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1. An Account of the Kingdom of Nepal and of the Territories Annexed to This Dominion by the House of Gorkha Until the Year 1814 / Buchanan, Francis (Hamilton)
2. An Account of the Kingdom of Nepaul: Being the Substance of Observations Made During a Mission to that Country in the Year 1793 / Kirkpatrik, Col.
3. Across the Frozen Himalaya: Epic Winter Ski Traverse from Karakoram to Lipu Lekh / Kohli, Harish
4. Across the Himalayan Gap: An Indian Quest for Understanding China / Chung, Tan
5. Across the Himalayas: Men, Mountains and Myths / Brahmananda, Swami
6. Across Thibet: Being a translation of "De Paris Au Tonkin A Travers Le Tibet Inconnu" (A.D. 1889-1890); 2 Volumes / Bonvalot, Gabriel
7. Administrative System in Bhutan: Retrospect and Prospect / Rizal, Dhurba
8. The Adventure Story of the Decade Everest the Hard Way / Bonington, Chris
9. Adventure Travels in the Himalaya / Jackson, John Angelo
10. Adventures in Gilgit, Hunza, Nagar, Chitral, and Hindu-Kush: The Making of a Frontier / Durand, Colonel Algernon
11. Agrarian Economy of the Central Himalaya / Pokhriyal, H.C.
12. Agricultural Modernisation in Eastern Himalayas / Behera, M.C.
13. Agro-Animal Resources of Higher Himalayas / Dwivedi, Deepa H.; Dwivedi, Sanjai K. & Gupta, Sandhya (Eds.) (Drs.)
14. Agroforestry Systems for Resource Conservation and Livelihood Security in Lower Himalayas / Panwar, Pankaj; Tiwari, A.K. & Dadhwal, K.S. (Eds.)
15. Alchi: The Living Heritage of Ladakh (1000 Years of Buddhist Art) / Tsering, Nawang
16. Along the Kali Gandaki: The Ancient-Salt Route in Western Nepal, the Thakalis, Bond Kar and Lamaist Monasteries / Rai, Ratan Kumar
17. Alpine Plants of Western Himalaya: A Palyno-Taxonomical Study / Sharma, C.M.
18. Altai-Himalaya: A Travel Diary / Roerich, Nicholas
19. Alternative Farming Systems in Dry Temperate Zone of Himachal Pradesh: A Case Study of Kinnaur District / Rawat, A.S.
20. Amazing Ladakh: Travel, Trekking, Religion, Culture, Wildlife Almost Everything About Leh, Kargil Zanskar, Siachen / Dewan, Parvez
21. Among the Himalayas / Waddell, L.A.
22. Ancient and Medieval Nepal / Shaha, Rishikesh
23. Ancient Buddhist Monasteries: India and Nepal / Gajrani, S.
24. Ancient Futures: Learning from Ladakh / Norberg-Hodge, Helena
25. Annapurna South Face / Bonington, Chris
26. Annotated Bibliography on Himalaya; 4 Volumes / Verma, Yoginder S.; Santvan, Virender K.; Attri, Pawan K. & Gupta, Pankaj (Eds.)
27. Anthropology of Tibet and the Himalaya / Ramble, Charles & Brauen, Martin (Eds.)
28. Antiquities of Himachal / Postel, M.; Naven, A. & Mankodi, K.
29. The Antiquities of Kangra / Chakrabarti, Dilip K. & Hasan, S.J.
30. Antiquities of Northern Tibet: Pre-Buddhist Archaeological Discoveries on the High Plateau, Findings of the Changthang Circuit Expedition 1999 / Bellezza, John Vincent
31. Antiquities of the Chenab Valley in Jammu: Inscription-Copper Plates-Sanads-Grants-Firmans and Letters in Brahmi-Sharda-Takri-Persian and Devnagri Scripts / Kaul, P.K.
32. Antiquities of Upper Tibet: An Inventory of Pre-Buddhist Archaeological Sites on the High Plateau, Findings of the Upper Tibet Circumnavigation Expedition, 2000 / Bellezza, John Vincent
33. Antiquities of Western Himalayas; 2 Volumes / Khosa, Sunil & Singh, A.K.
34. Antiquities, History, Culture and Shrines of Jammu / Sharma, Shiv Chander
35. Apple Farming and Livehoods in the Himalayas / Jindal, K.K.; Bawa, Rajan & Partap, Tej
36. The Architectural Heritage of Himachal Pradesh: Origin and Development of Temple Styles / Thakur, Laxman S.
37. The Arrow and the Spindle Studies in History, Myths, Rituals and Beliefs in Tibet / Karmay, Samten G.
38. Art and Architecture of Himachal Pradesh / Singh, Mian Goverdhan
39. Art and Architecture: Remains in the Western Terai Region of Nepal / Giri, Gitu
40. Art and Culture of Himalayas / Gulia, K.S.
41. Art and Devotion at a Buddhist Temple in the Indian Himalaya / Kerin, Kerin Melissa R.
42. Artful Beneficence: Selections from the David R. Nalin Himalayan Art Collection / Kerin, Melissa R.
43. Arunachal Pradesh: Rediscovering Hinduism in the Himalayas / Kaur, Jagdish
44. Arunachal: Peoples, Arts and Adornment in India's Eastern Himalayas / Ham, Peter van
45. Ashraf's Adventure Travels in Ladakh / Ashraf, Mohammad
46. Aspects of Geology and Environment of the Himalaya / Pant, Charu C. & Sharma, Arun K.
47. The Assault on Mount Everest (1922) / Bruce, C.G.
48. Atlas of Early Palaeogene Invertebrate Fossils of the Himalayan Foothills Belt / Mathur, N.S. & Juyal, K.P.
49. Attack on Everest / Rutledge, Hugh
50. Back Over the Mountains: A Journey to the Buddha Within / Marshall, Jane
51. Badrinath and Kedarnath: The Dhaam of the Himalayas / Gupta, Subhadra Sen
52. Ban-Gujars: A Nomadic Tribe in Himachal Pradesh / Verma, V.
53. Barbara's Nepal / Adams, Barbaras
54. Beauty of the Himalayas / Singh, Balwant
55. Becoming India: Western Himalayas Under British Rule / Alam, Aniket
56. Bee Botany of Bhimtal in Western Himalayas: Melissopalynological Analysis / Garg, Arti
57. Beyond the Trees Tigers and Tribes Historical Sociology of Eastern Himalayan Forests / Sinha, A.C.
58. Bhotan and the Story of the Doar War / Rennie, David Field
59. Bhutan / Klein, Wilhelm & Pfannfuller, Gunter
60. Bhutan (A.D. 1837-1838): Journals of Travels in Bootan / Griffith, William
61. Bhutan: 100 Years of Wangchuck Vision (Special Message from Mrs. Sonia Gandhi) / Sood, Shubhi (Mag. Gen.) (Retd.)
62. Bhutan: Decentralization and Good Governance / Rizal, Dhurba P.
63. Bhutan: Dilemma of Change in a Himalayan Kingdom / Upreti, B.C.
64. Bhutan: Kingdom in the Himalaya / Acharya, Sanjay
65. Bhutan: Land of Spirituality and Modernization Role of Water in Daily Life (with CD) / Zurcher, Dieter & Choden, Kunzang
66. Bhutan: Land of the Thunder Dragon / Edmunds, Tom Owen
67. Bhutan: New Pathways to Growth / Mitra Sabyasachi & Jeong, Hoe Yun (Eds.)
68. Bhutan: Smiling Faces From the Roof of the World / Stasinopoulou, Dimitra
69. Bhutan: Society, Polity and Economy / Bhatt, Amitabh
70. Bhutan: The Land of Serenity / Ricard, Matthieu
71. Bhutan: Through the Lens of the King / Singh, Malvika & Verma, Pavan K.
72. Bibliography of High Asia for the Study of Tibetan and Himalayan Civilizations / Fabry, Eric
73. Big Game Hunting in the Himalayas and Tibet / Burrard, G. (Major)
74. The Big Game of Baltistan and Ladakh / Adair, Fedrick Edward Shafto
75. Biocultural Knowledge Systems of Tribes of Eastern Himalayas / Singh, Ranjay K. & Women, Adi
76. Biodiversity Conservation in the Western Himalaya: Western Himalayan Ecoregional Strategy and Action Plan / Singh, Surendra P. & Thadani, Rajesh
77. Biological Diversity of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh Himalaya / Bhagat, R.C. & et. al.
78. Birds of Himalaya and Kashmir / Dewar, Douglas
79. Birds of Nepal with reference to Kashmir and Sikkim / Fleming, Sr. Robert L.; Fleming, Jr. Robert L. & Bangdel, Lain Singh
80. Birds of the Indian Hills / Dewar, D.
81. Body and Emotion: An Aesthetics of Illness and Healing in the Nepal Himalayas / Desjarlais, Robert R.
82. British Garhwal: A Gazetteer / Walton, H.G.
83. Bryophytes of Kumaun Himalaya / Tiwari, S.D. & Pant, G.B.
84. Buddha in Paradise: A Celebration in Himalayan Art / Mullin, Glenn H. & Stoddard, Heather
85. Buddhism in the Land of the Gods: Lahul-Western Himalayas / Jina, Prem Singh (Dr.)
86. Buddhism in the Western Himalayan: A Study of the Tabo Monastry / Thakur, Laxman S.
87. Buddhism: Beyond Zoji-La / Jina, Prem Singh (Dr.)
88. Buddhist Art and Antiquities of Himachal Pradesh (Upto 8th Century A.D.) / Handa, O.C.
89. Buddhist Himalaya: Studies in Religion, History and Culture (3 Volumes) / Balikci-Denjongpa, Anna & McKay, Alex (Eds.)
90. Buddhist Himalayas: People, Faith and Nature / Ricard, Matthieu & et. al.
91. Buddhist Monasteries of Himachal, 2nd Edition / Handa, O.C. (Dr.)
92. Buddhist Monasteries of Ladakh / Agrawal, R.C.
93. A Buddhist Paradise: The Murals of Alchi: Western Himalayas / Pal, Pratapaditya
94. Buddhist Western Himalaya, Part 1 - A Politico-Religious History / Handa, O.C.
95. Call of the Divine: An Enduring Himalayan Odyssey / Arundale, Sheela Chandralekha
96. Caravans of the Himalaya / Valli, Eric & Summers, Diane
97. Carrying Enemies on Your Shoulder: Indian Folk Wisdom in Tibet / Flick, Hugh Meredith (Jr.)
98. Cashmere: Kashir That Was / Sapru, S.
99. A Catalogue of Flowering Plants of Doda Kishtwar and Ramban Districts: Kashmir Himalayas / Bhellum, B.L. & Magotra, Rani
100. Central Himalaya: Ecology Environmental Resources and Developments / Maithani, D.D. (Ed.)
101. The Central Himalaya: Socio Economic Profile of Garhwal and Kumaon / Vohra, Gautam
102. Central Himalayas / Sharma, Kadambari (Ed.)
103. Central Himalayas: An Archaeological Linguistic and Cultural Synthesis / Agrawal, D.P. & Kharakwal, J.S.
104. Chamba Himalaya: Amazing Land, Unique Culture / Bharti, K.R.
105. Changing Face of Ladakh Himalaya / Jina, Prem Singh
106. Changing Face of Rural Woman in Himachal Himalayas / Sharma, Vijay Kumar
107. China's Shadow Over Sikkim: The Politics of Intimidation / Bajpai, G.S.
108. Chronicles of the Doon Valley: An Environmental Expose / Thadhani, Prem K.
109. City within a City Vol.1: Jagmandir on Lake Pichola / Mansukhani, Dipti Khera Raju
110. Class, State, and Struggle in Nepal: Writings 1989-1995 / Mikesell, Stephen Lawrence
111. Climate Change and its Ecological Implications for the Western Himalaya / Chopra, V.L.
112. Climate Change in the Himalayas: Preserving the Third Pole for Cooling the Earth / Singh, Vir; Apparusu, Suman K.; Nautiyal, Nanda; Rawat, M.S.S.
113. Climbing and Exploration in the Karakoram Himalayas / Conway, William Martin
114. Cold Deserts of India, 2nd Edition / Negi, S.S.
115. Common Medicinal Plants of Darjeeling and Sikkim Himalaya / Biswas, K.
116. Community-based Biodiversity Conservation in the Himalayas / Gokhale, Yogesh & Negi, Ajeet K. (Eds.)
117. A Comparative Grammar of Tibeto-Himalayan Languages of Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand / Sharma, D.D.
118. A Comprehensive History of Nepal-China Relations up to 1955 A.D.; 2 Volumes / Manandhar, Vijay Kumar
119. Concise Flowers of the Himalayas / Polunin, Oleg & Stainton, Adam
120. A Concise History of the Darjeeling District since 1835 with A Complete Itinerary of Tours in Sikkim and the District / Dozey, E.C.
121. Contemporary Geoscientific Researches in Himalaya; 2 Volumes / Sinha, A.K.
122. Contributions to Himalayan Ecology / Negi, S.S.
123. Contributions to Himalayan Geology, 4 Volumes / Gupta, Viswa Jit (Ed.)
124. Costumes and Ornaments of Chamba / Sharma, Kamal Prashad & Sethi, Surinder Mohan
125. Crafts of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh / Jaitly, Jaya (Ed.)
126. Cultivation of Medicinal Plants and Orchids in Sikkim Himalaya / Sundriyal, R.C. & Sharma, E.
127. Cultural and Political Aspects of Nepal-China Relations / Manandhar, Vijay Kumar
128. Cultural Heritage of Jammu Kashmir & Laddakh; 3 Volumes / Singh, Nagendra Kumar
129. Cultural Heritage of Ladakh Himalaya / Jina, Prem Singh
130. A Cultural History of Ladakh / Shakspo, Nawang Tsering
131. Cultural History of Uttarakhand / Sharma, D.D.
132. Cultural History of Western Trans-Himalayas: Bashahar Kinnaur / Tobdan
133. Cultural, Religious and Economic Life of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh / Sharma, Usha (Ed.)
134. Decision Making in Village Nepal / Miller, Casper J.
135. Demonic Divine: Himalayan Art and Beyond / Linrothe, Rob & Watt, Jeff
136. Der Tschagpori in Lhasa: Medizinhochschule und Kloster / Aschoff, Jurgen C. & Gerl, Robert
137. A Descriptive Grammar of Kinnauri / Sharma, D.D.
138. Destination Himachal / Chaudhry, Minakshi
139. Development of Ladakh Himalaya: Recent Researches / Jina, Prem Singh (Ed.)
140. Development of the Hill Areas / Dobhal, G.L.
141. Development Problems and Prospects of Mizoram / Upadhyaya, K.K.
142. Diary of a Journey Across Tibet: From Leh, Ladakh, to Peking, China, in 1891 and 1892 / Bower, Hamilton
143. Dimensions of Uttaranchal / Agarwal, C.M.
144. Discovering the Himalaya; 2 Volumes / Negi, S.S.
145. Discovery of Kangra: A Political, Historical and Social Perspective of Kangra Region / Katoch, A.C.
146. Divine Presence: Arts of India and the Himalayas / Casey, Jane; Ahuja, Naman Parmeshwar & Weldon, David
147. Divine Support: Ghurras Wooden Churning-Red Holders from Nepal / Sedt, Paul De
148. A Documentary History of Nepalese Quinquennial Missions to China / Manandhar, Vijay Kumar
149. Documents on Sikkim and Bhutan / Sharma, S.K. & Sharma, Usha (Eds.)
150. Dogra Legends of Art and Culture / Jerath, Ashok
151. The Doon Valley Across the Years / Saili, Ganesh (Ed.)
152. Driving Holidays in the Himalayas: Himachal / Singh, Koko
153. Driving Holidays in the Himalayas: Ladakh / Singh, Koko
154. Driving Holidays in the Himalayas: Sikkim / Singh, Koko
155. Driving Holidays in the Himalayas: Uttarakhand / Singh, Koko
156. Driving Holidays in the Himalayas: Zanskar / Singh, Koko
157. Drokpa: Nomads of the Tibetan Plateau and Himalaya / Miller, Daniel J.
158. Drudgery of the Hill Women / Pande, P.N.
159. The Drupka Mystique: Bhutan its 21st Century / Dimri, Jaiwanti
160. Dynamic Himalaya / Valdiya, K.S.
161. Early Man in Eastern Himalayas: North East India and Nepal / Sharma, A.K.
162. Early Man in Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh / Sharma, A.K.
163. Early Wall Painting of Garhwal / Kamboj, B.P.
164. Earthquake Hazard and Large Dams in the Himalaya / Gaur, Vinod K.
165. Eastern Himalayas / Sharma, Kadambari (Ed.)
166. Eastern Himalayas: A Study on Anthropology and Tribalism / Sharma, T.E.
167. Echoes of the Himalayas / Gurung, D.B.
168. Echoing / Ranchan, Som
169. Ecological and Anatomical Marvels of the Himalayan Orchids / Kaushik, Purshotam
170. Ecological Distortions of Kashmir Himalayas / Sagwal, S.S.
171. Ecological Hazards in the Himalayas / Chadha, S.K.
172. Ecology and Agriculture in the Himalayan Region: Problems and Prospects of Agricultural Development in North-Western Himalaya / Hanafi, Yasir Saeed
173. Ecology and Environment in the Himalayas / Gulia, K.S. (Ed.)
174. Ecology, Culture, and Change: Tribal of Sikkim (Himalayas) / Bhasin, Veena
175. Ecology, Economy and Religion of Himalayas / Vidyarthi, L.P. & Jha, Makhan (Eds.)
176. Economic Botany of the Himalayan Regions / Atkinson, E.T.
177. Economic Development of Mizoram / Lianzela
178. Edible Wild Plants of the Himalayas / Badhwar, Rattan Lall & Andez, Robert Richard Fern
179. Education and Society in Ladakh: A Study of the Druk Padma Karpo School / Dasgupta, Rudrani
180. Elements of Nepalese Temple Architecture / Dangol, Purusottam
181. Emergence of Islam in Ladakh / Aabedi, Zain-ul-Aabedin
182. Emotionally Disturbed Adolescents of the Himalaya / Dhoundiyal, V.R.
183. Empowering Darjeeling Hills: An Experience with Darjeeling Gorkha Hills Council / Sarkar, Dilip Kumar & Bhaumik, Dhurbojyoti (Drs.)
184. The Enchanting Himalayas: The Pilgrimage to Lahul Spiti / Maitra, Kiranshankar
185. Encounter with the Himalayan Wildlife / Shrestha, Taj Kumar
186. The Encyclopaedia of Himalayan States; 7 Volumes / Kathuria, Anil
187. Encyclopaedia of Himalayas; 4 Volumes / Sharma, Kadambari (Ed.)
188. Encyclopaedia of Kashmir; 10 Volumes / Sharma, S.K. & Bakshi, S.R. (Eds.)
189. Encyclopaedia of Land and Peoples of Hills; 2 Volumes / Newall, D.J.F. (Maj. Gen.)
190. Encyclopaedia of Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet; 3 Volumes / Kathuria, Anil (Ed.)
191. Encyclopaedia of Sikkim; 2 Volumes / Dutt, Shyamal
192. Encyclopaedic Ethnography of the Himalayan Tribes; 4 Volumes / Bisht, N.S. & Bankoti, T.S. (Eds.)
193. Encyclopedia of Himalayan Medicinal Flora; 3 Volumes / Basu, Shyamal K.; Mitra, Anupama; Pal, Dulal Ch. & Datta, Jayashree (Eds.)
194. An Encyclopedic Study of the Himalayan Hill State: Himachal: The Paradise of India / Sharma, Pramod (Dr.)
195. An Enumeration of the Plant Resources of Shimla Himachal Pradesh in the Northwest Himalayas / Seth, M.K. & Jaswal, Sunil
196. Environment and Sustainable Development in the Himalaya / Negi, S.S.
197. Environment, Development and Social Change in Himalayan Region / Somayaji, Sakarama & Khawas, Vimal (Eds.)
198. Environmental Crisis in India / Chadha, S.K.
199. Environmental Degradation of Jammu and Kashmir Himalayas and their Control / Gupta, Rameshwar Dass & Singh, Sohan
200. Environmental Geomorphology and Watershed Management: A Study from Central Himalayan Watershed / Rawat, M. S.
201. Environmental Health in Garhwal Himalaya / Bisht, Ramila
202. Environmental Impact Assessment and Management / Hosetti, B.B. & et. al. (Eds.)
203. Environmental Problems in the Himalaya / Negi, S.S.
204. Environmental Study in Himalayan Region / Jalal, D.S.; Pant, B.R. & Joshi, R.C.
205. Epic of Mount Everest / Younghusband, Francis
206. Eroding Bufer States: Nepal and Bhutan / Mishra, Arun Kumar
207. Essentials of Tourism / Satyal, Y.R.
208. Ethnobotanical Studies on Trees Shrubs and Climbers of Himalaya / Sood, S.K.; Sharma, Sanjay K.; Kumar, Neelam & Kumar Harish
209. Ethnobotanical Wisdom of Gaddi Tribes in Western Himalaya / Singh, K.K. & Kumar, K.
210. Ethnobotany and Plants of Trans-HImalayas / Chaurasia, Om Prakash et. al.
211. Ethnobotany Himalayan Region / Sood, S.K.; Kharwal, Anjna & Lakhanpal, T.N. & Bhatnagar, A.K.
212. Ethnobotany of Cold Desert Tribes of Lahoul Spiti: New Himalaya / Sood, S.K. & et. al.
213. Ethnobotany of the Heritage Region of Shiwalik Himalaya / Sood, S.K.; Kumar, Suresh; Bassi, Susheel Kumar & Rana, J.C.
214. Everest 1933: The Story of the Mount Everest Expedition of 1933 / Ruttledge, Hugh
215. Everest from the First Attempt to the Final Victory / Morin, Miceline
216. Everest, History of the Himalayan Giant / Mantovani, Roberto
217. Everest: The Challenge / Younghusband, Francis
218. Everest: The Hard Way: The Adventure Story of the Decade / Bonington, Chris
219. The Exiled: Story of the Indigenous Group of People of Kashmir Valley / Koul, Bansi Lal & Pandita, Omkar Nath
220. Expedition to Nepal Valley: The Journal of Captain Kinloch August 26 - October 17, 1767 / Raj, Yogesh
221. Exploration of the Shaksgam Valley and Aghil Ranges 1926 / Mason, Kenneth (Major)
222. Exploring Malana: An Ancient Culture Hidden in the Himalayas / Tobdan
223. Exploring the Hidden Himalaya, 3rd Edition / Mehta, Soli & Kapadia, Harish
224. Exploring the Highlands of Himalaya / Kapadia, Harish
225. Faith Healers in the Himalaya: An Investigation of Traditional Healers and their Festivals in Dholaka District of Nepal / Miller, Casper J.
226. Famous Western Explorers to Ladakh, 2nd Edition / Jina, Prem Singh
227. Fauna of the Himalayas / Atkinson, E.T.
228. Fern Flora of North Western Himalayas: Bibliotheca Pteridologica / Dhir, K.K.
229. The Fight for Everest / Norton, E.F.
230. The Fight for Everest 1924 / Norton, E.F.
231. Fighter Children in Maoist Struggle of Nepal: A Human Right Perspective / Ishshan, M.S.
232. First Collection of Tibetan Historical Inscriptions on Rock and Stone Ladakh Himalaya / Francke, A.H. & Jina, Prem Singh
233. First Over Everest: The Houston Mount Everest Expedition 1933 / Fellowers, P.F. & Other Members of the Expedition
234. Flora of Great Himalayan National Park Himachal Pradesh / Singh, S.K. & Rawat, G.S.
235. Flora of Himalayas: With Special Reference to Kumaon, Nepal and Tibet / Atkinson, J.E.T.
236. Flora of Kullu District: Himachal Pradesh / Dhaliwal, D.S. & Sharma, M.
237. Flora of Ladakh / Kachroo, P.; Sapru, B.L. & Dhar, U.
238. Flora of Ladakh: Western Tibet / Stewart, R.R.
239. Flora of Lahaul-Spiti: A Cold Desert in North West Himalaya / Aswal, B.S. & Mehrotra, B.N.
240. Flora of Nilgiri and Pulney Hill Tops; 3 Volumes / Fyson, P.F.
241. Flora of Sirmaur District (Himachal Pradesh) / Kaur, Harsimerjit & Sharma, M.
242. Flora of the Kuram Valley, Afghanistan / Aitchison, J.E.T.
243. Flora of the Upper Gangetic Plain and of the Adjacent Siwalik and Sub Himalayan Tracts; 3 Volumes (bound in 2) / Duthie, J.F.
244. Flora of Tons Valley, Garhwal Himalaya (Uttaranchal) / Rana, T.S.; Datt, Bhaskar & Rao, R.R.
245. Flora of Upper Liddar Valleys of Kashmir Himalays; 2 Volumes / Sharma, B.M. & Jamwal, P.S.
246. Floriculture in Hills / Raj, Desh
247. Flowering Plants of Himalaya / Smythe, S. Frank
248. Flowers of the Himalayas / Polunin, Oleg & et. al.
249. Flowers of the Himalayas: A Supplement / Stainton, Adam
250. Folk Dances of Chamba: Where every talk is a 'Song' and every step a 'Dance' / Sharma, Kamal Prashad
251. Folk Embroidery of Himachal Pradesh / Aryan, Subhashini
252. Folk Music of the Himalayas / Ghosh, Mandira
253. Folk-Lore and Customs of the Lap Chas of Sikhim / Stock Beauvoir C.De
254. Folklore of Himachal Pradesh / Thakur, M.R.
255. Folktales and Literature of Himalaya / Gulia, K.S.
256. Food Crisis in Nepal: How Mountain Farmers Cope / Adhikari, Jagannath & Bohle, Hans-Georg
257. Food Security in Post Conflict Nepal: Challenges and Opportunities / Upreti, Bishnu Raj; Sharma, Sagar Raj & Paudel, Suman Babu (Eds.)
258. Footloose in the Himalaya / Aitken, Bill
259. Foreign Trade Aid and Development in Nepal / Poudyal, S.R.
260. Foreland Sedimentation in Himalayan Tectonic Regime: A Relook at the Orogenic Process / Raiverman, V.
261. Forest and CPR Management in Eastern Himalayas / Singh, A Ibotombi
262. Forest Flora of Pir Panjal Range: Western Himalaya / Singh, J.B. & Kachroo, P.
263. Forest Futures: Global Representations and Ground Realities in the Himalayas / Linkenbach, Antje
264. Forest Management in Kumaon Himalaya / Rawat, Ajay S.
265. Forestry Handbook of Bhutan / Joshi, S.C.
266. Forests for Whom? Destruction and Restoration in the UP Himalaya / Nanda, Neeru
267. Forests of Himalaya Planning and Development / Diwedi, Anuraj
268. Forests of the Punjab and the Western Himalaya / Cleghom, H.
269. Forests on Fire: Ecology and Policies in the Himalayan Tarai / Rawat, Ajay S.
270. Forests, Forestry and Wildlife in North-East India / Negi, S.S.
271. The Forgotten Gods of Tibet: Early Buddhist Art in the Western Himalayas / Ham, Peter Van & Stirn, Aglaja
272. Forts and Palaces of the Western Himalaya / Jerath, Ashok
273. Four Months Camping in the Himalayas: In Kinnaur, a district of the present Himachal Pradesh in the year 1925 / Sleen, W.G.N. Van Der
274. From Pekin to Sikkim: Through the Ordos, the Gobi Desert, and Tibet / Lesdain, Count De
275. Fungi of Bhutan / Prasher, I.B.
276. G.P. Koirala's Struggle for Democracy in Nepal: A Biography / Parmanand (Dr.)
277. Gaddi Land in CHamba: Its History, Art and Culture / Handa, O.C.
278. Garhwal Himalaya: A Study in Historical Perspective / Rawat, Ajay S.
279. Garhwal Himalaya: Ecology and Environment / Rajwar, G.S.
280. Gazetteer of Naga Hills and Manipur / Allen, B.C.
281. Gazetteer of the Kangra District: (Part I) Kangra 1883-84 / Cunningham, F.
282. Gazetteer of the Kangra District: (Part II to IV) Kulu, Lahul and Spiti 1897 / Diack, A.H.
283. Gazetteer of the Mandi State (1920) / Emerson (I.C.S.)
284. Gazetteer of the Simla District 1904: Punjab District Gazetteers; Volume VIII-A
285. Gazetteer of the Simla Hill States (1910): Punjab States Gazetteer: Volume VIII
286. Gazetteer of the Sirmur State (1934) / Kapur, Kahn Chand
287. Gazetteer of the Suket State: 1927 / Beotra, B.R.
288. Gender Social Change and The Media: Perspectives from Nepal / Schmidt, Johannes Dragsbaek & Berg, Torsten Rodel (Eds.)
289. Gentianacae of North West Himalayas (A Revision) / Garg, Sunita [Dr.]
290. Geo-Ecological Investigations of Jammu Lesser Himalayas / Gupta, Anju
291. Geoecology of Kameng Himalaya / Husain, Zahid
292. Geoenvironmental Hazards in Himalaya: Assessment and Mapping: The Upper Beas Basin / Pandey, Bindhy Wasini
293. Geography and Travels of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh / Sharma, Usha
294. Geography of a Himalayan Kingdom: Bhutan / Bhattacharaya, Anima & et. al. (Eds.)
295. Geography of Jammu: A Regional Analysis / Mir, Ali Mohammed
296. Geological Study of the Himalayan Mountains / Wildford
297. Geology and Tectonics of the Southeastern Ladakh and Karakoram / Jain, A.K. & Singh, Sandeep
298. Geology of Indian Sub Continent: Observations on Minorology, Gypsum Mines and Mountain Formation / Calders, James & Herbert, J.D.
299. Geology of the Western Himalaya / Negi, S.S.
300. Glimpses of Central Himalayas; 2 Volumes / Pant, B.R. & et. al.

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