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1. Abstraction in Indian Painting: Post Independence Era / Jahan, Badar
2. An Aesthetic Voyage of Indo Tibetan Painting: Alchi and Tabo / Singh, A.K. (Dr.)
3. Aesthetics of the Time: A View of Fatehpur Sikri Motifs / Goswami, Meghali
4. Ahmedabad 600: Portraits of a City / Balasubrahmanyan, Suchitra & Sagara, Sharmila
5. Ajanta Paintings: Unidentified and Misinterpreted / Talim, Meena (Dr.)
6. Ajanta: Handbook of the Paintings; 3 Volumes / Schlingloff, Dieter
7. Anekantavada through Paintings / Nahata, Manju (Dr.)
8. An Anthropological Study of Cartoons in India / Sahay, K.N.
9. Architectural Tourism / Girish, Revathy
10. Art and Polemic in Pakistan: Cultural Politics and Tradition in Contemporary Miniature Painting / Whiles, Virginia
11. Art of Glass: Ancient to Medieval Period / Dillon, Edward
12. The Art of Paintings: Under the Geart Mughals / Mishra, T.N.
13. Art of Vivan Sundaram / Kapoor, Kamala
14. Art Treasures from Dresden / National Museum (Comp.)
15. Artificial Silk / Woodhouse
16. The Artists of Nathadwara: The Practice of Painting in Rajasthan / Lyons, Tryna
17. Asian Embroidery / Dhamija, Jasleen
18. Bagh Caves: Painting and Sculptures / Talim, Meena
19. Bamboo: From Green Design to Sustainable Design / Reubens, Rebecca
20. Bamiyan, Hariti and Kindred Iconics / Sharma, Nirmala
21. Banaras: Eternity Watches Time / Parekh, Manu
22. Basohli Paintings of the Rasamanjari / Randhawa, R.S. & Bhambri, S.D.
23. Bharatiya Chitrakala ki Parampara / Verma, Mahendra
24. Bharatiya Chitrakala: Punruthan mein Lok Kala ka Yogdan / Virha, Rachna
25. Birds and Animals in Mughal Miniature Paintings / Khanam, Zaheda
26. Boats and Ships in Indian Art / Swamy, L.N.
27. Boats of Bengal: Eighteenth Century Portraits by Balthazar Solvyns / Hardgrave, Robert L. (Jr.)
28. Buddhist Paintings of Tun-Huang in the National Museum, New Delhi / Lokesh Chandra & Nirmala Sharma
29. Bundi School of Painting / Sodhi, Jiwan
30. Call of the Real: Contemporary Indian Artists from Bengal / Sinha, Modhurima
31. Centre of Pahari Paintings / Singh, Chandramani
32. Chalcolithic Pottery Paintings (With special reference to Central India and Deccan) / Datta, Veena
33. Chitra / Tagore, Rabindranath
34. Chitra-Pothi: Illustrated Palm-Leaf Manuscripts from Orissa / Das, J.P.
35. Chola Migrations: Krishen Khanna / Lynton, Norbert
36. The City Palace Museum Udaipur: Paintings of Mewar Court Life / Topsfield, Andrew
37. Colours of a Desert Land: Rajasthan / Sahai, Surendra
38. Court Painting in Rajasthan / Topsfield, Andrew (Ed.)
39. Crafts Atlas of India / Jaitly, Jaya
40. Crossing Cultural Frontiers: Biblical Themes in Mughal Painting / Verma, S.P.
41. The Dancer on the Horse: Reflections on the Art of Iranna GR / Hoskote, Ranjit
42. The Design Development of Indian Architecture / Batley, Claude (1879-1956)
43. Despair and Modernity: Reflections from Modern Indian Painting / Dehejia, Harsha V.; Jha, Prem Shankar & Hoskote, Ranjit (Eds.)
44. Drawings and Collages / Gujral, Satish
45. The Dreamer Awakes: Poems and Paintings / Zafar, Beo & Chinoy, Tabinda
46. Early Indian Painting in Sanskrit Literature / Saxena, Jyotsana
47. Early Wall Painting of Garhwal / Kamboj, B.P.
48. Earrings: Ornamental Identity and Beauty in India / Ganguly, Waltraud (Dr.)
49. The Eight Nayikas / Coomaraswamy, Ananda K.
50. Elephant in Indian Painting: From Pre-Historic Period to Rajasthani Style / Sultana, Parveen
51. Empowered Masters: Tibetan Wall Paintings of Mahasiddhas at Gyantse / Schroeder, Ulrich von
52. Essence of Orissan Paintings / Pathy, Dinanath
53. Examination and Conservation of Wall Paintings: A Manual / Agrawal, O.P. & Pathak, Rashmi
54. Exotic Indian Interiors / Chopra, Tarun
55. Female Attire in Miniature Painting: With Special Reference of Rajasthan / Bharti, Shalini
56. Fire and Other Images / Sen, Paritosh
57. Flora and Fauna in Mughal Art / Verma, Som Prakash (Ed.)
58. The Flute and the Lotus Romantic Moment in Indian Poetry and Painting / Dehejia, Harsha
59. Foundations of Oriental Art and Symbolism: Introduction to Hindu, Buddhist and Taoist Art / Burckhardt, Titus
60. Glass Paintings: An Ephemeral Art in India / Gupta, Samita
61. The Great Procession: A Mural by Krishen Khanna / Lynton, Norbert
62. Growth and Tradition of Pahari Miniature Painting / Rahi, Onkara
63. Guide to the Ajanta Paintings; 2 Volumes / Schlingloff, Dieter & Zin, Monika
64. A Guide to the Indian Miniature / Ganpatye, Pramod
65. Gujarati School and Jaina Manuscript Paintings / Parimoo, Ratan
66. History of Fashion Design / Tyagi, Anita
67. History of Indian Temple Architecture, Sculpture and Paintings; 2 Volumes / Rani, Madhu (Dr.)
68. Horse and Elephant Armour / Pant, G.N.
69. Images in my Time / Khanna, Krishen
70. The Imperial Image: Paintings for the Mughal Court / Beach, Milo Cleveland
71. In the Absence of Jagannatha: The Anasara Paintings Replacing the Jagannatha Icon in Puri and South Orissa (India) / Fischer, Eberhard & Pathy, Dinanath
72. Incredible India: Arrested Movement Sculpture and Painting / Vatsyayan, Kapila
73. India Illustrated with Pen and Pencil / Urwick, Rev. W.
74. India: A Historical Lila: Auctions of India Modern and Contemporary Paintings, Drawings and Graphic Art / Tuli, Neville
75. Indian Art in Detail / Dallapiccola, Anna Libera
76. Indian Book Painting: From Jahangir's Album in the State Library in Berlin / Kuhnel, Ernst & Goetz, Hermann
77. Indian Design Edge: Strategic Insights for Success in the Creative Economy / Koshy, Darlie (Dr.)
78. Indian Miniature Painting / Chakraverty, Anjan
79. Indian Miniatures: The Library of A. Chester Beatty / Arnold, Sir Thomas W.
80. Indian Painting: A Romance / Prasad, Usha
81. Indian Painting: The Great Mural Tradition / Seth, Mira
82. Indian Painting: The Lesser Known Traditions / Dallapiccola, Anna L
83. Indian Paintings and Drawings / Sharma, O.P.
84. Indian Paintings in the Sarabhai Foundation / Goswami, B.N.
85. Jain Vastrapatas: Jain Paintings on Cloth and Paper / Andhare, Shridhar & Bhojak, Laxmanbhai
86. Jain Wall Painting in Doab Region: With special reference to Saharanpur and Adjoining Areas / Jain, Madhu
87. Jammu Ragamala Paintings / Charak, Sukhdev Singh
88. Jeypore Enamels / Jacob, S.S. & Hendley, T.H.
89. Journey of the Straight Line: An Exposition of Sahni's Drawings and Creativity / Bhatti, S.S. (Dr.)
90. The Journey Outside to India from North South, East West to the Centre, Madhyam: Forty Years 1958-1998 / Om Prakash
91. Journeys: Four Generations of Indian Artists in Their Own Words; 2 Volumes / Dalmia, Yashodhara
92. Kalighat Paintings / Sinha, Suhashini & Panda, C.
93. Kalighat Paintings: Images from a Changing World / Jain, Jyotindra
94. Kangra Painting of the Bihari Satsai
95. Kanha Priya: Romantic Moments in Poetry and Painting / Dehejia, Harsha V. & Sharma, Vijay
96. Kashmiri Paintings: Assimilation and Diffusion: Production and Patronage / Goswamy, Karuna
97. Kite's Eye View India: Between Earth and Sky / Chorier, Nicolas
98. Krishna in Indian Art: Sursagar Paintings of Awadh School / Mishra, Neeru
99. Lahore: Paintings, Murals, and Calligraphy / Schmitz, Barbara (Ed.)
100. The Legend of Krishna in Wall Paintings of Gujarat and Rajasthan / Zaveri, Pradip
101. Lepaksi Temple: A Cultural and Architectural Study / Rao, D. Hanumantha
102. Lines from an Artistic Life: The Drawings of Adimoolam / Khanna, Krishen; De, Aditi & Sabavala, Jehangir
103. Living in India / Soni, Varun
104. Madhubani Painting / Thakur, Upendra
105. Mahiravanacaritam in Indian Paintings / Nagar, Shanti Lal
106. Mandala: The Art of Creating Future / Laine, June-Elleni
107. Marg Journal Vol. 48, No. 1: Tibetan Painting and Fabric Images
108. Marvels of Kishangarh Paintings (Collection of National Museum, New Delhi) / Mathur, Vijay Kumar
109. Materials and Techniques of Ancient Wall Paintings of Sri Lanka / Agrawal, O.P. & Wickramasinghe, Nanda Amara
110. The Matrix and Diamond World Mandalas in Shingon Buddhism; 2 Volumes (bound in one) (Compact Edition) / Snodgrass, Adrian
111. Miniature Paintings and Sculpture on Krsna: With Particular Reference to Bhagavata Purana and other Texts / Nagar, Shanti Lal
112. Miniature Paintings on the Holy Ramayan / Nagar, Shanti Lal
113. Mirth of Jaipur Wall Painting / Chaturvedi, Mamta (Dr.)
114. The Mosques of the Indian Subcontinent / Bunce, Fredrick W.
115. Moving Pictures: The Rickshaw Art of Bangladesh / Dutt, Kuntala Lahiri & Williams, David J.
116. Mughal and Persian Paintings and Illustrated Manuscripts in The Raza Library, Rampur / Schmitz, Barbara & Desai, Ziyaud-Din A.
117. Mughal Chitrakatha / Mughal Paintings (in Hindi) / Deeba, Faraha (Dr.)
118. Mughal Painting: An Interplay of Indigenous and Foreign Traditions / Srivastava, Ashok Kumar
119. Mural Paintings of Andhra / Krishnakumari, Myneni
120. Murals for Goddesses and Gods: The Tradition of Osakothi Ritual Painting in Orissa, India / Fischer, Eberhard & Pathy, Dinanath
121. Nainsukh of Guler: A Great Indian Painter from a Small Hill-State / Goswamy, B.N.
122. Nalanda: Situating the Great Monastery / Asher, Frederick M.
123. Odiyan: Six Contemporary Painters / Pathy, Dinanath & et. al. (Eds.)
124. Orchha Paintings / Aruna
125. Ordinary Life in Mughal India: The Evidence from Painting / Verma, S.P.
126. Pahari Masters: Court Painters of Northern India / Goswamy, B.N. & Fischer, Eberhard
127. Pahari Paintings of an Ancient Romance: The Love Story of Usha-Aniruddha / Dehejia, Harsha V. & Sharma, Vijay
128. Painted Images of Enlightenment: Early Tibetan Thankas, 1050-1450 / Kossak, Steven
129. Painted Scrolls of Asia: Hindu, Buddhist and Lamaistic / Sharma, Shiv Kumar
130. Painted Words: Kangra Paintings of Matiram's Rasraj / Dehejia, Harsha V. & Sharma, Vijay
131. The Painter in Ancient India / Sivaramamurti, C.
132. Painters of the Pahari School / Ohri, Vishwa Chander & et. al. (Eds.)
133. Paintings and Lifestyles of Jammu Region: From 17th to 19th Century A.D.; 2 Volumes / Kumar, Raj (Dr.)
134. Paintings of the Razmnama: The Book of War / Das, Asok Kumar
135. Panorama of Himalayan Art / Handa, O.C.
136. A Panorama of the Life of Lord Buddha / Haldar, Asitkumar
137. Paritosh Sen: In Retrospect / Majumdar, Mansi & et. al.
138. A Passionate Eye: Textiles, Paintings and Sculptures from the Bharany Collections / Tillotson, Giles (Ed.)
139. Patron and Painter: Situ Panchen and the Revival of the Encampment Style / Jackson, David P.
140. Peerless Image: Persian Painting and Its Sources / Grube, Ernst J.
141. Piety and Splendour: Sikh Heritage in Art / Goswamy, B.N.
142. Pilgrim, Exile, Sorcerer: The Painterly Evolution of Jehangir Sabavala / Hoskote, Ranjit
143. Principles of Design through Photography / Mathew, Deepak John (PhD)
144. Punjab Murals / Aryan, K.C.
145. Punjab Painting / Srivastava, R.P.
146. Rabindra Chitravali: Paintings of Rabindranath Tagore; 4 Volumes / Kumar, R. Siva (Ed.) (Prof.)
147. Rajasthani, Central Indian, Pahari and Mughal Paintings / Parimoo, Ratan
148. Rajput Paintings: Being an Account of the Hindu Paintings of Rajasthan and the Panjab Himalayas from the Sixteenth to the Nineteenth Century Described in Their Relation to Contemporary Thought with Texts and Translations; 2 Volumes / Coomaraswamy, Ananda K.
149. The Ramayana in Bengali Folk Paintings / Bose, Mandakranta
150. Rasikapriya: Ritikavya of Keshavdas in Ateliers of Love / Dehejia, Harsha V.
151. Reproduction of Rajasthani Paintings; 3 Volumes
152. Restoration of Indian Miniature Paintings / Gupta, K.K.
153. Reverse Glass Painting In India / Dallapiccola, Anna L.
154. Riddles of Indian Rockshelter Paintings / Tiwari, S.K.
155. The Royal Bequest: Art Treasures of the Baroda Museum and Picture Gallery / Doshi, Saryu (Ed.)
156. Sigiriya Paintings of Srilanka: Identification and Interpretation / Talim, Meena
157. A Sketch of the History of Painting; 2 Volumes / Wornum, Ralph Nicolson
158. A Socio-Economic Study of Company Paintings / Mishra, T.N.
159. Sojourns of a Painter: Shyamal Dutta Ray and His Times / Ghosh, Mrinal
160. Splendid Style of Kishangarh Painting / Sumahendra (Dr.)
161. Splendours of Himachal Heritage / Anand, Mulk Raj (Ed.)
162. A Study of Bundi School of Painting: The Collection of the National Museum / Sodhi, Jiwan
163. A Study of the Representation of Krisna Theme in the Visual Arts of Rajasthan / Khanna, Vandana
164. A Survey of Indian Painting / Srivastava, Kamal Shankar
165. Textile Designing: Theory and Concept / Jain, Tanya
166. Thanka Painting of the Tsang-pa Tradition of Tibet / Sangpo, Phuntsok
167. The Tibetan Art of Healing / Baker, Ian A.
168. Tibetan Paintings / Roerich, George
169. Tibetan Paintings: A Study of Tibetan Thankas, Eleventh to Nineteenth Centuries / Pal, Pratapaditya
170. The Tibetan Thangka: Collection in A.P. State Museum, Hyderabad / Sarma, V. Suguna (Dr.)
171. Unknown Pahari Wall Paintings in North India / Aryan, K.C.
172. Varnika: Art Exhibition Rajasthan School of Art Alumni / Sharma, M.K. 'Sumahendra' (Curator)
173. Veriegated Vista: Painting Sculpture and Printmaking in Post Independence Uttar Pradesh / Bhatnagar, Shefali
174. Views in India, China and on the Shores of the Red Sea; 2 Volumes (bound in 1) / Elliott, C. Robert & Roberts, Emma
175. Vishvarupa: Paintings on the Cosmic from of Krishna-Vasudeva / Ranjan, Neena
176. Visvakarma: Examples of Indian Architecture, Sculpture, Painting, Handicraft / Coomaraswamy, Ananda K.
177. Wall Paintings from Ancient Shrines in Central Asia: Recovered by Sir Aurel Stein and Described by Fred Andrews; 2 Volumes / Aurel Stein & Andrews, Fred H.
178. The Wall Paintings from Ancient Shrines of Central Asia; 2 Volumes (Portfolio Volume) / Aurel Stein & et. al.
179. Wall Paintings from Central India / Agarawala, R.A.
180. The Wall Paintings of India, Central Asia and Ceylon; A Comparative Study by B. Rowland with introduction, Essays on the Nature of Buddhist Art; 2 Volumes / Coomaraswamy, Ananda K.
181. Wall Paintings of Rajasthan: Amber and Jaipur / Cimino, Rosa Maria
182. Wonder of the Age: Master Painters of India 1100-1900 / Guy, John & Britschgi, Jorrit
183. Words on Canvas: JP Das and His Work / Mishra, Ganeswar (Ed.)


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