels in Assam, Burma, Bhutan, Afghanistan & the Neighbouring Countries / Griffith, William
2983. Travels in Kashmir and the Punjab / Hugel, Baron Charles
2984. Travels in Persia, Afghanistan, Turkistan and Belochistan (with historical notices of the countries lying between Russia and India) / Ferrier, J.P.
2985. Travels in the Mughal Empire (A.D. 1656-1668) / Bernier, Francois
2986. Travels of a Consular Officer in Eastern Tibet: Together with a History of the Relations between China, Tibet and India / Teichman, Eric
2987. The Travels of Ibn Battuta / Gibb, H.A.R. (Tr.)
2988. Treasure of Ambedkar Series (10 Volumes)
2989. Treasures of the Thunder Dragon: A Portrait of Bhutan / Wangchuk, Ashi Dorji Wangmo
2990. Trends of Philosophical Thought in Mahabharata / Joshi, Sunanda Sharad
2991. The Triangle, India-Nepal-China: A Study of Treaty Relations / Bhatt, S.C.
2992. Tribal Coins of Ancient India / Handa, Devendra
2993. Tribal History of Central India; 3 Volumes / Sharma, R.K. & Tiwari, S.K. (Drs.)
2994. Tribal History of Eastern India / Dalton, E.T.
2995. Tribal Movements in India; 2 Volumes / Singh, K.S. (Ed.)
2996. Tribal Revolts in India Under British 'Raj' / Mathur, L.P.
2997. Tribal Transformation: The Early History of the Naga Hills / Means, Gordon P.
2998. Tribes Races and Culture of India and Neighbouring Countries Afghanistan, Bhutan, Burma, Ceylon, Srilanka, Nepal & Tibet / Hammerton, J.A.
2999. Tripuri: History and Culture / Choubey, M.C.
3000. Triratna: Heritage, Governance and Equity; (Hon'ble Shri T.N. Chaturvedi Festschrift) 5 Volumes / Tripathi, R.C.; Prasad, Agam & Shalini, Awasthi (Eds.)

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