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1. 1325 Buddhist Ways to be Happy / Kipfer, Barbara Ann
2. 366 Readings from Buddhism / Weyer, Robert Van De (Ed.)
3. The A to Z of Buddhism / Prebish, Charles S.
4. Absorbing Buddha / Prasoon, Srikant (Prof.)
5. An Account of an Embassy to the Court of the Teshoo Lama in Tibet: Containing a narrative of a journey through Bootan and part of Tibet 1774-1783 / Turner, Samuel
6. Adventures with the Buddha: A Personal Buddhism Reader / Paine, Jeffery (Ed.)
7. Ahimsa: Buddhism and the Vegetarian Ideal / Balsys, Bodo
8. Along the Buddhist Trail / Gogoi, B.K.
9. Amala Prajna: Aspects of Buddhist Studies / Samtani, N.H. & et. al. (Eds.)
10. Anatta Anatmata: An Analysis of Buddhist Anti-Substantialist Crusade / Chinchore, Mangala R.
11. Ancient Indian Influence on Japanese Culture: A Comparative Study of Civilizations / Kaburagi, Yoshihiro
12. Aniccata/ Anityata: An Analysis of the Buddhist Opposition to Permanence/ Stability and Alternative Foundation of Ontology and or Anthropology / Chinchore, Mangala R.
13. Art and Devotion at a Buddhist Temple in the Indian Himalaya / Kerin, Kerin Melissa R.
14. Asdhammo Santano: Dhammpad Bhagwan Buddh Ke Desana; 12 Volumes / Osho
15. Aspects of Buddhist Culture from Tibetan Sources / Banerjee, A.C.
16. Astrological Lore in the Buddhist Sardulakarnavadana / Sharma, Sharmishta
17. Astrology in Buddhism: Buddhist Practice to Modern Astrology / Shaneman, Jhampa & Angel, Jan V.
18. The Basic Conception of Buddhism / Bhattacharya, Vidhushekhara
19. Bhagwan Buddha (in Hindi) / Raman, R.S.
20. Bhavanakrama of Kamalasila (Translated into English) / Sharma, Parmananda (Tr.)
21. Bhikkhuni Samgha and Community / Das, Sanjib Kumar (Ed.)
22. Bioethics and Buddhism / Sai, Ch. Venkata Siva (Dr.)
23. Boddh Darshan ki Parampra aur Sant Ravidas / Chand, Ramesh
24. The Book of Buddha / Subramaniam, Arundhathi
25. The Book of Five Rings / Musashi, Miyamoto
26. Brief History of Buddhist Studies in Europe and America / De Jong, J.W.
27. Buddh Jaisa Shuddh Man (in Hindi) / Kamble, Dharmaraj D.
28. Buddha / Auboyer, Jeannine
29. Buddha / Ortner, Jon
30. Buddha and Bodhisattva: A Hindu View / Biswas, A.K.
31. Buddha and Buddhism / Banerjee, Biswanath & Chaudhuri, Sukomal (Eds.)
32. Buddha and Buddhism / Lillie, Arthur
33. Buddha and the General Myths / Bhardwaj, M.
34. Buddha aur Baudha Dharma (in Hindi) / Chanchreek, K.L. & Om Prakash
35. Buddha Charit: Ek Kavya, Itihas aur Darshan / Mishra, Manu (Dr.)
36. The Buddha Cries! Karmapa Conundrum / Maheshwari, A.
37. Buddha Dharma: Jeevan Paddatiyan / Mishra, Vasundhra
38. The Buddha Eye: An Anthology of the Kyoto School and its Contemporaries / Franck, Frederick (Ed.)
39. The Buddha in Daily Life: An Introduction to the Buddhism of Nichiren / Causton, Richard
40. Buddha ki Aur / Kumar, Ravindra
41. Buddha Mind / Piparaiya, Ram K. (Ed.)
42. Buddha Nature / King, Salie B.
43. The Buddha Nature: A Study of the Tathagatagarbha and Alayavijnana / Brown, Brian Edward
44. Buddha of Infinite Light: The Teachings of Shin Buddhism, The Japanese Way of Wisdom and Compassion / Suzuki, Daisetz Teitaro (1879-1966)
45. Buddha: A Revolutionary and Reformer / Chandra, Ramesh & et. al.
46. The Buddha: A Short Biography / Strong, John S.
47. Buddha: Religion and Meditation / Mahmud, S. Jafar
48. Buddha: The Enlightened / Daljeet
49. Buddha: The Jewel in the Lotus / Mathur, Asharani & et. al.
50. Buddha: The Light of Asia / Sharma, J.B. & Sharma, S.P.
51. The Buddha: Writings on the Enlightened One
52. Buddhahood Embodied: Sources of Controversy in India and Tibet / Makransky, John J.
53. A Buddha's Babble / Balsekar, Ramesh S.
54. The Buddha's Doctrine and the Nine Vehicles: Rog Bande Sherab's Lamp of the Teachings / Cabezon, Jose Ignacio
55. Buddha's Not Smiling: Uncovering Corruption at the Heart of Tibetan Buddhism Today / Curren, Erik D.
56. Buddhism / Menon, Subhadra
57. Buddhism / Pant, Pushpesh
58. Buddhism / Sharma, Suresh K. & Sharma, Usha
59. Buddhism Across the Grasslands of Chinggis Khan / Lokesh Chandra
60. Buddhism and Culture of North-East India / Panth, R. (Dr.)
61. Buddhism and Ecology / Batchelor, Martine & Brown, Kerry (Eds.)
62. Buddhism and Ecology / Pathak, S.K. (Ed.)
63. Buddhism and Education / Salve, R.N.
64. Buddhism and India / Sharma, J.B. & Sharma, S.P.
65. Buddhism and Indian Civlilisation / Pruthi, R.K. (Ed.)
66. Buddhism and Khamtis / Pandey, Gauri Shankar
67. Buddhism and Lamaism: A Study of the Religion of Tibet / Ellam, J.E.
68. Buddhism and Science / Kirtisinghe, Buddhadasa P. (Ed.)
69. Buddhism and Socio-Economic Life of Eastern India: With special reference to Bengal and Orissa (8th-12th Centuries A.D.) / Mohapatra, Bimal Chandra
70. Buddhism and Symbol Worship / Sinha, B.C. & Sharma, Rakesh
71. Buddhism and Word Peace / Narayan, S.
72. Buddhism as Presented by the Brahmanical Systems / Kher, Chitrarekha V.
73. Buddhism for Everybody / Bhikkhu Jagdish Kashyap
74. Buddhism in Asia: Revival and Reinvention / Lahiri, Nayanjot & Singh, Upinder
75. Buddhism in Asia: Traditions and Imageries / Sengupta, Anita; Chatterjee, Suchandana & Bhattacharya, S.
76. Buddhism in China and Japan / Haldhar, S.M.
77. Buddhism in East Asia: Continuity and Change in the Great Tradition / Sharma, Anita & Thapa, Shanker (Eds.)
78. Buddhism in Kashmir / Dutt, Nalinaksha (Dr.)
79. Buddhism in Kashmir / Meena, Pooran Lal
80. Buddhism in Kashmir / Singh, N.K.
81. Buddhism in Medieval Sri Lanka / Ilangasinha, H.B.M.
82. Buddhism in Modern World / Jatava, D.R.
83. Buddhism in Myanmar and Thailand / Haldhar, S.M.
84. Buddhism in Nepal / Naidu, Sushil K.
85. Buddhism in New World Order / Sakya, Madhusudan
86. Buddhism in Perspective / Pandit, Motilal
87. Buddhism in Practice / Lopez, Donald S. (Ed.)
88. Buddhism in South-East Asia: A Cultural Survey / Ahir, D.C.
89. Buddhism in the Land of the Gods: Lahul-Western Himalayas / Jina, Prem Singh (Dr.)
90. Buddhism in Universal Perspective / Panth, R. (Dr.)
91. The Buddhism of Tibet (Combined Volume) / Hopkins, Jeffrey & Lati Rimpoche (Trs.)
92. The Buddhism of Tibet or Lamaism / Waddell, L. Austine
93. Buddhism Today: Issues and Global Dimensions / Sakya, Madhusudan
94. Buddhism vs Hinduism / Mangla, Dharam Vir
95. Buddhism, Diplomacy, and Trade: The Realignment of Sino-Indian Relations, 600-1400 / Sen, Tansen
96. Buddhism, Sexuality and Gender / Cabezon, Jose Ignacio (Ed.)
97. Buddhism: A Modern Perspective / Prebish, Charles S. (Ed.)
98. Buddhism: A Religion of Salvation / Pandit, Moti Lal
99. Buddhism: A Short Introduction / Klostermaier, Klaus K.
100. Buddhism: A Study of the Buddhism Norm / Rhys Davids, T.W.
101. Buddhism: A Very Short Introduction / Keown, Damien
102. Buddhism: A World Religion / Rama, K.
103. Buddhism: An Introduction / Pruthi, R.K.; Ram, S. & Chaturvedi, Archna
104. Buddhism: Basic Tenets and Practices / Sakya, Madhusudan
105. Buddhism: Beyond Zoji-La / Jina, Prem Singh (Dr.)
106. Buddhism: Concepts and Cosmology / Anand, Bhaskar
107. Buddhism: From Genesis to Decline / Singh, Ram Nandan
108. Buddhism: From the Unreal to the Real from Darkness to Light from Death to Undying / Saunders, Kenneth J.
109. Buddhism: Its Essence and Development / Conze, Edward
110. Buddhism: Its Various Manifestations / Madan, G.R. (Ed.)
111. Buddhism: Religion and Culture / Lama Gangchen (Dr.)
112. Buddhism: Religion and Meditation / Mahmud, Jafar S.
113. Buddhism: Schools and Canons / Anand, Bhaskar
114. Buddhism: Step Up Strings / Chander, S.
115. Buddhism: The Path of Real Religion / Chaterjee, S.
116. Buddhism: The Science of Life / Cleather, Alice Leighton & et. al.
117. A Buddhist Bible / Goddard, Dwight (Ed.)
118. Buddhist Conceptions of Man and Human Emancipation: A Critical Investigation / Chinchore, Mangala R.
119. Buddhist Economics: An Enlightened Approach to the Dismal Science / Brown, Clair
120. Buddhist Heritage in India and Abroad / Kuppuram, G. & Kumudamani, K. (Eds.)
121. Buddhist Himalayas: People, Faith and Nature / Ricard, Matthieu & et. al.
122. The Buddhist Linkages between India and Vietnam / Sahai, Sachchidanand (Ed.)
123. Buddhist of Kashmir / Nandou, Jean
124. The Buddhist Schools of the Small Vehicle / Bareau, Andre
125. Buddhist Scriptures: A Selection / Thomas, Edward J.
126. Buddhist Sects and Sectarianism / Baruah, Bibhuti
127. Buddhist Sects in India / Dutt, Nalinaksha
128. Buddhist Studies, 2 Volumes / Talim, Meena
129. Buddhist Studies: Memoirs of a Civil Servant / Ahir, D.C.
130. Buddhist Studies: The Legacy of Gadjin M. Nagao: Wisdom, Compassion and the Search for Understanding / Silk, Jonathan A. (Ed.)
131. The Buddhist Triratna / Goyal, S.R.
132. Buddhist Way of Life / Pruthi, R.K.; Ram, S. & Chaturvedi, Archna
133. The Buddhist World-View / Singh, Raghwendra Pratap & et. al. (Eds.)
134. Buddhists in India Today: Descriptions, Pictures and Documents / Kantowsky, Detlef
135. A Catalogue of the Lha-sa, Edition of the Bkah-hgyur of Tibetan Tripitaka Vol.1 / Tokuoka, Ryoei (Ed.)
136. A Catena of Buddhist Scriptures from the Chinese / Beal, Samuel
137. The Centrality of Ethics in Buddhism: Exploratory Essays / Shankar, Hari Prasad
138. Changing Course of Brahmaputra: Dalai Lama the Change Initiator / Vyas, Bhaskar (Dr.)
139. Changing Dynamics of India-Japan Relations: Buddhism to Special Strategic Partnership / Khan, Shamshad Ahmad
140. Chinese Buddhist Apocrypha / Buswell, Robert E. (Tr.)
141. Civilisations at Saryupar in Buddhist Perspective / Lahiri, P.K. & Narain, A.S.
142. Civilized Shamans: Buddhism in Tibetan Societies / Samuel, Geoffrey
143. Cloning the Buddha: The Moral Impact of Biotechnology / Heinberg, Richard
144. The Commentary of Manners Called "The Tree of Wisdom"; (in Tibetan, Transliterated and Translated into English) / Dorji, C.T. (Ed. & Comp.)
145. The Compassionate Revolution: Radical Politics and Buddhism / Edwards, David
146. Concept of Suffering in Buddhism / Dash, Narendra Kumar (Ed.)
147. The Confession of Downfalls / Beresford, Brian C. (Tr. & Ed.)
148. Contemporary Buddhism: Comparative Studies on Eurasia and South Asia / Chatterjee, Suchandana & Sengupta, Anita (Eds.)
149. Contribution of Buddhism to World Culture; 2 Volumes (with audio CD) / Ogawa, Ichijo; Sankarnarayan, Kalpakam & Panth, Ravindra (Eds.)
150. The Corporate Buddha: Strategies for Composure, Confidence and Control / Mehra, Randiv
151. The Creed of Buddha / Holmes, Edmond
152. Cross and the Lotus: Christianity and Buddhism in Dialogue / Houston, G.W.
153. Cultural and Religious Heritage of India; 8 Volumes / Sharma, Suresh K. & Sharma, Usha (Eds.)
154. Current Perspectives in Buddhism: A World Religion; 3 Volumes / Sakya, Madhusudan
155. Dagger Blessing: The Tibetan Phurpa Cult: Reflections and Materials / Marcotty, Thomas
156. Daily Prayer Book: A Collection of Essential Daily Prayers
157. Dandelions of Tibet / Sonam, Bhuchung 'D'
158. Development in the Early Buddhist Concept of Kamma/Karma / McDermott, James Paul
159. Development of Buddhist Ethics / Misra, G.S.P.
160. Dhammapada: A Collection of Verses Being One of the Canonical of the Buddhists / Max Muller, F.
161. Dharani Samgraha / Bhosekar, Atul (Ed.)
162. Discerning the Buddha: A Study of the Buddhism and of the Brahmannical Hindu Attitude to It / Joshi, Lal Mani
163. The Discourses of Lord Buddha: The Wonderful Sutta Nipata / Fausball, V. (Tr.)
164. Distinguishing Dharma and Dharmata by Asanga and Maitreya / Levinsion, Jules (Tr.)
165. Dreams of Power: Tibetan Buddhism and the Western Imagination / Bishop, Peter
166. Early Buddhism: Doctrine and Discipline / Ward, C.H.S.
167. Early Indian Religious Thought / Mehta, P.D.
168. Ecological Perspectives in Buddhism / Pandey, K.C. (Ed.)
169. Education and Society in Ladakh: A Study of the Druk Padma Karpo School / Dasgupta, Rudrani
170. Entry into the Inconceivable: An introduction to Hua-yen Buddhism / Cleary, Thomas
171. Essays in Buddhist Theology / Tachikawa, Musashi
172. Essays on Indian Religion / Kumar, Raj (Ed.)
173. Essays on Tibetan Cultural Heritage / Datta, Karubaki (Ed.)
174. Essence of Ambrosia: A Guide to Buddhist Contemplations / Baker, Taranatha Willa (Tr.)
175. Essence of Buddhism / Mathur, Vijay Kumar (Dr.) (Ed.)
176. Essence of Buddhism / Narasu, P. Lakshmi
177. Essence of Buddhism: A Collection of World Famous Quotations / Singh, Harischandra Lal (Comp.)
178. The Essence of Scholasticism: Abhidharmahrdaya. T1550 / Willemen, Charles
179. Essential Tibetan Buddhism / Thurman, Robert A.F.
180. The Eyes of the World: Lives of Tibetan Lotsawas / Das, Sanjib Kumar
181. Facets of Buddhism / Iida, Shotaro
182. The Fate of Rural Hell: Asceticism and Desire in Buddhist Thailand / Anderson, Benedict
183. Fate of Tibet: When Big Insects Eat Small Insects / Arpi, Claude
184. A Few Facts About Buddhism / Gallmo, Gunnar
185. The First 50 Discourses of Gotama the Buddha / Silacara, Bhikkhu (Tr.)
186. Footprint of the Buddha / Ludowyk, E.F.C.
187. Fragments of Buddhist Dharma / Luders, H.
188. From Beyond the Eastern Horizon (Essays in Honour of Professor Lokesh Chandra) / ManjuShree (Ed.)
189. Future Buddha Maitreya / Kim, Inchang
190. The Gandhari Dharmapada / Brough, John (1917-1984) (Ed.)
191. Gautam Buddha: The Spiritual Light of Asia / Mathur, Suresh Narain
192. Gautama Buddha / Dhama, Tejpal Singh
193. Gems of Buddhism / Satyapala, Bhikshu (Prof.)
194. Gender, Identity and Tibetan Buddhism / Campbell, June
195. Genesis of Indigenous Chakma Buddhists and Their Pulverization Worldwide / Talukdar, S.P.
196. Glimpses of Sri Lankan Buddhism / Ahir, D.C.
197. The Golden Book of Buddhism (Humanity's Oldest Religion of Peace): Selected suttas of both Hinayana and Mahayana Buddhism, with Ashvaghosa's Buddhacharit, Translated into easy-to-understand English by F. Max Muller, T.W. Rhys Davids and Samuel Beal / Kulasrestha, Mahendra (Ed.)
198. The Gospel of Buddha / Carus, Paul (Dr.)
199. The Guardian Deities of Tibet / Kalsang, Ladrang
200. Guide to Buddhahood: Being A Standard Manual of Chinese Buddhism / Richard, Timothy (Tr.)
201. Gyalsay Tenzin Rubgye and His Reincarnations / Dorji, C.T.
202. The Heart of Buddhism / Saunders, Kenneth J. (Tr. & Ed.)
203. The Heart of the Buddha / Trungpa, Chogyam
204. The Heart of the Buddha's Path / Dalai Lama, H.H. the XIV
205. Heaven and Hell in Buddhist Perspective / Law, Bimala Charan
206. Heritage of Nalanda and Its Continuity Vol.VI
207. Himalayan Buddhism: Past and Present (Mahapandit Rahul Sankrityayan Centenary Volume) / Ahir, D.C.
208. Hinayana Buddhism / Srivastava, M.
209. Hinduism and Buddhism in Perspective / Dahiya, Y.V.
210. History of Ancient India: On the Basis of Buddhist Literature / Devi, Kh. Rita
211. The Holy Buddha / Ahir, D.C.
212. Homage to Bhikkhu Jagadish Kashyap / Ojha, P.N. (Ed.)
213. Imaging a Place for Buddhism: Literary Culture and Religious Community in Tamil Speaking South Asia / Monius, Anne E.
214. The Immortal Buddha's Path to Liberation: A Comparative Introduction / Narayan, B.K. & et. al.
215. In Quest of the Buddha: A Journey on The Silk Road / Dwivedi, Sunita
216. In the Lap of the Buddha / Harrison, Gavin
217. Incredible World of Nichiren Buddhism / Jagtiani, Suraj
218. India and China: Perspective on the Culture of the Hans and the Hindus / Chopra, S.N.
219. India as Reflected in the Divyavadana / Upreti, Kalpana
220. India in a Japanese Historical Classic: The Heike Monogatari: With a Focus on Indology and Buddhism / Das, Partha Pratim
221. Indian Buddhism / Rhys Davids, T.W.
222. Indian Buddhism / Warder, A.K.
223. Indian Buddhism: A Survey with Bibliographical Notes / Nakamura, Hajime (Tr.)
224. Indian Buddhist Pandits / Tsonawa, Lobsang Norbu (Tr.)
225. Indian Mythology / Mukhopadhyay, Ranadip
226. Indian Pandits in the Land of Snow / Das, Sarat Chandra
227. Indological and Buddhist Studies (Volume in Honour of Professor J.W. de Jong. on 16th Birthday) / Hercus, L.A. & et. al. (Eds.)
228. Indonesia: Political History and Hindu and Buddhist Cultural Influences; 2 Volumes / Hazra, Kanai Lal
229. Intellect India: The Vedas, Upanishads, Buddhism, Jainism, Classics, Folklore, Technical Literature, etc. / Macdonell, A.A.
230. Interfaith Insights / Chodron, Bhikshuni Thubten (Ed.)
231. An Introduction to Buddhism: Teachings, History and Practices, 2nd Edition / Harvey, Peter
232. An Introduction to Buddhist Ethics: Foundations, Values and Issues / Harvey, Peter
233. Introduction to Indian Buddhism / Dwivedi, K.S.
234. The Jewel in the Lotus / Blofeld, John
235. Jewel Ladder: A Preliminary Nyingma Lamrin, with comm. by Garje Khamtrul Rinpoche / Rigzin, Tsepak (Tr. & Ed.)
236. A Jewish Mother in Shangri-la / Roseenzweig, Rosie
237. Journal of Urusvati Himalayan Research Institute of Roerich Museum; 3 Volumes (bound in 1)
238. The Journey and the Guide: A Practical Course in Enlightenment / Maitreyabandhu
239. Kadampa School in Tibetan Buddhism / Rai, Meenakshi
240. Kamma / Silacara, Bhikkhu
241. Karma and the Rebirth of Consciousness / Balsys, Bodo
242. Karunapundarika: The Whit Lotus of Compassion; 2 Volumes / Yamada, Isshi (Ed.)
243. Kashmir's Buddhist Ladakh / Chitkara, M.G.
244. The Kathmandu Valley as a Water Pot: Abstracts of Research Papers on Newar Buddhism in Nepal / Yoshizaki, Kazumi
245. Krishnabhinandana: Archaeological, Historical and Cultural Studies (Festschrift to Dr. V.V. Krishna Sastry) / Reddy, P. Chenna (Dr.) (Ed.)
246. Ladakh: A Buddhist Populated Region / Hazra, Kanai Lal
247. Ladakh's Traditional Ties with Buddhist Tibet / Joldan, Sonam
248. The Land of Bliss: The Paradise of the Buddha of Measureless Light (Sanskrit and Chinese Versions of the Sukhavativyuha Sutras) / Gomez, Luis O. (Tr.)
249. Lankavatara Sutra: An Epitomized Version / Suzuki, Daisetz Teitaro (Tr.)
250. The Law and Morality in Ancient China: The Silk Manuscripts of Huang-Lao / Peernboom, R.P.
251. Life in Ancient India: As Depicted in the Digha Nikaya / Patra, C.
252. The Light of Asia: The Great Renunciation (Mahabhinishkramana) / Arnold, Edwin
253. The Lion Roars: Interview with the 17th Karmapa / Haber, Daniel B
254. Lion's Roar of Queen Srimala: A Buddhist Scripture on the Tathagatagarbha Theory / Wayman, Alex & Wayman, Hideko (Trs.)
255. The Living Goddess: A Journey into the Heart of Kathmandu / Tree, Isabella
256. Lokaprajnapati: A Critical Exposition of Buddhist Cosmology / Sankarnarayan, Kalpakam With Matsuda, Kazunobu & Yoritomi, Motohiro
257. Looking Directly at Mind: The Moonlight of Mahamudra / Levinson, Jules (Tr.)
258. Mahapratisara-Mahavidyarajni: The Great Amulet Great Queen of Spells (Introduction critical editions and annotated translation) / Hidas, Gergely
259. Mahar, Buddhist and Dalit: Religious Conversion and Socio-Political Emancipation / Beltz, Johannes (Ed.)
260. Mahavamsatika / Sohani, S.V. (Dr.)
261. Mahayana Buddhism / Dwivedi, K.S.
262. Major Indian Religions: Basic Tenets, Philosophy and History / Grover, R.S.
263. Making of Buddhism / Anand, Bhaskar
264. Man and Moral Base / Jha, Lalan Kumar
265. A Manual of Buddhism for Advanced Students / Rhys Davids, C.A.F. (Mrs.)
266. The Manuals of Buddhism: The Expositions of the Buddha-Dhamma / Sayadaw, Mahathera Ledi & Aggamahapandita
267. The Masters Revealed: Madame Blavatsky and the Myth of the Great White Lodge / Johnson, K. Paul
268. Me and Mine: Selected Essays of Bhikkhu Buddhadasa / Swearer, Donald K. (Ed.)
269. The Medicine Buddha: A Himalayan Journey / Crow, David
270. Meeting the Monkey Halfway: Spiritual Book Take the Self Beyond the Need for Help / Bhikkhu, A. Jahn Sumano & Popp, Emily
271. Miracle of Mindfulness / Hanh, Thich Nhat
272. Mirror of Buddhism: Based on Pali Sources / Sobti, Harcharan Singh
273. Modern Buddhism and its followers in Orissa / Vasu, Nagendra Nath
274. Modern Indian Responses to Religious Pluralism / Coward, Harold G. (Ed.)
275. The Monk Who Sold his Ferrari: A Fable About Fulfilling Your Dreams and Reaching Your Destiny / Sharma, Robin S.
276. The Mountains of the Buddha / Moro, Javier
277. Mountains of the God: Spiritual Ecology of Himalayan Region; 2 Volumes / Gulia, Kuldip Singh (Ed.)
278. Mutual Causality in Buddhism and General System Theory: The Dharma of Natural Systems / Macy, Joanna
279. My Buddhist Writings: Based on Pali Tipitaka and Adi Grantha / Sobti, Harcharan Singh
280. Mystic Musings in Art and Poetry: Thematic Essays from the International Conference 'Mysticism without Bounds' / Kachappilly, Kurian (Dr.)
281. Naganandam by Harshavardhana / Devi, Leela (Tr.)
282. Nagarjuna's Verses on the Great Vehicle and the Heart of Dependent Origination / Jamieson, R.C.
283. Nalanda, Buddhism and the World: Research Volume - VII / Panth, R. (Dr.)
284. Nalanda: Interface of Buddhism and Environment / Phuntsho & Panth, Ravindra (Eds.)
285. Narratives of the Mission of George Bogle to Tibet and of the Journey of Thomas Manning to Lhasa / Markham, Clements R.
286. Nava Nalanda Mahavihara R.P. Vol.II-V
287. Nava Nalanda Mahavihara: A Sketch
288. The Noble Eightfold Path / Hall, Manly P.
289. Noble Friendship: Travels of a Buddhist Monk / Khantipalo (Laurence Mills)
290. Notes on the Ancient Geography of Gandhara: A commentary on a chapter of Hiuan Tsang / Foucher, A. & Hargreaves, H.
291. On Demonology and Witchcraft in Ceylon / De Silva, Gooneratne Dandris
292. The Oral Tradition from Zhang-Zhung: An Introduction to the Bonpo Dzogchen Teachings of the Oral Tradition from Zhang-Zhung known as the Zhang-Zhung snyan-rgyud / Reynolds, John Myrdhin (Tr.)
293. Pancha Sila: The Five Precepts / Silacara, Bhikkhu
294. A Panorama of Indian Buddhism: Selections from the Maha Bodhi Journal (1892-1992) / Ahir, D.C.
295. Perspective of Buddhist Studies: Giuseppe Tucci Birth Centenary Volume / Jash, Pranabananda (Ed.)
296. Perspectives of Tibetan and Buddhist Studies / Kumar, Bimalendra (Dr.)
297. Pilgrims Quotations from the Buddhist Scriptures / Lall, Kesar
298. Pointing Out the Dharmakaya of the Ninth Karmpa Wangchug Dorje / Rinpoche, Ven. Khenchen Thrangu (Geshe Lharampa)
299. Popular Buddhism in Japan: Shin Buddhist Religion and Culture / Andreasen, Esben
300. Prmanavartika / Mukherjee, H.N. & et. al. (Drs.)

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