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301. Possibility of Nuclear War in Asia: An Indian Perspective / Pamidi, G.G.
302. Principle and Art of War / Gupta, Ravinder Nath
303. Prisoners of War: The Battle of their Human Rights / Flamingo, Curtis & et. al.
304. The Purpose of Intervention: Changing beliefs about the use of force / Finnemore, Martha
305. Rapproachment Across the Himalayas: Emerging Indo-China Relations in Post Cold War Period (1947-2003) / Mishra, Keshav
306. A Rediscovered History of Gorkhas / Khanduri, Chandra B.
307. Restructuring India's Military: Out of Box Option / Ravi, A.P. (Rear Admiral)
308. Restructuring National Security / Joshi, Ashok (Retd. Lt. Gen.)
309. Restructuring South Asian Security / Saighal, Vinod
310. Revisiting Contemporary South Asia: Politics, Economics and Security / Lange, Klaus; Knapp, Klara & Panda, Jagannath P.
311. The Rise of Indian Military Power: Evalution of An Indian Strategic Culture / Bakshi, G.D. (Maj. Gen.)
312. Roar of the Tiger: An Illustrated History of Operations in Kashmir by 4th Battalion The Kumaon Regiment (4 Kumaon) During 'India-Pakistan War (1965)' / Singh, Brig Jasbir
313. Role Model: A Key to Character Development / Dalvi, Vinay B. (Col. Retd.)
314. Role of Armed Forces in Maintenance of Peace: Special Reference to United Nation Charter / Singh, Rajiv Vikram Gautam (Dr.)
315. Role of Pakistan in India's Energy Security: An Issue Brief / Chaturvedi, A.K.
316. Role of Paramilitary and Central Armed Police Forces in India's National Security / Singh, Rohit
317. Saga of Civil Services / Narain, Yogendra
318. Securing India Assessment of Defence and Security Capabilities / Bhonsle, Rahul K.
319. Securing the Nation: Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) / Dogra, R.S.D.
320. Security and Diplomacy: Essential Documents / Gupta, Arvind & Chaturvedi, Mukul
321. Security and Southeast Asia: Domestic, Regional, and Global Issues / Collins, Alan
322. Security in South Asia: Comprehensive and Cooperative / Banerjee, Dipankar (Maj. Gen.)
323. Security in South Asia: Cross Border Analysis / Mishra, R.C. (Dr.)
324. Security Manual / Benjamin, P.
325. Security Perception and China-India Relations / Li Li
326. Security, Peace and Honour / Khullar, Darshan (Brig.)
327. Select Documents of Indian National Army / Sareen, T.R.
328. Selected Documents on Nuclear Disarmament; 4 Volumes / Gupta, K.R. (Ed.)
329. Shooting Up: Counterinsurgency and the War on Drugs / Felbab-Brown, Vanda
330. Significance of Communication War / Vaidyanath, S.N.
331. Silent Warfare: Managing Nuclear Chemical Biological (WMD) Disasters / Kar, H.K. (Brig.) (Dr.)
332. Society, Culture & Military System / Parmar, L.
333. Soft Power: China's Emerging Strategy in International Politics / Li, Mingjiang (Ed.)
334. The Soldier and the State in India: Nuclear Weapons, Counterinsurgency and the Transformation of Indian Civil-Military Relations / Ray, Ayesha
335. South Asia and Beyond Discourses on Emerging Security Challenges and Concerns / Rizal, Dhurba (Dr.)
336. South Asia Security and China's Security Environment / Sharma, L.K.
337. South Asia: Political, Security and Terrorism Trends / Bhonsle, Rahul K. (Brig.)
338. South Asian Union: Problems, Possibilities and Prospects / Kumar, Ranjit
339. South Asia's Nuclear Security Dilemma: India, Pakistan and China / Dittmer, Lowell (Ed.)
340. Space Security: Need for Global Convergence / Gupta, Arvind; Mallik, Amitav & Lele, Ajey (Eds.)
341. Sri Lanka: Search for Peace / Bansal, Alok; Mayilvaganan, M. & Podder, Sukanya (Eds.)
342. Strategic Himalayas: Republic Nepal and External Powers / Nayak, Nihar R.
343. Strategy in the Second Nuclear Age: Power, Ambition, and the Ultimate Weapon / Yoshihara, Toshi & Holmes, James R.
344. The Strategy Makers thoughts on War and Society from Machiavelli to Clausewitz / Heuser, Beatrice
345. Subedar to field Marshal / Narain, Partap (Maj. Gen.)
346. Successful Technology Armed Forces and the Society / Prashad, Rameshwar
347. Superpower Dominance and Military Aid: A Study of Military Aid to Pakistan / Nayar, B.R.
348. Tactical Nuclear Wepons: Time for Control / Susiluoto, Tania
349. Talibanisation of Pakistan: From 9/11 to 26/11 / Mir, Amir
350. Technological Change and the Future of Warfare / O'Hanlon, Michael
351. Technology and War / Thapa, C.R. (Major) (Retd.)
352. Territorial Army: Future Challenges / Katoch, H. (Lt. Col.)
353. Terror and Containment Perspectives of India's Internal Security / Gill, K.S.P. & Sahni, Ajal (Eds.)
354. Terrorism and Global Disorder / Guelke, Adrian
355. Terrorism in India's North-East: A Gathering Storm; 3 Volumes / Prakash, Ved (Col.)
356. Terrorism Post 9/11: An Indian Perspective / Chari, P.R. & Chandran, Suba (Eds.)
357. The Third Dimension: Air Power in Combating the Maoist Insurgency / Agarwal, A.K. (Gp. Capt.)
358. The Three Images of Ethnic War / Hanlon, Querine
359. Tibet aur Bharat ki Suraksha: Himalaya Kshetra, Sharnarthiyon aur Bharat China Sambandh (in Hindi) / Negi, Uttam
360. Tibet aur Bharat ki Suraksha: Himalaya Kshtra, Sharnathiyo aur Bharat Chin Sambandh (in Hindi) / Negi, Uttam
361. Tibetan Wars through Sikkim, Bhutan and Nepal / Gulati, M.N. (Col.)
362. Tomorrow's War: 21st Century Defence Strategies / Ghosh, C.N.
363. Towards A Nuclear Weapon Free World / Sethi, Manpreet (Ed.)
364. Towards Dominating Indian Ocean / Ballabh, Anand
365. Towards Peace in Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh / Siraj, Majid (Dr.)
366. Transformation in Defence Logistics: Trends and Pointers / Singh, J.V. (Group Capt.)
367. U.S. National Missle Defence Strategy: Policy Documents / Sriwastav, M.P.
368. The Ultimate Book of Explosives, Bombs and IEDs / Asthana, N.C. & Nirmal, Anjali
369. Under the Shadow of Militancy: The Diary of an Unknown Kashmiri / Dhar, Tej N.
370. Undivided India to Bangladesh: Future Ahead / Sen, M.P. (Lt. Col.)
371. United Nations and Nuclear Proliferation / Poulose, T.T.
372. US National Missile Defence Strategy: Policy Documents / Srivastava, M.P.
373. Victory at Any Cost / Currey, Cecil B.
374. A Vision of United India: Problems and Solutions / Reddy, Kittu (Prof.)
375. War 2.0: Irregular Warfare in the Information Age / Rid, Thomas & Hecker, Marc
376. War and Diplomacy / Dorman, Andrew & Kennedy, Greg
377. War History of Indian Army / Prashad, Rameshwar
378. The War on Terror: Reordering the World / Koshy, Ninan
379. Weapons and Military Technology; 2 Volumes / Kumar, Raj (Dr.)
380. Weapons and Warfare though the Ages / Pruthi, R.K. (Dr.)
381. Weapons of Mass Destruction / Sastri, M.N.
382. Weapons of Mass Destruction: The New Face of Warfare / Lele, Chitra
383. Weapons, Wars and Economics / Narain, Partap (Major General) (Retd.)
384. When Generals Failed: The Chinese Invasion (Abdication from Battle: Tawang, Sela and Bomdila - 1962) / Khullar, Brig. Darshan (Retd.)
385. Who Runs Police: Secrets of a Top Cop / Swan, Hans Raj (IPS)
386. Winning at War / Potholm, Christian P.
387. World Viewpoints on National Missile Defence; 2 Volumes / Gupta, K.R. (Ed.)
388. The Writing on the Wall India Checkmates America 2017 / Padmanabhan, General S. (PVSM, AVSM, VSM (Retd.) Former Chief of the Army Staff)

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