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1. Academic Dictionary of Electronics / Sharma, Sumit
2. Academic Dictionary of Engineering / Sharma, Sumit
3. Advanced Quantum Mechanics / Jolly, D.
4. Advances in Construction Materials / Kumar, V.
5. Agricultural Drainage: Principles and Practices / Kadam, U. S,; Thoka, R. T.; Gorantiwar, Sunil D. & Powar, A. G.
6. Agricultural Engineering / Sharma, Renuka
7. Air Traffic Control: Past Present & Future / Mahalingham, S.
8. Algorithms for VLSI Physical Design Automation / Sherwani, Naveed A.
9. Alternative Energy: Development and Management / Abbasi, S.A. & Abbasi, N.
10. Animal Feed Technology / Kundu, S.S.; Mahanta, S.K.; Singh, Sultan & Pathak, P.S. (Eds.)
11. AutoLisp: An Insight into AutoCAD Programming / Naskar, T.K.
12. Basic Calculation of Paper Mill Equipment / Kikiewicz, Engineer Z. (Dr.)
13. Binomial Distribution Handbook for Scientists and Engineers / Collani, Elart von & Drager, Klaus
14. Biofuels Engine Performance and Exhaust Emissions / Poonia, M.P. & Mehal, S.K.
15. Biotech's Dictionary of Agriculture Engineering / Arora, Dinesh (Ed.)
16. Building Construction Handbook / Mathur, Sanjeev
17. The Complete Book on Construction Materials / NPCS
18. The Complete Book on Distillation and Refining of Petroleum Products: Lubricants, Waxes and Petro Chemicals
19. The Complete Technology Book on Bricks Cement and Asbestos / Board of Consultants & Engineers
20. The Computer Science and Engineering Handbook; 2 Volumes / Tucker, Allen B. (Jr.)
21. Concrete Dams / Sharma, H.D. (Dr.)
22. Control Systems Theory with Engineering Applications / Lyshevski, Sergey Edward
23. Dam India 2013
24. Design of Cement Plant Structures / Buch, J.D.
25. Dictionary of Digital Communication / Durai, Ramachandra
26. Dictionary of Petrochemical Engineering / Laik, Sukumar (Ed.)
27. Dictionary on Environmental Science and Engineering / Tripathi, D.B.
28. Digital Signals: Applications in Digital Speech Processing, Digital Image Processing and Consumer Electronics / Pradhan, Manish
29. Electrical Engineering / Yadav, Poonam
30. Electrical Power Systems (6th Edition) / Wadhwa, C.L.
31. Electronic Devices and Circuit Analysis / Kishore, K Lal
32. Electroplating and Metal Finishing / Vaidyud Lepan Evam Audhyogic Dhatu Parisajjan / Bhatt, Devendra Prakash (Ed.)
33. Encyclopaedia of Analytical Science; 3 Volumes / Khare, Rita
34. Encyclopaedia of Chemical Engineering / Sharma, Manish
35. Encyclopaedia of Civil Engineering / Arora, Ajay
36. Encyclopaedia of Electrical Engineering / Jaiswal, Manoj
37. Encyclopaedia of Energy; 6 Volumes / Cleveland, Cutlet J.
38. Encyclopaedia of Engineering Technology / Tusti, Uday
39. Encyclopaedia of Environmental Science and Engineering; 2 Volumes / Kaul, S.N.; Saini, D.R.; Rai, B.N. & Biswas, A.K. (Drs.)
40. Encyclopaedia of Mechanical Engineering / Tusti, Uday
41. Encyclopaedia of Nanoscience Technology and Engineering / Bhattacharya, Pallab
42. Encyclopaedia of Nuclear Science, Technology and Engineering / Sampat, Lalit
43. Encyclopaedia of Petroleum Science and Engineering; 18 Volumes / Sah, S.L.
44. Encyclopaedia of Petroleum Science and Engineering; 18 Volumes / Sah, S.L.
45. Encyclopaedia of Technical Education; 25 Volumes / Mittal, J.P.; Kaur, Inderjit & Sharma, Ramesh C. (Eds.)
46. Encyclopaedia of Technical Education; 4 Volumes / Cassell
47. Encyclopaedia of Tissue Science Technology and Engineering / Umrani, Ramesh
48. Encyclopedia of Bioscience, Technology and Engineering / Pradhan, Vibhavri
49. Encyclopedic Dictionary of Electronics / Kavita
50. Encyclopedic Dictionary of Pharmacy / Tyagi, Amar
51. Engineering Mathematics, 2nd Edition / Rao, Koneru Sarveswara
52. Engineering Mechanics / Yadav, S.K.
53. An Ethical Guide to Hacking Mobile Phones / Fadia, Ankit
54. Experimental Techniques in Fracture Mechanics; 2 Volumes / Kobayashi, Albert S.
55. Farm Machinery and Power / Power, Ashok G. & Aware, Vijay V.
56. Farm Machinery and Power / Shagufta
57. Foundations of Fluid Mechanics with Applications / Kiselev, Sergey, P. & et. al.
58. Fundamentals of Agriculture Engineering / Kale, M.U. & Supe, M.S.
59. Fundamentals of Digital Electronics and Microprocessors / Singh, Sumit Kumar
60. Fundamentals of Electronics, 4 Volumes / Schubert, Thomas & Kim, Ernest
61. Fundamentals of Food Process Engineering / Toledo, Romeo T.
62. Fundamentals of Petroleum and Petrochemical Engineering / Mahadevan, Ulag
63. Genetic Engineering / Naha, Surendra & Narain, Ravindra
64. Genetic Modified Crops and Genetic Engineering / Srivastava, Sheela
65. Genetics Engineering / Srivastava, Manish L. (Dr.)
66. GIS in Water Resources Engineering / Singh, Rajraj
67. GIS: Fundamentals, Applications and Implementations / Elangovan, K.
68. Global Dictionary of Civil Engineering / Basu, S.K.
69. Global Dictionary of Mechanical Engineering / Basu, S.K.
70. Guide to Concrete Repair / USDI
71. A Handbook of Microscopic and Macroscopic Structure / Sharma, Dinesh
72. Handbook of Supply Chain Engineering / Rai, R.P.
73. Handbook of Thermoset Plastic / Goodman, Sidney H. (Ed.)
74. High Voltage Engineering / Wadhwa, C.L.
75. High Voltage Insulation Engineering: Behaviour of Dielectrics, their Properties and Applications / Arora, Ravindra & Mosch, Wolfgang
76. Industrial Hygiene Engineering: Recognition, Measurement, Evaluation and Control / Talty, John T.
77. Industrials Chemical Technology Hand Book (Hand Book of Industrial Chemicals)
78. Industry Institute Interaction / Ghatol, A.A.; Kaptan, S.S. & Dhote, K.K.
79. Instrumentation of Dams
80. International Encyclopaedia of Agricultural Engineering; 7 Volumes / Shagufta; Suri, Shalini & Narang, R.K.
81. International Encyclopaedia of Applied Science and Technology; 15 Volumes / Singh, Arun Kumar
82. Introduction to Rock Mechanics (2nd Edition) / Goodman, Richard E.
83. Introduction to Special Relativity and Space Science / Singh, Satya Pal
84. Introductory Geotechnical Engineering / Chattopadhyay, B.C.
85. Irrigation and Water Engineering / Shagufta
86. Kinetic Theory and Fluid Dynamics: Modeling and Simulation in Science, Engineering and Technology / Sone, Yoshio
87. Large Dams in India, 2 Volumes
88. Limnological Analysis / Wetzel, Robert G. & Likens, Gene E.
89. Linear Systems / Antsaklis, Panos J. & Michel, Anthony N.
90. Material and their Application in Civil Engineering / Sarda, V.K.
91. Mechanical Engineering: Emerging Vistas / Gupta, B.D.; Updhayay, R.K.; Sinha, R.P. & Singh, Jagvir (Eds.)
92. Mechanics and Calculations of Textile Machinery / Gokarneshan, N.; Varadarajan, B. & Kumar, C.B. Senthil
93. Metal Technology in Medieval India / Mahmud, Syed Jafar
94. Methods in Biotechnology and Bioengineering: For Pharmacy and Other Biosciences / Vyas, S.P. & Kohli, D.V.
95. Mining in the Himalayas: An Integrated Strategy / Soni, A.K.
96. Modern Dictionary of Aeronautical Engineering: With Problems on Mental Ability and Reasoning / Bhatia, A.S.
97. Modern Dictionary of Environmental Science and Engineering / Mahmood, Gauhar
98. Modern Fishing Gear Technology / Hameed, M. Shahul & Boopendranath, M.R.
99. Nanoscience: An Introduction / Mathur, Nishit
100. Nanostructures: Theory and Modelling / Delerue, C. & Lannoo, M.
101. Network Theory / Jagan, N.C. & Lakshminarayana, C.
102. Numerical Methods for Scientists and Engineers (3rd Revised Edition) / Antia, H.M.
103. Plant Genetic Engineering: A to Z / Sawahel, Wagdy A.
104. Plastic Additives Technology Hand Book / Panda, Himadri (Dr.)
105. Pond Construction for Freshwater Fish Culture: Pond Farm Structures and Layouts: FAO / Coche, A.G. & Muir, J.F.
106. Post Harvest Engineering / Shagufta
107. Post Harvesting Engineering / Singh, D.K.
108. Power Electronics: Essentials and Applications (with CD) / Umanand, L.
109. Power Plant Performance Monitoring / Gay, Rodney R.; Palmer, Carl A. & Erbes, Michael R.
110. A Practical Guide to Data Analysis: Resampling Methods / Good, Phillip I.
111. Present and Future Fuels and Energy / Iqbal, Syed Aftab; Sharma, Rajkumar & Zaafarany, Ishaq
112. Principles of Water and Wastewater Treatment / Gaur, P.K.
113. Processing and Fabrication of Advanced Materials-XXI; 2 Volumes / Robi, P.S.; Bhatnagar, N. & Srivatsan, T.S. (Eds.)
114. Profitable Small Scale Manufacture of Soaps and Detergents
115. Radiation, Radiomodifiers and Human Health / Rao, B.S.S.; Bisht, K.S. & Devi, P. Uma
116. Re-Engineering Education / Shah, Beena
117. Refrigeration & Air Conditioning / Thipse, S.S. (Dr.)
118. Reliability and Life Estimation of Power Equipment / Ramu, T.S. & Reddy, Chakradhar
119. Selfing and Crossing Concept: Applied to the Strength of Blended Concrete Mixes / Bairagi, Nisith K.
120. Signals and Systems / Krishnaveni, V. & Rajeswari, A.
121. Smithells Metals Reference Book (8th Edition) / Gale, W.F. & Totemeir, T.C. (Eds.)
122. Soil-Water Engineering: Field and Laboratory Manual / Trout, T.J.; Garcia-Castillas, I.G. & Hart, W.E.
123. SOP Guidelines: Electronic Data Management, 3rd Edition / Shah, D.H.
124. Technological Applications in Wastewater Engineering / Kaul, S.N.; Szpyrkowicz, Lidia & Gautam, Ashutosh
125. Technology and Rural India / Prabhath, S.V. & Devi, P. Ch. Sita
126. Technology of Instructional Design / Ray, P.K.S.
127. Testing of Metallic Materials, 2nd Edition / Suryanarayana, A.V.K.
128. A Textbook of Genetic Engineering / Sharma, Prabhakar & Mukhopadhyay, S.N.
129. A Textbook of Professional Communication Skills and ESP for Engineers and Professionals / Sharma, S.D.
130. Theory and Design of Paper Machines (2 Volumes) / Kikiewicz, Engineer Z. & Pandey, R.S.D.
131. Theory of Structure and Mechanics of Fibrous Assemblies / Das, Dipayan (Dr.)
132. Tissue Engineering / Kumar, Ashok
133. Topical Problems in Solid Mechanics / Gupta, N.K. & Manzhirov, A.V. (Eds.)
134. Typical Dams in India
135. Unit Operations in Environmental Engineering / Noyes, Robert
136. Vibrations and Stability / Thomsen, Jon J.
137. Waste Water Engineering; 4 Volumes / Kaul, S.N. & Kumar, Arvind
138. Water Harvesting: A Manual for the Design and Construction of Water Harvesting Schemes for Plant Production / Critchley,W.; Siegert, K.; Chapman, C. & Finkel, M.
139. Water: A Manual for Engineers Architects Planners and Managers / Jain, Ashok Kumar


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