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1. Academic Centres for the Promotion of Indian Music / Sharma, Lovely (Dr.)
2. Agra va Jaipur Gharane ki Vishist Bandhishen / Raichowdhary, Nupur (Dr.)
3. Ancient Music in the Pines / Osho
4. Archaeology of Indian Musical Instruments / Murthy, K. Krishna
5. The Art of Tabla Rhythm: Essentials, Tradition and Creativity (with CD) / Saxena, Sudhir Kumar
6. Aumapatam: A Work on Music / Vijaylakshmi, M. (Dr.)
7. Balamurali Krshna: The Splendour of Swaras: An Authorised Biography / Sundaram, B.M.
8. Bharat Main Samuhgaan: Parampra Avam Swaroop; [In Hindi] / Kaliya, Shashi (Dr.)
9. Bharatakosa: A Dictionary of Technical Terms with Definitions Collected from the Works on Music, Dramaturgy by Bharata and others in Sanskrit / Kavi, M. Ramakrishna (Comp.)
10. Bharatiya Adhyatmik Prashthbhumi Mein Gadhwali Lok Sangeet / Maithani, Tushti (Dr.)
11. Bharatiya Sangeet Mein Shuddtva Ki Avadharana / Singh, Simmi Ravindra (Dr.)
12. Bhartiya Kavyashastra Main Hindi Gajal ki Sankalpana (in Hindi) / Nandni, Durgesh
13. Bhartiya Lokgiton Mein Hariyana Ka Yogdan / Ramakant (Dr.)
14. Buddhist Masters Milarepa: The Tibetan Poet-Mystic and His Songs / Bansal, Sunita Pant
15. Catalogue of Manuscripts on Performing Arts (Music, Dance and Drama) / Gupta, Kaushalya (Compiler)
16. Caturdandiprakasika of Venkatamakhin; 2 Volumes / Sathyanarayana, R. (Ed. & Tr.)
17. Centres for the Promotion of Indian Music / Sharma, Lovely (Dr.)
18. The Classical Music of North India: The Music of the Baba Allauddin Gharana as Taught by Ali Akbar Khan at the Ali Akbar College of Music; Vol.1: The First Year Study / Khan, Ali Akbar (Gen. Ed.)
19. Classical Musical Instruments / Kasliwal, Suneera (Dr.)
20. Companion to North Indian Classical Music / Chib, Satyendra K. Sen
21. A Comparative Evolution of Music in India and the West / Sharma, Swatantra
22. Composition in Instrumental Music (Tradition and New Creation) / Mahajan, Anupam
23. Compositional Froms of Hindustani Music: A Journey / Chandorkar, Vijaya
24. Compositions in Instrumental Music: Tradition and New Creation / Mahajan, Anupam
25. Compositions in Ragas of Similar Notes in Hindustani Music / Nagpal, Alka (Dr.)
26. Condemnation and Appreciation of Arts / Bhattacharya, Debashree (Dr.)
27. Contributions of Saints and Seers to the Music of India; 2 Volumes / Sathianathan, Shantsheela
28. A Critical Study of Sangita Makaranda of Narada / Lakshmi, M. Vijay (Dr.) (Mrs.)
29. The Culture of Ladakh Through Song and Dance / Shakspo, Nawang Tsering
30. The Darbhanga Tradition: Dhrupada in the School of Pandit Vidur Malik / Thielemann, Selina
31. Dhvani: Nature and Culture of Sound / Malik, S.C. (Ed.)
32. The Dictionary of Hindustani Classical Music / Roychaudhari, Bimalakanta
33. Dictionary of Music / Aiyer, Padma
34. Dictionary of Music / Blom, Eric
35. Divine Service and the Performing Arts in India / Thielemann, Selina
36. Elements of Hindustani Classical Music / Jauhari, Shruti
37. Encyclopaedia of Indian Music / Priyamvada, Amrita
38. Encyclopaedia of Indian Music with special reference to Ragas; 3 Volumes
39. Encyclopaedia of Music / Mattoo, Sapna
40. Encyclopaedia of Music; 6 Volumes / Patnaik, Praveen
41. Encyclopaedic Dictionary of Music; 2 Volumes / Pandey, Ashish (Ed.)
42. Essays in Indian Ethnomusicology / Ranade, Ashok D.
43. The Evolution of Indian Classical Music, 1200-1600 A.D. / Bhatnagar, Neerja
44. Experiments in Music Teaching / Kumari, V. Prem
45. Folk Ballet of India / Jain, Rajendra
46. Folk India: A Comprehensive Study of Indian Folk Music and Culture; 11 Volumes / Sharma, Manorma (Dr.)
47. Folk Music & Musical Instruments of Punjab: From Mustard Fields to Disco Lights (with Audio CD) / Pande, Alka
48. Folk Music of the Himalayas / Ghosh, Mandira
49. Folk Songs From Uttar Pradesh; (in Hindi, translation and introductory matter in English) / Tewari, Laxmi Ganesh
50. The Forgotten Forms of Hindustani Music / Bharali, Rabindra
51. Form in Indian Music: A Study in Gharanas / Karnani, Chetan
52. Foundations of Indian Musicology / Sengupta, P.K.
53. Frends in Music Therapy Today / Sharma, Lovely (Prof.) (Dr.)
54. From the Tanjore Court to the Madras Music Academy: A Social History of Music in South India / Subramanian, Lakshmi
55. Glimpses of Carnatic Music for NET. SLET. JRF. / Manikandan, T.V.
56. Global Impact of Indian Music (with special reference to Maurituis) / Ramyad, Gautami Bhagat (Dr.) (Mrs.)
57. The Grammar of Carnatic Music (With CD) / Vijayakrishnan, K.G.
58. The Grammar of North Indian Ragas / Roychaudhuri, Bimalakanta
59. Great Masters of Hindustani Music / Brahaspati, S.V.
60. Guitar Quick Start / Disler, Marry Jo
61. Hariprasad Chaurasia: Romance of the Bamboo Reed / Vasudev, Uma
62. The Hill of Flutes: Life, Love and Poetry in Tribal India: A Portrait of the Santals / Archer, W.G.
63. Hindustani and Persio-Arabian Music: An Indepth, Comparative Study / Kaul, Divya Mansingh
64. Hindustani Music Today / Raja, Deepak S.
65. Hindustani Sangeat Mein Holi Gann: Udgam, Vikas-Parampara Aur Vartaman Swarup / Mathur, Neeta
66. Hindustani Sangeet and a Philosopher of Art: Music, Rhythm and Kathak Dance vis-a-vis Aesthetics of Susanne K. Langer / Saxena, Sushil Kumar
67. Hindustani Sangeet: Some Perspectives, Some Performers / Saxena, S.K.
68. History of Music / Tagore, S.M.
69. The Hundred Thousand Songs: Selections from Milarepa Post-Saint of Tibet / Gordon, Antoinette K.
70. The Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Musical Instruments from All Eras and Regions of the World / Abrashev, Bozhidar & Gadjev, Valdimir
71. The Importance of Tone, Tune and Text in Indian Music / Bhattacharya, Debashree (Dr.)
72. Incredible India: Classical Music / Chaudhuri, Debu
73. Indian Classical Dances / Narayan, Shovana
74. Indian Classical Music and Gharana Tradition / Mehta, R.C.
75. Indian Concept of Rhythm / Sen, A.K.
76. Indian Folk Music: Bhawaiya: Ethnomusicological Study / Barma, Sukhbilas (Dr.)
77. Indian Music / Pingle, Bh. A.
78. Indian Music and Its Assessment: A Sociological Perspective / Jahan, Ishrat
79. Indian Music in Professional and Academic Institutions / Chaudhuri, Manjusree (Dr.)
80. Indian Music Literature: A Compendium / Haroon, Mohammed (Dr.)
81. Indian Music through Foreign Eyes / Agarwal, V.K.
82. Indian Music: An Introduction / Mukerji, Bithika
83. Indian Music: An Introduction / Mukerji, D.P.
84. Indian Music: Scientific and Practical / Prasad, Babu Nanak
85. Indian Music: Through the Ages / Bandyopadhyaya, S.
86. Indian Music: Trends and Traditions / Aggarwal, V.K. & et. al.
87. Indian Orchestra Vadya-Vinda: Origin and Growth / Kaur, Pritam
88. Institutionalised Teaching System of Carnatic Music / Unnikrishnan, T.
89. Instruments in Hindustani Classical Music / Chakravorty, Sumita (Dr.)
90. International Encyclopaedia of Dance and Music; 2 Volumes / Kumari, Neetu
91. Introduction to the Study of Musical Scales / Danielou, Alain
92. Karnatakas Hindustani Musicians / Kanavalli, Sadanand
93. The Krti in Karnatak Music / Ramakrishna, Lalita
94. Laksana and Laksya of Carnatic Music: A Quest / Manikandan, T.V.
95. Meaning in music / Goswami, Roshmi
96. Mev evam Unka Sangeet / Vimal (Dr.)
97. Michael Jackson - Legend, Hero, Icon: A Tribute to the King of Pop (with CD) / Aldis, James
98. Modern Methods of Teaching Music and Dance / Sharma, Prem Lata
99. Motivational Analysis in Music and Dance / Balasubrahmanyam, D. Laavanya
100. Mridangam: An Indian Classical Percussion Drum / Gopal, Shreejayanthi
101. Music and Fine Arts in the Devotional Traditions of India: Worship through Beauty / Goswami, Saurabh & Thielemann, Selina
102. The Music and Musical Instruments of North Eastern India / Barthakur, Dilip Ranjan
103. Music as History in Tamilnadu / Venkatasubramanian, T.K.
104. Music Contexts: A Concise Dictionary of Hindustani Music / Ranade, Ashok Da.
105. Music Education and Other Essays / Mehta, R.C. (Prof.)
106. Music in India: The Classical Traditions / Wade, Bonnie C.
107. Music in the Sky: The Life, Art & Teachings of the 17th Karmapa Ogyen Trinlety Dorje / Martin, Michele
108. Music in the Vedas: Its Magico-Religious Significance / Thite, G.U.
109. Music in Traditional Indian Theatre / Kaur, Rani Balbir
110. Music in Valmiki's Ramayana / Desai, Subhadra
111. Music India / Sharma, Manorma (Dr.)
112. Music Information Retrieval / Iyer, Padma
113. Music of India / Reignald & Massey, Jamila
114. The Music of South Asia / Thielemann, Selina
115. Music of the Nations: A Comparative Study / Prajnanananda, Swami
116. Music Perception and Cognition / Iyer, Padma
117. Music, Dance and Drama in Literature: Mainly Based on Buddhist Atthakatha Literature / Kulshreshtha, Sushma
118. Music, Time & Place: Essays in Comparative Musicology / Clayton, Martin
119. Musical Culture of the Munda Tribe / Topno, Sem
120. The Musical Heritage of India / Gautam, M.R.
121. Musical Heritage of India / Ramakrishna, Lalita
122. Musical Heritage of India / Sharma, Manorma
123. Musical Instruments of India: Their History and Development / Deva, B. Chaitanya
124. Musical Instruments of the World / Engel, Carl
125. Musical Modes in Visual Forms: A Journey through the Creative Minds / Jacob, Ambalicka Sood
126. Music-Dance and Musical Instruments: During the Period of Nayakas (1673-1732) / Bai, K. Kusuma (Dr.)
127. New Dimensions in Indian Music, Dance and Drama / Annapoorna, L.
128. New Instrumental Compositions for North Indian Music / Mihiripenna, Anil
129. Nyasa in Raga: The Pleasant Pause in Hindustani Music / Dey, Ananya Kumar (Dr.)
130. On Indian Music / Chaudhuri, Debu & Chaudhuri, Prateek
131. The Origin and Development of the Sarod: A Classical Musical Instrument / Ghosh, Avijit
132. The Origin of Raga: A Concise History of the Evolution, Growth and the Treatment of Raga from the Age of Bharatamuni to Bhatkhande / Bandyopadhyaya, B.
133. The Oxford Illustrated Companion to South Indian Classical Music, 2nd Edition / Pesch, Ludwig
134. Performing for Tourists: Redefining Performances, Performers and Audiences / Rijal, Shiva
135. Philosophy of Indian Music: Contribution of the Trinity / Kommalapudi, John Christopher
136. Practice of Magic: An Introductory Guide to the Art / Mickaharic, Draja
137. Raag of Raj King of Dhrupad Pandit Ramchatur Mallick / Das, C.L. (Prof.)
138. Raag Sanchayita: Gaayan va Vaadan ki Madhur Bandishein / Gyan Chand & Dev Raj (Drs.)
139. Raag Vishleshan; 2 Parts (bound in 1) / Garg, Uma (Dr.)
140. Raga and Music in the Sikh Holy Scriptures / Bakshi, Savita
141. Ragarnavam: With Ragacandrika Vyakhya / Shukla, Bhagavatsharan
142. Ragas and Raginis: A Pictorial and Iconographic Study of Indian Musical Modes based on original sources; Vol.1: Text: History of Ragas Iconography, Ragamala Texts and Criticism / Gangoly, O.C.
143. Ragas in Hindustani Music: Conceptual Aspects / Mahajan, Anupam
144. Research Methods in Indian Music / Ahmad, Najma Perveen
145. Romance of the Raga / Moorthy, Vijaya
146. Rudra Veena: An Ancient Musical Instrument / Divekar, Pandit Hindraj & Tribhuwan, Robin D.
147. Sacred Music: Its Origins, Powers, and Future: Traditional Music in Today's World / Danielou, Alain
148. Sampradaya Sangita: Indian Classical Musical Tradition / Ramakrishna, Lalita
149. Sangeet Manjari / Thakur, Surat (Dr.)
150. Sangeet Manjusha / Chakraborty, Indrani
151. Sangeetayan / Johri, Seema
152. Sangita Damodara: Introduction, Text, Hindi Translation and notes with index / Acharya, Hariram (Dr.)
153. Sangita Raga-Kalpadruma: Encyclopaedia of Indian Music; 2 Volumes / Vasdu, Nagendra Nath (Ed.)
154. Sangita Samaya Sara / Vijayalakshmi, M. (Dr.)
155. Sangitanarayana: A Seventeenth Century Text on Music and Dance from Orissa; 2 Volumes / Misra, Purusottama
156. Sangitaratnakara of Sarangadeva; Volume 2 / Shringly, R.K. & Sharma, Prem Lata
157. The Sangitopanisat-saroddharah (A Fourteenth Century Text on Music from Western India) Composed by Vacanacarya Sri Sudhakalasa / Miner, Allyn (Ed. & Tr.)
158. Sastriya Sangeet and Music Culture in Bengal through the Ages; 2 Volumes / Chatterji, Chhaya
159. Saundarya Rasa Evam Sangeet; (In Hindi) / Sharma, Swatantra (Prof.)
160. The Scales of Indian Music: A Cognitive Approach to That/Melakarta / Mukherjee Prithwindra
161. Self-Transformation through Music / Crandall, Joanne
162. Semiosis in Hindustani Music / Martinez, Jose Luiz
163. Shaping of an Ideal Carnatic Musician through Sadhana / Rama, Pantula
164. Shastriya Sangeet Shiksha: Samasyan Avem Samadhan; (in Hindi) / Palneetkar, Alaknanda (Ed.)
165. Significance of Compositional Forms in Hindustani Classical Music / Tyagi, Manjusree
166. Sikh Musicology: Sri Guru Granth Sahib and Hymns of the Human Spirit / Singh, Gurnam
167. Singing Bowl: Exercises for Personal Harmony / Huyser, Anneke
168. Singing the Praises Divine: Music in the Hindu Tradition / Thielemann, Selina
169. Sitar and its Compositions; 2 Volumes / Aggarwal, V.K. & Nagpal, Alka
170. Sitar and Its Music / Chaudhuri, Pandit Debu
171. Sitar as I Know / Sharma, Ravi
172. Sitar Music in Calcutta: An Ethnomusicological Study / Hamilton, James Sadler
173. The Sitar: The Instrument and its Technique / Junius, Manfred M.
174. Situating Sound and Rhythm: Music of Tamil Nadu / Kuppuswami, T.V.
175. Song from Lala Rookh / Moore, Thomas
176. The Song of the Lord / Thomas, Edward J.
177. Song of the Rainbow: At Work on Depiction of Music through the Medium of Paintings in the Indian Tradition / Jain, Richa
178. Song of the Spirit: The Word of Sacred Music / Raghunathan Sudhamahi (Ed.)
179. Songs of the Dying Earth / Martin, George R.R.
180. The Songs of Tukoba / Omvedt, Gail & Patankar, Bharat (Trs.)
181. Sounds of the Sacred: Religious Music in India / Thielemann, Selina
182. Sources of Research in Indian Classical Music / Gautam, Reena
183. South Indian Classical Music
184. Sri Sangita Kaladhara / Sivarama, Dahyalala
185. Strategies and Theories of Vocation Education / Venkataiah, S. (Ed.)
186. The String Instruments of North India: Plucked Veriety; 2 Volumes / Sen, Sharmistha (Ghosh)
187. Studies in Indian Music and Allied Art / Omchery, Leela & et. al. (Eds.)
188. Tabla and the World of Indian Rhythms / Banerjee, Sudhis Chandra
189. The Tabla of Lucknow: A Cultural Analysis of a Musical Tradition / Kippen, James
190. Tarjuma-i-Manakutuhala and Risala-i-Ragadarpana by Faqirullah (Nawab Saif Khan) (Edited and Annotated) / Sarmadee, Shahab (Ed.)
191. Techniques of Sitar: The Prince Among All Musical Instruments of India / Bandyopadhyaya, S.
192. Temple Musical Instruments of Kerala / Rajagopalan, L.S.
193. Tradition of Hindustani Music / Sharma, Manorma
194. Tradition of Hindustani Music: A Sociological Approach / Singh, Nivedita
195. The Traditional Music of Kashmir: In Relation to Indian Classical Music / Dhar, Sunita
196. Transcription and Instrument Recognition of Music / Iyer, Padma
197. Transformation as Creation: Essays in the History, Theory and Aesthetics of Indian Music, Dance and Theatre, Vol.1: Essays in English / Lath, Mukund
198. Tribal Melodies of Himachal Pradesh: Gaddi Folk Music / Sharma, Manorma (Dr.)
199. Tribal Songs Ballads and Oral Epics of Bastar / Ram, Uma & Ram, K.S.
200. Tyagaraja's Nauka Caritramu: Geya Natika; (A Musical Play) / Vasundhara, D. (Tr.)
201. Ustad Alauddin Khan: The Legend in Music / Khan, Mobarak Hossain
202. Veena: Tradition in Indian Music / Annapoorna, L.
203. Vintage Tabla Repertory: Drum Compositions of North Indian Classical Music Accompanied (with 2 Audio CDs) / Wegner, Gert-Matthias
204. Violin Maestro - V. Lakshminarayana Iyer: His Life and Contributions to the World of Music / Lalitha, M. & Nandini, M.
205. Violin Techniques in Western and South Indian Classical Music: A Comparative Study / Lalitha, M. (Dr.)
206. Vishwa Mohan Bhatt: The Musical Messiah; (Profusely Illustrated with Compact Disc of Raags) / Mathur, Kanchan
207. Voice Culture: The Art of Voice Cultivation / Durga, S.A.K.
208. Wind of Fire: The Music and Musicians of Goa / Sa, Mario Cabral E.
209. The Winged From: Aesthetical Essays on Hindustani Rhythm / Saxena, S.K.
210. Wisdom of Raga: Elucidation of Indian Airs / Bandyopadhyaya, S.


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