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301. Mulk Raj Anand: The Journalist / Bamezai, Gita
302. Multimedia Communication and Journalism Research / Guha, Biswajeet
303. Multimedia in Information Services / Jain, Manish Kumar (Dr.)
304. Multimedia Journalism / Vishwendra, Anant Chauhan
305. Multimedia System / Agarwal, R. & et. al.
306. Net, Media and the Mass Communication / Chakravarthy, Jagadish
307. New Assignment in Journalism / Rao, L R Madhav
308. New Dimensions of Public Relations and Press / Gulati, Sanjeev
309. New Insight in Mass Media / Datta, K.B.
310. New Media and Educational Planning / Qureshi, M.U.
311. New Media: Techniques and Trends / Razdan, Ashwin
312. New Woman and Mass Media / Singh, Uma
313. News Correspondents / Kumar, Deepak
314. News Editing & Reporting / Selvaraj, Madhur
315. News in Media / Shamsi, N. Afaque
316. News Media in India: The Impact of Globalization / Madhok, Madhuri
317. News Writing / Hough, George A.
318. Newspaper and Media Terminologies / Thakur, K.C.
319. Newspaper Feature Writing / Granato, Len
320. Newspaper Marketing in India / Kumar, NVR Jyoti
321. Newspaper Vocabulary / Arya, Umesh
322. Organisation Processing and Use of Information in the Digital Era / Jalaja, V. & et. al.
323. Outlines of Mass Communication / Puri, Manohar
324. Parenting Well in a Media Age: Keeping Our Kids Human / Gaetano, Gloria De
325. Perspectives of Communications & Communicative Competence / Rodriques, M.V.
326. Photo and Print Journalism / Kumar, Deepak
327. Political Journalism New Challenges / Bisht, M.S.
328. PR and Media Relations / Banik, G.C. (Dr.)
329. The Practical Illustrated Media Handbook; 2 Volumes / Jhingram, Prabhu
330. Practical Recording Techniques / Bruce & Bartlett, Jenny
331. Press and Journalism and Mass Communication / Parikh, Jayant (Ed.)
332. Press and Media: The Global Dimensions / Chakravarty, Suhas
333. Press and Pliant Governors / Padhy, K.S.
334. Press Freedom in India: Legal and Ethical Dimensions / Sundari, T. Tripura
335. The Press in India: Perspective in Development and Relevance / Padhy, K.S. & Sahu R.N.
336. Press Laws and Ethics of Journalism / Ravindranath, P.K.
337. Press: Dayitva Aur Yatharth / Rawat, Gyanendra (Ed.)
338. Press: Inside Outside / Vajpayee, Rama
339. Pricing in the Telecommunication Sector in India / Dash, Suvendu Sekhar
340. Principles and Ethics of Journalism and Mass Communication / D'souza, Y.K.
341. Principles and Issues in Modern Journalism / Verma, Upendra
342. Principles of Communication / Somasundaram, Vijaya
343. Principles of Mass Media / Syed, M.H.
344. Print Media / Shamsi, N. Afaque
345. Print Media and Electronic Media: Implecations for the Future / Sharma, Jitendra Kumar
346. Privileging the Privileged: Gender in Indian Advertising / Schaffter, Sharada J.
347. The Process of Communication / Kundra, S.
348. Producing and Directing: The Short Film and Video / Rea, Peter W. & Irwing, David K.
349. Professional Journalism / Syed, M.H.
350. Public Relations: Bridging Technologies and Monitoring Public and the Media / Tripathy, Manoranjan
351. Publication of Text Books and Technical Books / Agarwal, A.P.
352. Publishing as a Profession / Sheriff, Iqbal (Dr.)
353. Quagmires and Quandaries: Exploring Journalism Ethics / Richards, Ian
354. Radio and Television Broadcasting / Sharma, Ajay Kumar
355. Reporting and Editing in Journalism / Sharma, K.C. & Pathak, Anupama Sharma
356. Reporting and Producing for Digital Media / Sehgal, Vivek
357. Reporting and Writing Journalism / Shrivastava, C.S. & Parekh, R.K.
358. Reporting Methods / Kundra, S.
359. Role of Media in Kashmir Crisis / Viswam, Deepa (Dr.)
360. Role of Media in National Crises; (Hindi Translation) / Agarwal, V. (Ed.)
361. Rural Development through Women's Participation and Electronic Media / Verma, S.B.
362. Samkalin Hindi Patrakarita Me Dalit Ubach / Becheen, Sayoraj Singh
363. Sanchar Praudyogiki Avam Jan Madhyam / Ray, Anil K. (Dr.)
364. Sanchar se Jansanchar aur Jansampark tak (in Hindi) / Kundra, Balvir
365. School, Family & Media / Haq, E.
366. Social Media and Networking: Concepts, Trends and Dimensions / Mathur, Prashant K.
367. Sociology of Modern Media and Everyday Life / Ahluwalia, J.P.
368. Sound for Digital Video: Learn Professional Techniques from and Industry legend (with CD) / Holman, Tomlinson
369. Sound System Engineering / Davis, Don
370. Sports and Entertainment Journalism / Sharma, Sita Ram
371. Sports Journalism / Thakur, K.C.
372. Sports Media: Reporting, Producing and Planning / Schultz, Brad
373. Stock Market and Financial Journalism / Aggarwal, S.K.
374. The Study of Advertising Agencies in India / Burghate, M.A.
375. Successful Communication for Business Development / Wadia, Angela
376. Supplement Journalism in India / Rana, Pooja
377. System and Working of Journalism / Sharma, Seema
378. Tabloid Journalism: Impact and Benefits in Information Processing / Das, B.K.
379. Tehelka.Com: A Timp of the Iceberg / Jai, Janaj Raj & et. al.
380. Television Advertising and Consumer Response / Kapoor, Neeru
381. Television and College Students / Gupta, Surojit Sen
382. Television and Development of Women / Kumari, Preeti
383. Television and Film Production: Recent Trends and Future Prospects / Wadia, Angela
384. Television and Radio Announcing / Hyde, Stuart W.
385. Television and Radio Broadcasting / Ramanujam, R.C.
386. Television and Social Change; 2 Volumes / Yadav, J.P. (Ed.)
387. Text Book of Journalism / Chawla, Sumit
388. A Text Book of Media Laws: An Advance Resource Book / Shinde, Deepak M. (Dr.)
389. A Textbook of Advertising and Public Relations / Arigela, Sajeevan Rao
390. Textbook of Auditing: Theory and Practice / Goyal, Sameer
391. A Textbook of Communication, Media and Society / Sahay, Mukul
392. Textbook of Editing & Reporting / Joseph, M.K.
393. A Textbook of Interview Journalism and Television Anchoring; 2 Volumes / Ghose, Supatro
394. A Textbook of Newspaper Management / Choudhury, Anirudh
395. Traditional Media and Development Communication / Madhusudan, K.
396. Training for Journalism / Khemchand, Rabin
397. Understanding Development Communication / Joshi, Uma
398. Understanding Telecom Management / Gautam, Vinayshil & Sinha, Sanjay
399. Use of Computers & Multimedia in Education / Srinivasan, T.M.
400. Visual Communication / Bhatia, Arun
401. Visual Communication: Beyond Words / Mathur, Pratish K.
402. Visual Media Communication / Mandav, Pradeep
403. Weblogs and Journalism in 21st Century / Dass, B.K.
404. Women in Journalism; 2 Volumes / Chakravarty, Jaya
405. Women in World Journalism / Thakur, K.C.
406. Women Media and Politics / Devgan, A.K.
407. Women, Culture and Media / Trivedi, Tanuja
408. Words - Sounds - Images: A History of Media and Entertainment in India / Khanna, Amit
409. The Working Journalist's Guide to Substance and Style / Balsara, Rati
410. World Journalism Today / Bahuguna, Akhil
411. Writing and Reporting in Modern Journalism / Usmani, B.D.
412. Writing for Radio and Television in India / Kedia, Krishan K.
413. Writing for Visual Media (with DVD Rom) / Friedmann, Anthony

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