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301. Inscriptions of Achyutaraya's Times / Vijayaraghavacharya, V. (Ed.)
302. Inscriptions of Ancient Nepal; 3 Volumes / Regmi, D.R.
303. Inscriptions of Asoka / Rastogi, Naresh Prasad
304. Inscriptions of Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Kashmir and Adjoining Hilly Tracts / Agrawal, Jagannath (Prof.) (1905-1993)
305. Inscriptions of Krishnaraya's Time / Vijayaraghavacharya, V. (Ed.)
306. Inscriptions of Mewar / Mishra, Ratan Lal
307. Inscriptions of Orissa / Tripathy, Snigdha
308. Inscriptions of Orissa, Volume 2: Inscriptions of the Bhuma-Karas / Tripathy, Snigdha (Dr.) (Mrs.)
309. Inscriptions of Sadasivaraya's Time / Vijayaraghavacharya, V. (Ed.)
310. Inscriptions of Saluva Narasimha's Time / Sastri, Sadhu Subramanya & Vijayaraghavacharya, B. (Eds.)
311. Inscriptions of the Gahadavalas and Their Times; 2 Volumes / Verma, T.P. & Singh, A.K.
312. Inscriptions of the Pallavas / Mahalingam, T.V.
313. Inscriptions of the Vijayanagara Rulers, Volume V - Part I: Tamil Inscriptions / Subbarayalu, Y. & Rajavelu, S. (Eds.)
314. Inscriptions of the Vijayanagara Rulers: Inscriptions of the Rulers of the Sangama Dynasty (1336 A.D. - 1485 A.D.); Volume 1 in 5 Parts / Ritti, Shrinivas & Gopal, B.R. (Eds.)
315. Inscriptions of Venkatapatiraya's Time; Part-I / Vijayaraghavacharya, V.
316. Iron Artifacts: History, Metallurgy, Corrosion and Conservation / Narain, Shyam & Jain Kamal K.
317. The Issues in East Indian Archaeology / Chakrabarti, Dilip K.
318. Issues in Indian Museum Education: National Perspectives, International Trends / Seth, Manvi & Reed, Carol Ann (Eds.)
319. Jaina Bronzes from Hansi / Handa, Devendra
320. Jaina Corpus of Koppala Inscriptions X-Rayed / Nagarajaiah, Hampa (Dr.)
321. Jharkhand-Cultural and Archaeological Perespectives / Srivastava, Kamal Shankar (Dr.)
322. Kalamukha Temples of Karnataka: Art and Cultural Legacy (Somanatha at Haralahalli and Kadambeshvara at Rattihalli) / Filliozat, Vasundhara & Filliozat, Pierre-Sylvain
323. Kalhar (White Water-Lily): Studies in Art, Iconography, Architecture and Archaeology of India and Bangladesh (Professor Enamul Haque Felicitation Volume) / Bhattacharya, Gouriswar; Mevissen, Gerd J.R.; Mitra, Mallar & Sinha, Sutapa (Eds.)
324. Kalpavrksa: Essays on Art, Architecture and Archaeology / Dayalan, D.
325. Kamarupa-Kalinga-Mithila: A Politico-Cultural Alignment from the Early Medieval Period / Tripathi, Chandra Dhar
326. Kampil: Archaeological Study of a Site in the Ancient Kingdom of Panchala / Dallaporta, Annamaria & Marcato, Lucio
327. Kampilya: Quest for a Mahabharata City / Filippi, Gian Giuseppe & et. al. (Eds.)
328. Kashmir and Its Monumental Glory / Agrawal, R.C.
329. Kashmir Archeology / Ahmad, Iqbal
330. Kashmir Coinage: Sultanate Period (1339-1586) / Ahmad, Iqbal
331. Kharosthi Inscriptions: Discovered by Sir Aurel Stein in Chinese Turkestan / Aurel Stein
332. Konarka: Chariot of the Sun-God / Baumer, Bettina & Konishi, M.A.
333. Kotalingala Coins / Reddy, Deme Raja
334. Krishnabhinandana: Archaeological, Historical and Cultural Studies (Festschrift to Dr. V.V. Krishna Sastry) / Reddy, P. Chenna (Dr.) (Ed.)
335. Krsna-Smrti: Studies In Indian Art and Archaeology / Sharma, R.K. & Agrawal, R.C.
336. Kumbhalgarh: The Pride of Maharanas of Mewar / Dorje, C. & Dimri, D.N.
337. Kusana Coins and History / Gupta, Parmeshwari Lal & Kulashreshtha, Sarojini
338. The Kushan Civilization: Studies in Urban Development and Material Culture / Mani, B.R.
339. The Kushana Numismatics / Shrava, Satya
340. Literature and Epigraphy of Tamilnadu / Krishnan, A.
341. The Lost City of Dvaraka / Rao, S.R.
342. The Lost Saraswati Civilization / Sharma, Deo Prakash; Sharma, Madhuri & Pandey, Kadambini
343. A Macro Study of Early Indian Coins / Mani, C. (Ed.)
344. Madhya Pradesh: Cultural and Historical Geography from Place Names in Inscriptions; 2 Volumes / Mahajan, Malati
345. Madhyabharata Mein Utkirnana Evam Lekhan Takneek Udbhav Evam Vikas / Parihar, Dinesh Nandini (Dr.)
346. Mahasenasiri: Riches of Indian Archaeological and Cultural Studies; 2 Volumes (A Felicitation Volume in Honour of Dr. I.K. Sarma) / Reddy, P. Chenna (Ed.)
347. Mainamati: Sanskrit Inscriptional and Archeological Study / Banik, Bijoy Krishna
348. Marine Archaeological Perspective of the Indian Ocean / Tripathi, Alok (Ed.)
349. Marine archaeology in India / Rao, R.S.
350. Marine Archaeology: Recent Advances / Tripathi, Alok (Dr.)
351. Maritime Archaeology and Shipwrecks of Goa / Tripathi, Sila
352. Maritime Archaeology Around Porbandar: A Report on the Excavations at Bokhira and Underwater Archaeological Explorations Around Porbandar / Gaur, A.S. & Sundaresh
353. Maritime Archaeology for Beginners / Tripati, Sila
354. Maritime Archaeology: Historical Descriptions of the Seafarings of the Kalingas / Tripati, Sila
355. Maritime Contacts of the Past: Deciphering Connections amongst Communities / Tripati, Sila (Ed.)
356. Marwar - Jodhpur State: History and Coinage / Lingen, Jan
357. Material Culture of Deccan: with special reference to Satavahana - Ikshvaku Period / Babu, B.S. Rajendra (Dr.)
358. Material Life of Northern India / Bari, Nazrul, Mohammad
359. Materials and Techniques of Ancient Wall Paintings of Sri Lanka (Rare Book) / Agrawal, O.P. & Wickramasinghe, Nanda Amara
360. Materials Used for Indian Epigraphical Records / Diskalkar, D.B. (Prof.)
361. Mathura Kala
362. Mathura: A District Memoir with Numerous Illustrations / Growse, F.S.
363. Mathura: An Art and Archaeological Study / Gupta, Vinay Kumar
364. Megalithic Builders of South India: Archaeo-Anthropological Investigations on Human Skeletal Remains from Kodumanal / Mushrif-Tripathy, Veena; Rajan, K. & Walimbe, S.R. (Eds.)
365. Megalithic Culture of Kerala: A Study of Pamba River Basin / Ambily, C.S.
366. Megalithic Culture of the Godavari Basin / Murthy, Pulugundla Ramachandra (Dr.)
367. Memoirs of the Archaeological Survey of India, No. 1 to 69 (in 31 Bindings)
368. Memoirs of the Archaeology of Kashmir / Kak, R.C.
369. Mesolithic India / Misra, V.D. & Pal, J.N. (Eds.)
370. Metalcrafts of Eastern India and Bangladesh / Chattopadhyay, P.K.
371. Metallic Art of India / Trivedi, S.D. & Dwivedi, U.C.
372. Methodological Issues in Indian Archaeology / Paddayya, K.
373. Methodology of Numismatic Study and History-Writing / Dubey, Sitaram (Ed.)
374. Minerals and Metals in Pre-Modern India / Biswas, Arun Kumar
375. Miniatures from Central India: Nigam's Madhumalati by Nandlal / Misra, R.N. & Misra, Veena
376. Modern Museum Management / Gupta, S.P. & Srivastava, Mohit
377. Mohenjo-Daro and the Indus Civilization: Being an Official Account of Archaeological Excavations at Mohenjo-Daro Carried out by the Government of India Between the Years 1922 and 1927, 3 Volumes / Marshall, Sir John (Ed.)
378. Mother Goddess in Indian Art, Archaeology and Literature / Srivastava, M.C.P.
379. Multiple Heritage: Role of Specialised Museums in India / Basa, Kishor K.
380. Multipurpose Terracotta Rings / Pisipaty, S. Rama Krishna (Dr.)
381. Museum and Cultural Heritage of India / Banerjee, N.R.
382. Museum Documentation A Potent tool For Collection Management / Roy, Shilpi
383. Museum Studies / Tripathi, Alok (Ed.)
384. Museums and Museuology New Horizons / Dwiedi, V.P. & Pant, G.N.P.
385. The Museums in the Area of Lumbini and Kapilavastu / Giri, Gitu
386. Museums of India and their Maladies / Choudhury, R.D.
387. Nalanda and its Epigraphic Materials / Sastri, Hiranand
388. Nalanda Mahavihara: A Critical Analysis of the Archaeology of an Indian Buddhist Site / Stewart, Mary L.
389. Nalanda, 3 Volumes / Misra, B.N.
390. Neolithic and Tribal Cultures of Himalayan Region: An Ethno-Archaeological Approach / Kumar, Manoj
391. New Facets of Early Historical Archaeology and Buddhist Art and Architecture (Essays in Honour of Dr. R.C. Agrawal) / Patil, C.B. & Vinay Kumar (Eds.)
392. New Facets of Indian Art, Architecture and Epigraphy / Padigar, S.B.; Shivanada, V. & Patil, C.B.
393. Notes on the Amaravati Stupa / Burgess, J. (Dr.)
394. The Numerology of the I Ching: A Sourcebook of Symbols, Structures, and Traditional Wisdom / Huang, Master Alfred
395. Numismatic Art of India; 2 Volumes / Mukherjee, B.N
396. Numismatic Gleanings / Handa, Devendra & Gupta, M.K. (Major)
397. Numismatic History of Himachal Pradesh and the Catalogue of Coins in Himachal State Museum, Simla and Bhuri Singh: Museum, Chamba / Gupta, Parmeshwari Lal
398. Numismatica Indica: Festchrift to Prof. D. Raja Reddy / Reddy, Peddarapu Chenna
399. The Old City of Lhasa: Report from a Conservation Project / Alexander, Andre & Pimpim de Azevedo
400. Organisation and Preservation of Manuscripts in Museums / Sahoo, Jyotshna & Panda, K.C.
401. Origin, Evolution and Circulation of Foreign Coins in the Indian Ocean / Bopearachchi, Osmund & et. al. (Eds.)
402. Orissan History, Culture and Archaeology / Pradhan, S.
403. A Pageant of Indian Culture, Art and Archaeology; 2 Volumes / Bhattacharyya, A.K.
404. Paidigutta Excavations: A Proto Historic Site in Lower Thungabhadra Valley Mahaboobnagar District, Andhra Pradesh / Sastry, D.L.N.
405. Pakkakot: Some New Archaeological Dimensions of Mid-Ganga Plain / Dubey, Sitaram & Singh, Ashok Kumar
406. Palaeography of Orissa / Acharya, Subrata Kumar
407. Palaeography of the Brahmi Script in Andhra / Babu, B. Ramesh Chandra (Dr.)
408. Palaeolinguistic Profile of Brahmi Script / Rajgor, Dilip
409. Pancatantra: Recent Researches in Indian Archaeology; 2 Volumes / Suresh, K.M.; Kotraiah, C.T.M. & Somashekhar, S.Y. (Eds.)
410. Pancha Mahadevas in the Indian Art / Singh, S.B.
411. Panorama of Jain Art: South India / Sivaramamurti, C.
412. The Paper Currency of Tibet / Bertsch, Wolfgang
413. Parmeshwari Lal Gupta's Coins and History of Medieval India / Garg, Sanjay (Comp. & Ed.)
414. Paschimi Champaran ka Puratatav (in Hindi) / Kumar, Manoj Kumar (Dr.)
415. Pathways to Literature, Art and Archaeology; 2 Volumes / Singh, Chandramani & Vashistha, Neelima (Eds.)
416. Perspectives on the Origin of Indian Civilization / Marcantonio, Angela & Jha, Girish Nath (Eds.)
417. Phantasmic Anatomy of the Status of Mathura / Gill, Sandrine
418. Philosophical Archaeology the Indian Scenario / Mohan, Vijneshu
419. Piecing Together: Memoirs of an Archaeologist / Lal, B.B.
420. Piety and Splendour: Sikh Heritage in Art / Goswamy, B.N.
421. Pilgrim Shrines of India: Mythology, Archaeology, History and Art / Khanna, Amar Nath
422. Pillar Inscriptions of Rajasthan / Mishra, Ratanlal
423. Pracheen Bharatiya Sikke (Hindi) / Verma, Nidhi (Dr.)
424. Prachin Bhartiya Abhilekh (in Hindi) / Rajpurohit, B.L.
425. Prajnadhara: Essays on Asian Art, History, Epigraphy and Culture; 2 Volumes (in Honour of Gouriswar Bhattacharya) / Mevissen, Gerd J.R. & Banerji, Arundhati (Eds.)
426. Pratna Bharatam: Glory of Archaeology, Art, Epigraphy and Protection of Cultural Heritage (Dr. Phanikanta Mishra Felicitation Volume), 2 Volumes / Patnaik, Jeeban Kumar & Sattar, Noor Bano (Eds.)
427. Pratnakirti: Recent Studies in Indian Epigraphy, History, Archaeology and Art (Essays in Honour of Prof. Shrinivas Ritti); 2 Volumes / Padigar, Shrinivas V. & Shivananda, V.
428. Pre and Early Harappan Culture of Western India / Shirvalkar, Prabodh
429. Pre-Columbian Gold & Silver Objects in the National Museum
430. Pre-Historic Art and Archaeology of South Asia: Palaeolithic Age; 2 Volumes / Sharma, Deo Prakash; Singh, Sanjib Kumar & Sharma, Madhuri
431. Prehistoric Art of India / Chandra, Amiya & Singh, Jaspal
432. Prehistoric Burials of Kashmir / Sharma, A.K.
433. Prehistoric Cultures of Odisha: A Study of the Tel River Valley / Rana, Nalinikanta
434. Prehistoric Environment and Archaeology of the Krishna Tungabhadra Doab / Rao, J. Varaprasada
435. The Prehistoric Environment and Archaeology of the Krishna-Tungabhadra Doab / Rao, J. Varaprasada
436. Prehistoric Odisha / Dehuri, Rajendra (Dr.)
437. Prehistory and Harappan Civilization / Pruthi, R.K.
438. Prehistory and Protohistory of Eastern India: With Special Reference to Orissa / Chauley, Milan K.
439. Prehistory and Protohistory of India / Jain, K.C.
440. Prehistory and Protohistory of India: An Appraisal: Palaeolithic-Non-Harappan Chalcolithic Cultures / Jain, V.K.
441. The Problem of the Sarasvati River and Notes on the Archaeological Geography of Haryana and Indian Panjab / Chakrabarti, Dilip K. & Saini, Sukhdev
442. Protected Monuments of Rajasthan / Singh, Chandramani (Ed.)
443. Punchmarked Coinage of the Indian Subcontinent: Non-Imperial Series North of the Deccan / Hardaker, Terry
444. Purabharati: Studies in Early Historical Archaeology and Buddhism; 2 Volumes (Commemoration Volume in respect of B.P. Sinha) / Mani, B.R. & Saran, S.C. (Eds.)
445. Pura-Jagat: Indian Archaeology History and Culture: (Latest Researches) In Honour of Late Shri Jagat Pati Joshi; 2 Volumes / Margabandhu, C.R.; Sharma, A.K; Mani, B.R. & Khwaja, G.S. (Eds.)
446. Puramanthana: Current Advances in Indian Archaeology / Sharma, A.K. (Ed.)
447. Puramanthana: Current Advances in Indian Archaeology; Number 6 / Sharma, A.K.; Mani, B.R. & Khwaja, G.S. (Eds.)
448. Pura-Prakasa: Recent Researches in Epigraphy, Numismatics, Manuscriptology, Persian Literature, Art, Architecture, Archaeology, History and Conservation; 2 Volumes / Sharma, A.K. & et. al. (Eds.)
449. Puraratna: Emerging Trends in Archaeology, Art, Anthropology, Conservation and History; 3 Volumes (in Honour of Shri Jagat Pati Joshi) / Margabandhu, C.; Sharma, A.K. & Bisht, R.S. (Eds.)
450. Puratattva: Bulletin of the Indian Archaeological Society; Volumes 1-45 / Dikshit, K.N. (Ed.)
451. Quaternary Studies in The Manipur Valley / Singh, Thokchom Angou
452. Raghu Smriti: Recent Researches in Archaeology (In honour of Late Dr. H.R. Raghunath Bhat) / Suresh, K.M. & Telagavi, Laxman (Eds.)
453. Rajasthan: Prehistoric and Early Historic Foundations / Misra, V.N.
454. Rama: His Historicity, Mandir and Setu (Evidence of Literature, Archaeology and other Sciences) / Lal, B.B.
455. Ratnasri: Gleanings from Indian Archaeology, Art History and Indology (Papers Presented in Memory of Dr. N R Banerji) / Banerji, Arundhati (Ed.)
456. Readings in South Indian History / Mahalingam, T.V.
457. Recent Perspectives on Indian Art, Architecture and Archaeology (Festschrift of Prof. D. Kiran Kranth Choudary) / Reddy, N. Krishna (Ed.)
458. Recent Researches in Archaeology, History and Culture; 2 Volumes (Festschrift to Prof. K.V. Raman) / Reddy, Chenna (Ed.)
459. Recent Studies in Indian Archaeology / Paddayya, K. (Ed.)
460. Recent Studies in Indonesian Archaeology / Sedyawati, Edi & Ardika I. Wayan
461. Recent Trends in Conservation of Art Heritage (Dr. O.P. Agrawal Festschrift) / Dhawan, Shashi (Ed.)
462. Recent Trends in History and Archaeology in Vedic Perspective / Panday, Om Prakash & Nigam, Shayam Sunder (Eds.)
463. Report on the Inscriptions / Sastri, Sadhu Subrahmanya
464. Resource Conservation and Food Security; 2 Volumes / Singh, Tapeshwar (Ed.)
465. Revealing India's Past: A Co-operative of Archaeological Conservation and Exploration in India and Beyond, By Twenty Two Authorities, British, Indian and Continental / Cumming, Sir John (Ed.)
466. Revealing India's Past: Recent Trends in Art and Archaeology; 2 Volumes / Sharma, R.K. & Handa, Devendra (Eds.)
467. Revisiting Early India: Essays in Honour of D.C. Sircar / Ghosh, Suchandra; Bandyopadhyaya, Sudipa Ray; Majumdar, Susmita Basu & Pal, Sayantani
468. The Rise of Civilization in the Gangetic Plain: The Context of Painted Grey Ware / Tripathi, Vibha
469. River Valley Cultures of India / Chakravarty, K.K. & Badam, G.L. (Eds.)
470. Rock Art and Archaeology of India (Prof. Shankar Tiwari Commemoration Volume) / Chakravarty, K.K. & Badam, G.L. (Eds.)
471. Royal Attendents in Ancient Indian Literature, Epigraphy and Art / Tewari, S.P.
472. The Royal Bequest: Art Treasures of the Baroda Museum and Picture Gallery / Doshi, Saryu (Ed.)
473. Sacred Stones in Indian Civilization: With special reference to Megaliths / Das, Subhashis
474. Sacred Trees and Indian Life / Goswamy, Karuna
475. The Saga of the First Urbanism in India: Harappan Civilization (Rare Book) / Singh, Vijay Laxmi
476. Sakti Cult in Orissa / Brighenti, Francesco
477. Sanghol and the Archaeology of Punjab / Ray, Himanshu Prabha (Ed.)
478. Sanskrit Education and Literature in Ancient and Medieval Tamil Nadu: An Epigraphical Study / Madhavan, Chithra
479. The Sarasvati Flows on: The Continuity of Indian Culture / Lal, B.B.
480. Sassanian Coins / Valintine W.H.
481. Saundaryashri: Studies of Indian History, Archaeology, Literature and Philosophy; 5 Volumes (Festschrift to Professor Anantha Adiga Sundara) / Reddy, P. Chenna (Ed.)
482. Science and Metal Technology of Harappans / Sharma, D.P. (Ed.)
483. Science in Archaeology and Archaeo-Materials / Biswas, Arun Kumar (Ed.)
484. Scientific Investigation of Ancient Indian Coins and Metals / Singh, Manager Rajdeo & Lal, Uma Shankar
485. Script of Harappa and Mohenjodaro and its Connection With Other Scripts / Hunter, Gerald R.
486. Sculptures and Antiquities in the Archaeological Museum, Amravati / Gupta, S.S.
487. Sculptures from Haryana: Iconography and Style / Handa, Devendra
488. Secular Architectural Landscape of Vijayanagara Period / Thakur, Priya (Dr.)
489. Selected Art Pieces of Aligarh Archaeology Museum / Gaur, R.C.
490. Settlement Archaeology / Ameer Naseem & et. al.
491. Settlement Pattern in Northern India / Singh, Pushp Lata
492. Settlement Pattern Urban Growth and Craft Technology in North India: An Archaeological Perspective / Singh, Santosh Kumar
493. Settlements in The Yamuna-Hindon Doab: An Archaeological Perspective / Singh, Rewant Vikram
494. The Seven Cities of Delhi / Hearn, Gordon Risley
495. Shipwrecks around the World: Revelations of the Past / Tripati, Sila (Ed.)
496. Sikh Coinage: Symbol of Sikh Sovereignty / Singh, Surinder
497. Sindhu-Sarasvati Civilization: New Perspectives (A Volume in Memory of Dr. Shikaripur Ranganatha Rao) / Rao, Nalini (Ed.)
498. A Socio-Cultural History of the Later Colas: As Gleaned through Epigraphy / Karuppiah, K.
499. South Asian Archaeology and Art 2014 / Myrdal, Eva (Ed.)
500. South Asian Archaeology and Art 2016, 2 Volumes / Greaves, Laxshmi Rose & Hardy, Adam (Eds.)
501. South Asian Prehistory: Archaeology of South Asia / Agrawal, D.P. & Kharakwal, J.S.
502. South Indian Archaeology / Kamalakar, G. & et. al. (Eds.)
503. South Indian Feudatory Dynasties / Venkatesha
504. South Indian Neolithic Culture: Pennar Basin, Andhra Pradesh / Venkatasubbaiah, P.C.
505. South-Indian Horizons: Felicitation Volume for Francois Gros / Chevillard, Jean-Juc (Ed.)
506. Sri Puspanjali: Recent Researches in Prehistory, Protohistory, Art, Architecture, Numismatics, Iconography and Epigraphy; 2 Volumes (Dr. C.R. Srinivasan Commemoration Volume) / Ramesh, K.V. (Ed.)
507. Statistatics and Archaeology / Mishra, Ashok K.
508. Stone Age to Iron Age: Development of Early Human Culture in Andhra Pradesh / Venkatasubbaiah, P.C.
509. Structural Conservation of Monument in South India / Murthy, K. Lakshmana (Dr.)
510. Studies in Archaeology and History; 2 Volumes / Siddiqi, W.H. & Chandra, Satish (Eds.)
511. Studies in Art and Archaeological Conservation (Dr. B.B. Lal Commemaration Volume) / Bisht, A.S. & Singh, S.P. (Eds.)
512. Studies in History and Archaeology of Vikramasila Mahavihara: The Last Beacon of Buddhist Philosophy / Sinha, Rajiva Kumar & Pandey, Om Prakash (Eds.)
513. Studies in Indian Archaeology and Ancient India: Selected Research Papers of Prof. R.C. Gaur; 2 Volumes / Gaur, R.C.
514. Studies in Prehistory and Ethnoarchaeology of South Asia (in Honour of V.N. Misra) / Kanungo, A.K. (Ed.)
515. Studies on Some Fungal Bioderiogens / Shah, Naresh R. & et. al.
516. A Study of Coins / Singh, O.N. & Sharma, D.P.
517. A Study of Telugu Place-Names: Based on Inscriptions from the Earliest to the 13th Century / Ramachandramurty, S.S.
518. The Successors of the Mauryas: A Political History based on Coins and Inscriptions / Srivastava, Prashant
519. Sultanate Architecture of Bengal: An Analysis of Architectural and Decorative Elements / Alamgir, Khoundkar
520. Sunga Art: Cultural Reflections / Hegde, Rajaram
521. Surapura Samsthana: Historical and Archaeological Study of Poligar State in South India / Aruni, S.K.
522. Symphony in Stone: Festivities in Early Buddhism / Kaushik, Garima
523. Tamil Civilization in Epigraphy / Krishnan, A. (Dr.)
524. Tantric Cult of South India / Nagaswami, R.
525. Taxila: An Illustrated Account of Archaeological Excavations Carried Out at Taxila Under the Orders of the Government of India Between the Years 1913 and 1934; 3 Volumes / Marshall, Sir John
526. Teaching Archaeology: Lewis R. Binford in the Classroom / Stone, Nancy Medaris & Paddayya, K. (Eds.)
527. Temple and Society in South India / Rajan, K. Mavali (Ed.)
528. Temples of Karnataka: An Epigraphical Study (From the earliest to 1050 A.D.) / Bolar, Varija R.
529. Testimony of Stones; 2 Volumes / Gangopadhyay, Subinoy
530. Town Planning in Ancient India / Dutt, Binode Behari
531. Tradition and Archaeology: Early Maritime Contacts in the Indian Ocean / Ray, Himanshu Prabha & Salles, Jean-Francois (Eds.)
532. Traditional Indian Economy: A Reconstruction Based on Sanskrit Epigraphs / Misra, Kamal K.
533. Traditional Knowledge Systems and Archaeology: With special reference to Uttarakhand / Agrawal, D.P.; Jamal, Sameer & Shah, Manikant (Eds.)
534. Tribal Arts in India: National Inventory of Tribal Museums
535. Tribal Coins of Ancient India / Handa, Devendra
536. Triratna: Heritage, Governance and Equity; (Hon'ble Shri T.N. Chaturvedi Festschrift) 5 Volumes / Tripathi, R.C.; Prasad, Agam & Shalini, Awasthi (Eds.)
537. Twilight of the Past: Probing Indian History and Archaeology / Chandramouli, N.
538. Ujjayini: A Numismatic and Epigraphic Study / Singh, Vijaya Laxmi
539. Understanding Harappa: Civilization in the Greater Indus Valley, 4th Edition / Ratnagar, Shereen
540. Unique Andhra Coins / Reddy, Deme Raja
541. Unsealing the Indus Script Anatomy of its Decipherment / Shendge, Malati J.
542. Values We Share: World Heritage Sites in the India - ASEAN Region / Ray, Himanshu Prabha
543. Varanasi: Myths and Scientific Studies / Jayaswal, Vidula (Ed.)
544. Varuneya Kshetra ka Puratatvika Itihas [in Hindi] / Yadav, Surendra Kumar
545. Vijayanagara Sculptures at Hampi / Suresh, K.M. (Dr.)
546. Vijayanagara: Archaeological Exploration, 1900-2000 Papers in Memory of Channabasapa S. Patil; 2 Volumes / Fritze, M. John; Brubaker, P. Robert; & Raczek, P. Teresa (Eds.)
547. Vilupat Hoti Janjatiya Godna Pratha (Hindi) / Nirgune, Vasant
548. Vishnu Pratimaye (in Hindi) / Singh, Kiran (Dr.)
549. Warfare in Ancient India: Organizational and Operational Dimensions / Thapliyal, Uma Prasad
550. Women and Gender in Ancient India: A Study of Texts and Inscriptions / Singh, Vijaya Laxmi
551. The Word is Sacred Sacred is The Word / Goswamy, B.N.
552. World Heritage Complex of the Qutub / Balasubramaniam, R.

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