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1. 101 Great Leaders of the World / Srivastava, Kamal S. & Srivastava, Sangeeta
2. The 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China: A Major Turning Point for China / Ranganathan, C.V. & Kumar, Sanjeev (Eds.)
3. 1965 War: The Inside Story: Defence Minster Y.B. Chavan's Diary of India Pakistan War / Pradhan, R.D.
4. 1984: The Anti-Sikh Violence and After (A Chilling Eyewitness Account of the Anti-Sikh Violence) / Suri, Sanjay
5. 2G Bomb: RTIs Shook North Block / Garg, Vivek
6. 2G Spectrum Scam / Swamy, Subramanian
7. 50 Years of United Nations and World Affairs; 10 Volumes / Sinha, P.C. (Ed.)
8. Accession of Hyderabad: The Inside Story / Joseph, T. Uma
9. Across the Wagah: An Indian's Sojourn in Pakistan / Tikekar, Maneesha
10. Administrative Thought of Max Weber / Sinha, Sanjay Kumar
11. Advanced Learner's Dictionary of Political Science: A Team of Experts
12. The Afghan Conflict and India / Stobdan, P.
13. Afghanistan - Pakistan - India: A Paradigm Shift / Abdali, Shaida Mohammad (Ambassador)
14. The Afzal Petition: A Quest for Justice
15. Agra: India and Pakistan Summit; 2 Volumes / Rallhan, O.P. (Comp. & Ed.)
16. Agraraian Distress and Farmers Suicides in India / Charyulu, M. Yadagira
17. Akali Dal in Punjab Politics: Splits and Mergers / Kaur, Kuldeep (Dr.)
18. Akali Politics in Punjab (1964-1985) / Singh, Devinder
19. All India Kisan Sabha; 2 Volumes / Ralhan, O.P.
20. All India Muslim League; 2 Volumes / Ralhan, O.P. (Ed.)
21. All India National Congress; 4 Volumes / Ralhan, O.P.
22. All India States People's Conference; 4 Volumes / Ralhan, O.P.
23. All India Trade Union Congress / Ralhan, O.P.
24. Ambedkar and Nation-Building / Shyam Lal & Saxena, K.S. (Eds.)
25. The Ambedkar Era / Chandra, Ramesh & Mittra, Singh
26. Ambedkar's Thoughts on Dalits, Politics and Women Empowerment / Barman, Binay (Ed.)
27. The American Presidency: An Interpretation / Lasaki, H.J.
28. American Understanding of India: A Symposium / Jacob, Louis A. (Comp. & Ed.)
29. Anarchism: A Poltical Reader / Gettel, R. G. & Dunning, W. A. (Ed.)
30. Ancient Indian Social and Political Thought / Narula, Sanjay
31. Ancient Political History of Kashmir (B.C. 300 - A.D. 1200) / Saxena, K.S.
32. And America Attacked: Monster of Terrorism in 21st Century / Mishra, Govind B. (Ed.)
33. Anna Hazare: His Philosophy and Struggle / Tripathi, Vinayak
34. Anna Hazare: The Face of India's Fight Against Corruption / Thakur, Pradeep & Rana, Pooja (Eds.)
35. Anna Hazare: The Fakir Who Moved a Country / Reem Editorial Board
36. Anna Hazare: The Gandhi of 21st Century / Dutta, Sanjay
37. Anna Hazare: The New Revolutionary / Tiwari, Prateeksha M.
38. Anna Hazare's Call for Second Independence Struggle / Reddy, G. Ramachandhra
39. The Annual Register of Indian Political Parties: Proceedings and Fundamental Text; 18 Volumes / Shiv Lal
40. Antarctica: A Natural Reserve: A Study in International Politics / Puri, Rama
41. Antarrashtriya Rajniti / Chauhan, Ghanshaym
42. Antarrashtriya Rajnitik Vicharak / Chauhan, Ghanshaym
43. The Anti-Politics Machine in India: State, Decentralization and Participatory Watershed Development / Chhotray, Vasudha
44. Anti-Terrorism Laws: India, The United States, The United Kingdom and Israel; 2 Volumes / Gupta, K.R. (Ed.)
45. Arab Nationalism and Islamic Universalism / Qadir, Abdul
46. Artists and Their Films of Modern Hindi Cinema: Cultural and Socio Political Impact on Society 1931-91; 3 Volumes / Agnihotri, Ram Avtar
47. Asia: Political Dimensions and Economic Challenge / Sinha, Rameshwar P. & Dandekar, Surya
48. Asian Government and Politics: Studies in People, Power and Political Development; 4 Volumes / Sinha, R.P. & et. al.
49. Asian-Pacific Security: Emerging Challenges and Responses / Kihl, Y.W. (Ed.) & others
50. Asia-Pacific: National Security, Globalisation and Regional Development / Sondhi, M.L. & Tyagi, K.G. (Eds.)
51. Asia's Emerging Regional Order: Reconciling Traditional and Human Security (Foundation of Peace) / Tow, William & et. al.
52. Aspects of Political Participation in the Gulf States / Pasha, A.K.
53. Assam: From Accord to Ulfa / Shekhawat, Vibhuti Singh
54. The Assassination of Benazir Bhutto / Hussain, Yasir
55. The Assassination of Indira Gandhi: The Collected Stories (Volume 1) / Chatterjee, Upamanyu
56. Assignment India / Thomas, Christopher (Ed.)
57. Atal Bihari Vajpayee: The Man India Needs / Ranjan, Priya (Dr.)
58. Aurangzeb and his Wazirs / Agrawal, C.M.
59. Ayodhya and After: Issues Before Hindu Society / Elts, Koenraad
60. Ayodhya Case: Archaeological Evidences / Sharma, A.K.
61. Ayodhya Ki Astm Kathe: Sri Ramjansmbhoomitatha Babri Masjid Ke Sambandh Mein / Manjul, Rasik Bihari
62. A-Z Government and Politics / Varadarajan, Samayal
63. B.R. Ambedkar: Man and His Vision / Yadav, Rajkumar
64. Bal Gangadhar Tilak / Ranjan, Ravi & Singh, M.K.
65. Bangladesh: The Price of Freedom / Rai, Raghu
66. Basaveshwara's Political Philosophy / Palekar, S.A.
67. Basic Readings in International Relations; 2 Volumes / Udara, Bhavana & et. al.
68. Basic Structure and Constitutional Amendments: Limitations and Justiciability / Lakshminath, A.
69. Battle for Hearts and Mind from North East to Kashmir and Beyond / Mukherjee, Dipak (Major General)
70. Behaviouralism and Political Theory / Sarana, R.R.
71. Betrayal of Indian Democracy / Chande, M.B.
72. Between Domination and Freedom / Ananda, Swami
73. Between the Great Divide: A Journey into Pakistan-Administered Kashmir / Zakaria, Anam
74. Beyond Autonomy: Roots of India's Foreign Policy / Damodaran, A.K.
75. Beyond Borders: Look East Policy and North East India / Gogoi, Dilip (Ed.)
76. Beyond Cold War: Security Council and International Politics / Das, Tania
77. Beyond North East: Insurgency, History, Development / Das, H.N. (IAS)
78. Beyond the Kashmir Valley / Hari Om
79. Beyond the Tigers: Tracking Rajiv Gandhi's Assassination / Sharma, Rajeev
80. Bharat Main Loktantrik Samajvadi Aandolan; (in Hindi) / Shankar, Girija
81. Bharat Ratna Rajiv Gandhi: A Visionary of Modern India / Ram, D. Sundar (Ed.)
82. Bharatiya Janata Party and Resurgent India / Ahuja, Gurads M.
83. Bharatiya Janata Party: Periphery to Centre / Bhambhri, C.P.
84. Bharatiya Janata Party: Profile and Performance / Swain, Praftap Chandra
85. Bharatiya Rashtriya Aandolan Avam Rajnitik Antardvand (1885-1947) / Kumar, Dinesh (Dr.)
86. Bhartiya Rajnaitik Arthshastra (1947-1995) / Sharma, Girish Nandan
87. Bhartiya Rajniti or Sarkar / Chauhan, Ghanshaym
88. Bhartiya Rajnitik Vicharak / Chauhan, Ghanshaym
89. Bhim Rao Ambedkar / Ranjan, Ravi & Singh, M.K.
90. Bhutan: Society, Polity and Economy / Bhatt, Amitabh
91. Bhutan: Through the Lens of the King / Singh, Malvika & Verma, Pavan K.
92. The Bhutto Murder Trail: From Waziristan to GHQ / Mir, Amir
93. Bihar in Flames / Ghosh, S.K.
94. Bihar: Chaos to Chaos / Singh, Anil
95. Bill Clinton's Victory: A New Era in World Politics / Sharma, S.R. & Bakshi, S.R.
96. Biographical Dictionary of Modern World Leaders; 2 Volumes / Frederiksen, John
97. Biography of World Great Political Scientists / Pagare, G.K.
98. Birth of Non-Congressism Opposition Politics; (1947-1975) / Limaye, Madhu
99. Black Money: Created Through Smuggling and Counterfeiting to Fund Terrorism / Bhardwaj, Brij
100. Blood, Censored: When Kashmiris Become the 'Enemy' / Mohan, Dinesh & Harsh Mander, Navsharan Singh, Pamela Philipose and Tapan Bose (Eds.)
101. Blueprint of Political Reforms / Kashyap, Subhash C.
102. Border and Boundaries: Pakistan's Claim over Pak Occupied Kashmir (PoK) / Kumar, Ashutosh (Dr.)
103. Bose of Nakamuraya / Nakajima, Takeshi
104. Breaking Free of Nehru: Let's Unleash India / Sabhlok, Sanjeev
105. The BRICS Report: A Study of Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa with Special Focus on Synergies and Complementarities / BRICS
106. The Buddha and his Dhamma / Ambedkar, B.R. (Dr.)
107. Building on Solidarity: Social Democracy and the Millennium / Vivekanandan, B.
108. Building Political Culture in Nepal / Malla, Meena Vaidya
109. Bull's Eye! / Puri, Rajinder
110. Bureaucracy and Administration: Studies in People, Power and Political Development / Verma, B.R.
111. Bureaucracy Citizen Interface: Conflict and Consensus / Jain, R.B. & et. al. (Eds.)
112. Burma: Past and Present: A Factbook / Chandra, Puran
113. Burma: The Curse of Independence / Tucker, Shelby
114. Calcutta Past and Present / Blechynden, Kathleen
115. Campaign Diary: Chronicle of an Election Fought and Lost / Singh, Manvendra
116. Can Organisations Develop Leaders? A Study of Effective Leaders / Dayal, Ishwar (Gen. Ed.)
117. Capitalisms and Capitalism in the Twenty-First Century / Morgan, Glenn & Whitley, Richard (Eds.)
118. Case Studies in Politial Sociology / Kukreja, Sunil
119. A Case Study on International Law and Political Science / Dixit, A.K.
120. Caste and Democratic Politics in India / Shah, Ghanshyam (Ed.)
121. Caste and Politics in Bihar / Jain, S.K.
122. Caste Based Reservation in India / Pasricha, Seema
123. Caste in Indian Politics / Khanna, S.K.
124. Caste, Class & Politics in Rural India: A Comparative Study of Village Panchayats, Bihar and West Bengal / Sharma, Arjun
125. Caste, Politics and Society in Tamilnadu / Palanithurai, G.
126. Caste, Re-Configurations and U.P. Elections / Singh, Sunit
127. Casteism in Indian Politics / Bhuyan, Dasarthi
128. Central Asia in Retrospect and Prospect / Kaw, Mushtaq A.
129. Central Grants and State Autonomy / Patil, S.H.
130. Chakma Refugees / Prakash, Aditya (Dr.)
131. Changeology: A New Discipline / Prasad, D.M. Ravi
132. Changing Face of Poverty and Globalisation / Isser, G.P.
133. Changing India Political Scenario / Sharma, R.C.
134. Changing Pattern of Political Culture / Mishra, P.K.
135. The Changing Scene: Memories of a Civil Servant / Prasad, Chandra Bhushan
136. The Chief Minister as Administrator / Kapoor, G.
137. China and Central Asia: Political, Economic / Das, Krishnasri
138. China and Japan in Asian Politics: Studies in People, Power and Political Development / Sinha, Rameshwar P. & Surya Dandekar
139. China's Military: The PLA in Transition / Kondapalli, Srikanth
140. China's Path to Power: Party, Military and the Politics of State Transition / Stone, Lester B.
141. China's Shadow Over Sikkim: The Politics of Intimidation / Bajpai, G.S.
142. China-South Asia Political Relation A View Point of Nepal / Awasthy, H.K.
143. Chinese Diplomacy in South Asia / Sood, N.M.
144. The Chinese Government and Politics / Banerjee, S.
145. Chomsky's Politics / Rai, M.
146. Citizenship in a Globalising World / Ray, B.N.
147. Citizenship, Nationality and Ethnicity / Oommen, T.K.
148. Civil Society and Modern Politics, 2nd Edition / Saha, Dipali (Ed.)
149. Climate Change and International Politics / Gaan, Narottam
150. Coalition Politics in India / Bhambhri, C.P.
151. Coalition Politics in India: At the Centre and States with Special Focus on J&K / Naseema, Akhter
152. Coalition Politics in India: Problems and Prospects / Singh, Mahendra Prasad & Mishra, Anil (Eds.)
153. Coalition Politics: The Indian Experience / Chander, N. Jose
154. The Collected Works of Lala Lajpat Rai; 15 Volumes / Nanda, B.R. (Ed.)
155. Commissions and Omissions by Indian Presidents and Conflicts with the Prime Ministers under the Constitution; 2 Volumes (1950-2001) / Jai, Janak Raj (Dr.)
156. Commissions and Omissions in the Administration of Justice / Jai, Janak Raj (Dr.)
157. Common Property Resources and Human Rights: Politics of Water Struggles in India / George, Rose Mary (Dr.)
158. Communal Angles in Indian Politics / Sharma, H.
159. Communal Challenge and Secular Response / Engineer, Asghar Ali
160. Communal Riots after Independence: A Comprehensive Account / Engineer, Asghar Ali (Dr.)
161. Communal Violence Insurgency Terrorism and Security: Socio-Political and Religious Perspective / Khan, M.Z. & Gupta, V.K.
162. Communalism and Secularism in Indian Politics: Study of the BJP / Kumar, Sunil
163. Communalism in India: A Paradigm Shift to Indian Politics / Manav, Pradeep
164. Communalism, Ethnicity and State Politics / Basu, Sajal
165. Communalism: A Crisis of Consciousness / Maheshwari, A.P. (IPS)
166. Communication and Conflict: Studies in International Relations / Desai, S.K.
167. Communication Issues in Bangladesh / Rahman, M. Golam
168. Communism: A Political Reader / Gettel, R.G. & Dunning, W.A. (Eds.)
169. The Communist Mask / Bhatt, S.C.
170. Communist Party / Rao, C.V.N.
171. The Communist Party in Punjab: The Politics of Survival / Brar, Jasmail Singh
172. Communist Party of India; 2 Volumes / Ralhan, O.P.
173. Community Dominance and Political Modernisation / Patil, S.H.
174. Comparative Governments / Jayapalan, N.
175. Comparative Politics and International Relations / Pradhan, Alok
176. Comparative Politics and Political Analysis / Kumar, Manoj
177. Comparative Politics and Political Institutions / Pandey, Ashutosh (Dr.)
178. Comparative Politics of the Third World / Green & Luehramann
179. Comparative Politics, 2nd Edition / Bhushan, Vidya (Dr.)
180. Complete Book on Constitutional Conservation / Pagare, G.K.
181. Comprehensive History of Political Thought / Jayapalan, K.
182. Comprehensive Modern Political Analysis / Jayapalan, N.
183. Comprehensive Political Theory / Jayapalan, N.
184. Comprehensive Study of Aristotle / Jayapalan, N.
185. Comprehensive Study of Plato / Jayapalan, N.
186. Conception and Transformation of Sikh Politics / Singh, R.N. (Ed.)
187. Conflict and Peacemaking in South Asia / Sahadevan, P. (Ed.)
188. Confrontational Politics in India / Gupta, A.L. & et. al. (Eds.)
189. Congress After Indira: Policy, Power, Political Change (1984-2009) / Hasan, Zoya
190. Congress Mass Movements and Independence / Verma, B.R. & Bakshi, S.R. (Eds.)
191. Congress Ministries Under the High Command Shadow / Singh, Bameshwar
192. Congress Socialist Party / Ralhan, O.P.
193. Congress Voted To Power: Why? / Hussain, Yasir
194. Consequences of Longterm Conflicts in Northeast India / Ragahvan, V.R. (Ed.)
195. Conservatism: An Essential Reading / Gettel, R.G. & Dunning, W.A. (Ed.)
196. The Constitution and Language Politics of India / Rao, B.B.R.
197. Constitution and Parliamentary Democracy in Contemporary India / Palekar, S.A.
198. Constitution Law in Political Science / Viplav (Dr.)
199. Constitution, Government and Politics in India: Evolution and Present Structure / Mohanty, Biswaranjan
200. Constitutional and Political Dynamics of India / Dash, Satya Parakash (Ed.)
201. Constitutional Autonomy: A Case Study of J & K / Wadhwa, K.K. (Dr.)
202. Constitutional Crises and Problems in India / Bhattacharya, S.
203. Constitutional History of India / Jayapalan, N.
204. Constitutional History of India / Singh, M.K.
205. Constitutional Questions in India: The President Parliament and the States / Noorani, A.G.
206. Constitutions of SAARC Countries / Deka, Stuti
207. The Construction of Communalism in Colonial North India (3rd Edition) / Pandey, Gyanendra
208. Constructive Programmes of Mahatma Gandhi / Singh, Radhey Shayam
209. Contemporary Chronicles: Polity, Society and Culture / Al-Ahmed, Saikh Md. Sabah
210. Contemporary India / Chakravarty, Sukha Ranjan
211. Contemporary India with Controversial Neighbours / Singh, Rajkumar
212. Contemporary Indo-Canadian Relations / Malhotra, V.K.
213. Contemporary Issues in Global Politics / Kumar, Chanchal, Gupta, Sanju &Ghoble, Vrushal
214. Contemporary Kashmir Politics: Some Insights (Based on Reshi Dev's Political Diary) / Pandit, Kashinath (Tr.)
215. Contemporary Pakistan and Kashmir Politics: Pakistan Elections 2008 Critically Analysed / Hussain, Syed Tassadque
216. Contemporary Political Ideologies / Eatwell R.
217. Contemporary Political Thinking / Ray, B.N. (Ed.)
218. Contemporary West Asia: Politics and Development / Alam, Anwar
219. Contours of Hindu Rashtra: Hindutva, Sangh Parivar and Contemporary Politics / Puniyani, Ram
220. Contronting the State: ULFA's Quest for Sovereignty / Mahanta, Nani Gopal
221. Cooperative Federalism in India and the U.S.A. / Sinha, Manoj
222. Corruption and Good Governance / Singh, Naunihal
223. Corruption and Goverance in India / Kumar, A.
224. Corruption and Lokpal / Dhiman, O.P. & Sharma, C.P.
225. Corruption in India / Gupta, K.N.
226. Corruption, Money Laundering and Law; 2 Volumes / Shewan, M.A. & Veer, Udai
227. Corruption: The Asian Experience / Sondhi, Sunil (Dr.)
228. Crime and Social Justice: Society and Law Enforcement / D'Souza, Eugene (Ed.)
229. Crises of Indian Democracy / Khanna, S.K.
230. The Critical Triangle: Indian, Britain and Turkey / Trivedi, R.K. (Dr.)
231. Crossing the Frontiers of Conflict in The North East and Jammu and Kashmir: From Real Politik to Ideal Politik / Nayar, V.K. (Lt. Gen.)
232. Cruise Missiles: Technology, Strategy and Politics / Sinha, C.D. (Capt.) (Retd.)
233. The CTBT Debate in Pakistan / Ahmar, Moonis (Ed.)
234. Cultural Identity in Transition: Contemporary Conditions, Practices and Politics of a Global Phenomenon / Kupiainen, Jari [Ed.] & Others
235. Cultural, Economic and Political History of America / Singh, Adhiraj & Malik, Sumita
236. Cultural, Economic and Political History of China and Japan / Singh, Adhiraj & Malik, Sumita
237. Cultural, Economic and Political History of England / Singh, Adhiraj & Malik, Sumita
238. Cultural, Economic and Political History of Europe / Singh, Adhiraj & Malik, Sumita
239. Culture and Political History of Kashmir; 3 Volumes / Bamzai, P.N.K.
240. Current Issues in Modern Political Thought / Kumar, Vijendra
241. Dalai Lama and Tibet / Sharma, S.K. & et. al. (Eds.)
242. Dalit and Tribals: A Political and Socio Economy Study / Tayal, Poonam
243. Dalit Identity in the New Millennium; 10 Volumes / Chandra, Ramesh & Mittra, Sangh
244. Dalit Leaders / Chandra, Ramesh & Mittra, Sangh
245. Dalit Policies, Politics and Parliament / Kumar, Narender
246. Dalit Politics and Literature / Sharma, Pradeep K.
247. Dalit Society and the Challenge of Development / Prakash, Om & Sangwan (Eds.)
248. Dalits and the Ideology of Revolt / Chandra, Ramesh & Mittra, Sangh
249. Dalits and their Future / Chadra, Ramesh & Mittra, Sangh
250. Dalits in India; 2 Volumes / Yadav, Bibhuti
251. Dalits Patronised: The Indian National Congress and Untouchables of India 1921-1947 / Chahal, S.K.
252. Decentralisation of Power Politics in India / Majumdar, A.K. & et. al.
253. Decentralised Governance in India / Singh, Surat
254. Decline and Fall of Indian Politics / Banu, Zenab (Ed.)
255. The Demand for Partition of India and the British Policy / Mujtaba, Syed Ali
256. Democracy and Election Laws / Kafaltiya, Anand Bhallabh
257. Democracy and Human Right / Rao, Ashwini (Dr.)
258. Democracy and Politics in Modern India / Gehlot, N.S. (Dr.)
259. Democracy and Politics in Nepal / Dinamani, N.
260. Democracy in Asia / Chand, Attar
261. Democracy in Danger: Criminality and Corruption in Lok Sabha Elections / Saha, Tushar Kanti
262. Democracy in Divided Societies: Electoral Engineering for Conflict Management / Reilly, Benjamin
263. Democracy in India: A Practical Approach / Salawade, S.N.
264. Democracy in India: Constraints & Opportunities / Dhal, P.C.
265. Democracy is Democracy: Selectocracy is Heaven / Karir, Opender Nath
266. Democracy: A Political Reader / Gettel, R.G. & Dunning, W.A. (Ed.)
267. Democratic Administration for Good Governance: A Felicitation Volume in Honour of Proffessor (Dr.) R.D. Sharma on His 75th Birthday / Hazarika, Niru (Ed.)
268. Democratic Government and Electrol Process / Chakravarty, Parul
269. Democratic Peace: The Foreign Policy Implications / Sondhi, M.L. (Ed.)
270. Democratic Political Process / Biju, M.R.
271. Democratic Politics and Governance / Sankhdher, M.M.
272. Democratic Politics and Governance in India / Sankhdher, M.M.
273. Depoliticizing Development: The World Bank and Social Capital / Harriss, Jobn
274. Developing Countries: The Impact of Corruption and Economic Growth / Singh, Naunihal
275. Development & New Localism: Urban Politics in Mumbai / Mohan, S.
276. Development & Underdevelopment / Seligson & Smith, Pesse
277. Development of Muslim Theology, Jurisprudence and Constitutional Theory / Macdonald, D.B.
278. Development Studies / Maiti, Prasenjit (Ed.)
279. Dharm Nirpekshta Ke Sangarsh / Dayal, John
280. Dialogue with Pakistan / Kashikar, S.G. (Prof.)
281. A Dictionary of Political Thinkers and Activists / Kapoor, A.N.; Gupta, V.P. & Gupta Mohini (Dr.)
282. A Dictionary of Political Thought and Allied Concepts / Kapoor, A.N.; Gupta, V.P. & Gupta, Mohini (Dr.)
283. Dictionary of Politics / Mahmood, M.
284. Diplomacy for the 21st Century / Singh, Naunihal
285. Diplomacy of India: Then and Now / Kapur, Harish (Prof.)
286. Diplomacy: Initiatives and Responses / Gupta, Om
287. Diplomatic Journey: Emerging India / Kapur, Harish
288. Directory of 13th Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha Members 2002
289. Directory of Delhi State Government Official 2002
290. Discovery of Kangra: A Political, Historical and Social Perspective of Kangra Region / Katoch, A.C.
291. Discovery of North-East India: Geography, History, Culture, Religion, Politics, Sociology, Science, Education and Economy; 11 Volumes / Sharma, S.K. & Sharma, Usha (Eds.)
292. Distant Echoes / Saigal, Omesh
293. Documenting Dissent: Contesting Fables, Contested Memories and Dalit Political Discourse / Narayan, Badri
294. Documents on Punjab; 15 Volumes in 16 Parts / Rlhan, O.P. & et. al.
295. Documents on Socialist Movement in India; 31 Volumes / Ralhan, O.P.
296. Dr. Ambedkar aur Ek Manuvadi Vishleshan; (in Hindi) / Singh, Parmanand & Kumar, Pramod
297. Dr. B.R. Ambedkar: Socio-Economic and Political Ideology / Bakshi, S.R.
298. Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Writings and Speeches: A Ready Reference Manual of 17 Volumes / Ahir, D.C.
299. Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar / Ved Prakash & C.P. Raj (Drs.)
300. Dr. Syama Prasad Mookerjee aur Kashmir Samasya (in Hindi) / Kohli, Ritu

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