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1. 50 Old Years of State Finance / Prasad, Kedar Nath
2. Academic Dictionary of Economics / Dixit, Narayan
3. Academic Dictionary of Finance / Dixit, Narayan (Ed.)
4. Academic Foundation's Bulletin on Banking and Finance; Volumes 1-77 (Continuing Series)
5. Academic's Dictionaries of Economics / Krishnamurthy, Shyamala
6. Accelerating Growth and Poverty Reduction / Virmany, Arvind
7. Accounting Management / Singh, U.K. & Dewan, J.M.
8. Adhunik Bhartiya Arthvyavastha; (In Hindi) / Gupta, S.C. (Dr.)
9. Administration of Rural Development: Indian and Comparative Perspective / Arora, R.K. & et. al.
10. Adoption of Farm Mechanization in a Developing Economy / Bhatia, Bhim Sen
11. Adoption of New Technology: Production, Efficiency and Agrarian Relations / Swami, Bhagaban
12. Adult Education and Rural Development / Imam, Ali
13. Advanced Business Economics / Reddy, R. Jayaprakash
14. Advanced Managerial Economics / Joshi, V. Mahesh (Dr.)
15. Advanced Study in Money and Banking: Theory and Policy Relevance in the Indian Economy; 2 Volumes / Khanna, Perminder
16. Advertising and Brand Building: Principles and Case Studies / Pongiannan, K.
17. Ageing and Human Development: Global Perspectives / Modi, I.P. (Ed.)
18. Agenda for improving Governance / Debroy, Bibek (Ed.)
19. An Agenda of Economic Reforms for the States in India / Jugale, V.B.
20. Agrarian Crisis in India / Thakur, A.K. & Kumar, S.
21. Agrarian Economy of Ancient India / Chauhan, Gian Chand
22. The Agrarian System of Moslem India: A Historical Essay with Appendices / Moreland, W.H.
23. Agricultural and Economic Aspects of Tribal Landscapes / Gupta, G.P.
24. Agricultural Banking in India / Dubey, Manish
25. Agricultural Economics / Dash, Mrutyunjay
26. Agricultural Economics / Singh, S.R.
27. Agricultural Growth and Economic Stability / Ranjan, K.V.
28. Agricultural Growth and Regional Economic Development / Roy, Niranjan & et. al.
29. Agricultural Marketing: Perspective and Issues / Singh, L.P. & et. al.
30. Agricultural Production Economics: Analytical Methods and Applications / Palanisami, K.; Paramasivam, P. & Ranganathan, C.R.
31. Agricultural Productivity and Cooperative Credit / Jain, Mahesh K.
32. Agricultural Transformation in a Developing Economy / Kaushik, K.K.
33. Agriculture and Food Economics / Mishra, Mridula
34. Agriculture and Rural Development: A Foretaste / Ahmed, Jaynal Ud-din (Ed.)
35. Agriculture and Rural Development: A Gandhian Perspective / Reddy, K. Venkata
36. Agriculture and Rural Economy / Sahoo, R.K. & Dash, G.
37. Agriculture and the WTO: Creating a Trading System for Development / Ingco, Merlinda D. & Nash, John D. (Eds.)
38. Agriculture Economics / Diwan, Balram S.
39. Agriculture in the Era of Economic Reforms / Bagchi, K.K.
40. Agriculture Location and the Market: Revisiting von Thunen in Indian Context / Singh, Jagtar
41. Agriculture, Rural Banking and Micro Finance in India / Ahmad, Rais
42. Agro-Industries and Economic Development: A Vision for the 21st Century / Misra, B. with Kar, G.C. & Misra, S.N. (Eds.)
43. Air Pollution: Development at What Cost? / Jasrai, Yogesh T. & Arya, Arun (Eds.)
44. The All India Services Manual; 3 Volumes (6th Edition) / Sarkar, S.C.
45. All You Wanted to Know About Filing Income Tax Returns / Lakhotia, R.N. & Lakhotia, Subhash
46. All You Wanted to Know About Income Tax / Lakhotia, R.N. & Lakhotia, Subhash
47. An Alternative Approach to Capital Productivity and Resource Allocation on Indian Railways / Verma, K.B.
48. Alternative Economics / Sharma, J.N.
49. Alternative Economics: Economics of Mahatma Gandhi & Globalisation / Sharma, Jai Narayan
50. Alternative Land Use Systems for Sustainable Production / Mittal, S.P. (Ed.)
51. Ambedkar's Contribution for Economic Planning and Development Its Relevance / Abraham, P.
52. Ambedkar's Role in Economic Planning and Water Policy / Thorat, Sukhadeo
53. Antarrashtriya Arthashastra (International Economics) / Sharma, R.D.
54. Antarrashtriya Vyapar; (in Hindi) / Bagari, Dalchandra
55. Anti-Poverty Programmes in Rural India / Sharma, Neeraj
56. Applied Economics on North-East India / Datta, Kanchan & Mukhopadhyay, Chandan Kumar
57. Arthik Avdharnai avam Paddtiyan; (In Hindi) / Gupta, M.C. (Dr.)
58. Artisan Industry and Rural Development / Narasaiah, M. Lakshmi & Naidu, P.S.
59. Asia: Political Dimensions and Economic Challenge / Sinha, Rameshwar P. & Dandekar, Surya
60. Asian Economic and Financial Integration in Global Framework / Chauhan, Pradeep S.
61. Asian Economic Integration / Thakur, A.K. & Sharma, A.
62. Aspects of Indian History and Culture / Bandyopadhyay, Sudipa Ray; Chaudhuri, Rita & Chakrabarti, Mahua (Eds.)
63. Aspects of Project Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation & Implementation / Singh, K.D. & Nyandemo, S.M.
64. Aspects of Rural Banking / Bhat, N.S.
65. Assam Bhutan Trade Ralations 1865-1949: A Socio Economic Study / Das, Smriti
66. At the Crossroads Essays and Reviews on Contemparary Developments in India / Chopra, S.
67. Balance of Payments: Theory and Policy-The Indian Experience / Karmakar, A.K.
68. Banking and Finance: Perspectives on Reform / Sreekantaradhya, B.S.
69. Banking and Financial Sector Reforms in India / Banerjee, A. & Singh, S.K.
70. Banking Finance and Entreneurship; 2 Volumes / Deolkar, Vivek
71. Banking Future: The Coming Shape of Money and Finance / Padhy, Kishore C. & et. al.
72. Banking in India: Past, Present and Future / Shahi, Ujjwala
73. Banking in the New Millennium: Issues, Challenges and Strategies / Gurusamy, S.
74. Banking Industry in India / Sumathy, M.
75. Banking Reforms and Productivity in India / Tapiawala, Medha P.
76. Banking Reforms in India / Shetty, M.S.
77. Banking Reforms in India: An Evaluative Study of the Performance of Commercial Bnks / Rao, D. Suryachandra (Prof.)
78. Banking Sector Efficiency in Globalised Economy / Kumar, Parmod
79. Banking Sector Reforms: A New Perspective / Uppal, R.K. & Khanna, Neetu
80. Banking System in India: Reforms and Performance Evaluation / Akhtar, S.M. Jawed & Alam, Md. Shabbir
81. Banking System, Frauds and Legal Control / Nainta, R.P.
82. Banking Theory: Essential Readings; 5 Volumes
83. Banking with Technology / Uppal, R.K. (Ed.)
84. Basics of Fisheries Science; 5 Volumes / Badapanda, K.C.
85. Beyond Economic Development / Damle, Jasmine
86. Beyond the Rhetoric: The Economics of India's Look East Policy; Volume 2 / Garare, Frederic & et. al. (Eds.)
87. Bhartiya Rajnaitik Arthshastra (1947-1995) / Sharma, Girish Nandan
88. Bhutan: Society, Polity and Economy / Bhatt, Amitabh
89. Bhutanese Economy: An Overview / Kumar, Vijayesh (Dr.)
90. Bidi Rolling in Rural Development / Somu, Giriappa
91. Big Dams Dilemma / Padaria, R.N.; Singh, R.P. & Singh, Y.P.
92. Big Farmers of Punjab: Social-Economic Profile, Cropping Pattern, Consumption and Investment Pattern, Political Affiliation, Career Plan of Young Generation / Chanian, Jasvir Singh
93. Bihar Agriculture: A Perspective Study / Bansil, P.C.
94. Bihar on Move / Singh, A.S. (Dr.)
95. BIMSTEC-Japan Comprehensive Economic Cooperation: A Step in the Future / Pupphavesa, Wisarn (Ed.)
96. Biotechnology and Development: Challenges and Opportunities for Asia / Chaturvedi, Sachin & Rao, S.R. (Eds.)
97. Biotechnology Policy and Action Plan for Economic Development in the Third World / Sawahel, Wagdy A.
98. The BRICS Report: A Study of Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa with Special Focus on Synergies and Complementarities / BRICS
99. Bride Price: Kanyar Mulyol / Dail, L. & Nath, Jogendra (Drs.)
100. Bridging Imaginations: South Asian Diaspora in Australia / Sarwal, Amit
101. Building Capacities for Sustainable Development / Reddy, G. Narayana
102. Burma: Past and Present: A Factbook / Chandra, Puran
103. Business Economics / Gupta, A.C.
104. Business Economics / Khatarkar, Yashwant
105. Business Environment in India: Some Aspects / Mishra, Bishnupriya & Uppla, R.K. (Ed.)
106. Bycatch Management and the Economics of Discarding / FAO
107. Capacity Utilization in Indian Industry / Chandrasekhar, S.
108. Capital and Labour Redefined: India and the Third World / Bagchi, Amiya Kumar
109. Capital and Productivity in India: Concepts Problems and Estimations / Bhatia, B.P.
110. Capital Budgeting / Bedi, Anjana
111. Capital Formation and Entrepreneurship in Indian Agriculture / Ghosh, A.
112. Capital Market in India: Reforms and Regulations / Raste, Deepak R.
113. Capitalism in the Age of Globalization / Amin, Samir
114. Capitalism, Socialism and Democracy: Combining for Welfare, Justice and Equity / Sankhdher, M.M. & Nagel, Stuart
115. CAT Cracker: Quantitative Aptitude / Gupta, K.R.
116. Census 2001 & Human Development India / Ramachandrudu, G. & Rao, M. Prasada
117. Census of India 1911: Bombay; 2 Volumes / Mead, P.J. & Macgregor, G. Laird
118. Census of India 1931: With Complete Survey of Tribal Life and Systems; 3 Volumes / Hutton, J.H.
119. Census of India: 1931, Central Provinces and Berar, 2 Volumes / Shoobert, W.H.
120. Central Government Budgets in India: An Analysis / Ganguly, S.P.
121. Central Loans to States and Finance Commission / Shandilya, T.K. & Kumar, Abhishek
122. Central Planning: A Case Study of China / Dutta, K.L.
123. Challenge of Sustainable Development: The Indian Dynamics / Sengupta, Ramprasad & Sinha, Anup Kumar (Eds.)
124. Challenges for Development in 21st Century / Ojha, Ruby
125. Challenges of Economic Policy in Manipur: Essay in Honour of Prof. M. Lboton Singh; 2 Volumes / Singh, E. Bijoykumar & Singh, KSH. Jhaljit
126. Challenges of Education in 21st Century / Thakur, A.K. & Patel, M.
127. Changing Face of Poverty and Globalisation / Isser, G.P.
128. Changing India: An Economist's Autobiography / Mahajan, V.S.
129. Changing Social Satisfaction in Rural Bangladesh / Ali, A.F. Iman
130. Child Labour: Problem and Policy Implications / Chhina, S.S.
131. China Rise as Global Power / Singh, S.P. (Prof.)
132. Civil Accounts Manual; 2 Volumes
133. Civil Society and Decentralised Governance: A Perspective in Manipur / Haokip, Sonkhogin
134. Classical Economic Theory / Bhushan, S.
135. Climate Change and Sustainable Development in India / Ahmad, Jamil
136. Climate Change Effects on Agriculture and Economy / Khanna, D.R. et. al. (Eds.)
137. Coal Industry and Labour in India / Sengupta, P.B.
138. Coconut and Economic Development / Yogish, S.N.
139. Colonization and Rehabilitations in andaman and Nicobar Islands / Biswas, Swapan K.
140. Commonwealth's Dictionary of Economic and Financial Management; 3 Volumes / Arora, Parmesh K.
141. A Companion to Economic Geography / Sheppard, Eric & et. al. (Eds.)
142. Comparative Economic Systems: Culture Wealth and Power in the 21st Century / Rosefielde, Steven
143. Compassionate Economy
144. Comprehensive Siwalik Development Straregy / Agrawal, D.K.; Farooque, N.A.; Samal, P.K.; Sharma, S. & Palni, L.M.S.
145. Concise Encyclopaedia of Banking: Law and Practice; 2 Volumes / Thomson, W.
146. Conservation of Documents: Problems and Solutions / Prajapati, C.L.
147. Constraints of Economic Development in North-East India: Problems and Prospects / Saikia, P.D. & Borah, Durgeswar (Eds.)
148. Consumer Behaviour / Pani, Lalata Keshari; Nabi, M.K. & Raut, Kishore C.
149. Consumer Behaviour / Vohra, Munish
150. Consumer Behaviour and Rural Marketing in India / Agrawal, Meenu
151. Consumer Behaviour in Rural Market: Issues and Challenges in Churachandpur District, Manipur / Chiru, Partakson Romun
152. Consumer Grievance Redressal / Arora, Renu
153. Consumer Market and Consumer Behaviour / Singh, H. Ramananda
154. Consumer Movement in India Issues and Problems / Kaptan, Sanjay (Dr.)
155. Consumerism: With Reference to Selected Home Appliances / Seshadri, V.
156. Contemporary Issues in Development Dynamics / Palanithurai, G.
157. Contemporary Issues in Development Economics: Models and Applications / Pal, Prankrishna
158. Contemporary Issues of Indian Economy / Konar, Dhirendra nath
159. Contemporary Research Trends and Culture, Society, Economy and Polity of Manipur / Singh, Aheibam Koireng
160. Contractual Land Agreements: Nature, Factors, Effects, Policy Implications / Siwach, M.K.
161. Control of Population Growth in India / Sarkar, B.N. & Mukhopadhyay, B.K.
162. Co-Operative Banks in India: Functioning and Reforms / Basak, Amit
163. Co-Operatives for Economic Development / Sahoo, Ranjan Kumar
164. Co-operatives in India: History, Problems and Reforms / Agrawal, Babita
165. Copyright Law Economy and Development / Giriappa, Somu
166. Corporate Accounting and Financial Analysis / Pramanik, A.K. & Gurusamy, S. (eds.)
167. Corporate Strategies: New Age Weapons for Excellence / Rao, P. Mohana & et. al.
168. Credit Planning and Management in Indian Banking / Mathur, B.L.
169. Crime and Corruption in Indian Economy / Sen, R.K.; Dasgupta, A. & Dasgupta, M.K.
170. Crisis in India / Oommen, M.A. & et. al.
171. Cultural, Economic and Political History of America / Singh, Adhiraj & Malik, Sumita
172. Cultural, Economic and Political History of China and Japan / Singh, Adhiraj & Malik, Sumita
173. Cultural, Economic and Political History of England / Singh, Adhiraj & Malik, Sumita
174. Cultural, Economic and Political History of Europe / Singh, Adhiraj & Malik, Sumita
175. Currency Convertibility: Indian and Global Experiences / Varma, Sumita
176. Custom Reforms and Modernisation: A Global View / Bagchi, J.K.
177. Dairy Development in the New Millennium: The Second White Revolution / Shrivastava, Mohan Pd. & Singh, Jaishankar
178. Dams and Irrigation / Narasaiah, M.L.
179. Dark Side of the Force: Economic Foundations of Conflict Theory / Hirshleifer, Jack
180. Debt Management in Globalised Asia: Challenges and Options / Gandhi, P. Jegadish & Joseph, M.J.
181. A Decade of Economic Reforms in India / Rao, Narasimha C.
182. Decade of Economic Reforms in India: The Past, The Present the Future / Kapila, Raj & et. al.
183. Decentralisation, Transparency, Social Capital and Development / Islam, Md. Nazrul
184. Decentralised Governance and Participatory Development: Issues Constraints and Prospects / Mohanan, B. (Ed.)
185. Decentralised Planning and Development: New Directions / Banerjee, Amalesh
186. Defence Economics / Dutta, Meena & Sharma, Jai Narain
187. Deforestation and Socio-Economic Environment / Kewlani, Jasleen
188. Democratisation of Water / Thapliyal, B.K.; Sharma, S.S.P.; Ram, P. Shiv & Kumar, U. Hemant (Eds.)
189. Demography Economic Inequality Women and Other Essays / Jugale, V.B.
190. Dependency and Common Property: Resource for Tribal and Rural Poor / Srivastava, H.C. & Chaturvedi, M.K.
191. Devadasi System in India: A Changing Scenario / Nirmalkar, Sanjeev Kumar B.
192. Developing Green Accounting System / Sarkar, Siddhartha
193. Development Agenda of Third World Countries Under the WTO Regime; 2 Volumes / Analil, Stephen (Dr.)
194. Development and Deception: Experiences From Eastern and North-Easter India; 2 Volumes / Deb, Kalipada
195. Development and Democracy in India / Shama, S.D.
196. Development at the Crossroads Impact on Rural Development / Sinha, H.K.
197. Development Communication and Information Economics in the New Millennium / Sondhi, Krishan
198. Development Dialogues of Growing Economics / Jugale, V.B.
199. Development Finance / Nanda, Jayanta K.
200. Development Initiatives in India / Reddy, V. Narayana; Raj, D. Sunder & Singh, M. Romesh (Eds.)
201. Development Issues of the Third World / Ahmad, Ausaf
202. Development Management under Globalization / Biju, M.R.
203. Development of Commercial Banks in India / Singh, Kripa Shankar
204. Development of India's Urban Rural & Regional Planning in 21st Century: Policy Perspective / Bhargava, Gopal
205. The Development of Monetary Theory; 4 Volumes / Hawtey, R.A.; Robertson, D. & Currie, L.
206. Development of Rural Women Entrepreneurship / Gyanmudra (Dr.)
207. Development of Scheduled Tribes in India: Policies and Programmes / Rao, D. Pulla
208. Development Paradigms and Bottom-up Approaches / Jena, K.N. Semwal, M.M. & Chatterjee, Rajesh
209. Development Perspectives: India Contribution of P.R. Brahmananda; 2 Volumes / Sen, R.K. & Chatterjee, B.
210. Development Planning for Minorities: A Study / Tiwari, R.S.
211. Development Priorities in North-East India / Deb, Bimal J. (Ed.)
212. Development Problems and Policies in India: An Appraisal / Satyanarayan, B. (Ed.)
213. Development Problems and Prospects of Mizoram / Upadhyaya, K.K.
214. Development Strategy for the Lakshadweep Islands / Ghosh, A.
215. Development Studies / Maiti, Prasenjit (Ed.)
216. Development Studies in India / Mishra, Bikram Keshri
217. Development Studies: A Reader / Corbridge, Stuart (Ed.)
218. Development Under Transition / Ramachandran, K.S.
219. Development, Deprevation and Human Rights Violation / Katare, P.M. & et. al.
220. Development, Globlization and Women / Kaushik, Asha (Ed.)
221. Development: A Sage of Two Worlds / Nath, V.
222. Developmental Issues in India / Aggarwal, Shivali
223. Developmental Transformation of Urban India: Jnnurm Showcase in the South / Chandran, Deepa
224. Developmentof Small and Meduim enterprises in Asean Countries / Tambunan, Tulus
225. Dictionary of Economics / Chand, S.N.
226. Dictionary of Economics / Ghodke, N.B.
227. A Dictionary of Economics / Kapoor, A.N.; Gupta, V.P. & Gupta, Mohini
228. Dictionary of Economics / Pokriyal, P.K.
229. Dictionary of Economics / Singh, Joginder
230. Dictionary of Economics / Tandon, Veena
231. Dictionary of Economics, Business, Finance and Marketing; 3 Volumes / Yadava, Gangandeo Prasad
232. Dictionary of Environmental Economics / Madhu Raj
233. Dictionary of Finance / Gupta, D.K.
234. Dictionary of International Economics / Korchaka, Olena Y.
235. Dictionary of Social, Economic, and Administrative Terms in South Indian Inscriptiopns; Volume 1 (A-D) / Ramesh, K.V. (Ed.)
236. Dimensions of Development Practice / Joshi, Uma & Bendre, Sonia
237. Dimensions of Economic Development / Gopinathan, P.R. & et. al.
238. Direct Democracy and Village Governance / Kumar, Krishan
239. Disaster Mitigation, Preparedness, Recovery and Response / Sinha, Prabhas Chandra (Ed.)
240. Distribution, Development and Prices, Critical Perspectives / Mariolis, Theodore & Tsoulfidis, Lefteris
241. District Planning for Industrial Development / Rawat D.S.
242. Dr. Abdul Kalam's Futuristic India / Gandhi, P. Jegadish
243. Dr. B.R. Ambedkar: Socio-Economic and Political Ideology / Bakshi, S.R.
244. Dr. Kalam's Pura Model Societal Transformation: Providing Urban Amenities in Rural Areas / Gandhi, P. Jegadish (Ed.)
245. The Dutch East India Company and the Economy of Bengal 1630-1720 / Prakash, Om
246. Duty Entitlement Pass Book Scheme 2002-2002 / Nabhi
247. Dynamics of Development and Planning: Mizoram a Comprehensive Regional Analysis / Kumar, Girindra
248. Dynamics of Development in Gujrat: Some Issues / Hirway, Indira (Ed.)
249. Dynamics of Indian Foreign Policy / Singh, S. (Ed.)
250. Dynamics of Indian Rural Economy: Growth Perspective / Narula, Uma
251. Dynamics of International Relations / Singh, Naunihal
252. Dynamics of International Relations: Moving from International to Global Theory and Issues / Gill, Parmjit Kaur & Sehgal, Sheveta
253. Dynamics of Poverty Alleviation Programmes / Sinha, A.K.
254. Dynamics of Rural Development; 2 Volumes / Das, D.K.
255. E-Banking and E-Commerce / Taneja, Vikas & Parashar, Sakshi
256. E-Banking in India: Challenges and Opportunities / Uppal, R.K. & Jatana, Rimpi (Eds.)
257. E-Business and E-Marketing / Taneja, Vikas & Parashar, Sakshi
258. Ecological Economics and Sustainable Development / Bhatt, S.N.
259. E-Commerce in Indian Banking / Bhasin, T.M.
260. Economic Activities of Children: Dimension Causes and Consequences / Dinesh, B.M.
261. An Economic Analysis of Human Development / Singh, Priyanka
262. Economic and Ecological Dimensions of Livestock Economy / Pasha, Syed Ajmal
263. Economic and Environmental Accounting for Sustainable Development / Sarkar, Siddhartha
264. Economic and Social History of India / Sharma, Prem Kumar
265. Economic Anthropology / Tyagi, Darshna
266. Economic Biology and Vocational Education: A Study of Agriculture and Zoology / Weldon, George P.
267. Economic Causes of Indian Drought / Golahit S.B.
268. Economic Cooperation and Asian Countries / Pal, Prankrishna
269. Economic Development Agriculture and Industrial Growth / Joshi, D.R. & Bajpai, Sandeep
270. Economic Development and Contemporary Geopolitics: The Indian Ocean RIM / Alam, Md. Mukhtar
271. Economic Development and Employment in Sikkim / Chakrabarti, Anjan
272. Economic Development and Environmental Issues / Koli, P.A. (Dr.)
273. Economic Development and Income Distribution / Kumar, A.
274. Economic Development and Non-Commercial Energy in India / Sharma, L.C.
275. Economic Development and Planning / Kumar, Naveen & et. al.
276. Economic Development and Poverty / Vasu, M.
277. Economic Development and Poverty in India / Sen, Bhabesh & Chinara, Mitali
278. Economic Development and Role of Indian Women / Harish
279. Economic Development and Status of Women in India: The Case of Haryana / Madan, Sonu
280. Economic Development and Urbanisation / Sharma, Satish
281. Economic Development in India and China: New Perspectives on Progress and Change / Prime, Penelope B. & Kulkarni, Kishore G. (Eds.)
282. Economic Development in India: Issues and Challenges / Mohanty, Bimal K.
283. Economic Development in Southeast Asia / Kumar, Brajendra (Ed.)
284. Economic Development of Arunachal Pradesh / Bhattacharaya, R.P. (Dr.)
285. Economic Development of Haryana / Singh, Mandeep & Kaur, Harvinder
286. Economic Development of Mizoram / Lianzela
287. Economic Development of North East India / Adhyapok, Prodip Kumar & Saikia, Hemanta
288. Economic Development Perspectives; 10 Volumes / Malik, R.M.
289. Economic Development through Gram Swarojgar Yojana / Shinde, Rajendra Y. (Dr.)
290. Economic Development: Issues and Policies; 2 Volumes / Narayana, N. (Ed.)
291. Economic Developments in India: Analysis, Reports, Policy Documents; Monthly Update, Volume 1-74 (A Continuing Series) / Kapila, Raj & Kapila, Uma (Eds.)
292. Economic Dimension of Indo-Afghan Relations (1947-1983) / Singh, Sucha
293. Economic Dimensions Liberation of Namibia / Pattnaik, Rajat
294. Economic Disparity and Industrial Development: A Case Study of Scheduled Casts of Uttar Pradesh / Verma, N.M.P.
295. Economic Environment of Business / Kumar, Naveen & et. al.
296. An Economic Evaluation of Ceiling Surplus Agricultural Land / Bajpai, A.D.N.
297. Economic Evaluation of Environmental Management Programmes / Murty, M.N.
298. Economic Geography / Bangash, M.A.
299. Economic Geography / Husain, Ahmad [Dr.]
300. Economic Geography / Singh, I. (Ed.)

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