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1. Administration of Forestry in North East India; 2 Volumes / Bhattacharyya, Runu
2. Advances in Agroforestry / Jha, L.K.
3. Advances in Agroforestry / Sinha, Satish Kumar (Dr.)
4. Advances in Forestry Reasearch in India / Taank, Parveen
5. Advances in Forestry Research in India; Volume 1-31 (A Half Yearly Journal) / Parkash, Ram (Ed.)
6. Advances in Horticulture and Forestry; Volume 8 and 9 / Singh, S.P. (Ed.)
7. Advances in Protected Cultivation / Singh, Brahma
8. Advances in Seed Science and Technology; 5 Volumes / Vanangamudi, K.; Umarani, R.; Natarajan, N.; Bharathi, A.; Natarajan, K.; Saravanan, T.; Bhaskaran, M.; Natesan, P.; Malarkodi, K. & Srimathi, P. (Eds.)
9. An Aerial Photography and Remote Sensing (An Introduction) / Bhatt, A.B.
10. Afforestation in Arid Zones / Kaul, R.N.
11. Afforestation: Policies, Planning and Progress / Mather, A.
12. Agro Forestry Handbook / Negi, S.S. (Dr.)
13. Agro Forestry: Indian Perspective / Jha, L.K. & Sarma, P.K. Sen
14. Agroforestry a Sustainable Land Use System / Srivastava, V.C.
15. Agroforestry in India / Tejwani, K.G.
16. Agroforestry Systems for Resource Conservation and Livelihood Security in Lower Himalayas / Panwar, Pankaj; Tiwari, A.K. & Dadhwal, K.S. (Eds.)
17. Agroforestry: In 21st Century / Chauhan, Sanjeev K.; Gill, S.S., Sharma, S.C. & Chauhan, Rajni
18. Agroforestry: Natural Resource Sustainability, Livelihood and Climate Moderation / Chaturvedi, O.P.; Venkatesh, A.; Yadav, R.S.; Alam, Badre; Dwivedi, R.P.; Singh, Ramesh & Dhyani, S.K. (Eds.)
19. Agroforestry: Potentials and Opportunities / Pathak, P.S. & Newaj, Ram (Eds.)
20. Agroforestry: Systems and Practices / Umrani, Ramesh & Jain, C.K.
21. Alternatives to Deforestation: Steps towards Sustainable Use of the Amazon Rain Forest / Anderson, Anthony B.
22. Animal Diversity in the Forest Biome / Sarkar, Amita
23. Application of GIS and Remote Sensing in Environmental Management / Abbasi, S.A. & Chari, K.B.
24. Application of Remote Sensing to Agricultural Field Trials / Clevers, J.G.P.W.
25. Applied Forestry Series; Volume 1-25 / Negi, S.S.
26. Approaches to Sustainable Forest Management and Biodiversity Conservation: With Pivotal Role of Non Timber Forest Products / Shiva, M.P. & Verma, S.K.
27. Aspects and Sustainability of Joint Forest Management / Gupta, S.K.
28. Assessment of Logging Costs from Forest Inventories in the Tropics; 2 Volumes / F.A.O.
29. A-Z Forestry / Singh, Gyan Deep
30. Bamboo Flowering Induced Famine and Coping Mechanisms of Shifting Cultivators / Lalnilawma
31. Biodiversity and Forest Conservation / Agarwal, Vipin Kumar
32. Biodiversity of Forest Species: A Community Forestry Approach / Bawa, R. & Khosla, P.K. (Eds.)
33. Bioinoculants for Sustainable Agriculture and Forestry / Reddy, S.M.; Reddy, S. Ram; Singarachary, M.A. & Girisham, S. (Eds.)
34. Biotechnology in Forest Tree Improvement (with special reference to developing countries) / Haines, Russell
35. Biotech's Dictionary of Forestry / Francis, Meena
36. British Forest Policy in Assam / Handique, Rajib
37. A Celebration of Indian Trees / Kothari, Ashok S.
38. Challenging Problems in Horticultural and Forest Pathology / Sharma, R.C. & Sharma, J.N. (Eds.)
39. The Chemistry of Solid Wood / Rowell, R.
40. Climate Change Forests and Forest Management: An Overview / FAO / Ciesla, William M.
41. Common Trees of India / Parker, R.N.
42. Community and Forestry / Lee, R.G.; Field, D.R. & Burch, W.R.
43. Community Based Forest Management: with Micro Enterprise for Poverty Reduction / Singh, K.D.; Sinha, B. & Sutar, P.C.
44. Community Forestry: Rapid Appraisal of Tree and Land Tenure FAO / Bruce, John W.
45. Community Participation and Sustainable Forest Development Global Perspective / Bhattacharya, Ajoy Kumar
46. The Complete Technology Book on Natural Products (Forest Based) / Panda, Himadri
47. Computer Basics for Forestry / Kingra, Hardip Singh & Singh, Gurudev (I.F.S.)
48. Concepts in Forestry / Singh, Parmeshwar
49. Conservation through Forest Conservation Act / Rao, M. Lokeswara (I.F.S.)
50. Correction and Nomenclature Changes to the Forest Flora of the Bombay Presidency and Sindh by W.A. Talbot / Raizada, M.B.
51. Criteria and Indicators for Sustainable Forest Management / Kotwal, P.C. & Omprakash, M.D.
52. The Cutting Edge: Conserving Wildlife in Logged Tropical Forest / Fimbel, R.A.; Grajal, A. & Robinson J.G.
53. Databook on Endangered Tree and Shrub Species and Provenances / F.A.O.
54. Decision-Making in Forest Management / Williams, M.R.W.
55. Deforestation and Socio-Economic Environment / Kewlani, Jasleen
56. Development of Forests and Forest Based Industries / Sharma, L.C.
57. Economic Analysis of Forestry Projects with Supp.1 Case Studies policy and planning service Forestry Department with Supp. 2 Readings (Bound in one volume) / F.A.O.
58. Economic Tools and Institutional Framework for Forest Development Planning / Lal, J.B.
59. Edible Forest Foods of Tribal in South India / Rajyalakshmi, P.
60. An Elementary Manual on Indian Wood Technology / Brown, H.P.
61. Encyclopaedia of Forest Science; 3 Volumes / Sharma, Reena
62. Encyclopaedia of Forestry / Singh, Satyavir
63. Encyclopaedia of Surveying, Mapping and Remote Sensing / Nayar, N.B.
64. English Trees and Tree Planting / Ablett, William H.
65. Ensuring Sustainability in Forestry: Certification of Forests / H S Gupta, M Yadav, D K Sharma, and A M Singh
66. Environmental Assessment Social Foresty in Tribal Regions and Environmental Management / Trivedi, R.N. & et. al.
67. Environmental Resources of Tropical and Temperate Forests of India / Chaudhari, A.B. & Naithani, H.B.
68. Essential Forest Produce in Orissa / Patnaik, Nityananda
69. Eucalypts for Planting / F.A.O.
70. Evaluation of Watersheds in India / Parkash, Om; Sastry, G. & Reddy, Y.V.R.
71. Farm Forestry Practices for Students of Vocational Agriculture / Anderson, T.
72. Footprints of the Forest: Ka'apor Ethnobotany - The Historical Ecology of Plant Utilization by an Amazonian People / Balee, Willia
73. Forest (Conservation) Act 1980: Handbook of Procedures and Guidelines / Goyal, A.K.
74. Forest and Allied Laws (H.P.) / Singla & Sharma
75. Forest and CPR Management in Eastern Himalayas / Singh, A Ibotombi
76. Forest and Environment Change and Continuity / Dhanai, Ravinder
77. Forest and Watershed Development and Conservation in Asia and the Pacific / Hamilton, L.S.
78. Forest Assessment / Heinsdijk, D.
79. Forest Based Phytochemicals for Industries and Trade / Shiva, Alka & M.P. Shiva
80. Forest Biodiversity and its Conservation Practices in India / Nautiyal, S. & Kaul, A.K.
81. Forest Biotechnology / Sudhir, M.
82. Forest Conservation and Management / Rethy, P.; Dabral, P.P.; Singh, Binay & Sood, K.K. (Eds.)
83. Forest Ecology / Negi, S.S.
84. Forest Economic Planning and Management / Sharma, L.C.
85. Forest Economic, Valuation and Projects / Negi, S.S. (Dr.)
86. Forest Economics / Negi, S.S.
87. Forest Ecosystem in Modern World / Subba, Tek Bahadur
88. Forest Entomology / Behari, Bipin
89. Forest Entomology / Jha, L.K. & Sarma, P.K. Sen
90. Forest Extension / Rana, M.S.
91. Forest Fire Control / Shows, S.B. & Clarke, B.
92. Forest Fires / Negi, S.S.
93. A Forest Flora For Kumaon / Osmaston, A.E.
94. Forest Flora for Melghat / Patel, R.I.
95. A Forest Flora for Pilibhit, Oudh, Gorakhpur and Bundelkhand / Kanjilal, K.C.
96. Forest Flora of British Burma; 2 Volumes / Kurz, S.
97. A Forest Flora of Chota Nagpur / Haines, H.H.
98. Forest Flora of Goa / Naithani, H.B.; Sahni, K.C. & Bennet, S.S.R.
99. Forest Flora of Meghalaya; 2 Volumes / Haridasan, K. & Rao, R.R.
100. The Forest Flora of North-West and Central India; 2 Volumes (Text & Plates) / Brandis, D. & Stewart, J.L.
101. Forest Flora of Pir Panjal Range: Western Himalaya / Singh, J.B. & Kachroo, P.
102. Forest Flora of Srinagar and Plants of Neighbourhood / Singh, G. & Kachroo, P.
103. A Forest Flora of the Andaman Islands (2nd Edition) / Parkinson, C.E.
104. Forest Flora of The Bombay Presidency and Sind; 2 Volumes / Talbot, W.A.
105. Forest Flora of the Chakrata, Dehradun and Saharanpur Divisions, Uttar Pradesh (3rd Edition) / Kanjilal, Upendra Nath
106. A Forest Flora of the Punjab with Hazara and Delhi (3rd Edition) / Parker, R.N.
107. Forest Futures: Global Representations and Ground Realities in the Himalayas / Linkenbach, Antje
108. Forest Hydrology / Lee, Richard
109. Forest Improvement / Bawa, R.; Khosla, P.K. & Kohli, R.K.
110. Forest Influences: An Introduction to Ecological History / F.A.O.
111. Forest Law (with Explanations) / Negi, S.S. (Comp.)
112. Forest Management / Ram Prakash
113. Forest Management / Recknagel, A.B. & Bentlay, John
114. Forest Management and Sustainable Development / Sen, Raj Kumar (Ed.)
115. Forest Mensuration / Bruce, Donald & Schumacher, Francis X.
116. Forest Mensuration / Chaturvedi, A.N. & Khanna, L.S.
117. Forest Mensuration: Tree Measurement / Agrawal, Pravin
118. Forest Microclimatology / Lee, Richard
119. Forest Nursery and Tree Husbandry / Gopikumar, K.; Gopakumar, S. & Anoop, E.V.
120. The Forest of India: Being History of Burma, India and Pakistan; 4 Volumes / Stebbing, E.P.
121. Forest Pocket Book / Howard, S.H.
122. Forest Policy and Law / Negi, S.S. (Dr.)
123. Forest Product and Their Utilization / Taank, Praveen
124. Forest Project Analysis and Management / Dhanai, Ravinder
125. Forest Project Analysis and Management / Subramanian, P. & Senthilnathan, S.
126. Forest Protection / Negi, S.S.
127. Forest Resources and Sustainable Development: Principles Perspectives and Practices / Bebarta, Kailash Chandra
128. Forest Resources and Sustainable Development: Principles, Perspectives and Practicies / Bebarta, K.C.
129. Forest Resources in North East India / Ray, B. Datta
130. Forest Resources of India: Problems, Policies and Initiatives / Pangannavar, Arjun Yallappa
131. Forest Settlement in Himachal Pradesh / Sharma, H.C.
132. Forest Soil and Forest Growth / Wilde, S.A.
133. Forest Soils / Negi, S.S.
134. Forest Surveying / Ram Parkash
135. Forest Tree Improvement / F.A.O.
136. Forest Tree Seed of the North Temperate Regions / Baldwin, Henry Ives
137. Forest Tree Seeds / Negi, S.S.
138. Forest Tree Seeds and Nursery Management (Current Trends) / Singh, Virendra & Lavania, S.K.
139. Forest Trees: Genome Mapping and Molecular Breeding in Plants / Kole, Chittaranjan
140. Forest Utilization / Negi, S.S.
141. Forest Vegetation Characteristics of Indian Hills Palni Hills (South India) / Chatha, G.S. & Bir, S.
142. Forest Wealth of India: Inaccessible to Impoverished / Raju, Rudraraju A.
143. Forest Working Plan / Negi, S.S.
144. Forestry and Sustainable Development / Sundar, I. (Dr.)
145. Forestry Education: New Trends and Prospects / F.A.O.
146. Forestry Extension Handbook / Negi, S.S. (Dr.)
147. Forestry for the People / Jha, L.K. & Sen-Sarma, P.K.
148. Forestry Handbook of Bhutan / Joshi, S.C.
149. Forestry in Development Planning: Lessons from the Rural Experience / Blair, H.W. & Olpadwala, P.D.
150. Forestry Principles and Applications / Raj, Antony Joseph & Lal, S.B.
151. Forestry Terminology / Gupta, Sushil Kumar (Ed.)
152. Forestry: At A Glance / Kumar, Ashok
153. Forests and Ecological History of Assam (1826-2000) / Saikia, Arupjyoti
154. Forests for Whom? Destruction and Restoration in the UP Himalaya / Nanda, Neeru
155. Forests of Andaman Islands / Devaraj, P.
156. Forests of Kashmir: A Vision for the Future / Kawosa, M.A. (Ed.)
157. The Forests within Bihar and Orissa / Nicholson, J.W.
158. Forests: The Non-Wood Resources / Dwivedi, A.P.
159. Fuel Wood Trees and Shrubs of India, and South-East Asia / Jain, R.K. & Singh, Bajrang
160. Fundamental of Forest Statistics / Kumar, Anil
161. Future of World Forests: Their Use and Conservation / Taank, Praveen
162. General Silviculture / Negi, S.S.
163. Global Forest Resources / Mather, A.S.
164. A Glossary of Forestry Terms / Gulati, N.K.
165. Hand Book of Silvicultural Systems / Negi, S.S.
166. Hand Book on Silviculture of Indian Trees / Negi, S.S.
167. Handbook of Forest Biology / Shivanna, H.
168. Handbook of Forest Ecology and Biology / Negi, S.S.
169. Handbook of Forest Engineering / Negi, S.S.
170. Handbook of Forest Protection / Negi, S.S.
171. A Handbook of Forest Utilization / Mehra, Tribhawan
172. A Handbook of Forestry / Negi, S.S. (Dr.)
173. A Handbook of Social Forestry / Negi, S.S.
174. Himalayan Degradation: Colonial Forestry and Environmental Change in India / Dangwal, Dhirendra Datt
175. Himalayan Forests and Forestry / Negi, S.S.
176. Himalyan Trees / Mehta, V.P.
177. The Identification of Trees and Shrubs: How to Name Any Wild and Garden Trees or Shrubs (2nd Edition) / Makins, F.K.
178. Impact of Environment on Forestry / Agarwal, Vipin Kumar & Bharati, Ram Prasad (Drs.)
179. Indian Forestry 1947-1997 / Negi, S.S.
180. Indian Forestry Scene / Ahluwalia, S.K.
181. Indian Forestry through the Ages / Negi, S.S.
182. Indian Forestry: A Perspective / Rawat, Ajay S. (Ed.)
183. Indian Journal of Forestry, A peer reviewed Journal dealing with Ecology & Environment, Natural History, Field Botany, Social Forestry, Wildlife, Systematic Botany, Agriculture, Forestry, Agroforestry (Quarterly): Vols. 1-38 / Indian Journal of Forestry (Volume 38)
184. Indian Trees & Their Silviculture; 2 Volumes / Negi, S.S.
185. Indian Trees: An Account of Trees, Shrubs, Woody Climbers, Bamboos and Palms Indigenous or Commonly Cultivated in the British Indian Empire / Brandis, Dietrich
186. India's Forests, Forestry and Wildlife / Negi, S.S.
187. Indigenous Knowledge, Forest Management and Forest Policy in South Asia / Seeland, K. & et. al. (Eds.)
188. Integrated Urban Pest management / Behl, Y.S.
189. An Introduction to Forest Pathology / Negi, S.S.
190. An Introduction to Tree Seed Technology / Umarani, R. & Vanangamudi, K.
191. Inventory of Forest Resources for Sustainable Management and Biodiversity Conversation: With Lists of Multipurpose Tree Species Yielding Both Timber and Non-Timber Forest Products and Shrub and Herb Species of NTFP Importance / Shiva, M.P.
192. Issues in Social Forestry: A View at Grass Root Level / Kumar, Rajive
193. Joint Forest Management and People's Participation in Forestry / Negi, S.S. (Dr.)
194. Joint Forest Management in Assam / Deka, M.M.
195. Joint Forest Management: Policy, Participation and Practices in India / Gupta, Hemant Kumar
196. Journal of Non-Timber Forest Products: A peer reviewed Journal dealing with Forestry, Medicinal and Aromatic Plants, Bamboo, Rattan, Oilseeds, Grasses, NTFP Marketing, Systematic Botany, Allied subjects (Quarterly) Vols. 1-22
197. Jungles Long Ago / Anderson, Kenneth
198. Land Resource Evaluation by Remote Sensing / Mathur, H.S.
199. Land Use and Environmental Change Due to Urban Sprawl: A Remote Sensing Approach / Mujtaba, Syed Muzamil
200. Lecture Notes on Forest Economics and Valuation
201. Let there be Forest / Arnold & Krochwal, C.
202. Mahua: The Tree of Poor / Ram Prasad (Dr.)
203. Management of Forestry Research in India / Bahuguna, V.K.
204. Management of Forests / Osmaston, F.C.
205. Management of the Forest: New Opportunities / Maslekar, A.R.
206. Managing Forests as Common Property / FAO
207. A Manual of Forest Law / Baden, Powell B.H.
208. A Manual of Forest Mensuration / Simmons, C.E.
209. Manual of Forest Mensuration: Methods and Techniques; 2 Volumes / Chapman, Herman H. & Meyer, Walter H.
210. A Manual of Forestry Extension Education / Jha, L.K. & Sarma, P.K. Sen (Eds.)
211. Manual of Forestry; 5 Volumes / Fischers, W.R.
212. A Manual of Indian Forest Botany / Bor, N.L.
213. Manual of Indian Forestry; 5 Volumes / Negi, S.S.
214. A Manual of Indian Timbers / Gamble, J.S.
215. Marketing and Trade of Forest Produce / Tewari, D.N.
216. Marketing Problems of Forest Industry in India / Kumar, Indra & Kumar, Alok
217. Mechanism of Forest Biome / Shivanna, H.
218. Medicinal Plants, Forests and Their Conservation / Bhandari, Ramesh
219. Micropropagation of Forest Trees through Tissue Culture / Evers, P.W.; Donkers, J.; Prat, A. & Vermeer, E.
220. Modelling of Energy Forestry: Growth, Water Relations and Economics / Perttu, K.L. & et. al.
221. A Monograph on Chir Pine (PinusrRoxburghii, Sarg) / Tewari, D.N.
222. A Monograph on Deodar (Cedrus deodara (Roxb.) G. Don) / Tewari, D.N.
223. Monograph on Gamari (Gmelina arborea Roxb.) / Tewari, D.N.
224. A Monograph on Khair (Acacia Catechu, Wild) / Tewari, D.N.
225. A Monograph on Rosewood (Dalbergia latifolia Roxb.) / Tewari, D.N.
226. Monograph on Silver Oak (Grevillea Robusta) / Devaraj, P.; Sugavanam, V. & Durairaj, S.
227. Multipurpose Trees for Degraded Lands / Puri, D.N. & Gargya, G.R.
228. The Natural Heritage of Jammu-Kashmir-Ladakh: Wildlife, Forests, Flora, River, Lakes / Dewan, Parvez (IAS)
229. Nepal Forests and Environment: Distortion of Ecosystem, Remedial Approach / Shrestha, Bom Prasad (Maskey)
230. Nitrogen Fixing and Multipurpose Tree Species for Afforestation / Singh, M.P. & Jain, B.P.
231. Oaks of India, Nepal and Bhutan / Negi, S.S. & Naithani, H.B.
232. An Omnibus of Non-Timber Forest Products of India / Mishra, T.K. & et. al.
233. Palynology in Forestry and Tree Improvement / Sharma, C.M.
234. A Paradigm Shift in Forest Management / Joseph, S.J. & Nagarajan, B.S.
235. People and Forest in North East India / Verma, Rajesh
236. People and Forest: Unfolding the Participation Mystique / Sinha, Himadri
237. Perspective on Social Forestry / Sharma, B.L. & Vishnoi, R.L.
238. Pines of South East Asia / Srivastava, P.K. & Bhar, Nav (Dr.)
239. Planned Management of Forests / Brasnett, N.V.
240. Planning and Control in the Managed Forest / Knuchel, H.
241. Plantation and Nursery Technique of Forest Trees / Parkash, Ram
242. Plantation Forestry in India / Luna, R.K.
243. Plantation Trees / Luna, R.K.
244. Poplars and Willows in Wood Production and Land Use / F.A.O.
245. Principals and Methouds of Orchard Establishment in India / Mazumdar, Bibhas Chandra
246. Principles and Practices of Forest Fire Control / Luna, R.K.
247. Principles and Practices of Social-cum-Community Forestry / Prasad, V.N.
248. Procurement and Marketing of Minor Forest Produce in Tribal Areas: A Case Study of Andhra Pradesh and Orissa / Parthasarathy, G. & Patnaik, K. Uma Shankar
249. Production Technology and Management of Agroforestry Models / Chauhan, Sanjeev K.; Gill, S.S.; Khajuria, H.N. & Chauhan, Rajni
250. Production, Consumption & Trade of Forest Products in India / Guleria, A.S.
251. Project Tiger Reserves: Resources Diversity Sustainability Ecodevelopment / Chaudhari, A.B. & Sarkar, D.D.
252. Propagation of Plants: Fruit Crops, Vegetable Crops, Oil Crops, Cereal Crops, Fibre Crops, Drug Crops, Forest and Avenue Trees, Tree Crops, Ornamental Plants, Misc. Crops / Sharma, V.K. (Dr.)
253. Range Management / Negi, S.S.
254. Reading in Sustainable Forest Management / F.A.O.
255. Recent Advances in Forest Seed Pathology / Vijayan, A.K.
256. Recent Trends in Forest Utilization / Suri, R.K. & Mathur, K.C.
257. Remote Sensing and Archaeology / Tripathi, Alok (Ed.)
258. Remote Sensing in Geomorphology / Ramasamy, S.M.
259. Remote Sensing in Geomorphology / Simon, Partick
260. Research Management in Forestry / F.A.O.
261. Rural Energy Alternatives in the Hilly Areas: Social Forestry and Biogas Systems / Monga, Pradeep & Lakhanpal, T.N.
262. Scientific Management of Forest Libraries / Kumar, Vinod
263. Scientific Management of Forests / Negi, S.S.
264. Shifting Cultivation in South-Eastern Asia / Spencer, J.E.
265. Shisham and Kikar: Mortality in India / Gill, SS.; Khajuria, H.N.; Chauhan, S.K. & Chauhan, Rajni (Eds.)
266. Silviculture of Indian Trees / Negi, S.S.
267. The Silviculture of Indian Trees; 3 Volumes (2nd Edition) / Troup, R.S.
268. Sir Dietrich Brandis: Father of Tropical Forestry / Negi, S.S.
269. Social and Community Forestry / Prabhakar, V.K.
270. The Social Construction of Indian Forests / Jeffery, Roger (Ed.)
271. Social Ecology of Forest Resource: A Study of Tribal Region of Orrisa / Malik, Bibhuti Bhushan (Dr.)
272. Social Forestry and Forest Development Planning: A Study of Manipur / Singh, L. Robin
273. Social Forestry and Forest Management; 2 Volumes / Gosh, S.K. & et. al.
274. Social Forestry: Experiences over a Decade / Prasad, Ram & Bhatnagar, P.
275. Socio-economic Effects and Constraints in Tropical Forest Management / Hallsworth, E.G.
276. Some Favourite Trees for Fuel and Fodder / Ram Parkash & Hocking, Drake
277. Studies of the Identification of Timbers with a note on the Seasoning of Wood / Howard, A.L.
278. Sunderbans: The Mystic Mangrove / Chowdhury, Biswajit Roy & Vyas, Pradeep
279. A Survey of the Forestry Research / Singh, Benu
280. Sustainable Forestry: Emerging Challenges / Bhattacharya, Prodyut & Kandya, A.K. (Eds.)
281. Sustainable Management of Forests of India / Arunachalam, A. & Khan, M.L. (Eds.)
282. Synonyms and Acronyms in Agriculture and Forestry / Pillai, O. Anchanam Alagia
283. Techniques in Forestry / Shanmughavel, P. (Dr.)
284. Tendu: Diospyros Spps / Kumar, Vinod
285. A Text Book of Forest Utilization / Negi, S.S.
286. A Text Book of Silviculture / Dwivedi, A.P.
287. Textbook on Forest Management / Jerram, M.R.K.
288. Timber Industries and Non-Timber Forest Products / Shrivastava, M.V.
289. The Timber Trees, Timber and Fancy Woods, as also the Forests of India and of Eastern and Southern Asia / Balfour, E.
290. The Timbers of Commerce and their Identification / Stone, H.
291. Traditional Forestry Management of the Thadou-Kukis / Singsit, Seiboi (Dr.)
292. Tree Planting Practices for Arid Zones / F.A.O.
293. Tree Planting Practices in Temperate Asia: Burma - India - Pakistan / F.A.O.
294. Trees & Shrubs of Gardens: What to Grow & How to Grow Them / Grant, John A.
295. Trees and Shrubs of Haryana: A Comprehensive Taxonomic Account of Arboreal and Arborecent Taxa / Kumar, S. & Nagiyan, P.
296. Trees of Delhi: A Field Guide / Krishen, Pradip
297. Trees of India: Medicinal, Commercial, Religious and Ornamental (A Colour Atlas) / Warman, C.K.
298. Trees on Marginal Lands: Afforestation Techniques and Systems / Sagwal, Sewa S.
299. Trees: A Hand Book of Forest Botany / Ward, H.M.
300. Tribal Welfare Development and Administration / Negi, S.S.

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