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601. Tribal Development in India: Policies, Plans and Actions / Sahu, Parikshit (Dr.)
602. Tribal Development Programmes in India / Ramachandran, S.
603. Tribal Development through ITDA Approach: Policies, Perspectives and Options; 2 Volumes / Sarath, A.; Barik, Susanta Kumar & Rao, B. Appa
604. Tribal Development: Appraisal and Alternatives / Gupta, S.K. & Sharma, V.P. & Sharda, N.K. (Eds.)
605. Tribal Development: Issues and Policy Options / Tripathi, S.N.
606. Tribal Development: Legislation and Enforcement / Kumar, Sree S.S. & et. al.
607. Tribal Development: New Approaches / Ramana, Rao, D.V.V.
608. Tribal Development: Post Globalisation / Misra, Rabinarayan
609. Tribal Development: Poverty Alleviation Programmes, Planning, Implementation and Implication / Mantaw, Nang Helina
610. Tribal Education / Deshmukh, B.A.
611. Tribal Education / Nayank, A.K. & et. al.
612. Tribal Education in India / Yadappanavar, A.V.
613. Tribal Education, Administration and Development; 3 Volumes / Mittal, A.C. & et. al.
614. Tribal Education: Impact of Education of Tribal Life and Adjustment / Malhotra, O.P.
615. Tribal Education: Implications for Development / Chaudhary, S.N. (Ed.)
616. Tribal Education: Problems and Strategies / Reddy, A. Adinarayana; Devi, D. Uma & Reddy, E. Mahadeva
617. Tribal Ethnomedicine: Continuity and Change / Jose, Bohan K.
618. Tribal Fertility, Mortality and Health Care Practices / Mutharayappa, R.
619. Tribal Folk Costumes and Crafts / Guite, Vanlalruat
620. Tribal Food Habits / Rajyalakshmi, P.
621. Tribal Girls: Aspiration, Achievements and Frunstration / Choudhary, Damina
622. Tribal Health and Medicines / Kalla, A.K. & Joshi, P.C.
623. Tribal Health and Medicines in India / Prasad, Ravi Shanker
624. Tribal Health and Nutrition / Chaudhary, S.N. (Ed.)
625. Tribal health in Eastern Ghats / Rajpramukh, K.E.
626. Tribal Health in North East India: A Study of Socio-Cultural Dimensions of Health Care Practices / Singh, Udai Pratap
627. Tribal Heritage in Western India / Goswami, Raj Ratana (Dr.)
628. Tribal Heritage: A Study of the Santals / Culshaw, W.J.
629. Tribal History of Central India; 3 Volumes / Sharma, R.K. & Tiwari, S.K. (Drs.)
630. Tribal Housing Issues / Tribhuwan, Robin D.
631. Tribal Identity / Chaudhury, Sukant K.
632. Tribal India: Communities, Customs and Culture / Muni-Lakra, Paula
633. Tribal India: Problem Development Prospect; 2 Volumes / Raha, M.K. & Coomar, Palash Chandra (Eds.)
634. Tribal Issues in India / Sah, D.C. & Sisodia,Y
635. Tribal Labour in India / Radhakrishna, S. & Rao, K. Koteswara
636. Tribal Languages of Himachal Pradesh; 2 Volumes / Sharma, D.D.
637. Tribal Languages of Ladakh; 3 Parts / Sharma, D.D.
638. Tribal Law in India / Narwani, G.S.
639. Tribal Laws and Modern Legal System / Singh, Karnal & Pandey, B.B.
640. Tribal Leadership / Shyamlal
641. Tribal Life and Habitat / Mishra, R.N.
642. Tribal Life in India / Khan, Yaqub Ali
643. Tribal Life in India; 10 Volumes / Thakur, Devendra & Thakur, D.N.
644. Tribal Life of North-Eastern India: Habitat, Economy, Customs and Traditions / Das, S.T.
645. Tribal Masks and Myths / Tribhuwan, Robin N. & et. al.
646. Tribal Medicine / Burman, J.J. Roy
647. Tribal Migration / Tripathy, S.N.
648. Tribal Movement, Politics and Religion in India; 3 Volumes / Mittal, A.C. & et. al.
649. Tribal Movements in India; 2 Volumes / Singh, K.S. (Ed.)
650. Tribal Myths & Legends of Orissa: The Story of Origins / Tripathy, Biyotkesh & Basa, Kishor K.
651. Tribal Oral Literature: Pume Dada Hoi Dada / Ete, T. (Dr.)
652. Tribal Peasant Unrest: A Paradox in Welfare Administration / Dhal, Chhatish Chandra
653. Tribal Philosophy and Culture: Mao Naga of North-East / Kaisii, Athikho & Ariina, Heni Francis
654. Tribal Policy in India / Singh, Bhupinder
655. Tribal Religion and Economic Life / Channa, S.M. (Ed.)
656. Tribal Religion and Rituals: Accounts of Superstition, Sorcery and Spirits / Mahapatra, Mary D.
657. Tribal Religion at Cross Road in the North East / Pandey, B.B. (Dr.)
658. Tribal Religion: Change and Continuity / Behera, M.C.
659. Tribal Religions / Singh, S. Shyamkishore (Ed.)
660. Tribal Rituals: Life-Cycle Rituals from Birth to Death in Tribal Society / Channa, S.M.
661. Tribal Scenario / Shrivastav, Lokesh (Dr.)
662. The Tribal Situation in India
663. Tribal Situation in India: A Comparative Perspective / Rao, K. Arjun & Rao, M. Venkateshwar (Eds.)
664. The Tribal Societies of India: A Macro Perception / Kumar, Braj Bihari
665. Tribal Songs Ballads and Oral Epics of Bastar / Ram, Uma & Ram, K.S.
666. Tribal Studies in North East India / Sengupta, Sarthak
667. Tribal Sustainable Development / Bhowmick, P.K.
668. Tribal Transformation: The Early History of the Naga Hills / Means, Gordon P.
669. Tribal Welfare and Development: Emerging Role of Anthropological Explorations / Sharma, A.N.
670. Tribal Welfare Development and Administration / Negi, S.S.
671. Tribal Wisdom on Medicinal and Economic Plants (Uttar Pradesh and Uttaranchal) / Singh, K.K. & Prakash, Anand
672. Tribal Woman Laboures: Aspects of Economic and Physical Explotation / Prasad, Sushma Sahay
673. Tribal Women / Thakur, Devendra & Thakur, D.N.
674. Tribal Women Empowerment and Gender Issues / Banu, Zenab
675. The Tribal Women in India; 3 Volumes / Sharma, S.P. & et. al.
676. Tribal Women in the New Profile / Sahay, Sarita
677. Tribal Women of Arunachal Pradesh: Socio-Economic Status / Rao, V.M.
678. Tribal Women of Assam: A Social Geographic Perspective / Das, Madhushree
679. Tribal Women Workers: A Study of Young Migrants / Alam, Jayanti
680. Tribalism and Beyond: Bodo (Boro), Garo, Khasi and Mizo Tribes of North East India / Das, Rajat Kanti
681. Tribalism and the Tragedy of the Commons: Land, Identity and Development - The Manipur Experience / Singh, Ch. Priyoranjan (Ed.)
682. Tribals and Community Forest Management / Bandi, Madhusudan
683. Tribals and their Culture: Koya Tribe in Transition / Kornel, Das
684. Tribals in Criminal Web / Ansari, M.A.
685. Tribals in Indian Narratives / Yadav, Kumkum
686. Tribals of Ladakh: Ecology, Human Settlement and Health / Bhasin, Veena
687. Tribals of Orissa: The Changing Socio-Economic Profile / Ray, B.C.
688. Tribe Ecology and Development / Pattnaik, Renuka
689. Tribe in Transition / Sharma, Anima
690. Tribe, Caste and Society / Pasayat, Chitrasen
691. The Tribes & Castes of Bengal; 2 Volumes / Risley, H.H.
692. Tribes and Caste of Bombay; 3 Volumes / Enthoven, R.E.
693. Tribes and Castes of Assam: Anthropology and Sociology / Sen, Sipra
694. Tribes and Castes of Rajasthan: Together with description of the Savred and Celebrated Places of Historical Value in Rajasthan / Sherring, M.A.
695. The Tribes and Castes of the Central Provinces of India; 4 Volumes / Russell, R.V.
696. Tribes and Castes of the Madras Presidency: Together with an Account of the Tribes and Castes of Mysore, The Nilgiris and Traveancore etc. / Sherring, M.A.
697. Tribes and Castes of the North-Western India; 4 Volumes / William, C.
698. Tribes and Cultural Ecology in Central India / Vadakumehery, Johnson
699. Tribes and Government Policies / Bhandari, J.S. & et. al. (Eds.)
700. Tribes and Races: A Descriptive Ethnology of Asia, Africa and Europe; 2 Volumes / Latham, R.G.
701. Tribes and Tribal Development: Select Bibliography / Sharma, R.N. & et. al.
702. Tribes and Tribal Life: Study and Evaluation / Ray, D.N.
703. Tribes in India: Concepts, Institutions and Practices / Srivastava, Vinay Kumar
704. Tribes in Perspective: Encyclopaedia on ST, SC and Disadvantaged Peoples-I / Burman, B.K. Roy
705. Tribes of Andaman and Nicobar Islands: Ethnography and Bibliography / Naswa, Sumedha
706. The Tribes of Arunachal Pradesh in 21st Century / Pandey, B.B. (Dr.)
707. Tribes of Arunachal Pradesh: History and Culture / Dhar, Bibhash & Coomar, Palash Chandra (Eds.)
708. Tribes of Arunachal Pradesh: Identity, Culture and Languages; 2 Volumes / Grewal, Dalvinder Singh
709. Tribes of Car Nicobar / Chattopadhyay, Madhumala
710. Tribes of India, Nepal, Tibet Borderland: A Study of Cultural Transformation / Bisht, B.S.
711. Tribes of North-East India / Sengupta, Sarthak
712. Tribes of the Eastern Himalayas / Sengupta, Sarthak
713. Tribes of Uttar Pradesh and Uttranchal / Naswa, Sumedha
714. Tribes of Uttranchal: A Study of Education, Health, Hygine and Nutrition / Bisht, B.S.
715. Tribes Races and Culture of India and Neighbouring Countries Afghanistan, Bhutan, Burma, Ceylon, Srilanka, Nepal & Tibet / Hammerton, J.A.
716. Understanding Evolution of Man: An Introduction to Palaeoanthropology / Seth, P.K.
717. Understanding Social Anthropology / Pocock, David
718. Untrodden Fields of Anthropology; 2 Volumes / Surgeon, French Army
719. Urban Anthropology / Tyagi, Darshna
720. Uttaranchal Kee Bhotia Janjati / Sharma, Subhash Chandra
721. The Valley of Brahmaputra: Assamese Selfhood / Mahanta, Mridusmita
722. Village Education in India / Fraser, A.G. & et. al.
723. Viramma: Life of a Dalit / Viramma & et. al.
724. Visual Anthropology in India and Its Development / Sahay, K.N.
725. Voting Behaviour of Tribals in India / Padhy, K.S. & Tripathy, P.P.
726. The Wake of the Kingfisher / Barnabas, Sarala
727. Wild Races of the Eastern Frontier of India / Lewin, T.H.
728. Woman: Physiologically Considered as to Mind, Morals, Marriage, Matrimonial Slavery, Infidelity and Divorce / Walker, Alexander (1779-1852)
729. Women in Rural India / Prabhakar, Vani
730. Women's Participation in Rural Development / Vats, Sarojini
731. The World of Kuki People / Haokip, P.S.
732. The World of the Oraon: Their Symbols in Time and Space / Ghosh, Abhik
733. Wounded Land: Politics and Identity in Modern Manipur / Parratt, John
734. Zeme Naga from Polytheism to Monotheism: An Anthropological Account of Religion Transformation / Roy, Babul

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