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1. Aatank ki Dahashat: Ek Agyat Kashmiri ki Diary (in Hindi) / Dhar, Tej N.
2. Across the Roof of the World: Sports and Travels Kashmir Gilgit and Hunza / Etherton, P.T.
3. Advent of Islam in Kashmir / Hassnain, Fida Muhammad Khan
4. Adventure of a Lady in China, Ladakh and Kashmir / Hervey (Mrs.)
5. Adventure Sport in Kashmir and Ladakh / Ward, A.E.
6. Agrarian System of Kashmir / Hangloo, Rattan Lal
7. Air Power and Counter Insurgency - A Review: Jammu and Kashmir as a Model / Tiwary, A.K.
8. Alamdar-I-Kashmir: Standard-Bearer Patron-Saint of Kashmir / Pandit, M. Amin (Ed.)
9. Alienation and Integration in Jammu and Kashmir / Thakur, Harish K.
10. Al-Qaeda's Mission Kashmir / Ahmed, Parvez (Dr.)
11. Amazing Kashmir: Almost Everything About Travel, Trekking, Religion, Culture, Wildlife / Dewan, Parvez
12. The Ancient Geography of Kashmir / Stein, M.A.
13. Ancient Kashmir: A Historical Perspective / Rabbani, G.M. (Frof.)
14. Ancient Monuments of Kashmir / Malik, Akhtar
15. Ancient Political History of Kashmir (B.C. 300 - A.D. 1200) / Saxena, K.S.
16. Ancient Sculptures of Kashmir / Ahmed, Iqbal
17. Archaeological Remains in Kashmir / Koul, Pandit Anand
18. Art And Crafts of Jammu-Kashmir and Ladakh: Land, People, Culture / Sinha, Renu
19. Artisan of the Paradise: A Study of Art and Artisans of Kashmir from Ancient to Modern Times / Dhar, D.N.
20. Ashant Kashmir: Chunutiya aur Samadhan (in Hindi) / Jagmohan
21. Aurel Stein in Kashmir: The Sanskritist of Mohand Marg / Pandita, S.N.
22. Autonomy or Secession: Jammu and Kashmir / Singh, Bhim
23. Azad Kashmir: A Democratic Socialist Conception / Bazaz, Prem Nath
24. Azad: The Poet of Lool: English Translation of the Major Poems of Abdul Ahad Azad / Bhat, R.L.
25. Baharistan-i-Shahi: A Chronicle of Mediaeval Kashmir / Pandit, K.N.
26. The Bakkarwals of Jammu and Kashmir: Navigating Through Nomadism / Sharma, Anita
27. The Balti: A Scheduled Tribe of Jammu and Kashmir / Rizvi, B.R.
28. Battle for Hearts and Mind from North East to Kashmir and Beyond / Mukherjee, Dipak (Major General)
29. Beautiful Flowers of Kashmir; 2 Volumes / Blatter, Ethelbert
30. Between the Great Divide: A Journey into Pakistan-Administered Kashmir / Zakaria, Anam
31. Beyond the Kashmir Valley / Hari Om
32. Beyond The Pir Panjal: Life among the Mountains and Valleys of Kashmir / Neve, Ernest F.
33. Bhaisajya-Guru-Sutra: Kashmiri Buddhist Manuscript (Original Sanskrit Text with Introduction and Commentary) / Hassnain, F.M. & Sumi, Token D.
34. Bharat Pak Sambandh: Agra Sikhar Varta Kein Paripekshya Mein / Ratoo, Krishan Kumar
35. Bio-Demographic Study of Kashmiris / Sadhu, Kanan K.
36. Biodiversity of the Kashmir Himalaya / Dar, G.H.; Bhagat, R.C. & Khan, M.A.
37. Biological Diversity of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh Himalaya / Bhagat, R.C. & et. al.
38. Birds of Himalaya and Kashmir / Dewar, Douglas
39. Blood, Censored: When Kashmiris Become the 'Enemy' / Mohan, Dinesh & Harsh Mander, Navsharan Singh, Pamela Philipose and Tapan Bose (Eds.)
40. Border and Boundaries: Pakistan's Claim over Pak Occupied Kashmir (PoK) / Kumar, Ashutosh (Dr.)
41. British Diplomacy in Kashmir / Singh, Brahma
42. The British Dominions India: Tibet Lahore and Kashmir: Letters from India / Jacquemont, Victor
43. British Paramountcy in Kashmir (1876-1894) / Yasin, Madhavi
44. British Policy Towards Kashmir (1846-1946) / Hassnain, Fida Mohammad
45. Buddhism in Kashmir / Dutt, Nalinaksha (Dr.)
46. Buddhism in Kashmir / Meena, Pooran Lal
47. Buddhism in Kashmir / Sharma, Nirmala
48. Buddhism in Kashmir / Singh, N.K.
49. Buddhism in Kashmir / Tantray, Mushtaq Ahmad
50. Buddhist of Kashmir / Nandou, Jean
51. Buddhist Savants of Kashmir: Their Contributions Abroad / Kaul, Advaitavadini
52. Cartographic Contestation between India and Pakistan: With Regard to Pakistan Occupied Kashmir / Mishra, Swasti Vardhan
53. A Catalogue of Flowering Plants of Doda Kishtwar and Ramban Districts: Kashmir Himalayas / Bhellum, B.L. & Magotra, Rani
54. Central Asia and Kashmir: A Study in the Context Anglo-Russian Rivalry / Warikoo, K.
55. Central Asian Trade and other Essays on Ladakh, 2nd Edition / Joldan, Eliezer
56. Character Building in Kashmir / Biscoe, C.E. Tyndale
57. The Charm of Kashmir / O'Connor, V.C. Scott
58. The Charms of Kashmir / Bruce, C.G. (Mrs.)
59. Chinar Leaves: Poems of Kashmir / Brown, Percy
60. Chinar Leaves: The Poems of Kashmir / Brown, Percy
61. Coalition Politics in India: At the Centre and States with Special Focus on J&K / Naseema, Akhter
62. Communal Harmony In Kashmiri Literature / Bhat, Roop Krishen
63. A Comparative Study of Regional Autonomy Models in Jammu and Kashmir / Ahmad, Showkat
64. A Complete History of Jammu and Kashmir State / Raj Kumar
65. A Complete History of Kashmir: The Ancient Hindu Kings; The Muslim Kings; The Khalsa Kings / Fouq, Mohammad-ud-Din
66. Compound Verbs in Kashmiri / Kaul, Vijay Kumar
67. Condemned Unheard: The Govt. of India and H.H. The Maharaja of Kashmir - A Letter to the Ughtred Ray Shuttle Worth / Digby, William
68. Conflict Management in Kashmir: State-People Relations and Peace / Mahapatra, Debidatta Aurobinda
69. Consolidating Peace in Jammu and Kashmir / Banerjee, Dipankar & Joseph, Mallika (Eds.)
70. The Constitution of Jammu and Kashmir: Its Development and Comments, 8th Edition / Anand, Justice A.S. (Former Chief Justice of India)
71. The Constitutional System of Jammu and Kashmir / Fazili, Manzoor (Prof.)
72. Contemporary Kashmir Politics: Some Insights (Based on Reshi Dev's Political Diary) / Pandit, Kashinath (Tr.)
73. Contemporary Pakistan and Kashmir Politics: Pakistan Elections 2008 Critically Analysed / Hussain, Syed Tassadque
74. Contributions to Himalayan Geology, 4 Volumes / Gupta, Viswa Jit (Ed.)
75. Corpus of Sarada Inscriptions of Kashmir, with special reference to origin and development of Sarada script / Deambi, B.K. Kaul (Dr.)
76. The Courtesan's Keeper: A Satire from Ancient Kashmir / Haksar, A.N.D.
77. Covering A Decade (2007-2017): Reflections on the Kashmir Cauldron and Global Affairs / Bhat, Javaid Iqbal
78. Crafts of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh / Jaitly, Jaya (Ed.)
79. Crimson Kashmir: A Novel / Jaswal, M.S. (Col.)
80. Critical Reflections and Explorations in Regional Development: Insights from North West India / Yasmin, Effat & Khan, Javaid Iqbal (Eds.)
81. Crossing the Frontiers of Conflict in The North East and Jammu and Kashmir: From Real Politik to Ideal Politik / Nayar, V.K. (Lt. Gen.)
82. A Crusader in Kashmir / Neve, Ernest F.
83. Cultural Heritage of Jammu and Kashmir / Warikoo, K.
84. Cultural Heritage of Jammu Kashmir & Laddakh; 3 Volumes / Singh, Nagendra Kumar
85. Cultural Heritage of Kashmiri Pandits / Toshkhani, S.S. & Warikoo, K. (Ed.)
86. Culture and Political History of Kashmir; 3 Volumes / Bamzai, P.N.K.
87. Danger in Kashmir / Korbel, Josef
88. Dardistan: In 1866, 1886 and 1893 / Leitner, G.W.
89. Daughters of Vitasta: A History of Kashmir Women from Early times to Present Day / Bazaz, Prem Nath
90. Demography of the People of Jammu and Kashmir / Nag, Shampa & Bhasin, M.K.
91. A Desolation Called Peace: Voices from Kashmir / Zia, Ather & Bhat, Javaid Iqbal (Eds.)
92. Development of Education in the Jammu and Kashmir State / Chohan, Amar Singh
93. Development of Mysticism in Kashmir / Santideva, Sadhu (Ed.)
94. A Dictionary of the Kashmiri Language; 2 Volumes / Grierson, George A.
95. Dictionary of the Kashmiri Proverbs and Sayings: Explained and Illustrated for the Rich and Interesting Folkore of the Valley / Knowles, J. Hinton
96. The Dirty War in Kashmir: Frontline Reports / Bukhari, Shujaat
97. Disaster in the Air: The Crash of the Kashmir Princess (1955) / Mitra, A.K.
98. Discoveries of Kashmir / Ahmad, Iqbal
99. Divided Kashmir: Old Problems, New Opportunities for India, Pakistan and the Kashmiri People / Rahman, Mushtaqur
100. Dogra Rulers of Jammu and Kashmir / Suri, Sat Prakash
101. Dr. Syama Prasad Mookerjee aur Kashmir Samasya (in Hindi) / Kohli, Ritu
102. The Dying Terrorism: Ballot Defeated Bullet in Jammu and Kashmir / Bloeria, Sudhir S. & Khan, Jalil Ahmad
103. Dynamics of Kashmir Politics / Kaul, S.N.
104. Dynamics of Political Change in Kashmir: From Ancient to Modern Times / Dhar, D.N.
105. Early History and Culture of Kashmir / Ray, S.C.
106. Early Man in Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh / Sharma, A.K.
107. Early Medieval History of Kashmir / Krishna Mohan (Dr.)
108. Echoes from Beyond the Banihal-Kashmir: Human Rights and Armed Forces / Kanungo, Sujata
109. Ecological Distortions of Kashmir Himalayas / Sagwal, S.S.
110. Economic History of Jammu and Kashmir / Shah, Farooq Ahmad & Suresh Chand
111. Economics of Higher Education in Jammu and Kashmir / Ahmad, Rais; Rather, Mohd. Ibal & Rais, Mohammad Irfan
112. The Economy of Jammu and Kashmir / Singh, Jasbir
113. Elections in Jammu and Kashmir / Gauhar, G.N. (Former District & Sessions Judge, Jammu & Kashmir)
114. The Emergence of Islam in Kashmir: A Study of Hazrat Shaikh Nuruddin Noorani / Yatoo, Altaf Hussain (Dr.)
115. Encyclopaedia of Kashmir; 10 Volumes / Sharma, S.K. & Bakshi, S.R. (Eds.)
116. English Kashmiri: A Vocabulary of the Kashmiri Language / Neve, Ernest F.
117. Environment in Jammu and Kashmir / Fazili, Mohammad Ashraf
118. Environmental Degradation of Jammu and Kashmir Himalayas and their Control / Gupta, Rameshwar Dass & Singh, Sohan
119. Essential Sufism: Selection from the Saints and Sages / Fadiman, James & Franger, Robert
120. Excavation at Gufkral: Jammu and Kashmir / Sharma, A.K.
121. The Exiled: Story of the Indigenous Group of People of Kashmir Valley / Koul, Bansi Lal & Pandita, Omkar Nath
122. The Ferns of North Western India: Including Afghanistan, Trans Indus Protected States of Kashmir / Hope, C.W.
123. Fifty Years Against the Stream / Biscoe, C.E. Tyndale
124. Fire Under Snowflakes: The Return of Kashmir University / Tareen, Jalees A.K.
125. Five Months in the Himalaya: Ladakh and Kashmir / Mumm, A.L.
126. Flora and Fauna of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh / Qadri, Shafi Ahmad
127. Flora Exotica of Jammu and Kashmir / Bhellum, B.L.; Magotra, Rani & Jee, Vir
128. Flora of Jammu and Kashmir: Volume I: Pteridophytes, Gymnosperms and Angiosperms Ranunculaceae Moringaceae / Singh, N.P.; Singh, D.K. & Uniyal B.P. (Eds.)
129. Flora of Pulwama, Kashmir / Kachroo, P. & Navchoo, Irshad Ahmed
130. Flora of Upper Liddar Valleys of Kashmir Himalays; 2 Volumes / Sharma, B.M. & Jamwal, P.S.
131. Folk Medicine of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh / Akbar, Mohd. (Dr.)
132. Folklore of Kashmir / Knowles, J. Hinton
133. A Foot Through the Kashmir Valleys / Doughty, Marian
134. Forests of Kashmir: A Vision for the Future / Kawosa, M.A. (Ed.)
135. Forgotten Identities: Women Artisans of Kashmir / Jan, Salima
136. Freedom Movement in Kashmir: 1931-1940 / Khan, Ghulam Hassan
137. From Early Vedanta to Kashmir Shaivism: Gaudapada, Bhartrhari, and Abhinavagupta / Isayeva, Natalia
138. From Home to House: Writings of Kashmiri Pandits in Exile / Gigoo, Arvind with Shaleen Kumar Singh & Adarsh Ajit (Eds.)
139. From Jinnah to Jihad: Pakistan's Kashmir Quest and the Limits of Realism / Bahl, Arvin
140. From Kashmir to Kabul: The Photographs of William Baker and John Burke 1861-1900 / Khan, Omar
141. The Garden of Mystic Rose: Selected Poems of Sheikh Noor-ud-din Noorani / Ullah, Abu Nayeem & Ali, Ghulam (Tr.)
142. A Gazetteer of Kashmir / Bates, Charles Ellison
143. Gender Discrimination in the Kashmir Valley: A Survey of Budgam and Baramulla Districts / Dabla, Bashir Ahmad & Nayak, Sandeep K. & Khurshid-Ul-Islam
144. A Generation of Rage in Kashmir / Devadas, David
145. Genesis of Kashmir / Hassnain, Fida Muhammad Khan (Prof.)
146. Geography and Travels of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh / Sharma, Usha
147. Geography of Jammu and Kashmir / Hussain, Majid
148. Geography of Jammu and Kashmir / Khan, A.R.
149. Geography of the Jammu and Kashmir / Koul, Pandit Anand
150. Glimpses of History of Jammu and Kashmir / Pathik, Jyoteeshwar
151. Glimpses of Kashmir / Purohit, S.K.
152. Glimpses of Kashmir: Science and Kashmiri Heritage / Sopory, S.K. (Ed.)
153. Good Governance and Coalition Politics: PDP-Congress in Jammu and Kashmir / Khajooria, M.M.
154. Government and Politics in Jammu and Kashmir / Akhtar, Naseema
155. The Great Disclosures: Secrets Unmasked / War, Hilal Ahmad
156. Guide to Delectable Kashmiri Cuisine with Saffron / Razdan, S.
157. Gulabnama: A History of Maharaja Gulab Singh of Jammu and Kashmir / Ram, Diwan Kripa (Tr.)
158. Habba Khatoon: Nightingale of Kashmir (with CD) / Wakhlu, S.N.
159. Handbook of the Archaeological and Numismatic in Kashmir / Kak, Ram Chandra
160. Handbook of the Punjab Kashmir and Upper Sindh / Murray, John & Eastwick, Edward B.
161. Hatim's Tales: Kashmiri Stories and Songs / Aurel Stein
162. Healthcare Gender and Conflict in Kashmir / Dabla, B.A. (Dr.)
163. Heritage of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh / Badam, G.L. & Chakravarty, K.K. (Eds.)
164. Heritage of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh; 5 Volumes / Sharma, Usha (Ed.)
165. Heritage of Kashmir / Hassnain, F.M.
166. Himalayan Cults: A Study of Lesser Known Religious Cults in Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand / Kamboj, Richa & Bangroo, Virendra (Eds.)
167. The Hindu History of Kashmir / Wilson, H.H.
168. Hindu Rulers, Muslim Subjects: Islam, Rights, and the History of Kashmir / Rai, Mridu
169. Historic Kashmir / Hassnain, Fida Mohammad Khan
170. Historical Sikh Shrines of Jammu and Kashmir / Sodhi, Commodore Dalbir Singh (Nao Sena Medal)
171. A Historical Survey Kashmir: Through the Ages 5000 B.C. to 1960 A.D. / Koul, Gwasha Lal
172. History and Kashmir Politics (1947-2017) / Raj Kumar & Ramiyan Bhardwaj
173. History as the Architect of the Present: What Made Kashmir the Nucleus of South Asia Terrorism? / Dutta, Sunil
174. The History of Ancient Kashmir / Sodhi, S. Luckvinder Singh
175. The History of Jammu and Kashmir (1885-1925) / Khan, Mohammad Saleem
176. History of Jammu and Kashmir: The Making of the State / Kapur, M.L.
177. History of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh / Sharma, Usha
178. A History of Kashmir / Dewan, Parvez
179. A History of Kashmir: Political-Social-Cultural from the Earliest Times to the Present Day / Bamzai, P.N.K.
180. The History of Kashmiri Literature / Ahmad, Mir Shabir
181. A History of Kashmiri Pandits / Kilam, Jia Lal (Justice)
182. History of Kas'mira (Kashmir): Aryans, Naga's, Evolution, Rulers, Religious Beliefs/Worship and Goddesses of Kas'mira (Kashmir) / Kaul, Rattan (Brig.) (Retd.)
183. The History of Medieval Kashmir / Khan, Mohammad Saleem
184. The History of Modern Kashmir / Khan, Mohammad Saleem
185. A History of Muslim Rule in Kashmir (1320-1819) / Parmu, R.K. (Dr.)
186. History of Operations in Jammu and Kashmir (1947-48) / Prasad, S.N. & Pal, Dharam
187. The History of Struggle for Freedom in Kashmir / Bazaz, Prem Nath
188. Holy Sinners: Search of Kashmir / Tripathi, Saras (Major)
189. Holy Sites of Jammu and Kashmir in the Surroundings of Mighty Himalayas / Muqeem, Badruddin
190. Human Resource and Socio-Economic Development in Kashmir Valley: A Geographical Interpretation / Bhat, A.R. (Dr.)
191. The Ice Age in the Indian Subcontinent and Associated Human Cultures (With Special Reference to Jammu, Kashmir, Ladakh, Sind, Liddar and Central and Peninsular India) / Terra, H. De & Paterson, T.T.
192. Icons of Kashmir Identity / Muhammad, Zahid G.
193. Identity Politics in Jammu and Kashmir / Chowdhary, Rekha
194. Ideological Foundations of the Freedom Movement in Jammu and Kashmir / Khan, Ghulam Hassan (Dr.)
195. Illustrated Fungi of North India with Special Reference to Jammu and Kashmir State / Pandotra, V.R.
196. Impact of Terrorism on Jammu and Kashmir Tourism / Soundararajan, R. & Rajan, P.
197. In step with Paradise: Rhythms to the Poetry of Kashmir / Vasudev, Uma (Conc. & Ed.)
198. In the Land of Lalla Rookh / Wadia, A.S.N.
199. In Wanderland / Raj, Deepak
200. Increasing Suicides in Kashmir: A Sociological Study / Dabla, B.A.
201. An Incredible War: Indian Air Force in Kashmir War 1947-48, 2nd Edition / Kumar, Bharat
202. India - Pakistan Peace Process and J&K / Bloeria, Sudhir S. (Dr.)
203. India China Boundary in Kashmir / Kaul, H.N.
204. Indian Pages and Pictures: The Kashmir Rajputana / Shoemaker, Michael Myers
205. India-Pakistan Relations with special reference to Kashmir; 4 Volumes / Gupta, K.R. (Ed.)
206. India-Russia Partnership: Kashmir, Chechnya and Issues of Convergence / Mahapatra, Debidatta Aurobinda
207. Inscriptions of Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Kashmir and Adjoining Hilly Tracts / Agrawal, Jagannath (Prof.) (1905-1993)
208. Inside Kashmir / Bazaz, Prem Nath
209. Inside Story of Jammu and Kashmir State / Bakshi, S.P.
210. Internationalisation of Kashmir Issue / Kaul, S.N.
211. An Introduction to the Advaita Saiva Philosophy of Kashmir / SenSharma, Debabrata
212. Islam and Sufism in Kashmir / Rafiabadi, Hamid Naseem
213. Islamic Culture in Kashmir / Sufi, G.M.D.
214. The Islamization of Kashmir: A Study of Muslim Missionaries / Neve, Ernest F.
215. J & K Invisible Faultlines / Jain, Sandhya (Ed.)
216. J.P. on Jammu and Kashmir / Puri, Balraj
217. Jammu - Kashmir - Ladakh: Travel, Trekking, Culture, History, Wildlife, almost Everything; 3 Volumes / Dewan, Parvez (IAS J&K)
218. Jammu and Kashmir - A Victim: A Victim of Personal Ambitions of Some and Mishandling by the Core Indian Leadership / Daya Sagar
219. Jammu and Kashmir (1990 and Beyond): Competitive Politics in the Shadow of Separatism / Chowdhary, Rekha
220. Jammu and Kashmir 2012: Annual Review / Choudhary, Zafar
221. Jammu and Kashmir and the United Nations / Shah, Mushtaq Ahmad & Meena, S. (Eds.)
222. Jammu and Kashmir Economy / Khan, Bilal Ahmad (Dr.)
223. Jammu and Kashmir Territories / Drew, Frederic
224. Jammu and Kashmir: Essays in Society, Culture and Politics / Chauhan, Abha
225. Jammu and Kashmir: Impact on Polity, Society and Economy / Raghavan, V.R. (Ed.)
226. Jammu and Kashmir: M.M. Saeed to Ghulam Nabi Azad / Sharma, Sita Ram (Ed.)
227. Jammu and Kashmir: Paradise on Earth Turned into Hell / Chavan, Sheshrao
228. Jammu and Kashmir: Past Tense, Present Imperfect and Future Indefinite / Bhatia, K.L. (Dr.)
229. Jammu and Kashmir: State Politics and Government / Bhushan, V. (Dr.)
230. Jammu and Kashmir: The Cold War and the West / Panigrahi, D.N.
231. Jammu Kashmir Ladakh: Ringside Views / Kaul, Shyam & et. al. (Eds.)
232. Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh: Linguistic Predicament / Pushp, P.N. & Warikoo, K.
233. Jammu-Kashmir aur Maharaja Hari Singh / Singh, Harbans
234. Jammu-Kashmir ka Vismrit Adhyay by Kushok Bakula Rinpoche (in Hindi) / Agnihotri, Kuldeep Chand (Dr.)
235. Jammu-Kashmir ke Jannayak Maharaja Hari Singh (in Hindi) / Agnihotri, Kuldeep Chand
236. Jammu-Kashmir ki Ankahi Kahani (in Hindi) / Agnihotri, Kuldeep Chand
237. Jammu-Kashmir se Sakshatkar (in Hindi) / Kumar, Indresh
238. Jammu-Kashmir: Paanch Hazaar Varsh ka Etihaasik Ghatnakram (in Hindi) / Kumar, Ravindra
239. Jhelum: The River through My Backyard / Ahmad, Khalid Bashir
240. A Journey from Bengal to England through the Northern Part of India, Kasmire, Afghanistan and Persia and into Russia by the Caspian Sea; 2 Volumes / Forster, George
241. Journey Through Paradise: Kashmir, Ladakh and Jammu (Travel Guide) / Warrick, Jacqueline & Hussain, Gulzar
242. The Jummoo and Kashmir Territories: A Geographical Account / Drew, Frederic
243. Kalhana's Rajatarangini: A Chronicle of the Kings of Kashmir; 2 Volumes / Stein, M.A. (Tr.)
244. Kalhana's Rajatarangini: Chronoicle of the Kings of Kasmir; Edited with 'Sobhana' Hindi Commentary by Shri Ramtej Shastri Pandey
245. The Karakorams and Kashmir / Eckenstein, Oscar
246. Karan Singh: Jammu and Kashmir (1949-1967) / Singh, Harbans
247. Kargil 1999: Pakistan's Fourth War for Kashmir / Singh, Jasjit
248. Kargil: Blood on the Snow? Tactical Victory, Strategic Failure / Verma, Ashok Kalyan (Maj. Gen.)
249. Kashir: Being a History of Kashmir from the Earliest Times to our Own, 2 Volumes / Sufi, G.M.D.
250. Kashmir / Mehra, Amit
251. Kashmir / Younghusband, Francis
252. Kashmir - The Switzerland of India: A Descriptive Guide with Chapters on Skiing and Mountaineering / Norris, Dermot
253. Kashmir Accord (1975): A Political Analysis / Najar, G.R.
254. Kashmir Across LOC / Mahapatra, Debidatta Aurobinda & Shekhawat, Seema
255. Kashmir and Beyond 1966-84 / Alam, Jawaid (Ed.)
256. Kashmir and Central Asia / Bamzai, P.N.K.
257. Kashmir and its Medicinal Weeds; Volume 1 / Anam, Mohd. Akbar (Dr.)
258. Kashmir and Its Monumental Glory / Agrawal, R.C.
259. Kashmir and Its People: Studies in the Evolution of Kashmiri Society / Kaw, M.K. (Ed.)
260. Kashmir and Jammu: Imperial Gazetteer / Laurence, Walter R.
261. Kashmir and Kashghar: A Narrative of the Journey of the Embassy to Kashghar in 1873-74 / Bellew, H.W.
262. Kashmir and the Freedom Movement / Parashar, Parmanand
263. Kashmir and the Sikhs An Insight / Sodhi, S. Anoop Singh
264. Kashmir and the U.N.O. / Sharma, Sanjay Prakash (Ed.)
265. Kashmir Archeology / Ahmad, Iqbal
266. Kashmir As I See It: From Within and Afar / Dhar, Ashok
267. Kashmir Autonomy / Sharma, R.N. (Dr.)
268. Kashmir Bliss: Selected Poetry of Nund Reshi / Muqeem, Badruddin
269. Kashmir Coinage: Sultanate Period (1339-1586) / Ahmad, Iqbal
270. Kashmir Conflict and Muslims of Jammu / Choudhary, Zafar
271. Kashmir Crisis / Chitkara, M.G.
272. Kashmir Crisis: Unholy Anglo-Pak Nexus / Sundarajan, Saroja (Dr.)
273. Kashmir Diary: Psychology of Militancy / Ray, Arjun (Maj. Gen.)
274. The Kashmir Dispute: 1947-2012; 2 Volumes / Noorani, A.G.
275. Kashmir Divine Connect and Sikh Rule / Sodhi, D.S. NM (Commodore)
276. Kashmir Ecology and Environment: New Concerns and Strategies / Bhatt, S. (Ed.)
277. Kashmir evam Hyderabad by Sardar Patel (in Hindi) / Chopra, P.N. & Chopra, Prabha (Eds.)
278. Kashmir First: The Kashmir Story; 2 Volumes / Ashraf, Mohammad
279. Kashmir Folklore: A Study in Historical Perspective / Fayaz, Farooq
280. Kashmir Heritage Tourism / Ahmad, Iqbal
281. Kashmir Imbroglio / Vasudeva, Veena
282. Kashmir in Conflict: India, Pakistan and the Unending War / Khanna, B.R.
283. Kashmir in Conflict: India, Pakistan and the Unending War / Schofield, Victoria
284. Kashmir in Crucible / Bazaz, Prem Nath
285. Kashmir in Sunlight and Shade / Biscoe, C.E. Tyndale
286. Kashmir in the Shadow of War: Regional Rivalries in a Nuclear Age / Wirsing, Robert G.
287. Kashmir in War and Diplomacy / Muhammad, Zahid G.
288. Kashmir Inscriptions / Ahmad, Iqbal
289. Kashmir is Free (A Novel) / Kumar, Arun & Kumar, Prasenjeet
290. Kashmir Issue, 3 Volumes / Deora, M.S. & Grover, R.
291. The Kashmir Issue: Bone of Contention in India and Pakistan Relation / Prasad, Nitin (Dr.)
292. Kashmir Legacy: Historical and Cultural / Hussain, Fida Mohammad (Prof.)
293. Kashmir mein Aatankwad (in Hindi) / Tripathi, Saras (Major)
294. Kashmir Military and Human Rights / Teng, M.K. & et. al.
295. Kashmir Mystic Thought / Gauhar, G.N.
296. Kashmir Nama: What is the Price of Paradise? / Anshuman, Karan
297. The Kashmir of Sheikh Abdullah / Taseer, C. Bilqees
298. Kashmir Panorama / Kalla, K.L. (Ed.)
299. Kashmir Past and Present: Unravelling the Mystique / Koul, Mohan Lal
300. Kashmir Problem and its Solution / Ratnaparkhi, M.S.

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