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1. 555 Medicinal Plants: Field Guide and Laboratory Manual (Identification with its Phytochemical and in vitro studies data) / Farooq, S. (Dr.)
2. Academic Dictionary of Medicinal Plant / Chatterjee, Anita (Ed.)
3. Adaptive Management of Medicinal Plants and Non Timber Forest Products: Strategies, Implications and Policy / Kinhal, G.A. & R. Jagannatha Rao (Eds.)
4. Agro's Colour Atlas of Medicinal Plants / Prajapati, Narayan Das & Purohit, S.S.
5. Agro's Dictionary of Medicinal Plants / Prajapati, Narayan Das & Kumar, U.
6. Agro-Techniques of Medicinal Plants / Sharma, Ravindra (Dr.)
7. Agro-Techniques of Medicinal Plants / Singh, Sadhana
8. Analytical Profiles of Selected Medicinal Plants / Bhutani, K.K.; Singh, I.P. & Jachak, S.M.
9. Anticancer Botanicals / Bhattacharya, Sukanya
10. Antidiabetic Plants in India and Herbal based Antidiabetic Research / Pullaiah, T. & Naidu, K. Chandrasekhar
11. Antioixidants: Oxidative Stress Management in Plants / Ahmed, Parvaiz & Umar, Shahid
12. Antioxidants: The Miraculous Healers / Husain, Nisreen & Trak, Touseef Hussain (Drs.)
13. Antiquity of Hindoo Medicine / Royle, J.F.
14. Atlas of Microscopy of Medicinal Plants Culinary Herbs and Spices / Jackson, Betty P. & Snowdon, Derek W.
15. Aushdhiye evam Sagandh Paudhon Ki Krishi Taknik (2nd Revised and Enlarged Edition) / Sharma, Ravindra (Dr.)
16. Aushdhiye Paudhe (Medicinal Plants) / Mishra, Navneet Kumar
17. Aushdhiye Paudhe (Medicinal Plants) / Shrivastav, Lokesh & Rani, Ritu
18. Aushidhiye Paadap: Sarankshan, Sanvardhan evam Upyogita (in Hindi) / Khanna, D.R.; Malik, D.S.; Chopra, A.K.; Prasad, G. & Bhutiani, R. (Eds.)
19. The Ayurvedic Pharmacopoeia of India; Part-I: Vols.1,4-9 and Part-II: Vols.1-4 alongwith 4 Atlas Volumes (SET of 15 Books)
20. The Ayurvedic Plants (Over 300 Plants with their descriptive details) / Kulkarni, P.H. & Ansari, Shahida
21. Bark Drugs (Volume 1) / Khatoon, Sayyada & Mehrotra, Shanta
22. Bioactive Phytochemicals: Perspectives for Modern Medicine, 3 Volumes / Gupta, V.K. (Ed.)
23. Biochemistry and Therapeutic Uses of Medicinal Plants / Mahdi, Abbas Ali; Sharma, Y.K.; Abid, Murtaza & Khan, M.M. Abid Ali (Eds.)
24. Biodiversity Endangered: India's Threatened Wildlife and Medicinal Plants / Chaudhuri, A.B. & Sarkar, D.D.
25. Caralluma (Sensu lato) in India: Antiobesity Plants / Karuppusamy, S.; Ugraiah, A. & Pullaiah, T.
26. A Catalogue of Indian Synonyms of the Medicinal Plants, Products, Inorganic Substances proposed to be included in the Pharmacopoeia of India / Sheriff, Moodeen
27. Catalogue of Medicinal Plant Exhibits / Bal, S.N.
28. A Catalogue of Synonymes of the Indian Medicinal Plants, Products, and Organic Substances; 2 Volumes / Waring, E.J. & Sheriff, M.
29. Classical Uses of Medicinal Plants (Text with English Translation) / Sharma, Priya Vrat
30. Commercial Cultivation of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants / Deshpande, Dhananjay J. (Dr.)
31. Commercial Drugs of India / Dutt, N.B.
32. Companion to Chopra's Glossary of Indian Medicinal Plants / Mehrotra, B.N. & Aswal, B.S. & Bisht, B.S.
33. Compendium of Indian Folk Medicine and Ethnobotany (1991-2015) / Jain, Vartika & Jain, S.K.
34. Comprehensive Medicinal Plants, 6 Volumes / Raghavan, G. Vijay
35. Concepts in Horticulture / Verma, H.K.
36. Cosmic Plants as Alternative Medicine (As special reference to Phyto-Chemicals) / Sharma, Sneh Harshinder (Dr.)
37. Cultivation of Medicinal and Aromatic Crops / Farooqi, Azhar Ali & Sreeramu, B.S. (Drs.)
38. Cultivation of Medicinal Plants and Orchids in Sikkim Himalaya / Sundriyal, R.C. & Sharma, E.
39. Current Concepts of Multidiscipline Approach to the Medicinal Plants; 2 Volumes / Govil, J.N. (Ed.)
40. Current Trends in Medicinal Botany / Iqbal, Muhammad & Ahmad, Altaf (Eds.)
41. Dhanwantri krit Ayurvedic Nighantu (in Hindi)
42. Dictionary of Medicinal Plants / Brown, R.G.
43. Dictionary of Synonyms Indian Medicinal Plants: With an Appraisal of Indian Systems of Medicine / Khare, C.P.
44. Drug Plants, 4 Volumes / Awaad, Amani S. with J.N. Govil & V.K. Singh
45. Drugs from Plants / Trivedi, Pravin Chandra
46. Encyclopaedia of Herbal Antioxidants; 3 Volumes / Pullaiah, T. (Ed.)
47. Encyclopaedia of Medicinal Flora; 2 Volumes / Zingare, Arun K. (Dr.)
48. Encyclopaedia of Medicinal Plants of the World; 10 Volumes / Deshmukh, L.P. (Ed.)
49. Encyclopaedia of Medicinal Plants; 4 Volumes / Biswas, Probir Kanti
50. Encyclopaedia of Medicinal Plants; 8 Volumes / Sharma, Rajinder & Gupta, Tarun
51. Encyclopaedia of World Medicinal Plants; 5 Volumes / Pullaiah, T.
52. Encyclopedia of Healing Plants / Usman, Rageeb Md. with Sufiyan Ahmad, Sunil P. Pawar, V. M. Shastry & Mohammed Zuber Shaikh
53. Encyclopedia of Himalayan Medicinal Flora; 3 Volumes / Basu, Shyamal K.; Mitra, Anupama; Pal, Dulal Ch. & Datta, Jayashree (Eds.)
54. Endangered Medicinal Plants / Chaudhuri, A.B.
55. Ethno Medicinal Plants of Manipur, North-East India (Thoubal District) / Khan, M.H. & Yadava, P.S.
56. Ethnobotanical Wisdom and Microbial Studies on Medicinal Plants / Khanna, D.R.; Gautam, Ashutosh; Bhutiani, R.; & Matta, Gagan (Eds.)
57. Ethnobotany and Medicinal Plants of India and Nepal; 3 Volumes / Singh, V. & Jain, A.P.
58. Ethnobotany of Buldhana District Maharashtra / Patil, D.A.; Patil, P.S.; Dushing, Y.A.; Aher, U.P. & Ahirrao, Y.A.
59. Ethno-Medicinal Plants of Mizoram / Lalramnghinglora, H. (Dr.)
60. Ethnomedicinal Plants: A Biodiversity Treasure / Mohan, V.R. & Doss, A. & Tresina P.S. & Sornalakshmi, V.
61. Ethnomedicinal Uses of Plants / Trivedi, P.C. (Ed.)
62. Ethnomedicine and Aromatherapy / Malik, Vijai (Dr.)
63. Ethnomedicine of North-East India: Proceedings of National Seminar on Traditional Knowledge Base on Herbal Medicines and Plant Resources of North-East India - Protection, Utilization and Conservation (13-15 March 2001, Guwahati, Assam) / Singh, Gian; Singh, H.B. & Mukherjee, T.K.
64. Evidence Based Safety of Ayurvedic Medicines / Ministry of Ayush
65. Folk Herbal Medicine and Drug Discovery / Katewa, S.S.
66. Folk Medicine of Himalaya / Gulia, K.S. (Ed.)
67. Glossary of Indian Medicinal Plants (with Two Supplements) 3 Volumes / Chopra, R.N.; Nayar, S.L.; Chopra, I.C. & Verma, B.S.
68. Glossary of Phytochemicals / Saroya, Amritpal Singh (Ed.)
69. Gyanendra Enumertio Planta-Medica / Pandey, Sumitra (Ed.)
70. Hand Book of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants: Cultivation, Utilisation and Extraction Process
71. Handbook of Aromatic Plants, 2nd Revised Edition / Bhattacharjee, S.K.
72. A Handbook of Common Medicinal Plants used in Ayurveda / Chaudhry, Bharti (Dr.)
73. Handbook of Indian Medicinal Plants / Joshi, M.C.
74. Handbook of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants / Singh, Aditya Pratap & D. Ram
75. Handbook of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants of North East India
76. Handbook of Medicinal Plants / Bose, U.S. (Dr.)
77. Handbook of Medicinal Plants / Kumar, Anil
78. Handbook of Medicinal Plants, 5th Edition / Bhattacharjee, S.K.
79. Harvesting Herbs-2000 / Nautiyal, A.R. & Nautiyal, M.C.
80. Health Care and Development of Medicinal Plants / Puri, Sunil & Williams, Ajeet J. (Eds.)
81. Herbal and Aromatic Plants - Allium cepa (ONION): Cultivation, Processing, Utilizations and Applications / Panda, Himadri (Dr.)
82. Herbal and Aromatic Plants - Allium Sativum (GARLIC): Cultivation, Processing, Utilizations and Applications / Panda, Himadri (Dr.)
83. Herbal and Aromatic Plants - Aloe Vera: Cultivation, Processing, Utilizations and Applications / Panda, Himadri (Dr.)
84. Herbal and Aromatic Plants - Azadirachta Indica (NEEM): Cultivation, Processing, Utilizations and Applications / Panda, Himadri (Dr.)
85. Herbal and Aromatic Plants - Carica papaya (PAPAYA): Cultivation, Processing, Utilizations and Applications / Panda, Himadri (Dr.)
86. Herbal and Aromatic Plants - Centella asiatica (INDIAN PENNYWORT): Cultivation, Processing, Utilizations and Applications / Panda, Himadri (Dr.)
87. Herbal and Aromatic Plants - Cuminum cyminum (ZEERA): Cultivation, Processing, Utilizations and Applications / Panda, Himadri (Dr.)
88. Herbal and Aromatic Plants - Curcuma longa (TURMERIC): Cultivation, Processing, Utilizations and Applications / Panda, Himadri (Dr.)
89. Herbal and Aromatic Plants - Emblica officinalis (AMLA): Cultivation, Processing, Utilizations and Applications / Panda, Himadri (Dr.)
90. Herbal and Aromatic Plants - Glycyrrhiza glabra (MULETHI): Cultivation, Processing, Utilizations and Applications / Panda, Himadri (Dr.)
91. Herbal and Aromatic Plants - Mentha piperita (MINT): Cultivation, Processing, Utilizations and Applications / Panda, Himadri (Dr.)
92. Herbal and Aromatic Plants - Momordica charantia (KARELA): Cultivation, Processing, Utilizations and Applications / Panda, Himadri (Dr.)
93. Herbal and Aromatic Plants - Nardostachys jatamansi (JATAMANSI): Cultivation, Processing, Utilizations and Applications / Panda, Himadri (Dr.)
94. Herbal and Aromatic Plants - Ocimum Basilicum (SAUNF): Cultivation, Processing, Utilizations and Applications / Panda, Himadri (Dr.)
95. Herbal and Aromatic Plants - Ocimum Basilicum (TULSI): Cultivation, Processing, Utilizations and Applications / Panda, Himadri
96. Herbal and Aromatic Plants - Piper nigrum (BLACK PEPPER): Cultivation, Processing, Utilizations and Applications / Panda, Himadri (Dr.)
97. Herbal and Aromatic Plants - Psidium guajava (GUAVA): Cultivation, Processing, Utilizations and Applications / Panda, Himadri (Dr.)
98. Herbal and Aromatic Plants - Punica granatum (POMEGRANATE): Cultivation, Processing, Utilizations and Applications / Panda, Himadri (Dr.)
99. Herbal and Aromatic Plants - Rauwolfia serpentina (SARPGANDHA): Cultivation, Processing, Utilizations and Applications / Panda, Himadri (Dr.)
100. Herbal and Aromatic Plants - Terminalia Arjuna (ARJUNA): Cultivation, Processing, Utilizations and Applications / Panda, Himadri (Dr.)
101. Herbal and Aromatic Plants - Trigonella foenum-graecum (FENUGREEK): Cultivation, Processing, Utilizations and Applications / Panda, Himadri (Dr.)
102. Herbal and Aromatic Plants - Vanilla planifolia (VANILLA): Cultivation, Processing, Utilizations and Applications / Panda, Himadri (Dr.)
103. Herbal and Aromatic Plants - Vitis rotundifolia (GRAPES): Cultivation, Processing, Utilizations and Applications / Panda, Himadri (Dr.)
104. Herbal and Aromatic Plants - Withania somnifera (ASHWAGANDHA): Cultivation, Processing, Utilizations and Applications / Panda, Himadri (Dr.)
105. Herbal and Aromatic Plants - Zingiber officinale (GINGER): Cultivation, Processing, Utilizations and Applications / Panda, Himadri (Dr.)
106. Herbal Drugs Quality and Chemistry / Joshi, D.D.
107. Herbal Indian Perfumes and Cosmetics / Ram, Asha
108. Herbal Materia Medica of Maharashtra, India / Patil, M.V. & Patil, D.A.
109. Herbal Medicine of Manipur: A Colour Encyclopaedia / Singh, Huidrom Birkumar; Singh, Ramesh Shanker & Sandhu, J.S. (Drs.)
110. Herbal Perspectives: Present and Future / Parimelazhagan, T.; Marian, S. & Pugalenthi, M. (Eds.)
111. Herbal Technology: Recent Trends and Progress / Arya, Arun; Daniel, Mammen & Raole, Vinay M.
112. Herbal Wealth of Western Ghats Agasthyamalai: A Pictorial and Herbal Guide
113. The Herbs of Life: Health and Healing using Western and Chinese Techniques / Tierra, Lesley & Herbalist, L. Ac.
114. Herbs, Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Cultivation
115. Identification of Common Indian Medicinal Plants / Naik, V.K.
116. Indian Ethnomedicinal Plants: Traditional Practices to Cure Diseases / Baruah, Akhil
117. Indian Herbs for Touch Therapy Tatooing and Adornments / Sood, S.K.; Sharma, Vipula; Lakhanpal, T. N.; Sharma, Romita & Kumar, Suresh
118. Indian Medicinal Plants: A Compendium of 500 Species; 5 Volumes / Warriar, P.K.; Nambiar, V.P.K. & Ramankutty, C.
119. Indian Medicinal Plants: An Illustrated Dictionary / Khare, C.P.
120. Indian Medicinal Plants; 11 Volumes (2nd Edition) / Kirtikar, K.R. & Basu, B.D.
121. Indian Medicinal Plants; 8 Volumes / Kirtikar, K.R. & Basu, B.D.
122. Indian Plants and Drugs: With Their Medical Properties and Uses / Nadkarni, K.M. (Ed.)
123. Indigenous Medicinal Plants and Their Practical Utility / Lakshman, H.C. & Inchal, R.F.
124. Indigenous Medicinal Plants: Including Microbes and Fungi / Kaushik, Purshotam (Ed.)
125. International Encyclopaedia of Medicinal Plants; 18 Volumes / Verma, Vijay (Chief Ed.)
126. An Introduction to Herbal Medicine in Ethnobotany / Ali, Rahat
127. An Introduction to Herbal Medicine in Ethnobotany / Ali, Rahat
128. An Introduction to Medicinal Plants / Dutt, Ashwini
129. Inventory of Animal Products Used in Ayurveda Siddha and Unani: National Bio-Resources Development Board, Department of Bio-Technology, Ministry of Science and Technology Government of India; 2 Volumes / Lavekar, G.S. (Ed.)
130. Jadi Bution ki Kheti: Labhdayak Mashroom ki Kheti Sahit (in Hindi) / Rawat, S.S.
131. A Lexicon of Medicinal Plants in India; 2 Volumes / Bakshi, D.N. Guha; Sensarma, P. & Pal, D.C. (Eds.)
132. Materia Indica, Volume 1 / Anislie, Whithlaw
133. Materia Medica of India and their Therapeutics / Khory, Rustomjee Naserwanjee & Katrak, Nanabhai Navrosji
134. The Materia Medica of the Hindus / Dutt, U.C.
135. Medherb Green Pages 2012: India and France: A Handbook of Updated Trade Information on Medicinal Plants' Sector / Rawal, Janak Raj
136. Medherb Green Pages 2013: India and Indonesia: A Handbook of updated Trade Information on Medicinal Plant's Sector / Rawal, Janak Raj
137. Medical and Economical Botany / Lindley, J.
138. Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Abstracts (Bimonthly Journal)
139. Medicinal and Aromatic Plants of Himachal Pradesh, 2nd Edition / Chauhan, Narain Singh (Dr.)
140. Medicinal and Poisonous Plants of India / Boopathi, C. Alagesa (Dr.)
141. The Medicinal and Poisonous Plants of India / Caius, Jean Ferdinand
142. Medicinal Herbs with their Formulations; 2 Volumes / Singh, M.P. & Panda, Himadri
143. Medicinal Plant Cultivation: A Scientific Approach (Including Processing and Financial Aids) / Purohit, S.S. & Vyas, S.P.
144. Medicinal Plants / Agarwal, Mala (Dr.)
145. Medicinal Plants / Ahmed, Moshrafuddin
146. Medicinal Plants / Joshi, Shankar Gopal
147. Medicinal Plants / Kumar, Anil
148. Medicinal Plants / Kurian, Alice & Sankar, Asha
149. Medicinal Plants / Sharan, Suniti
150. Medicinal Plants and Ethnobotany / Ranjalkar, Karunakar M. (Dr.)
151. Medicinal Plants and Glossary of Selected Terms / Desai, B.S.; Parabia, Em.; Jasrai, Y.T. & Parabia, M.H.
152. Medicinal Plants and Mushrooms of India, 2 Volumes / Sarma, Jatindra
153. Medicinal Plants and Raw Drugs of India / Kaushik, P. & Dhiman, A.K.
154. Medicinal Plants Cultivation / Ali, Nursadh
155. Medicinal Plants Cultivation / Choyal, Rajaram
156. Medicinal Plants for Health and Wealth / Das, S.N.
157. Medicinal Plants in Andhra Pradesh (India) / Pullaiah, T.
158. Medicinal Plants in India: Conservation and Sustainable Utilisation in the Emerging Global Scenario / Kumar, Pradeep
159. Medicinal Plants in India; 2 Volumes / Pullaiah, T.
160. Medicinal Plants of Arunachal Pradesh / Shankar, Rama & Rawat, M.S.
161. Medicinal Plants of Britain and Europe / Hensel, Wolfgang
162. Medicinal Plants of Himalayas; 2 Volumes / Pandey, Gyanendra
163. Medicinal Plants of India / Mathur, Neeru
164. Medicinal Plants of India / Singh, Meenakshi & Lal, Satish Narain
165. Medicinal Plants of India / Wanchoo, K.N.
166. Medicinal Plants of India / Zafar, Rasheeduz (Prof.)
167. Medicinal Plants of India and Ceylon: Their Chemistry and Pharmacology / Chandrasena, J.P.C.
168. Medicinal Plants of India: An Encyclopaedia / Sharma, Ravindra
169. Medicinal Plants of Indian Trans-Himalaya: Focus on Tibetan Use of Medicinal Resources / Kala, C.P.
170. Medicinal Plants of Kashmir and Ladakh: Temperate and Cold Arid Himalaya / Kaul, M.K.
171. Medicinal Plants of Latin America / Deshmukh, Laxman P. (Dr.)
172. Medicinal Plants of Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh / Jadhav, Dinesh
173. Medicinal Plants of Nagaland / Deorani, S.C. & Sharma, G.D.
174. Medicinal Plants of North East India: Status Diversity Conservation Cultivation and Trade / Handique, Pratap Jyoti
175. The Medicinal Plants of North-East India / Kumar, Sudhir
176. Medicinal Plants of Saharanpur / Ahuja, B.S.
177. Medicinal Plants of the Arid Zones / Chopra, I.C.; Abrol, B.K.; Handa, K.L.; Paris, R. & Dillemann, G.
178. Medicinal Plants of the Globe, 3 Volumes / Bhattacharjee, Supriya Kumar & Bhattacharjee, Sushmita
179. Medicinal Plants of the World, 5 Volumes / Vardhna, Rashtra
180. Medicinal Plants of Uttaranchal State / Dhiman, Anil Kumar (Dr.)
181. Medicinal Plants of Uttarankhand: Diversity Livelihood and Conservation / Kala, Chandra Prakash
182. Medicinal Plants with Macro and Microscopic Study / Khuswaha, Indrajit Singh & Sharma, Rajesh
183. Medicinal Plants: An Illustrated Guide to More Than 180 Herbal Plants / George, Graves
184. Medicinal Plants: Antibacterial Potential / Kaushik, Purshotam & Goyal, Pankaj (Drs.)
185. Medicinal Plants: Aspects and Prospects / Kumar, Mukesh
186. Medicinal Plants: Bibliography of CSIR Contributions (1950-1987)
187. Medicinal Plants: Biodiversity, Conservation and Traditional Knowledge; 4 Volumes / Srivastava, A.K.
188. Medicinal Plants: Conservation, Cultivation and Utilization / Chopra, A.K.; Khanna, D.R.; Prasad, G.; Malik, D.S. & Bhutani, R.
189. Medicinal Plants: Descriptions with Original Figures of the Principal Plants Employed in Medicine and an Account of the Characters, Properties and Uses of their Parts and Products of Medicinal Value; 4 Volumes / Bentley, Robert & Trimen, Henry
190. Medicinal Plants: Ethnobotanical Approach / Trivedi, P.C.
191. Medicinal Plants: Ethnomedicine and Biotechnological Potential / Thatoi, Hrudayanath & Rout, Srustidhar
192. Medicinal Plants: Importance and Benefits / Puri, Sriniwas
193. Medicinal Plants: Phytochemistry, Pharmacology and Therapeutics; 2 Volumes / Gupta, V.K. (Chief Ed.); Singh, G.D., Singh, Surjeet & Kaul, A (Eds.)
194. Medicinal Plants: Traditional Knowledge / Trivedi, P.C. (Ed.)
195. Medicinal Plants: Utilisation and Conservation / Trivedi, P.C.
196. Medicinal Plants; 2 Volumes / Tiwari, Manisha & Tondon, Vibha
197. Medicinal Resources of the Tropical Forest: Biodiversity and Its Importance to Human Health / Balick, Michael J.; Elisabetsky, E. & Laird, S.A. (Eds.)
198. Medicine and Life Sciences in India (History of Science, Philosophy and Culture in Indian Civilization, Volume IV, Part 2) / Subbarayappa, B.V. (Ed.)
199. Medicine in Medieval India (11th to 18th Centuries) / Bagchi, Asoke K. (Dr.)
200. Medico-Botany of Andaman and Nicobar Islands: Recent Study / Dhiman, K.S. & Srikanth, N. (Eds.)
201. Megadiversity Conservation: Flora Fauna and Medicinal Plants of India's Hot Spots / Chaudhuri, A.B. & Sarkar, D.D.
202. Microscopic Profile of Powdered Drugs Used in Indian Systems of Medicine; 3 Volumes / Chauhan, Malati G. & Pillai, A.P.G.
203. Multifacial Application of Drug Plants / Khanna, D.R.; Chopra, A.K.; Prasad, G.; Malik, D.S. & Bhutiani, R.
204. Nature's Medicinal Plants of Uttaranchal, Vol.1 / Shah, Rakesh
205. Neem: Herbal Medicinal Plants / Singh, M.P. & Kumar, Vivek (Drs.)
206. Novel Therapeutic Agents from Plants / Carpinella, Maria Cecilia & Rai, Mahendra (Eds.)
207. Nutraceuticals and Phytopharmaceuticals / Saklani, Sarla
208. Nutritional and Medicinal Values of Plant Foods / Basak, S.L.
209. Perspectives of Indian Medicinal Plants in the Management of Liver Disorders / Handa, S.S. (Ed.)
210. Perspectives of Indian Medicinal Plants in the Management of Lymphatic Filariasis / Shenoy, R.K.
211. Pharmacographia Indica: A History of the Principal Drugs of Vegetable Origin; 3 Volumes / Dymock, William; Warden, C.J.H. & Hooper, David
212. Pharmacology of Ayurvedic Medicinal Plants / Karnick, C.R.
213. Phytochemical Reference Standards of Selected Indian Medicinal Plants; 4 Volumes / Tandon, Neeraj
214. Plants and Drugs: Their Uses in Medicine, Commerce and the Arts / Murray, J.A.
215. Quality Assessment of Selected Indian Medicinal Plants (Volume 1) / Agarwal, Amit & Murali, Balasubramanian
216. Quality Standards of Indian Medicinal Plants; 16 Volumes (except Vol.2) / Gupta, A.K.; Tandon, Neeraj & Sharma, Madhu (Eds.)
217. Recent Advances in Herbal Drug Research and Therapy / Ray, Arunabha & Gulati, Kavita (Eds.)
218. Recent Progress in Medicinal Plants; 30 Volumes / Govil, J.N. & Singh, V.K.
219. Recent Trends in Spices and Medicinal Plants Research / De, Amit Krishna (Ed.)
220. Regulatory Roadmap for Herbal Medicines / Kumar, G. Sudesh
221. Review of Medicinal Plants used in Veterinary Practices / Padhi, M.M. (Chief Ed.)
222. Reviews on Indian Medicinal Plants; 18 Volumes / Gupta, A.K.; Tandon, Neeraj & Sharma, Madhu (Eds.)
223. Safety Reviews on Selected Indian Medicinal Plants, Volume 1 / Yadav, Satyapal Singh & Tandon, Neeraj (Eds.)
224. Scientific Basis of Herbal Medicine / Thangaraj, Parimelazhagan
225. Some Lesser Known Herbal Drugs in Ayurveda / Pandey, Gyanendra
226. Standard Methods of Medicinal Plants and Drug Analysis / Nyola, Narendra Kumar; Ali, Asaraf & Moond, Mahesh Kumar
227. Standardization of Herbal / Ayurvedic Formulations / Govil, J.N. with V.K. Singh & R. Bhardwaj
228. Standardization Techniques for Medicinal and Aromatic Plants / Upadhyay, Anubha; Nayak, Preeti Sagar; Mishra, Mukta
229. Standardization Techniques of Herbal Medicines / Patil, Minal S. with Md. Rageeb, Md. Usman, Shailesh B. Patil & Kailaspati P. Chittam
230. Status Report on Cultivation of Medicinal Plants in NAM Countries, October 1992 / Husain, Akhtar
231. Studies of Genetic: Complex of Ayurvedic Plants / Karnick, C.R. (Dr.)
232. Studies on Medicinal Plants and Drugs in Bhavaprakasa Nighantuh / Kamat, S.D. (Dr.)
233. Supplement to Cultivation and Utilization of Medicinal Plants / Kaul, M.K. & Handa, S.S.
234. Sustainable Use of Medicinal Plants / Pati, R.N. (Dr.)
235. The Taleef Shereef, or Indian Materia Medica / Playfair, G.
236. Threatened Wild Medicinal Plants: Assessment, Conservation and Management / Shukla, P.K. & Chaubey, O.P.
237. Traditional and Folk Herbal Medicine: Recent Researches; 3 Volumes / Gupta, Vijay Kumar (Dr.)
238. Traditional Medicines in Satpudas / Patil, S.H.
239. The Treatise on Indian Medicinal Plants; 6 Volumes / Chatterjee, Asima & Pakrashi, Satyesh
240. Treatment of Cancers by Medicinal Plants / Pandey, Govind
241. The Trees Called Sigru (Moringa SP.) Along with a study of the drugs used in errhines / Meulenbeld, Jan
242. Tribal Medicine / Burman, J.J. Roy
243. Tribal Wisdom on Medicinal and Economic Plants (Uttar Pradesh and Uttaranchal) / Singh, K.K. & Prakash, Anand
244. The Ultimate Medicine: As Prescribed by Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj / Powell, Robert (Ed.)
245. Uncommon Plant Drugs of Ayurveda / Pandey, Gyanendra
246. Useful Herbs of Planet Earth / Daniel, M.
247. The Useful Plants of India: With Notices of Their Chief Value in Commerce Medicine and the Arts / Drury, C.H.
248. Useful Plants of the District of Lakhimpur in Assam / Carter, H.G. & Carter. D.N.
249. Utilisation and Management of Medicinal Plants / Gupta, V.K. Verma, Anil K. & Kaul, Sushma (Eds.)
250. Uttaranchal ki Parmukh Jadi Butiya aur Unki Jaivik Kheti: Devbhumi ki Divya Aushidhiya (in Hindi) / Joshi, Pramod
251. Vegetable Materia Medica of India and Ceylon / Roberts, E.
252. WHO Monographs on Selected Medicinal Plants, Volume 1
253. WHO Monographs on Selected Medicinal Plants, Volume 2
254. Wild Medicinal Plants / Singh, M.P.
255. Wild Medicinal Plants of India: With Ethnomedicinal Uses / Dhiman, Anil Kumar
256. Wild Plants of Indian Sub-Continent, Their Economic Use / Raju, R.A.
257. World Healing Plants for Tomorrow (A Colour Handbook) / Khare, C.P.


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