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1. After Jihad: America and the Struggle for Islamic Democracy / Feldman, Noah
2. Aligarh Muslim University: Perfect Past and Precarious Present / Maheshwari, Anil
3. The All India Muslim Conference 1928-1935: A Documentary Record / Aziz, K.K.
4. All India Muslim League; 2 Volumes / Ralhan, O.P. (Ed.)
5. The Arab in Israeli Literature / Ramras-Rauch, Gila
6. Ayodhya and After: Issues Before Hindu Society / Elts, Koenraad
7. Babri Masjid: A Tale Untold / Akhtar, Mohammad Jamil
8. Blinded by the Sunlight: Emerging from the Prison of Saddam's Iraq / McAllester, Matthew
9. Colonialization of Islam: Dissolution of Traditional Institutions in Pakistan / Malik, Jamal
10. Ethnicity, Islam and Nationalism: Muslim Politics in the North-West Frontier Province 1937-47 / Shah, Sayed Wiqar Ali
11. Foreign Policy of Hadrat Muhammad (S.A.W.) / Qureshi, Muhammad Siddiqui (Prof.)
12. Growth of Muslim Politics in India (1900-1919) / Mohammad, Shan
13. In the Path of God: Islam and Political Power / Pipes, Daniel
14. India's Freedom Struggle: Role of Muslims and the Sikhs / Birdwood, C.B.
15. Islam Against the West: Shakib Arslan and the Campaign for Islamic Nationalism / Cleveland, William L.
16. Islam and Democracy / Esposito, John L.
17. Islam and the New World Order / Chand, Attar
18. Islam and the State in the World Today / Carre, Oliver
19. Islam and the Western World / Taher, Mohamed (Ed.)
20. Islam Globalization and Post Modernity / Donnan, Hastings
21. Islam in the World Today: A Handbook of Politics, Religion, Culture, and Society / Ende, Werner & Steinbach, Udo (Eds.)
22. Islam Islamist Movements and Democracy in the Middle East: Challenges, Opportunities and Responses / Kumar, Rajeesh & Nizar, Navaz (Eds.)
23. Islam Politics and the State: The Pakistan Experience / Khan, Mohammad Asghar (Ed.)
24. Islam, Communities and the Nation: Muslim Identities in South Asia and Beyond / Hasan, Mushirul (Ed.)
25. Islam, Hindutva and Congress Quest / Gopal, Ram
26. Islam, South Asia and the Cold War / Noorani, A.G.
27. Islam: Origin, Religious and Political Growth and Its Present State / Hurgronje, C. Snouck
28. Islamic Co-Operation and Unity: Socio-Political, Economic & Military Relations with Special Reference to Pakistan, Libya & Sudan / Kaur, Ranjit
29. The Islamic Path: Sufism, Politics and Society in India / Jafri, Saiyid Zaheer Husain & Reifeld, Helmut (Eds.)
30. Islamic Political Thought / Taher, Mohamed (Ed.)
31. Islamic Polity / Ahmed, M. Mukarram (Mufti) (Ed.)
32. Islamic Resurgence and Power Politics / Bajpai, Prakash
33. Islamisation of Pakistan / Iqbal, Afzal
34. Islam's Campaign Against Evil / Ahmed, M. Mukarram (Mufti) (Ed.)
35. Modern Muslim India and the Birth of Pakistan (1858-1951) (2nd Edition) / Ikram, S.M.
36. Muslim Feminism and Feminist Movement: Africa; 2 Volumes / Samiuddin, Abida & et. al. (Eds.)
37. Muslim Isolationism and Communalism; 4 Volumes / Johari, J.C. (Ed.)
38. Muslim League Attack on Sikhs and Hindus in the Punjab 1947, comp. for the SGPC / Talib, S. Gurbachan Singh
39. Muslim Nationhood in India: Perceptions of Seven Eminent Thinkers / Amir, Safia
40. Muslim Political Identity / Jain, M.S.
41. Muslim Political Thought and Administration / Sherwani, Haroon Khan
42. Muslim Political Thought in India / Taher, Mohamed (Ed.)
43. Muslim Politics / Eikelman, Dale F. & et. al.
44. Muslim Revivalist Movements in Northern India in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries / Rizvi, S. Athar Abbas
45. Muslim School of Congress: The Political Ideas of Muslim Congress Leaders Formmr B. Tayyabji to M.A. Kalam Azad 1985-47 / Zaidi, A.M.
46. Muslim Situation in India / Ansari, Iqbal A.
47. Muslim Struggle for Freedom in British India / Wasti, Syed Razi
48. Muslim World: Islam Breaks Fresh Ground / Rastogi, Tara Charan
49. Muslims and India's Freedom Movement / Ahluwalia, Shashi & Ahluwalia, B.K.
50. Muslims and India's Freedom Movement / Muhammad, Shan
51. Muslims and the Third World Politics / Chand, Attar
52. Muslims in Assam Politics / Kar, Makhanlal (Dr.)
53. Muslims Struggling for National Renaissance (1930 Onwards) / Choudhary, Sukhbir
54. Nationalism or Islam: Indo-Pakistan Episode / Ahmad, Akhtaruddin
55. The New Soldier in the Age of Asymmetric Conflict / Sarkar, Rumu
56. Overview of Indian Muslim Politics in India (1920-1947) / Ashraf, Kunwar Muhammad
57. Pakistan as an Islamic State / Chopra, J.K.
58. Pakistan's Thrust in the Muslim World: India As A Factor (A Study of Red) / Chopra, Surendra
59. Pathway to India's Partition: The Foundations of Muslim Nationalism Vol.1-2 / Prasad, Bimal
60. Persian Presence in the Islamic World / Hovannisian, Richard G. & et. al.
61. Political Islam in the Indian Subcontinent the Jamaat-i-Islami / Grare, Frederic
62. Prelude to Pakistan: Consolidation of Muslim League / Dhankhar, Jaiveer S.
63. The Principles of Muhammadan Jurisprudence: According to the Hanafi, Maliki, Shafi'i and Hanbali School / Rahim, Abdur
64. The Prolonged Partition and Its Pogroms: Testimonies on Violence Against Hindus in East Bengal, 1946-1964 / Kamra, A.J.
65. Ram Janmabhoomi through the Ages: Babri Masjid Controversy / Chowdhry, N.K.
66. Rise of Islamic Fundamentalism and the Grand American Strategy / Yousef, Ayman Talal & et. al.
67. Sardar Patel and Indian Muslims: An Analysis of His Relation with Muslims Before and After India's Partition / Zakaria, Rafiq
68. Select Constitutions: Documents on Muslim State / Lal, Shiv
69. Sole Spokesman: Jinnah, the Muslim League and the Demand for Pakistan / Jalal, Ayesha
70. Spiritual and Political Revolutions in Islam / Valyi, Felix
71. Understanding the Muslim Mind / Gandhi, Rajmohan


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