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901. Trees and Shrubs of Nepal and the Himalayas / Storrs, Adrian & et. al.
902. Trekking Guide to the Western Himalayas / Chaudhry, Depi
903. Trekking in the Himalaya / Singh, Hashmat
904. Trekking in the Himalayas / Ardito, Stefano
905. Tribal Bengal: Life in the Sub-Himalayan Terai Duars / Bhattacharya, Krishnopriyo
906. The Tribal Buddhism in Himalaya / Pandey, B.B. (Dr.)
907. Tribal Languages of Himachal Pradesh; 2 Volumes / Sharma, D.D.
908. Tribal Languages of Ladakh; 3 Parts / Sharma, D.D.
909. Tribal Melodies of Himachal Pradesh: Gaddi Folk Music / Sharma, Manorma (Dr.)
910. Tribals of Ladakh: Ecology, Human Settlement and Health / Bhasin, Veena
911. Tribes of India, Nepal, Tibet Borderland: A Study of Cultural Transformation / Bisht, B.S.
912. Tribes of the Eastern Himalayas / Sengupta, Sarthak
913. Tribes of the Hindoo Koosh / Biddulph, Major J.
914. Tribes Races and Culture of India and Neighbouring Countries Afghanistan, Bhutan, Burma, Ceylon, Srilanka, Nepal & Tibet / Hammerton, J.A.
915. A Trip to Kashmir and Ladakh / Lambert, Cowley
916. Trishul: Ladakh and Kargil (1947-1993) / Malhotra, Ashok
917. Twenty Years in Tibet: Intimate and Personal Experiences of the Closed Land among all Classes of its People from the Highest to the Lowest / Macdonald, David
918. Two Decades of New Indo-Burmese Species and a note on the Himalayan Species of Daphane / Smith, W.W.; Banerjee, S.C. & Ramaswami, M.S.
919. Understanding Himalayas / Sharma, Kadambari (Ed.)
920. Unknown Himalayas / Joshi, Himanshu
921. The Unquiet Woods: Ecological Change and Peasant Resistance in the Himalaya / Guha, Ramachandra
922. Urban System in Himalayas: A Study of Srinagar City-Region / Bhat, M. Sultan
923. Urbanisation in the Eastern Himalayas: Emergence and Issues / Datta, karubaki (Dr.)
924. Uttarakhand Sangeet evam Sanskarti / Yajurvedi, Sarita Pathak (Dr.)
925. Uttaranchal Always Enchanting / Uttaranchal Tourism
926. Uttaranchal Himalaya / Uttaranchal Tourism
927. Uttaranchal Ke Anchal Se / Agrawal, C.M. (Ed.)
928. Uttaranchal Ke Sanidhya Mein; (in Hindi) / Agrawal, C.M.
929. Uttaranchal Kee Krishi Jaiv-Vividhta evam Tatsambandhi Kuch Jankariya; (in Hindi) / Pande, P.C. & Pande, H.C.
930. Uttaranchal Kumaon and Garhwal
931. Uttaranchal: Bhasha Evam Sahitya Ka Sandarbh; (in Hindi) / Bhist, Sher Singh
932. Uttaranchal: Environment and Development: A Geo-Ecological Overview / Joshi, S.C.
933. Uttaranchal: Issues and Challenges of Development and Change / Upreti, B.C. (Ed.)
934. The Valley of Kashmir / Lawrence, Walter R.
935. Valuation of Women Work in Manipur / Devi, Mayanglambam Sarda (Dr.)
936. Vedic Philosophy and Himalayan Eco System Development / Dewan, M.L. & Joshi, B.D. (Eds.)
937. Violence Against Women in North East India / Laltlinzo, Garce & Beeju, Kamei
938. Visible Heritage: Essays on the Art and Architecture of Great Ladakh / Linrothe, Rob & Heinrich Poll (Eds.)
939. Visit to High Tartary Yarkand and Kashgar / Shaw, Robert
940. Visit to Hindustan, Kashmir and Ladakh / Aynsley, J.C. Murray (Mrs.)
941. Walking in Clouds: A Journey to Mount Kailash and Lake Manasarovar / Buggana, Kavitha Yaga
942. Walking on the Clouds: Photostory of a Walking Pilgrimage to Chardham Temples in the Himalayas / Kulkarni, Dhiraj
943. Wall Paintings of the Western Himalayas / Seth, Mira
944. Wandering Along the Himalayan Foothills and Beyond: A Veterans Travelogue / Gahatraj, Mani K. (Col.) (Retd.)
945. Wandering Herming: The Himalayas / Singh, Shakti
946. Wandering with Sadhus: Ascetics in the Hindu Himalayas / Hausne, Sondra L.
947. Wanderings Through the Garhwal Himalaya / Saili, Ganesh
948. Water Resources Cooperation between India and Nepal / Manda, Monika
949. Water Resources in the Himalayas: Harvesting Tradition and Change / Rautela, Piyoosh
950. Watershed Management in Himalaya: Concept and Strategy / Pandey, B.P. & et. al.
951. Watershed Management in the Himalayas / Poudel, Krishna Prasad
952. A Western Himalaya and Tibet: A Narrative of a Journey Through the Mountains of Northern India During the Years 1847-48 / Thomson, Thomas
953. Western Himalayan Folk Arts / Handa, O.C.
954. Western Himalayas / Sharma, Kadambari (Ed.)
955. Wild Animals of Ladakh / Sharma, B.D. (Ed.)
956. Window on to Annapurna / Stephens, Joy
957. Women and Bodoland Conflict / Dutta, Piyali
958. Women and Development in India: Reflections from Ladakh and Beyond / Suri, Kavita (Ed.)
959. Women and Nutrition in Himalayas / Pant, B.R.
960. Women Empowerment in Garhwal Himalayas: Constraints and Prospects / Nautiyal, Annpurna & Bouria, Himanshu (Eds.)
961. Women in Nepalese Tourism: Opportunities and Challenges / Upadhyay, Rudra Prasad; Pradhan, Hari & Grandon, Raman
962. Women in Nepali Politics: Looking Through Feminist Perspective / Pandey, Binda
963. Wood Handicraft: A Study of its Origin and Development in Saharanpur / Handa, O.C. & Jain, Madhu
964. Woodcarving in the Himalayan Region / Handa, O.C.
965. Wooden Temples of Uttarakhand: A Study of Art and Architecture / Kamboj, Richa
966. A World Away: Portraits from China, Tibet, Bhutan, and Ladakh / Snider, Larry
967. Youth Employment in Nepal: International Development in Focus / Raju, Dhushyanth & Rajbhandary, Jasmine
968. Yugayugeen Uttranchal / Agrawal, C.M. (Ed.)
969. Zangskar: Sanctuary of Ladakh / Youda, Masafumi
970. Zanskar to Ziro: No Stilettos in the Himalayas / Sen, Sohini
971. Zingiberaceae of Sikkim / Kumar, S.

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