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1. 101 Great Lives Who Shaped the World / Srivastava, Kamal S. & Srivastava, Sangeeta
2. 101 Great Women Who Shaped the World / Srivastava, Kamal S. & Srivastava, Sangeeta
3. 101 Scientists Who Shaped the World / Srivastava, Kamal S. & Srivastava, Sangeeta
4. 1857 and After Literary Representations / Rai, R.N.; Singh, Anita & Kumar, Archana (Eds)
5. 1857 in North East India: A Reconstruction From Folk and Oral Sources / Kar, Subir
6. 1857 Revisited: Based on Persian and Urdu Documents / Husain, S.M. Azizuddin
7. 1857: The Historic Rebellion / Bakshi, S.R.
8. 18vi Sadi Ki Sthapatyakala: Dungarpur Rajya Ke Vishesh Sandharbh Mein / Architecture of 18th Century: In Special Reference of Dungarpur State (in Hindi) / Bohra, Malika (Dr.)
9. 1962 and the McMahon Line Saga / Arpi, Claude
10. 1965 War: The Inside Story: Defence Minster Y.B. Chavan's Diary of India Pakistan War / Pradhan, R.D.
11. 1984: The Anti-Sikh Violence and After (A Chilling Eyewitness Account of the Anti-Sikh Violence) / Suri, Sanjay
12. 21st Century Brazil: View and Vision / Anthony, John
13. 50 Years after Daojali-Hading: Emerging Perspectives in the Archaeology of Northeast India (Essays in Honour of Tarun Chandra Sharma) / Jamir, Tiatoshi & Hazarika, Manjil (Eds.)
14. 50 Years of India's Independence / Subramanian, S. (Dr.)
15. 50 Years of United Nations and World Affairs; 10 Volumes / Sinha, P.C. (Ed.)
16. 500 Years of Tantrasamgrah: A Landmark in the History of Astronomy / Sriram, M.S.; Ramasubramaniam, K. & Srinivas, M.D.
17. A.Q. Ansari: Social Philosophy and Political Thought / Azizi, Alauddin
18. Aadhunic Bharat Ka Itihas Vishvakosh; 3 Volumes (in Hindi) / Gajrani, Shiv (Dr.)
19. Aadhunik Bharat: (1919-1939): Rashtravadi Sahitya Avem Krantikari Aandolan; (in Hindi) / Paruthi, R.K. (Dr.)
20. An ABC of Indian Culture: A Personal Padayatra of Half a Century into India / Holroyde, Peggy
21. Abhicara Rites in the Veda / Sahoo, Purna Chandra
22. Academic Dictionary of History / Chopra, Ramesh
23. Accession of Hyderabad: The Inside Story / Joseph, T. Uma
24. An Account of the Kingdom of Caubul and its Dependencies in Persia, Tartary and India: Comprising a View of the Afghaun Nation and A History of the Dooraunee Monarchy, 2 Volumes / Elphinstone, Mountstuart
25. An Account of the Kingdom of Nepal and of the Territory Annexed to This Dominion by the House of Gorkha / Hamilton, Francis
26. Acheulian Culture in Peninsular India: An Ecological Perspective / Pappu, Raghunath S.
27. Across Central Asia: A Journey in Central Asia Illustrating the Geographic Basis of History / Huntington, Ellsworth
28. Actors on the Burmese Stage a Trilogy of the Anglo-Burmese Wars: An Ill-Conditioned Cad Mr Moylan of the Times / Blackburn, Terence R.
29. Aden and Yeman / Mehra, R.N.
30. Adhunik Bharatiya Itihas (in Hindi) / Pruthi, Raj Kumar
31. Adhunik Bharatiya Itihas ka Sarvekshan; 2 Volumes (in Hindi) / Nagori, S.L. & Nagori, K.
32. Adhunik Bhartiya Sanskriti: Modern Indian Culture (in Hindi) / Nagori, S.L.
33. Adhunik Europe ka Itihas, Vol.1: 1450-1789 / Kumar, Pramod
34. Adhunik Viswa Ka Itihas; 2 Volumes / Tyagi, M.S. & et. al.
35. Administration and Society in Medieval India / Verma, B.R. & Bakshi, S.R. (Eds.)
36. Administration Conquests and Expansion in Ancient India / Verma, B.R. & Bakshi, S.R. (Eds.)
37. Administration in Andhra: From the Earliest Time to the 13th Century A.D. / Sastry, C.A. Padmanabha
38. Administration of East India Company 1740-1856 / Mittra, Sangh & Bakshi S.R.
39. Administration of Rural Development: Indian and Comparative Perspective / Arora, R.K. & et. al.
40. Administrative and Developmental Perspectives in Tribal Landscapes / Gupta, G.P.
41. Administrative Documents of Mughal India / Ansari, M.A.
42. Administrative History of Ancient India / Jain, J.K. (Dr.)
43. Administrative History of Some Aspect of Uttarakhand / Tolia, R.S.
44. Administrative History of Uttarakhand: Kumaon and Garhwal / Arora, Ajay (Dr.)
45. Administrative Thought of Max Weber / Sinha, Sanjay Kumar
46. Advaita Vedanta (History of Science, Philosophy and Culture in Indian Civilization, Volume II, Part 2) / Balasubramanian, R. (Dr.)
47. Advanced History of Ancient India; 2 Volumes / Bakshi, S.R.
48. Advanced History of India (From Earliest Times to Present day) / Raj, Hans
49. Advanced History of Medieval India; 3 Volumes / Bakshi, S.R.
50. Advanced History of Modern India; 5 Volumes / Bakshi, S.R.
51. Advanced History of Nepal / Vaidya, T.R.
52. Advanced Learner's Dictionary of History: A Team of Experts
53. Advanced Study in the History of Modern India, 1707-1813 / Mehta, J.L.
54. Advanced Study in the History of Modern India; 3 Volumes / Chhabra, G.S.
55. Adventures in Gilgit, Hunza, Nagar, Chitral, and Hindu-Kush: The Making of a Frontier / Durand, Colonel Algernon
56. Adventures of an Officer in the Service of Runjeet Singh / Lawrence, H.M.L.
57. Affairs of the East India Company: Being the Fifth Report from the Select Committee of the House of Commons 28th July, 1812; 3 Volumes / Firminger, Walter Kelly (Ed.)
58. Afghanistan - Pakistan - India: A Paradigm Shift / Abdali, Shaida Mohammad (Ambassador)
59. Afghanistan and Afghans, Being a Brief Review of the History of the Country and account of its People / Bellow, H.W.
60. African Culture and Tradition / Mathews, A.P.
61. African Refugees: An Overview / Anand, Renu M.
62. After the Great Mughals: Painting in Death and the Regional Courts in the 18th and 19th Centuries / Schmitz, Barbara
63. The Aga Khan and his Ancestors / Dumasia, Naoroji M.
64. Against Dora And Nizam People's Movement in Telanagana 1939-1948 / Thirumali, Inukonda
65. Against the Tyranny of Society: Reflections on a Protest Movement / Kar, Priyadarsi
66. The Age of Iron in South Asia: Legacy and Tradition / Tripathi, Vibha
67. Agra and Fatehpur Sikri: A Traveller History / Newell, H.A. (Lt. Col.)
68. Agra Red Fort is a Hindu Building / Oak, P.N.
69. Agrarian Change and Peasant Unrest in Colonial India Orissa 1912-1939 / Sahoo, Rajib Lochan
70. Agrarian Change from Above and Below / Rao, K. Seetharama
71. Agrarian History of Orissa Under the British Rule / Samal, J.K.
72. Agrarian Relations and Peasant in Modern Andhra: A Study of Kalahasti Zamindari / Reddy, D. Subramanyam
73. Agrarian Structure in Central India and the Northern Deccan (C. AD 300-500): A Study in Vakataka Inscriptions / Shrimali, Krishna Mohan
74. Agrarian System of Medieval Assam / Gogai, Jahanbi, Nath (Dr.)
75. The Agrarian System of Mughal India (1556-1707), 3rd Edition / Habib, Irfan
76. Agricultural and Economic Aspects of Tribal Landscapes / Gupta, G.P.
77. Agricultural, Industrial and Urban Dynamism Under the Sultans of Delhi 1206-1555 / Naqvi, Hamida Khatoon
78. The 'Ain-i-Akbari: Abul Fazl 'Allami, 3 Volumes (Translated into English) / Blochmann, H. (Tr.)
79. Ajanta Frescoes / Heringham, Lady
80. Ajmer Historical and Descriptive / Sarda, Har Bilas
81. Akal Takhat Sahib / Dilgeer, Harjinder Singh (Dr.)
82. Akbar Mahan aur Uska Yug / Mandot, Dinesh (Dr.)
83. The Akbar Nama of Abul-Fazl; 3 Volumes (Translated from the Persian) / Beveridge, H. (Tr.)
84. Akbar Padamsee Work in Language / Padamsee, Bhanumati
85. Akbar, The Aesthete / Indu Anand
86. Akbar: The Great Moghul / Kumar, Raj (Ed.)
87. Akbarnama of Sheikh Abul Fazal; 2 Volumes / Sharma, Mathuralal (Tr.)
88. Aksayanivi: Essays Presented to Dr. Debala Mitra in Admiration of Her Scholarly Contributions / Bhattacharya, Gouriswar (Ed.)
89. Alberuni warnit Bharat (2 Parts) / Alberuni
90. Al-Biruni: His Times, Life and Works / Said, Hakim Mohammed & Khan, Ansar Zahid
91. Alexander The Great's Art of Strategy: The Timeless Lessons of History's Greatest / Bose, Partha
92. Alexander: Invincible King of Macedonia / Tsouras, Peter G.
93. All in a Stride: Reflections of Civil Servant / Tiwari, A.N.
94. The All India Muslim Conference 1928-1935: A Documentary Record / Aziz, K.K.
95. Allamah Fadl-i-Haq: Scholar and Freedom Fighter / Ali, Abdul (Prof.)
96. Altai-Himalaya: A Travel Diary / Roerich, Nicholas
97. Ambedkar and Nation-Building / Shyam Lal & Saxena, K.S. (Eds.)
98. Ambedkar Awakening India's Social Conscience / Jadhav, Narendra
99. The Ambedkar Era / Chandra, Ramesh & Mittra, Singh
100. Ambedkar: Life and Views / Vyas, D.C.
101. Ambedkar's Contribution for Economic Planning and Development Its Relevance / Abraham, P.
102. America Ka Itihas; 2 Volumes / Gahlot, B.S.
103. American African Gandhis: An Analytical Synthesis of Three Gandhis / Gulati, M.N.
104. American Legal System / Sharma, S.R. (Ed.)
105. An American Looks At Gandhi: Essays in Satyagraha, Civil Rights and Peace / Hunt, James D.
106. Amerika Ka Itihas; (In Hindi) / Chauhan, Ghanshyam
107. Amir Khusrau's Matla-ul-Anwar: Dawn of Lights (Translated from Persian into English) / Ansari, Ishrat Husain & Hamid Afaq Qureshi al-Taimi al-Siddiqi (Trs.)
108. Amir Khusrau's Qiran-us-Sa'dain: Conjunction of Two Lucky Planets (Translated from Persian into English) / Ansari, Ishrat Husain & Hamid Afaq Qureshi al-Taimi al-Siddiqi (Trs.)
109. Analytical History of India / Sewell, Robert
110. Ananda the Man and Monk / Das, Asha
111. Anatomy of the Jakarta Coup: October 1, 1965 The Collusion with China which Destroyed the Army Command President Sukarno / Fic, Victor M.
112. Ancient and Medieval History of India / Rawlinson, H.G.
113. Ancient and Medieval Indian History / Rajendra, K.V.
114. Ancient and Medieval Political Thinkers: From Plato to Padua / Rathod, P.B.
115. Ancient Ceramics: Historical Enquiries and Scientific Approaches / Pant, P.C. & Jayaswal, Vidula (Eds.)
116. Ancient Civilizations of the World / Sood, Vishal
117. The Ancient Geography of India: The Buddhist Period including the Campaigns of Alexander and the Travels of Hiuen-Tsiang / Cunningham, Alexander
118. The Ancient Geography of Kashmir / Stein, M.A.
119. Ancient Hindu Society: Including Races, Dynasties, Politics, War, Law, Enforcement, Social and Caste Systems, Economics, Life-Style, Women, Traditions and Habits of the Ancient Indians; 6 Volumes / Kapoor, S. (Ed.)
120. Ancient History of India (Up to 10th Century A.D.) / Atlantic Research Division
121. The Ancient History of India: (Vedic Period) A New Interpretation / Singhal, K.C. & Gupta, Roshan
122. Ancient History of India: Manusmriti Revisited / Naegele, Charles J. (Dr.)
123. Ancient History of the World; 2 Volumes / Clare, I.S.
124. A Ancient India / Chopra, P.N. & et. al. (Eds.)
125. Ancient India / Mittra, Sangh & et. al.
126. Ancient India / Oldenberg, H.
127. Ancient India / Smith, V.A.
128. Ancient India (13th Edition) / Mahajan, V.D.
129. Ancient India and World / Kumar, Rakesh
130. Ancient India as Described by Megasthenes and Arrian / McCrindle, John W.
131. Ancient India as Described by Ptolemy / McCrindle, John W.
132. Ancient India, 8th Edition / Majumdar, R.C.
133. Ancient India: Being a Brief and Rapid Survey of the History of the Indo-Aryans from the Earliest Times to About 1200 A.D. / Veda Vyasa
134. Ancient India: From the Origins to the XIIIth Century A.D. / Albanese, Marilia
135. Ancient India: History of Ancient India for 1000 Years in Four Volumes From 900 B.C. To 100 A.D.; 4 Volumes / Shah, Tribhuvandas L.
136. Ancient India: In Historical Outline / Jha, D.N.
137. Ancient Indian and Iranian Art: A Comparative Study / Khan, Sabir Hussain (Dr.)
138. Ancient Indian Architecture: From Blossom to Bloom / Maheshwari, Sanjeev & Rajeev Garg
139. Ancient Indian Glass Archaeology and Technology / Singh, R.N.
140. Ancient Indian Heritage Varahamihira's India; 2 Volumes / Shastri, Ajay Mitra
141. Ancient Indian Historiography Source and Interpretations / Singh, G.P.
142. Ancient Indian History / Mathur, Ramprakash
143. Ancient Indian History / Mittra, Sangh & Bakshi, S.R.
144. Ancient Indian History / Mullick, Animesh
145. Ancient Indian History / Saharan, M.S.
146. Ancient Indian Magic and Folklore: An Introduction / Stutley, Margaret
147. Ancient Indian Numismatics: A Historiographical Study / Goyal, Shankar
148. Ancient Indian Ports: with Special Reference to Maharashtra / Hebalkar, Sharad
149. Ancient Indian Sciences: An Expositions of Development of Science and Technology in Ancient India as Drawn from Original Sources and Sacred Literature; 3 Volumes / Kapoor, S. (Ed.)
150. Ancient Indian Social History: Some Interpretations / Thapar, Romila
151. Ancient Indian Town Planning / Kaushik, Akshat
152. Ancient Kashmir: A Historical Perspective / Rabbani, G.M. (Frof.)
153. Ancient Khotan: Detailed Report of Archaeological Explorations in Chinese Turkestan; 3 Volumes / Aurel Stein, M.
154. Ancient Law / Maine, Sir Henry Sumner
155. Ancient Medieval and Modern India / Tamaskar, B.G.
156. The Ancient Monuments and Archaeological Sites and Remains Act, 1958 (With Rules, Amendments, Notifications and Orders) / Tripathi, Alok
157. Ancient Monuments of Kashmir / Malik, Akhtar
158. Ancient North-East India (Pragjyotisha): A Pan-India Perspective (Up to Seventh Century AD) / Shastri, Ajay Mitra
159. Ancient Political History of Kashmir (B.C. 300 - A.D. 1200) / Saxena, K.S.
160. Ancient Sciences and Archaeology: Journal of the Ancient Sciences and Archaeological Society of India (Bharatiya Prachina Vaijnanika Puratatva Patrika); 3 Volumes / Sampath, M.D.; Pankaja, N.; Saroja S. & Kayarkanni, S. (Eds.)
161. Ancient Settlement Pattern in Orissa / Srivastava, G.N.
162. Ancient Varanasi: An Archaeological Perspective / Jayaswal, Vidula
163. The Andhra Culture During the Kakatiyan Times / Kumari, V. Anila
164. Andhra Culture: An Obscure Phase in the Early Historical Archaeology of Andhra Pradesh / Pisipaty, S. Rama Krishna (Dr.)
165. Animosity at Bay: An Alternative History of the India-Pakistan Relationship, 1947-1952 / Raghavan, Pallavi
166. The Anklet Story (Translation of Silappadhikaram) / Subramanyam, Ka. Naa.
167. Annapurana: A Bunch of Flower of Indian Culture / Arundhati, P.
168. Annexation of Punjab
169. Annie Besant: Founders of Home Rule Movement / Kumar, Raj & et. al.
170. Annie Besant: Pioneer of Home Rule Movement / Gajrani, Shiv & Ram, S. (Drs.)
171. The Annual Register of Indian Political Parties: Proceedings and Fundamental Text; 18 Volumes / Shiv Lal
172. Antecedents of Early Man in Northwestern India: Paleontological and Paleoecological Evidences / Vasisth, R.N.
173. Anthropology and Historiography of Science / Chattopadhyaya, D.P.
174. Antiquities of India: An Account of the History and Culture of Ancient Hindustan / Barnett, Lionel D.
175. Antiquities of Northern Tibet: Pre-Buddhist Archaeological Discoveries on the High Plateau, Findings of the Changthang Circuit Expedition 1999 / Bellezza, John Vincent
176. Antiquities of Upper Tibet: An Inventory of Pre-Buddhist Archaeological Sites on the High Plateau, Findings of the Upper Tibet Circumnavigation Expedition, 2000 / Bellezza, John Vincent
177. The Apracharajas: A History based on Coins and Inscriptions / Srivastava, Prashant
178. ArchaeoGiri: The Bridge Between the Archaeologist and the Common Man / Khandekar, Shubha
179. Archaeological Excavation in Bihar: Since Independence / Kumar, Navin
180. Archaeological Excavations in Central India: Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh / Sharma, R.K. & et. al.
181. Archaeological Exploration in Sikkim / Mishra, P.K. (Dr.)
182. Archaeological Findings from the Homeland of Buddha / Chaturvedi, Prem Sagar
183. Archaeological Remains and Excavations at Sambhar / Sahni, Rai Bahadur Daya Ram
184. Archaeological Remains in Kashmir / Koul, Pandit Anand
185. An Archaeological Study of Rohtas District / Pandey, Sammukh
186. Archaeological Survey of India: Annual Reports (1902-3 to 1936-37 + Indices) 29 Volumes / Marshall, Sir John
187. Archaeological Survey of India: Reports (1862-1884); 23 Volumes with Index / Cunningham, Alexander
188. Archaeology and Historiography: History, Theory and Method / Settar, S. & et. al. (Eds.)
189. Archaeology and History: Essay in Memory of Sh. A. Ghosh; 2 Volumes / Pande, B.M. & Chattopadhyaya, B.D. (Eds.)
190. Archaeology and Interactive Disciplines / Settar, S. & et. al. (Eds.)
191. Archaeology as History in Early South Asia / Ray, Himanshu Prabha & Sinopoli, Carla M. (Eds.)
192. Archaeology in the Third World: A History of Indian Archaeology since 1947 / Chakrabarti, Dilip K.
193. Archaeology of Bhopal Region / Sharma, R.K. & Ali, Rehman
194. Archaeology of Early Historic South Asia / Sengupta, Gautam & Chakraborty, Sharmi (Eds.)
195. Archaeology of Hampi-Vijayanagara / Kotraiah, C.T.M. & Suresh, K.M.
196. Archaeology of Karnataka: Pre and Proto History of South Western Religion / Poonacha, D.P. (Dr.)
197. Archaeology of Medieval India / Mate, Madhukar Shripad
198. The Archaeology of Middle Ganga Plain: New Perspectives; (Excavations at Agiabir) / Singh, Purushottam & Singh, Ashok Kumar
199. Archaeology of Orissa; 2 Volumes / Basa, Kishor K. & Mohanty, Pradeep (Eds.)
200. Archaeology of Seafaring: The Indian Ocean in the Ancient Period / Ray, Himanshu Prabha (Ed.)
201. Archaeology of Soviet, Central Asia and the Indian Borderlands; 2 Volumes / Gupta, S.P.
202. Archaeology of The Chotanagpur Division (Jharkhand) / Bhengra, Dilbar (Dr.)
203. Archaeology of Vidisa (Dasarna) Region / Tripathi, K.K.
204. Archaeology, History and Culture of Orissa / Dash, R.N.
205. Archeological History of Early South Asia / Jalote, Raghuvir
206. Architecture Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries / Hitchcock, H.R.
207. Architecture of Bhoslas of Nagpur; 2 Volumes / Girhe, K.M. (Dr.)
208. Architecture of India: Ancient to Modern / Mathur, Ramprakash
209. Aristocracy in Medieval India / Ojha, D.N.
210. Armed Struggle for Freedom / Shastri, Bal Hardev
211. Art & Architecture of India: Stone Age to the Present / Harishankar, B.S.
212. Art and Archaeology of Orissa: Recent Perspectives / Pradhan, Sadasiba (Ed.)
213. Art and Architecture: Remains in the Western Terai Region of Nepal / Giri, Gitu
214. Art and Craft of Harappans: Seals, Sealing and Scripts / Sharma, Deo Prakash
215. Art History of Meghalaya / Bareh, Hamlet
216. Art of Glass: Ancient to Medieval Period / Dillon, Edward
217. Art Shrines of Ancient India / Subramanian, V.K.
218. Art, Archaeology and Cultural History of India: U.N. Roy Felicitation Volume, 2 Volumes / Sinha, C.P. (Ed.)
219. Art, Archaeology and History of Ratlam: Including Extracts of Old State Gazetteers / Raizada, Ajit
220. Artisan of the Paradise: A Study of Art and Artisans of Kashmir from Ancient to Modern Times / Dhar, D.N.
221. The Artisans in 18th Century Eastern India: A History of Survival / Singh, Vipul
222. Aruna Asaf Ali: Eminent Indian Women / Rajkumar
223. Aruna Asaf Ali: The Dynamic Secular Leader / Gajrani, Shiv & Ram, S. (Drs.)
224. Arunachal Pradesh: Past and Present / Joshi, H.G.
225. Aryan and Non-Aryan in South Asia: Evidence, Interpretation and Ideology / Bronkhorst, Johannes & Deshpande, Madhav M. (Eds.)
226. The Aryans and After / Murti, Kashibhatta Satya
227. Aryans in South India / Nambudri, P.P. Narayanan
228. Aryans Revisited / Nandi, Ramendra Nath
229. The Aryans: Myth and Archaeology / Dhavalikar, M.K.
230. The Aryas: Facts Without Fancy and Fiction / Shendge, Malati, J.
231. Ashoka and Buddhism / Singh, Arimardan (Dr.)
232. Ashoka the Great / Keuning, Wytze
233. Asia in Western and World History: A Guide for Teaching / Embree, Ainslie T. & Gluck, Carol
234. Asiatic Researches: History and Antiquities, the Art, Sciences, and Literature of Asia; 24 Volumes / Jones, William
235. Asoka and the Decline of the Mauryas (3rd Edition) / Thapar, Romila
236. Asoka as Depicted in His Edicts / Hazra, Kanai Lal
237. Asoka: History and Inscriptions / Panda, N.C. (Dr.)
238. Asoka: The Great / Ahir, D.C.
239. Asoka: The Great / Mukundan, Monisha
240. Asoka: The King and The Man / Thaplyal, Kiran Kumar
241. Aspect of Indian History / Farooqi, N.R. & Jafri, S.Z.H. (Eds.)
242. Aspects of Ancient Indian Numismatics / Srivastava, Prashant
243. Aspects of Indian History / Mishra, J.P. (Ed.)
244. Aspects of Indian History and Archaeology / Sankalia, H.D.
245. Aspects of Indian History and Culture / Bandyopadhyay, Sudipa Ray; Chaudhuri, Rita & Chakrabarti, Mahua (Eds.)
246. Aspects of Indian History and Historiography / Mishra, P.K. (Ed.)
247. Aspects of the Medieval History of Assam / Tripathi, Chandra Dhar
248. The Asrama System: The History and Hermeneutics of a Religious Institution / Olivelle, Patrick
249. Assam Through the Ages; 3 Volumes / Bakshi, S.R.
250. Assam: Its Heritage and Culture / Bhushan, Chandra
251. The Assassination of Indira Gandhi: The Collected Stories (Volume 1) / Chatterjee, Upamanyu
252. An Assault on Humanity: Afghanistan in Cultural Perspective / Mishra, Shri Krishna
253. Asvaghosa and His Times / Khosla, Sarla
254. At the Confluence of Two Rivers: Muslims and Hindus in South India / Assayag, Jackie
255. Atlas of Ancient Indian History / Habib, Irfan & Habib, Faiz
256. Aulikaras of Central India: History and Inscriptions / Ojha, N.K.
257. Auniati Sutra: A History / Sharma, Tirtha Nath
258. Aurangzeb and His Times / Faruki, Zaheeruddin
259. Aurangzeb and his Wazirs / Agrawal, C.M.
260. Aurel Stein in Kashmir: The Sanskritist of Mohand Marg / Pandita, S.N.
261. Authority and Kingship Under the Sultans of Delhi: Thirteenth Fourteenth Centuries / Siddiqui, Iqtidar Husain
262. Autobiographical Writings of Mahatama Gandhi / Sharma, Rashmi
263. The Avatars of Modernity: Vasco da Gama's Discovery and Indian Identitiesin Perspective / Wessler, Heinz Werner; Kjaerholm, Lars & Brimnes, Niels (Eds.)
264. Awadh in Revolt 1857-1858 / Mukherjee, Rudrangshu
265. Ayodhya Case: Archaeological Evidences / Sharma, A.K.
266. Ayodhya: The Abode of Rama; And the Dharmaksetra of Lord Buddha and the Jaina Tirthankaras A Historical and Cultural Study / Pandey, Lalta Prasad
267. A-Z History / Varadarajan, Samayal
268. Babbar Akali Movement: A Historical Survey / Aulakh, Gurcharan Singh (Dr.)
269. The Babur-Nama: Memoirs of Babur; 2 Volumes / Beveridge, Annette Susannah
270. Back from Dead: Inside the Subhas Bose Mystery / Dhar, Anju
271. Back to Basics: A J.C. Kumarappa Reader / Bandhu, Pranjali (Ed.)
272. The Bagh Caves / Marshall, Sir John
273. Baharistan-i-Shahi: A Chronicle of Mediaeval Kashmir / Pandit, K.N.
274. Bal Gangadhar Tilak / Ranjan, Ravi & Singh, M.K.
275. Bal Gangadhar Tilak (in Hindi) / Gupta, Asha
276. The Baltic Nationalism Post-World War II Analysis / Sharma, Sunaina
277. Balzac: Mirror of Emerging Modern Capitalism / Mishra, Girish
278. Bamiyan: Challenge to World Heritage
279. Bamiyan: Challenge to World Heritage / Warikoo, K. (Ed.)
280. Banaras in the Early 19th Century Riverfront Panorama / Krishna, Rai Anand
281. Banaras, The Heritage City of India: Geography, History, and Bibliography / Singh, Rana P.B.
282. Banaras: The City Revealed / Michell, George (Ed.)
283. Banda Bahadur and His Times / Singh, Rajpal
284. Banda Singh Bahadur / Data, Piara Singh
285. Banda Singh Bahadur and Sikh Sovereignty / Sagoo, Harbans Kaur (Ed. & Comp.)
286. The Bangladesh Gazetteer; 3 Volumes / Bakshi, S.R. (Ed.)
287. Bangladesh Since 1952 Language Movement / Adhikari, Abanti
288. Bangladesh: The Price of Freedom / Rai, Raghu
289. Barabudur: Archaeological Description; 5 Volumes / Krom, N.J.
290. Barahmasa / Dwivedi, V.P.
291. Barbara's Nepal / Adams, Barbaras
292. Baroque India: The Neo-Roman Religious Architecture of South Asia: A Global Stylistic Survey / Pereira, Jose
293. The Battle for Ancient India: An Essay in the Sociopolitics of Indian Archaeology / Chakrabarti, Dilip K.
294. Battle for Hearts and Mind from North East to Kashmir and Beyond / Mukherjee, Dipak (Major General)
295. Battles of the Nineteenth Century; 2 Volumes / Forbes, Henryn & Griffiths
296. Bayana: A Concept of Historical Archaeology / Bargoti, Rajeev (Dr.)
297. Before Freedom (1909-1947): Nehru's Letters to His Sister / Sahgal, Nayantara (Ed.)
298. Behavioral Dimensions of Tribal Landscapes / Gupta, G.P.
299. Being Indian, Being Israeli: Migration, Ethnicity and Gender in the Jewish Homeland / Singh, Maina Chawla
300. Bells of Shangri-La: Scholars, Spies, Invaders in Tibet / Bhattacharya, Parimal

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