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301. History of Dalits / Rajawat, Mamta (Ed.)
302. The History of Mankind; 3 Volumes / Ratzel, F.
303. A History of Modern Manipur, 1826-2000: A Study of Feudalism, Colonialism and Democracy, 3 Volumes / Kamei, Gangmumei
304. A History of Nagas and Nagaland: Dynamics of Oral Tradition in Village Formation / Sanyu, Visier
305. History of Nepal: With an Introductory Sketch of the Country and People of Nepal / Wright, Daniel
306. History of the People of Bastar / Shukla, H.L.
307. History of the Relations of the Government with the Hill Tribes of the North East Frontier of Bengal / Mackenzie, Alexander
308. History of the Tangkhul Nagas / Shimray, A.S.W.
309. Household Fertility Behaviour and Children's Schooling Amongst Tribals / Dutta, Sumanash
310. Human Cognition in Management of Natural Resources and Social Relations / Bandyopadhyay, Soma
311. Human Ecology of Sikkim / Gulia, Brig. K.S.
312. Human Rights and Dalits / Rajawat, Mamta
313. Human Rights and Indigenous Peoples / Das, J.R.
314. Human Rights of Indigenous Peoples; 2 Volumes / Gupta, Aman (Ed.)
315. Human Rights of Tribals; 2 Volumes / Thomas, John K. (Ed.)
316. Humankind: The Journal of Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Manav Sangrahalaya, Bhopal (Volume 1)
317. Identity, Gender and Poverty: New Perspectives on Caste and Tribe / Kumar, Unnithan
318. Impact of Modernisation on Tribal Costume / Mehta, Sonu
319. In Abor Jungles of North East India / Hamilton, Angus
320. In Search of Alternatives: Tribal Women in Desert Scenario / Dasgupta, Samira
321. In Search of Praxis Theology for the Nagas / Nuh, V.K. (Ed.)
322. India: An Illustrated Atlas of Scheduled Castes / Mandal, Hrishikesh; Datta, Archana; Dutta, Pradyot K.; Mukherjee, Sumit & Ghatak, Sanchitya
323. India: An Illustrated Atlas of Tribal World / Mandal, Hrisikesh; Mukherjee, Sumit & Datta, Archana
324. Indian Affairs Annual 2005: Chronology of Events (1 April 2004 to 31 March 2005) 9 Volumes / Gaur, Mahendra (Ed.)
325. Indian Affairs Annual 2006: Chronology of Events (1 April 2005 to 31 March 2006) 9 Volumes / Gaur, Mahendra (Ed.)
326. Indian Affairs Annual 2007; 9 Volumes / Gaur, Mahendra
327. Indian Affairs Annual 2008; 9 Volumes / Sengar, Shailendra
328. Indian Anthropology / Narayan, S.
329. Indian Tribal Life / Sahu, Chaturbhuj
330. India's Elderly: A Multidisciplinary Dimension / Kapoor, A.K. & Kappor, Satwanti
331. India's Tribes: Unfolding Realities (Social Change in Contemporary India 1) / Srivastava, Vinay Kumar
332. Indigenous Faith and Practices of the Tribes of Arunachal Pradesh / Behera, M.C. & Chouduri, S.K. (Drs.)
333. Indigenous System of Governance in the Tribal Society of Arunachal Pradesh / Modi, M. (Dr.)
334. Integral Anthropology: Selected Anthropological Writings of J.V. Ferreira / Pflug, Bernd & Michael, S.M. (Eds.)
335. Integrating the Rural Poor into Markets / Debroy, Bibek & Khan, Amir Ullah (Eds.)
336. International Encyclopaedia of Anthropology; 12 Volumes / Channa, S.M. (Ed.)
337. International Encyclopaedia of Mankind / Pritchard, James Cowles
338. International Encyclopaedia of Tribal Religion; 12 Volumes / Channa, S.M. (Ed.)
339. An Introduction to Forensic Anthropology / Nath, Surinder
340. Introduction to Indian Social Anthropology / Rao, K.S. Krishna
341. An Introduction to the Tribal Development in India / Kumar, Rajeeva
342. Invitation to social and Cultural Anthropology / Dash, K.N.
343. Inviting Menop Ause / Hallad, Jyoti S. & Khan, C.G. Hussain
344. Issues and Perspectives in Anthropology Today / Prasad, R. Siva & Kasi, Eswarappa
345. Jaintia Hills: A Meghalaya Tribe Its Environment, Land and People / Passah, P.M. & et. al.
346. The Jaintias: Studies in Society and Change / Lamare, Shobhan N.
347. Jarawa: The Struggle Continues / Sircar, Pronab Kumar
348. Kanauras of Kinnaur: A Schedule Tribe in Himachal Pradesh / Verma, V.
349. The Kayasthas: A Study in the Formation and Early History of a Caste / Gupta, Chitrarekha
350. Khasi Tribe of Meghalaya / Rizvi, S.H.M. & Roy, Shibani
351. The Kinship Affinity and Domestic Group / Bhandari, J.S.
352. Kinship and Family in North-East; 2 Volumes / Bhandari, J.S. (Ed.)
353. Kuki-Chin Tribes of Mizoram and Manipur / Rizvi, S.H.M. & Roy, Shibani
354. The Kukis of Manipur: A Historical Analysis / Gangte, Thangkhomang S.
355. Labour Legislation / Reddy, R. Jayaprakash
356. Land and People of Indian States and Union Territories; 36 Volumes (28 States, 7 Union Territories, 1 National Volume) / Bhatt, S.C. & Bhargava, Gopal (Eds.)
357. Land and People of the World; 3 Volumes / Johnston, Harry & Guest, L. Haden (Eds.)
358. Land Forest Rights of the Tribals Today / Sarkar, R.M.
359. The Land of the Nagas / Arya, Aditya & Joshi, Vibha
360. Landmarks in Indian Anthropology by Several Authors; 74 Volumes
361. Lands and Peoples of the World; 6 Volumes / Hammerton, J.A.
362. Languages of North-Eastern India: A Survey; 2 Volumes / Grierson, George A.
363. Legal Protection of Scheduled Castes and Tribes / Srivastava, Deepak Kumar
364. Legally Combating Atrocities on Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes / Naval T.R.
365. The Lepchas of Sikkim / Gorer, Geoffrey
366. Liberation in the Garo Religious Tradition / Marak, Shallindro R.
367. The Life of Hunting and Gathering Tribe in the Eastern Ghats / Reddy, C. Subba
368. Life Style: Indian Tribes Location Practice; 3 Volumes / Das, S.T.
369. Life Style: Indian Tribes: Locational Practice; 3 Volumes / Das, T.S.
370. Linguistic Anthropology / Tyagi, Darshna
371. The Living Races of Mankind: A Popular Illustrated Account of the Customs, Habits, Pursuits, Feasts & Ceremonies of the Races of Mankind Throughout the World; 2 Volumes / Hutchinson, H.N. & et. al.
372. Local Government Rural and Urban / Sharma, Manoj
373. Lois of Manipur: Andro, Khurkhul, Phayeng and Sekmai / Devi, Lairenlakpam Bino
374. The Mahabharata in the Tribal and Folk Traditions of India / Singh, K.S. (Ed.)
375. Mal Paharia Culture at the Crossroad / Sarkar, Amitabha & Dasgupta, Samira
376. Man and Development in the Himalayas / Kapoor, A.K. & Singh, Dharamvir (Eds.)
377. Man in Biosphere A Case Study of Khangchendzonga: Biosphere Reserve / Chandra, Ramesh; Mandal, D.B. & Singh, Arun Kumar (Eds.)
378. Man in Biosphere: A Case Study Similipal: Biosphere Reserve / Ghosal, Samit (Ed.)
379. Man in the Desert: Drought, Desertification and Indigenous Knowledge for Sustainable Development / Bharara, L.P.
380. Man in the Forest: Local Knowledge and Sustainable Management Forests and Material Resources in Tribal Communities in India / Seeland, Klaus & Schmithusen, Franz (Eds.)
381. Man, Forest and the State in Middle India / Sachchidananda
382. Manipur and the Naga Hills / Johnstone, James (Sir)
383. Manipur: Past and Present: The Ordeals and Heritage of a Civilisation, Volume 1 and 2 (To be completed in 4 Volumes) / Sanajaoba, Naorem (Ed.)
384. Mao: The Naga Tribe of Manipur: A Demographic Anthropological Study / Maheo, Lorho Mary
385. Marriage, Family and Kinship Among the Paite Tribe of Manipur / Ching, Grace Don Nem
386. The Mate Tribe of Manipur / Srivastava, Vinay Kumar (Ed.)
387. Material Culture of the Orissan Tribals: An Illustrated Study of Kutia, Dongaria and Malia Kondhs / Patnaik, Nityananda
388. Matriliny to Patriliny: A Study of the Rabha Society / Raha, M.K.
389. Medical Anthropology / Tyagi, Darshna
390. Medical Anthropology: Studies in the Highlands of Assam / Roy, Babul
391. The Mekong River: Space and Social Theory / Sahai, Sachchidanand
392. Micro Enterprise and Rural Development in India / Ray, Subrata Kumar
393. The Mishings (Miris) of Assam: Development of A New Lifestyle / Mipun, Jatin
394. Mizo Tribes of North East India / Rizvi, S.H.M. & Roy, Shibani
395. Mizoram: Past and Present / Joshi, H.G.
396. Mobile and Marginalized Peoples Perspectives from the Past / Heredia, Rudlof C. & et. al. (Eds.)
397. Modern UGC NET/SLET: Anthropology by A Team of Experts
398. Modernisation of the Mizo Society / Prasad, R.N. & et. al.
399. Modernization of Tribal Communities: Studies in Sociology of Sciences of the Mishings and the Karbis of Assam / Borah, Aswhini Kumar
400. Munda Shaman / Das, Ashis Kumar
401. Mundari Grammar and Exercises / Rev, J. Hoffman
402. Musical Culture of the Munda Tribe / Topno, Sem
403. Musical Instruments of Tribal India / Bhattacharya, Dilip
404. My Anthropological Journeys / Misra, Pramode Kumar
405. My Native Country: The Land of the Nagas / Nuh, V.K.
406. My Three Years in Manipur / Wood, Ethel St. Clair Grim
407. The Mysore Tribes and Castes; 5 Volumes / Iyer, L.K.A.
408. Myths of the North-East Frontier of India / Elwin, Verrier (1902-1964)
409. Myths, Rituals and Beliefs in Himachal Pradesh / Thakur, M.R.
410. Naga Cultural Attires and Musical Instruments / Mongro, Kajen
411. Naga Culture: Free Against the Odds / Welman, Fran K. & Ngathingkhui, Iago
412. Naga Identity / Kumar, B.B.
413. Naga Politics: A Critical Account / Singh, Chandrika
414. Naga Race / Manansala, Paul
415. Naga Society: Continuity and Change / Venuh, N.
416. Naga Tribes of North-East India / Rizvi, S.H.M. & Ray, Shibani
417. Nagas' Right to Self-Determination: An Anthropological Historical Perspective / Vashum, R.
418. Naga's Rights to Self-Determination: An Anthropological/Historical Perspective / Vashum, R.
419. Nagas: The Tribe and the Cult / Sharma, R.K.
420. The Naked Nagas / Furer-Haimendorf, Christoph von
421. Native Races of Asia and Europe: An Anthropological Study / Frazer, James & Downie, R.A.
422. The Nature of Man and Culture: Alternative Paradigms in Anthropology / Saraswati, Baidyanath (Ed.)
423. Neolithic and Tribal Cultures of Himalayan Region: An Ethno-Archaeological Approach / Kumar, Manoj
424. New Dimensions in Agricultural Geography; 8 Volumes / Mohammad, Noor (Ed.)
425. The New Home of Tribals / Lakra, Christopher
426. The Nicobarese Great Nicobar / Nandan, Anshu Prokash
427. Night Life of Indian Tribes / Shashi, S.S.
428. Nomads at the Crossroads / Goyal, O.P. (Ed.)
429. North East India: The Horizon of Anthropology / Mahanta, K.C. (Dr.)
430. North-East India: The Human Interface / Raha, M.K. & Ghosh, Aloke Kumar (Eds.)
431. Notes on the Thandou Kukis / Shaw, William
432. The Nyishi of Arunachal Pradesh: An Ethnohistorical Study / Showren, Tana
433. The OBCs and the Ruling Classes in India / Verma, H.S. (Ed.)
434. Occupational Inclinations of Tribal Women in Meghalaya / Satya, Y.
435. Order in Paradox: Myth, Ritual, and Exchange among Nepal's Tamang / Holmberg, David H.
436. Pahari and Other Tribal Dialects of Jammu; 2 Volumes / Kaul, P.K.
437. Panorama of Indian Anthroponomy: An Historical, Socio-cultural & Linguistic Analysis of Indian Personal Names / Sharma, D.D.
438. Participatory Natural Resource Management / Negi, S.S.
439. Pastoral Nomadism in Arid Zones of India: Socio-Demographic and Ecological Aspects / Prasad, R.R.
440. Pay and Games in Tribal India / Narayan, Sachindra
441. Peculiar Customs and Rites of the Himalayan People / Sharma, D.D.
442. Penman's Dictionary of Anthropology and Sociology / Sharma, Lokesh (Ed.)
443. The People and Culture of Bengal: A Study in Origins; 2 Volumes / Chattopadhyaya, Annapurna
444. The People and Culture of Jammu-Kashmir-Ladakh / Dewan, Parvez (IAS)
445. The People of Assam: Origin and Composition / Das, B.M.
446. People of Manipur Anthropogenetic Study of Four Manipur Population Groups / Chakravartti, Rama
447. The People of Tibet / Bell, Charles
448. Peoples of All Nations: Their Life Today and Story of Their Past; 14 Volumes (An Illustrated World Gazetteer written by 70 World's Scholars) / Hammerton, J.A. (Ed.)
449. The Peoples of India: A Continuing Series; Volumes 1-36
450. Peoples of the World / Ferrera, Mirella
451. Persistence and Change in Tribal India: Saga of Tribal People of West Midnapore / Rao, M.V.
452. Perspective in Physical Geography; 6 Volumes / Husain, Majid
453. Perspectives in Human Geography; 7 Volumes / Husain, Majid
454. Perspectives of Tribal Development / Narayan, S.
455. A Philosophy for nefa: North East Frontier Agency / Elwin, Verrier
456. Physical Anthropology / Panchal, R.K. [Dr.]
457. Physical Anthropology / Tyagi, Darshna
458. Planning and Management for Rural Development / Singh, S.P.
459. Planning and Socio-Economics Development of the Tribals / Behera, M.C.
460. Plant Resources of the Andaman & Nicobar Islands; 2 Volumes / Dagar, J.C. & Singh, N.T.
461. Play and Gemes in Tribal India / Narayan, Sachindra
462. Policies and Strategies for Tribal Development / Hooja, M.
463. Political Consciousness among Tribals / Sisodia, Y.S.
464. Political Elite in Tribal Society / Panigrahi, P.K.
465. Political Empowerment of Tribal Women / Dash, Susanta Kumar
466. The Political Sociology of Dalit Assertion / Louis, Prakash
467. Politico-Economic Development of the Tribals of Manipur: A Study of the Zomis / Guite, Chinkholian
468. Polyandry in India / Raha, M.K. & et. al. (Eds.)
469. Poverty & Underdevelopment in Tribal Areas: A Geographical Analysis / Jenamani, Suvendra
470. Poverty Among Scheduled Castes / Sharma, Aroon
471. PRA Participatory Rural Appraisal: Bhartiya Anubhav par Aadharit ek Vyavaharik Pralekh; (In Hindi) / Kumar, A. & Bhattacharya, K.
472. Pre-Colonial Arunachal Pradesh: Society, Technology and Trade / Thakur, Amrendra Kumar
473. Prevention of Discrimination and Protection of Mionrities / Rajan, R.C.
474. Primitive Tribal Groups in India: Tradition, Development and Transformation / Sarkar, R.M.
475. Primitive Tribal Women Health Status / Murthy, M.S.R.
476. Primitive Tribes in Contemporary India; 2 Volumes / Chaudhari, Sarit K. & Chaudhari, Sucheta Sen (Eds.)
477. Primitive Tribes of India / Tripathy, S.N. & Jena, Sudarsan
478. Primitive Tribes of Orissa and their Development Strategies / Patnaik, Nityananda
479. Principles of Anthropology; 2 Volumes / Chapple, Eliot D. & S. Coon, Carleton
480. Process of Social Change among Tribes / Sharma, S.R.
481. Procurement and Marketing of Minor Forest Produce in Tribal Areas: A Case Study of Andhra Pradesh and Orissa / Parthasarathy, G. & Patnaik, K. Uma Shankar
482. A Profile of Tikhak Tangsa Tribe of Arunachal Pradesh / Simai, Chimoy
483. The Prospects of Rural Development / Giriappa, Somu
484. Protest Movements of Bhils Under the British Raj / Mathur, L.P.
485. Putting People Last: Tribal Displacement and Rehabilitation / Saksena, H.S.
486. Qualitative Education for Tribals: Agenda and Problems / Mohapatra, S.N.
487. Quest for Identity Autonomy and Development: The Contemporary Trends of Ethics and Tribal Assertion in Assam; 2 Volumes / Sonowal, C.J. (Ed.)
488. Race, Ethnicity and Women / Kumar, Raj (Ed.)
489. The Races of Man: An Outline of Anthropology and Ethnography / Deniker, Joseph
490. The Races of Mankind: Religion, Custom & Civilization; 3 Volumes / Retzel, Friedrich
491. Racial Basis of Indian Culture: Including Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Nepal / Chakraberty, C.
492. Rationality and Tribal Thought / Miri, Sujata
493. Readings in Social Anthropology / Behura, N.K. & Mohanty, K.K.
494. Reconceptualising Caste, Class and Tribe / Sharma, K.L.
495. Reflection of Ethno-Science: Study on the Abujh Maria / Dasgupta, Samira & Sarkar, Amitabha
496. Regional Rural Banks in Liberalized Environment: With Special Reference to North-East India / Pati, A.P.
497. Rehabilitation Programmes for Bounded Labour / Rao, P. Narasimha
498. Religion and Society: A Study of Koyas / Murthy, A.S.N.
499. Religion and Tribal Society Social Life and Belief Systems / Channa, S.M. (Ed.)
500. Religious Anthropology / Tyagi, Darshna (Ed.)
501. Resistance Movements in North-East India: The Jaintias of Meghalaya 1860-1863 / Lamare, Shoban N.
502. The Role of Youth in Rural Development / Reddy, P. Adinarayana
503. Rural Development / Singh, Sita Ram
504. Rural Development in Action: A Case Study of Coastal Areas / Giriappa, Somu
505. Rural Development in Mizoram / Das, Kalpana
506. Rural Industrialisation Problems and Prospects / Soundarapandian, M.
507. Rural Non-Farm Employment in India / Shukla, Vachaspati
508. Rural Urban Fringe: Problems and Management / Jafri, S.S.A. & Bajpai, B.K. (Eds.)
509. Sacred Groves in India / Malhotra, Kailash C.; Gokhale, Yogesh; Chatterjee, Sudipto & Srivastava, Sanjiv
510. A Santal Dictionary; 5 Volumes / Bodding, P.O.
511. Santal Folk Tales; 3 Volumes / Bodding, P.O. (1868-1936)
512. Santhal Worldview / Mathur, Nita (Ed.)
513. The Scheduled Castes in India; 4 Volumes / Chatterjee, Sarajit Kumar
514. Scheduled Tribes and Development / Saksena, H.S.; Srivastava, Vinay Kumar & Chaudhury, Sukant K. (Eds.)
515. Science and Indigenous Traditional Knowledge: Approaches of Galo/Adi Tribes / Kaushik, Bhagawati; Shukla, Kshitiz Kumar; Sen, Amit & Bhagawati, Rupankar
516. Self-Image and Development Perspective: The Case of Tribal Community of Eastern India / Behura, N.K. & Mohanti, K.K.
517. Slavery in Arunachal Pradesh / Thakur, Amrendra Kumar (Dr.)
518. Snake Charmers: The Jogi Nath Kalbelias of Rajasthan An Ethnography of Indian Non Pastoral Nomads / Robertson, Miriam
519. Social and Cultural Anthropology / Muthumani, M.K.
520. Social Anthropology / Panchal, R.K. [Dr.]
521. Social Anthropology / Prasad, Gauri Shankar & Singh, Hrithesh K.
522. Social Anthropology in India: An Ethnography of Policy and Practice; 3 Volumes / Nanjunda D.C. (Dr.)
523. Social Anthropology in India: Some Fascinating and Unexplored Dimensions / Sahay, K.N.
524. Social Change Among Malas: An Ex-untouchable Caste in South India / Rathnaiah, K. (Dr.)
525. Social Change Among Tribal Community Through Tribal Sub Plan Schemes / Makwana, Ramesh H.
526. Social Development in India; 8 Volumes / Chandra, Ramesh (Prof.)
527. Social Exclusion, Marginalisation and Development in Manipur / Singh, Thiyam Bharat
528. Social Stratification in Naga Society / Ovung, Athungo
529. Social Transformation of Indian Tribes / Singh, R.
530. Societal Formation of the Chakmas: A Tribe of Mizoram in North East India / Pathak, Guptajit & Dey, Sanjeev Kumar
531. Sociocultural Anthropology / Tyagi, Darshna
532. Socio-Cultural History of an Indian Caste / Gupta, C. Dwarakanath
533. Socio-Economic Conditions of Tribes / Devi, A. Sailja
534. Socio-Economic Development of Tribal Women: Changes and Challenges / Talmaki, Rekha K.
535. Socio-Economic Transformation of Scheduled Castes in Uttar Pradesh: A Geographical Analysis / Mohammad, Noor (Prof.)
536. Sonthalia and the Sonthals / Man, E.G.
537. Soul Survivors: Apa Tani, Konyak, Tibetan Nomads / Malhotra, Anu
538. Spectrum of Tribal Bastar / Sarkar, Amitabha & et. al.
539. Spirits and the Evil Death: Life, Death and the Other world among Tribals / Channa, S.M. (Ed.)
540. The State and Varna Formation in the mid-ganga Plains: An Ethnoarchaeological View / Sharma, Ram Sharan
541. State Formation Among Tribals: A Guest For Santal Identity / Chaudhuri, A.B.
542. Statistical Account of Manipur / Brown, R.
543. Status and Empowerment of Tribal Women in Tripura / Bhowmik, Krishna Nath (Dr.)
544. Status of Tribals / Nazer, M.
545. Sterling Dictionary of Anthropology / Das, Ram Narayan
546. Strategy for Promoting Rural Infrastructure / Verma, Sawalia Bihan & Verma, Dinesh Kumar
547. Stratification and Social Change among Tribes: An Anthropological Study among the Sherdukpens of Arunachal Pradesh / Megejee, Rinchin
548. Studies in Social and Physical Anthropology / Sarana, Gopala & Srivastava, R.P.
549. Studies in Tibeto-Himalayan Languages; 7 Volumes (in 11 parts) / Sharma, D.D.
550. A Study of Religion: Its Sources and Contents; 2 Volumes / Martineau, James
551. Sustainable Development in Tribal and Backward Areas / Kohli, Anju; Shah, Farida & Chowdhary, A.P. (Eds.)
552. Sustainable Livelihoods: Collection and Marketing of NTFP by Scheduled Tribes with Special Reference to North Coastal Andhra Pradesh / Sagar, A. Vidya (IAS)
553. Sustainable Rural Livelihood Systems: The Case for India's Inland Fisheries Sector / Misra, Sub Ranjan
554. The Tea Labourers of North East India / Sengupta, Sarthak
555. Teacher Education in Nagaland: Problems and Issues / Shukla, R.P.
556. Text and Context in the History, Literature and Religion of Orissa / Malinar, Angelika; Beltz, Johannes & Frese, Heiko (Eds.)
557. Text Book of Anthropological Linguistics / Misra, Kamal K.
558. Textbook of Anthropology / Prasad, Gauri Shankar & Singh, Hrithesh K.
559. The Thangal Naga Tribe of North East India: An Ethnographic Study / Thangmi, Chand Anth
560. The Tharu: Their Arts and Crafts / Maiti, Sameera
561. Thinking Territory Some Reflections / Giri, B.P. & Kar, Prafulla C. (Eds.)
562. Threads of Identity: Embroidry and Adornment of the Nomadic Rabaris / Frater, Judy
563. Threads Together: A Comparative Study of Tribal and Pre-historic Rock Paintings / Tribhuwan, Robin D. & et. al.
564. Trading Community of India: Anthropological Study / Panigrahi, Nilakantha & et. al.
565. Tradition and Institutions of the Santals / Bodding, P.O.
566. Traditional Religious Systems of the Rengma Nagas / Kath, Kenilo
567. Traditional Wisdom and Sustainable Living: A Study on the Indian Tribal Societies / Mandal, Hrishikesh & Sarkar, Amitabha (Eds.)
568. Trends in Agrarian Structure in the Hills of North-East India / Behera, N.C. & et. al. (Eds.)
569. Tribal Alighment, Elits and Development of Arunachal Pradesh / Pandey, B.B. (Dr.)
570. Tribal and Indigenous People of India: Problems and Prospects / Pati, R.N. & et. al.
571. Tribal and Sustainable Development / Bhowmick, Pradip K.
572. Tribal Arts in India: National Inventory of Tribal Museums
573. Tribal Bengal: Life in the Sub-Himalayan Terai Duars / Bhattacharya, Krishnopriyo
574. The Tribal Buddhism in Himalaya / Pandey, B.B. (Dr.)
575. Tribal Chieftainship / Dutta, Parul (Dr.)
576. Tribal Coins of Ancient India / Handa, Devendra
577. Tribal Co-Operatives in India / Gowda, H.R. Krishnaiah
578. Tribal Cosmology, Myths and World View / Channa, S.M. (Ed.)
579. Tribal Culture and Identity / Sahu, Chaturbhuj
580. Tribal Culture in India / Mishra, D.N.
581. Tribal Culture of the North East / Choudhury, Kamal Narayan
582. Tribal Culture, Continuity and Change: A Study of Bhils in Rajasthan / Majhi, Anita Srivastava
583. Tribal Cultures and Change / Mann, R.S. & et. al.
584. Tribal Customs, Law and Justice: A Teleological Study of Adis / Pathak, Manjushree
585. Tribal Dances of Arunachal / Pathak, Guptajit & Gogoi, Raju
586. Tribal Dances of India / Mehta, Usha
587. Tribal Demography / Sharma, S.P. & et. al.
588. Tribal Demography and Development in North-East India / Bose, Ashish; Nongbri, Tiplut & Kumar, Nikhlesh (Eds.)
589. Tribal Demography of Gonds / Banerjee, B.G. & et. al.
590. Tribal Development Administration / Bapuji, M.
591. Tribal Development Administration: A Study in Darjeeling, District of West Bengal / Gupta, Lallan P.
592. Tribal Development and its Paradoxes / Thakur, Ashutosh
593. Tribal Development and Planning; 2 Volumes / Kumar, Arvind
594. Tribal Development in 21st Century / Singh, M. Romesh
595. Tribal Development in Andaman Islands / Sharma, A.N.
596. Tribal Development in Andaman Studies / Sharma, A.N.
597. Tribal Development in India / Sahoo, Rajan Kumar
598. Tribal Development in India: A Curtain Raiser / Naidu, P.R.
599. Tribal Development in India: Contemporary Issues and Perspectives / Padhi, Soubhagya Ranjan & Padhy, Biswajita
600. Tribal Development in India: Orissa / Taradutt (Dr.)

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