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1. Agni: The Vedic Ritual of the Fire Altar; 2 Volumes (with 2 CDs) / Staal, Frits
2. Amazing Kashmir: Almost Everything About Travel, Trekking, Religion, Culture, Wildlife / Dewan, Parvez
3. Amazing Ladakh: Travel, Trekking, Religion, Culture, Wildlife Almost Everything About Leh, Kargil Zanskar, Siachen / Dewan, Parvez
4. Ambedkar on Religion / Singh, Nagendra Kumar
5. Ancient Indian Heritage Varahamihira's India; 2 Volumes / Shastri, Ajay Mitra
6. Annapurana: A Bunch of Flower of Indian Culture / Arundhati, P.
7. Arya Samaj and Regeneration of India / Sharma, J.B. & Sharma, S.P.
8. Arya Samaj Movement in South Africa / Naidoo, T.
9. Avesta: The Sacred Books of the Parsis; 3 Volumes / Geldner, Karl F. (Ed.)
10. Bad Faith: The Danger of Religious Extremism / Kressel, Neil J.
11. Bhakti Religion in North India: Community Identity and Political Action / Lorenzen, David N. (Ed.)
12. Bon: The Magic Word: The Indigenous Religion of Tibet / Karmay, Samten G. & Watt, Jeff (Eds.)
13. The Book of Life: Everyone's Common Sense Guide to the Purposeful Living and Spiritual Growth into the 21st Century and Beyond / Davis, Roy Eugene
14. Buddhism and Religions / Pruthi, R.K.; Ram, S. & Chaturvedi, Archna
15. The Call of the Blue Cuckoo: An Anthology of Nine Bonpo Texts on Myths and Rituals / Karmay, Samten G. & Nagano, Yasuhiko (Eds.)
16. Castes of Mind: Colonialism and the Making of Modern India / Dirks, Nicholas B.
17. Changing Religious Roles of Women in Pre-Modern Asia / Tiwari, Ramakant
18. The Clash of Civilizations and the Remarking of World Order / Huntington, Samuel P.
19. The Compendium on Ganesha: Ganesha Kosa / Rao, S.K. Ramachandra
20. The Concept of Truth in Science and Religion / Gangrade, K.D. with Kothari, L.S. & Verma, A.R.
21. Concise Dictionary of Islam / Shaikh, W.M.
22. The Cultural Heritage of India; 8 Volumes / Chatterji, Suniti Kumar
23. Current Perspectives in Buddhism: A World Religion; 3 Volumes / Sakya, Madhusudan
24. Customs of India: Customs, Manners, Rituals; 6 Volumes / Bhargava, Gopal (Ed.)
25. Dalits and Religion / Manohar, D. Murali (Ed.)
26. Dalits and their Religion(s) / Manohar, D. Murali
27. Deity and Spirit Possession in South Asia / Smith, Frederick M.
28. Dhammapadapali and Suttanipata, translated by F. Max Muller and V. Fausboll (Pali Text with English Translation) (2 parts bound in 1)
29. Dharm Sarva Pratishthanam: Dharma for Stability of All: A Collection of Articles of Jagannath Shridhar Padeshastri / Joshi, P.H. & Wadekar, M.L. (Eds.)
30. Dharma and Gospel: Two Ways of Seeing / Houstan, G.W. (Ed.)
31. Dharma, Ecology and Wisdom in the Third Millennium / Skoli Mowski, Henryk
32. Dharma: The Categorial Imperative / Vohra, Ashok; Sharma, Arvind & Miri, Mrinal (Eds.)
33. Dharmashuddhi; (in Hindi & Sanskrit) / Tripathi, Kamal Kant (Dr.)
34. A Discourse on Bengal Vaisnavism / Acharjee, Ranjit Kumar
35. Discovering the Realm Beyond Appearance: Pointers to the Inexpressible / Powell, Robert
36. Divine Glory: Life, Teachings and Miracles of Sri Sathya Sai Baba of Puttaparthi / Balu, V. & Balu, Shakuntala
37. Divine Words and Verses / Sholapurkar, G.R.
38. Early Indian Religious Thought / Mehta, P.D.
39. Ecclesia Divina or A Selection of Hymns from The Four Vedas / Sarasvati, Bhumananda
40. Ecology and Religion: Ecological Concepts in Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Islam, Christianity and Sikhism / Narayan, Rajdeva & Kumar, Janardan (Eds.)
41. Encountering Sivaism: The Deity, the Milieu, the Entourage / Chitgopekar, Nilima
42. Encyclopaedia of Art and Culture in India; 27 Volumes / Bhargava, Gopal (Ed.)
43. Encyclopaedia of Indian Religion and Society; 3 Volumes / Pruthi, R.K.
44. Encyclopaedia of Sciences and Religions; 2 Volumes / Sahu, Jai Prakash
45. Essays on Indian Religion / Kumar, Raj (Ed.)
46. The Essential Chogyam Trungpa / Gimian, Carlyn Rose (Ed.)
47. Explorations in Modern Bengal, c. 1800-1900: Essays on Religion, History and Culture / Sen, Amiya P.
48. Facets of Spirituality: Dialogues and Discourses of Swami Krishnananda / Bhagyalakshmi, S.
49. Fairs and Festivals of India; 6 Volumes / Bezbaruah, M.P. & Gopal, Krishan (Chief Ed.)
50. Faiths, Fairs and Festivals of India / Buck, C.H.
51. The Fakir: Thoughts and Prayers / Bharucha, Ruzbeh N.
52. Family of Truth: The Liminal Context of Inter-Religious Dialogue - An Anthropological and Pedagogical Enquiry / Joseph, Teresa
53. Folk Religion: Change and Continuity / Bhatti, H.S.
54. Foundations of Living Faiths / Bhattacharya, Haridass
55. The Fundamentals of Fundamentalism / Muhammad, Mahmood Bin
56. Fundamentals of Tourism and Indian Religion: Principles and Practices / Raina, Chaman Lal & Raina, Abhinav Kumar
57. Geographical Survey of the Puranas / Saxena, Savitri (Dr.)
58. Gita in Action: Indian Insight into the Management of Self / Sharma, O.P.
59. Globalisation, Hindu Nationalism and Christians in India / Lobo, Lancy
60. God Made the Man and Man Made the Gods / Mittal, J.P.
61. God Men Con Men / Carr, Robert
62. Gods of the High Hills / Kapoor, B.L.
63. The Golden Bough: A Study of Magic and Religion; 2 Volumes / Frazer, J.G.
64. The Great Religions of the World / Singh, Chitralekha & et. al.
65. Guide to Godhood: The Roadmap to Moksha (Based on Shramansutram) / Jain, Amit
66. Harmony of Religions: Vedanta Siddhanta Samarasam of Tayumanavar / Manninezhath, Thomas
67. Harmsworth History of the World: Archaeology, History, Ancient Civilizations, World Religions, Man's Mastery of the Earth and Immortality of Soul, etc.; 15 Volumes / Innes, A.D.; Mee, Arthur & Hammerton, J.A. (Eds.)
68. The Image of Brahma in India and Abroad; 2 Volumes / Nagar, Shanti Lal
69. Images of Kabir / Horstmann, Monika (Ed.)
70. India through Questions and Answers; 2 Volumes / Sahajwala, P.C.
71. Indian Caste System: Essence and Reality / Chaudhary, Bhupen (Ed.)
72. Indological Critique / Pandey, Amar Nath
73. The Indonesian Brahmandapurana: Translated from the Original Classical Kawi Text / Phalgunadi, I. Gusti Putu (Tr.)
74. Jain Rama Katha or Padma Purana (Padmacarita): Composed in Sanskrit by Ravisenacarya (in the 7th Century A.D.); 2 Volumes / Nagar, Shantilal
75. Joyous Mysticism in World Religions / Minocher, Yogi & et. al.
76. Judaism / Jacob, Levi S. & Jhirad, Ralphy E.
77. Kamba Ramayana / Sundaram, P.S. (Tr.)
78. King of Hunters, Warriors and Shepherds: Essays on Khandoba by Gunther-Dietz Sontheimer / Feldhaus, Anne; Malik, Aditya & Bruckner, Heidrun (Eds.)
79. Liberation: Hare Itself: Right New / Manoharan, M. Vasantha
80. The Living Goddess: A Journey into the Heart of Kathmandu / Tree, Isabella
81. Living Intimately: A Guide to Realizing Spiritual Unity in Relationships / Blackstone, Judith
82. A Living Theology of Krishna Bhakti: The Essential Teachings of A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada / Goswami, Tamal Krishna & Schweig, Graham (Ed.)
83. Living with the Himalayan Masters / Swami Rama
84. Lore and Legend of the Yeti / Lall, Kesar
85. Maha Dasoha Sutra / Sharnbasvappa Appa, Poojya (Dr.)
86. Major Indian Religions: Basic Tenets, Philosophy and History / Grover, R.S.
87. Major Religions of India / Tirkey, Christopher B.A.
88. Management Leadership through Bhagwat Gita / Kumar, Arun
89. Mandalas of the Bon Religion / Namdak, Tenzin; Nagano, Yasuhiko & Tachikawa, Musashi (Eds.)
90. Manu's Code of Life; 2 Volumes / Das, B.
91. Medieval Bhakti Movements in India / Bhattacharyya, Narendra Nath (Ed.)
92. Message of Global Family in the Vedics / Sharma, Indu
93. Miracles of Om Prabhu Shanti / Zaveri, Dipika M.
94. Modern Egypt: Culture, Religion and Politics / Bari, Zohurul (Ed.)
95. Modern Religions and Successful Change / Tanner, R.E.S.
96. The Mother and The Sister / Thomas, Cyriac
97. The Mysteries and Miracles / Johnson, George Lindsay
98. Mysteries: Ancient & Modern
99. Mystic Musings in Art and Poetry: Thematic Essays from the International Conference 'Mysticism without Bounds' / Kachappilly, Kurian (Dr.)
100. Mysticism in Religion / Inge, W.R.
101. The Myths of Narasimha and Vamana: Two Avatars in Cosmological Perspective / Soifer, A. Deborah
102. New Dimensions of Indology (Dr. Praveen Chandra Parikh Felicitation Volume, edited by Dr. R.N. Mehta) / Chandra, Dinesh & et. al. (Eds.)
103. The Nomadic Sacrifice: The Chod Pilgrimage Among the Bonpo of Dolpo (Western Nepal) [with DVD] / Nicoletti, Martino
104. The Origin and Nature of Religion / Perumalil, Augustine
105. Our Heritage of Thought: A Religious and Philosophical Study / Day, Barclay Lewis
106. Parsis in India / Sharma, J.B. & Sharma, S.P.
107. Pingle Devayan Brahma Kalp; Part II / Nathwani, Amita
108. The Practice of Dzogchen in the Zhang-Zhung Tradition of Tibet: Translations from the The Gyalwa Chaktri of Druchen Gyalwa Yungdrung, and The Seven-fold Cycle of the Clear Light. The Dark Retreat Practice from The Zhang-zhung Nyan-gyud / Reynolds, John Myrdhin (Tr.)
109. The Precepts of the Dharmakaya: Advanced Instructions on the Practice of Bonpo Dzogchen According to the Zhang-Zhung Tradition of Tibet / Reynolds, John Myrdhin
110. The Problem with Secularism / Elst, Koenraad
111. The Quest for Serenity in World Religions / Sharma, Arvind
112. Readings in Society and Religion of Medieval South India / Reddy, P. Chenna
113. Religion 21st Century / Chitkara, M.G. & et. al.
114. Religion Across Border / Prasad, Rajeev (Dr.)
115. Religion and Dialogue / Gregorios, Paulos Mar
116. Religion and Rational Outlook / Dasgupta, S.N.
117. Religion and Society in North East India / Nath, D. (Ed. & Prof.)
118. Religion and Society in the Himalayas / Subba, Tanka B. & Datta, Karubaki
119. Religion and Women / Sharma, Arvind & et. al. (Eds.)
120. Religion in Modern India / Baird, Robert D. (Ed.)
121. Religion in Modern India / Banerji, Radhika
122. Religion in Secular Society / Singh, N.K.
123. Religion in the Himalayas: A Comprehensive Study / Atkinson, E.T.
124. The Religion of the Hindus: Its Birth, Rise, Development and Expansion / Pal, D.N.
125. Religion of the Khasi / Khongklim, S.S. (Dr.)
126. Religion, Caste and Politics in India / Jaffrelot, Christophe
127. Religion, Community, and Education: The Case of Rural Bihar / Alam, Mohd. Sanjeer
128. Religion, Media and Public Sphere / Singh, Nilesh Kumar
129. Religion, Ritual & Royalty / Singhi, N.K. & Joshi
130. Religion: An Obstacle to Human Progress / Tiwary, Chandra Sekhar
131. Religions and Communities of India / Chopra, P.N.
132. Religions in Nepal: With Reference to Religions of Tibet and India / Majupuria, Trilok Chandra & Rohit Kumar (Majupuria)
133. Religions in Society / Durrany, K.S.
134. Religions of India / Nair, V.K.
135. Religions of India in Practice / Lopez, Donald S. (Ed.)
136. The Religions of Tibet / Tucci, Giuseppe
137. Religious Anthropology / Tyagi, Darshna (Ed.)
138. Religious Belief and Practices / Sarkar, Amitabha & Dasgupta, Samira
139. Religious Conversion in India: Modes, Motivations, and Meanings / Robinson, Rowena & Clarke, Sathianathan (Eds.)
140. Religious Ferment in Modern India / French, Hall W. & Barthwal, P.D.
141. The Rg-Veda: Hymns of the Rg-Veda; 6 Volumes / Wilson, H.H. (Tr.)
142. Ritual, Caste and Religion in Colonial South India / Bergunder, Michael; Frese, Heiko & Schroder, Ulrike
143. The Sacred Thread: The Development of Personality according to Hindu Tradition and Jungian Psychology / Hogger, Rudolf
144. Sacred Trees and Indian Life / Goswamy, Karuna
145. Sakta Songs: Bengali Religious Lyrics / Spencer, A.M.
146. A Search In Secret India / Brunton, Paul
147. Shamanic Cosmos: From India to the North Pole Star / Mastromattei, Romano & et. al. (Eds.)
148. Sikhism Religion and Culture / Singh, Ratan
149. Society Economy Religion and Festivals of Tiwas in Assam / Baruah, Bandana
150. Socio-Religious System of the Parsis / Sharma, J.B. & Sharma, S.P.
151. Some Indian Theological Reflections / Aleaz, K.P.
152. Spirituality and Indian Culture / Agarawal, M.M.
153. Sri Caitanya's Vaisnavism and its Sources / Sinha, K.P.
154. Sri Ramana Maharshi: Sage of the People / Lal, Anupa
155. State, Religion Politics / Dang, Satyapal
156. Struggle in a Secular Age: Clashes of Christian Body and Soul / Harwood, Larry D.
157. Studies in Religious Imagination and Symbolism / D'Souza, Albert
158. A Study of Religion; 2 Volumes / Martineau, James
159. Stuti Manjari: A New Approach to the Understanding of Some of the Most Ancient Slokas (Prayers) for Daily Recital alongwith Roman transliteration and their Meaning in English
160. A Survey of Bonpo Monasteries and Temples in Tibet and the Himalaya / Karmay, Samten G. & Nagano, Yasuhiko (Eds.)
161. Svasti Sri / Ramesh, K.V. & et. al. (Eds.)
162. Symbolism in Tribal Religion / Channa, S.M. (Ed.)
163. Tales from Panchatantra of Pt. Vishnu Sharma / Chandiramani, G.L. (Tr.)
164. Toward Mutual Fecundation and Fulfilment of Religions: An Invitation to Transcendence and Dialogue with a Cosmotheandric Vision / Manimala, Varghese
165. Towards a Non-Brahmin Millennium: From Iyothee Thass to Periyar / Geetha, V. & Rajadurai, S.V.
166. Traditional Religious Systems of the Rengma Nagas / Kath, Kenilo
167. A Treasury of Traditional Wisdom / Perry, Whitall N.
168. Tribal Movement, Politics and Religion in India; 3 Volumes / Mittal, A.C. & et. al.
169. Tribal Religions / Singh, S. Shyamkishore (Ed.)
170. Understanding the Divine Mysteries / Spencer, H.S. & et. al.
171. Vanmayi: Panorama of Indological Researches / Tripathi, Radha Vallabh
172. Vasudevahimdi: A Cultural Study / Jamkhedkar, A.P.
173. Vidishi through the Ages / Chakraverty, K.K. & et. al.
174. War on Sacred Grounds / Hassner, Ron E.
175. Who is a Hindu? Hindu Revivalist Views of Animism, Buddhism, Sikhism and Other Offshoots of Hinduism / Elst, Koenraad
176. The World of Religions / Samarpan
177. World Religions and Human Liberation / Cohn-Sherbok, Dan (Ed.)
178. World Religions; 14 Volumes / Lugira, Aloysius M.; Hartz, Paula R.; Wangu, Madhu Bazaz & Brown, Stephen F.
179. World's Living Faiths Voice and Visions: Reflections of the Great Thinkers of All Religions, Races and Countries; 3 Volumes / Weller, Charles Frederick (Ed.)
180. The Worship of Love: A Study of Nature Worship Throughout the World / Longwork, T. Clifton
181. Woven on the Loom of Time: Many Faiths and One Divine Purpose / Bryant, M. Darrol
182. Zoroastrianism: The Religion of Good Life / Masani, Rustam


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