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901. Handloom and Handicrafts of Gujarat / Mirza, Villoo & Mallya, Vinutha (Ed.)
902. Hanuman in Art, Culture, Thought and Literature / Nagar, Shanti Lal
903. Harappan Art / Sharma, Deo Prakash
904. Harappan Civilization: Homogeneity and Heterogeneity / Mohan, Vijneshu
905. Harappan Terracotta Art / Sharma, Deo Prakash
906. Hari Smriti: Studies on Art, Archaeology and Indology; 2 Volumes (Papers Presented in Memory of Dr. H. Sarkar) / Banerji, Arundhati (Ed.)
907. Hariprasad Chaurasia: Romance of the Bamboo Reed / Vasudev, Uma
908. Hath-Kaghaz: History of Handmade Paper in South Asia / Konishi, Masatoshi A.
909. Havelis: A Living Tradition of Rajasthan / Jain, Shikha
910. Heaven on Earth: The Universe of Kerala's Guruvayur Temple / Seth, Pepita
911. Hemakuta: Recent Research of Art, Archaeology, Museology, Numismatics and Epigraphy; 2 Volumes / Murthy, A.V. Narasimha; Suresh, K.M.; Poonacha, K.P. & Basavaraj, K.R. (Eds.)
912. Heritage Conservation: Preservation and Restoration of Monuments / Batra, N.L.
913. The Heritage of Buddhist Pala Art / Sharma, Sudhakar
914. Heritage of Matellic Art of Gujrat / Kamala, Swarna
915. Heritage of Rajasthan: Monuments and Archaeological Sites / Meena, B.R.
916. Heritage of Tansa Valley / Sharma, A.K.
917. Heritage: Palaeontological and Iconographical Aspects / Badam, G.L. & Ali, Rahman
918. The Hermit's Hut: Architecture and Asceticism in India / Ashraf, Kazi K.
919. The Hill of Flutes: Life, Love and Poetry in Tribal India: A Portrait of the Santals / Archer, W.G.
920. Himadri Temples: 700-1300 A.D. / Aryan, Subhashini
921. Himalayan Architecture / Bernier, Ronald M.
922. Himalayan Art / Chopra, Swati
923. Himalayan Rock Art / Handa, O.C.
924. Himalayan Traditional Architecture: With special reference to the Western Himalayan Region / Handa, O.C. (Dr.)
925. The Himalayas in Indian Art / Havell, E.B.
926. Himalayas: An Aesthetic Adventure / Pal, Pratapaditya
927. Hindi Chitrapat Evam Sangeet Ka Itihas; (in Hindi) / Vimal (Dr.)
928. Hindi Natak: Itihas Drishti aur Samkaleen Bodh; (in Hindi) / Sharma, Prabhat (Dr.)
929. Hindu Architecture: Silpa-Sastra / Pillai, Govind Krishna
930. Hindu Deities in Thai Art / Gauri Devi
931. Hindu Iconography / Tewari, S.P.
932. Hindu Symbolism and Iconography: A Study / Srivastava, Kamal Shankar
933. The Hindu Temples in Southeast Asia: Their Role in Social, Economic and Political Formations / Sahai, Sachchidanand
934. Hindustani and Persio-Arabian Music: An Indepth, Comparative Study / Kaul, Divya Mansingh
935. Hindustani Kitchen: Recipes of Indo-Pak Cuisine / Saigal, Mohan & et. al.
936. Hindustani Music and the Aesthetic Concept of Form / Mittal, Anjali
937. Hindustani Music Today / Raja, Deepak S.
938. Hindustani Sangeat Mein Holi Gann: Udgam, Vikas-Parampara Aur Vartaman Swarup / Mathur, Neeta
939. Hindustani Sangeet and a Philosopher of Art: Music, Rhythm and Kathak Dance vis-a-vis Aesthetics of Susanne K. Langer / Saxena, Sushil Kumar
940. Hindustani Sangeet: Some Perspectives, Some Performers / Saxena, S.K.
941. Historical Development of Jaina Iconography: A Comprehensive Study / Bhattacharya, A.K.
942. Historical Gurdwaras of Delhi / Pal, M.K.
943. Historical Mela the Abc of India the Art Book and Cinema / Tuli, Neville
944. Historicity of the Mahabharata: Evidence of Literature, Art and Archeology / Lal, B.B.
945. History and Antiquities of Raichur Fort / Sarma, V. Suguna (Dr.)
946. History and Architectural Remains of Sirhind: The Greatest Mughal City on Delhi-Lahore Highway / Parihar, Subhash
947. History and Culture of Tamil Nadu: As Gleaned from the Sanskrit Inscriptions, Vol.1 (Up to C.AD. 1310) / Madhavan, Chitra
948. History and Culture of Tamil Nadu: As Gleaned from the Sanskrit Inscriptions, Vol.2 (C. 1310 - C. 1885 AD) / Madhavan, Chitra
949. History and Heritage of Orchha Bundelkhand / Yadav, Neeta (Dr.)
950. History and Heritage; 3 Volumes / Shukla, S.P.; Bisht, R.S.; Joshi, M.P. & Srivastava, Prashant (Eds.)
951. History Miniature Art and Women: Medieval Deccan 15th-17th Century A.D. / Lavanya, B.
952. A History of Architecture in All Countries; 2 Volumes / Fergusson, J.
953. A History of Architecture in Italy: From the time of Constantine to the Dawn of the Renaissance; 2 Volumes / Cummings, C.A.
954. The History of Art: Contemporary Perspectives / Tripathi, Alok & Gehlot, D.R. (Eds.)
955. A History of Art; 2 Volumes / Carotti, G. (Dr.)
956. A History of Art; 2 Volumes / Cotterill, H.B.
957. History of Buddhist Iconography in Bihar (A.D. 600-1200) / Mishra, Jayadeva
958. History of Fashion Design / Tyagi, Anita
959. History of Indian and Eastern Architecture: Indian Architecture by James Burgess and Eastern Architecture by R. Phene Spiers; 2 Volumes / Fergusson, James
960. History of Indian and Eastern Architecture; 2 Volumes / Fergusson, J.
961. History of Indian Architecture: Buddhist, Jain and Hindu Period / Khan, Sharmin
962. A History of Indian Painting: Pahari Traditions / Chaitanya, Krishna
963. A History of Indian Painting: The Modern Period / Chaitanya, Krishna
964. History of Indian Temple Architecture, Sculpture and Paintings; 2 Volumes / Rani, Madhu (Dr.)
965. History of Indian Theatre / Varadpande, M.L.
966. History of Mathura (c200 BC - AD 300) / Sharma, Aruna
967. History of Mughal Architecture, Vol.3: The Transitional Phase of Colour and Design: c.1605-1627 A.D. / Nath, R.
968. History of Mughal Architecture; Volume 4, Part I / Nath, R.
969. History of Music / Tagore, S.M.
970. History of Tibetan Painting: The Great Tibetan Painters and their Traditions / Jackson, David
971. History, Archaeology and Culture of Narmada Valley / Sharma, R.K. (Ed.)
972. History, Art and Architecture of Jaisalmer / Agarwala, R.A.O.
973. Hockey / Goyal, Subhash K.
974. Hockey Coaching Manual / Arora, Monika
975. Holy Madness: Portraits of Tantric Siddhas / Linrothe, Rob (Ed.)
976. Home Science and Textiles / Agarwal, Mamta
977. Home Textiles / Arora, Aashima & Kapoor, Hemant
978. Honey: As Food, Medicine, Cosmetics and Honey Recipes / Ghosh, G.K. & Ghosh, Shukla
979. Horse and Elephant Armour / Pant, G.N.
980. Hospitality Leisure and Tourism Industries / Kandari, O.P. & Chandra, Ashish
981. Housing Changing Needs and New Directions / Gandotra, Veena; Shukul, Maneesha; Jaju, Neena & Jaiswal Neeraj
982. Humayun's Garden Party: Princes of the House of Timur and Early Mughal Painting / Canby, Sheila
983. The Hundred Thousand Songs: Selections from Milarepa Post-Saint of Tibet / Gordon, Antoinette K.
984. I See No Stranger: Early Sikh Art and Devotion / Goswamy, B.N. & Smith, Caron
985. Iconographic Dictionary of the Indian Religions: Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism / Liebert, Gosta
986. The Iconography of Architectural Plans: A Study of the Influence of Buddhism and Hinduism on Plans of South and Southeast Asia / Bunce, Fredrick W.
987. Iconography of Jaina Deities; 2 Volumes / Nagar, Shanti Lal
988. The Iconography of Ritual of Shiva at Elephanta / Collins, Charles Dillard
989. Iconography of Sadasiva / Sharma, B.N.
990. Iconography of Sakta Divinities; 2 Volumes / Das, H.C.
991. The Iconography of the Brhadisvara Temple by Francoise L'Hernault / Gujral, Lalit M. (Ed.)
992. Iconography of the Buddhist Sculpture of Orissa; 2 Volumes / Donaldson, Thomas Eugene
993. Iconography of the Derge Kanjur and Tanjur / Kolmas, Josef
994. Iconography of the Hindu Temples in Marathwada / Deshmukh, B.S. (Dr.)
995. Iconography of the Thousand Buddhas / Lokesh Chandra
996. Iconography of Tibetan Lamaism / Gordon, Antoinette K.
997. The Iconography of Vaisnava Images in Orissa / Donaldson, Thomas Eugene
998. Iconography of Vishnu from Khajuraho / Suresh, K.M.
999. Iconography, Art, Religion and Culture: Visualizing the Past / Krishnakumari, Myneni (Prof.)
1000. Icons and Sculpture of Early and Medieval Assam / Bhattacharjee, Arun
1001. Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Arts and Industry of all Nations; 2 Volumes / Knight, Charles (Ed.)
1002. The Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Musical Instruments from All Eras and Regions of the World / Abrashev, Bozhidar & Gadjev, Valdimir
1003. Illustrated Library of World Knowledge: Encyclopaedia of Art, Architecture, Literature, Science and Technology; 4 Volumes / Ogilvie, John & Andale, Charles
1004. Images from Vedic Hymns and Rituals / Dange, Sadashiv A.
1005. Images in my Time / Khanna, Krishen
1006. Images of Indian Goddesses: Myths, Meanings and Models / Wangu, Madhu Bazaz
1007. Images of Varahi: An Iconographic Study / Rangarajan, Haripriya
1008. Images, Attributes and Motifs: Studies in Early Indian Art and Numismatics; 2 Volumes / Banerji, Arundhati
1009. Impact of Modernisation on Tribal Costume / Mehta, Sonu
1010. The Imperial Image: Paintings for the Mughal Court / Beach, Milo Cleveland
1011. The Importance of Tone, Tune and Text in Indian Music / Bhattacharya, Debashree (Dr.)
1012. Impressions of Bhutan and Tibetan Art (Tibetan Studies III) / Ardussi, John & Blezer, Henk (Eds.)
1013. Impressions: A Classic Collection of Indian Textile Designs / Prakash, K.
1014. In the Absence of Jagannatha: The Anasara Paintings Replacing the Jagannatha Icon in Puri and South Orissa (India) / Fischer, Eberhard & Pathy, Dinanath
1015. In the Eyes of a Rasika: A Connoisseur's View on Art and Politics Art and Science / Moon, Penderel
1016. In the Kingdom of the Gods: An Artist's Impression of the Emerald Valley / Doig, Desmond
1017. Incredible India: Arrested Movement Sculpture and Painting / Vatsyayan, Kapila
1018. Incredible India: Classical Dances / Mansingh, Sonal
1019. Incredible India: Crafting Nature / Jaitly, Jaya
1020. Incredible India: Cuisines / Pant, Pushpesh
1021. Incredible India: Monuments / Ray, Himanshu Prabha
1022. Incredible India: Traditional Theatres / Prakash, H.S. Shiva
1023. Incredible North India: Folk Cultural Traditions / Pandey, S.P.; Singh, A.K.; Misra, Roli & Pandey, Sanjay
1024. India 20: Conversation With Contemporary Artists / Mehta, Anupa
1025. India and Portugal: Cultural Interactions / Pereira, Jose & et. al.
1026. India for A Billion Reasons / Dasgupta, Amit (Ed.)
1027. India Sutra: On the Magic Trail of Textiles / Ellena, Berenice
1028. India: 150 Years of Photography / Prasannarajan S.
1029. India: A Historical Lila: Auctions of India Modern and Contemporary Paintings, Drawings and Graphic Art / Tuli, Neville
1030. India: A Pageant of Prints / Rohatgi, Pauline & Godrej, Pheroza (Eds.)
1031. India: Changing Visions, Lasting Images; (A Photographic Panorama of Art, Architecture, Landscape & Society During the Raj) / Nawrath, E.A.
1032. India: Public Places, Private Spaces: Contemporary Photography and Video Art / Sinha, Gayatri & Sternberger, Paul
1033. India: The Oldest Surviving Civilization / Bhattacharya, Alok
1034. India: The Spirit of Enterprise / Malik, Ashok
1035. Indian Affairs Annual 2005: Chronology of Events (1 April 2004 to 31 March 2005) 9 Volumes / Gaur, Mahendra (Ed.)
1036. Indian Affairs Annual 2006: Chronology of Events (1 April 2005 to 31 March 2006) 9 Volumes / Gaur, Mahendra (Ed.)
1037. Indian Affairs Annual 2007; 9 Volumes / Gaur, Mahendra
1038. Indian Affairs Annual 2008; 9 Volumes / Sengar, Shailendra
1039. Indian and Central Asian Art: Narrative Interpretations of Unique Fragments / Banerjee, P. & Sarkar, R. Banerjee
1040. Indian and East Asian Art and Iconography / Bhattacharyya, A.K.
1041. The Indian Antiquary: A Journal of Oriental Research in Archaeology, Epigraphy, Ethnology, Geography, History, Folklore, Languages, Literature, Numismatics, Philososphy, religion, etc.; 62 Volumes + Index / Jas, Burgess (Ed.)
1042. Indian Antiquities or Dissertations of Hindostan; 7 Volumes / Maurice, Thomas
1043. Indian Architecture: Hindu, Buddhist and Jain / Sahai, Surendra
1044. Indian Architecture: Hindu, Buddhist, Jain and Islam (3000 B.C.E. to 1750 C.E.) / Murthy, V.L.N.
1045. Indian Architecture: Islamic Period (1192-1857) / Sahai, Surendra
1046. Indian Architecture: Problems in the Interpretation of the 18th & 19th Century Architecture: A Study of Dilkusha Palace of Lucknow / Das, Neeta
1047. Indian Art / Mitter, Partha
1048. Indian Art and Aesthetics: Endeavours in Interpretation / Tiwari, Maruti Nandan & Giri, Kamal (Eds.)
1049. Indian Art at Delhi 1903 / Watt, George
1050. Indian Art Collection: by Several Authors; 22 Volumes
1051. Indian Art History: Changing Perspectives / Dhar, Parul Pandya (Ed.)
1052. Indian Art in Detail / Dallapiccola, Anna Libera
1053. Indian Art of the Gupta Age: From Pre-Classical Roots to the Emergence of Medieval Trends with editorial by Shankar Goyal / Goyal, S.R. & et. al. (Eds.)
1054. The Indian Art of War: The Mahabharata Paradigm (Quest for an Indian Strategic Culture) / Bakshi, G.D. (Brig.)
1055. Indian Art: Forms, Concerns and Development in Historical Perspective / Goswamy, B.N. & Singh, Kavita (Eds.)
1056. Indian Art: Vol.1: A History of Indian Art from the earliest times up to the third century A.D. / Agrawala, Vasudeva S.
1057. Indian Ballet Dancing / Banerjee, Projesh
1058. Indian Beads: History and Technology / Mohanty, R.K. & Thakuria, Tilok
1059. Indian Blankets and Their Makers / James, G.W.
1060. Indian Book Painting: From Jahangir's Album in the State Library in Berlin / Kuhnel, Ernst & Goetz, Hermann
1061. The Indian Buddhist Iconography / Bhattacharyya, Benoytosh
1062. Indian Classical Dances / Narayan, Shovana
1063. Indian Classical Music and Gharana Tradition / Mehta, R.C.
1064. Indian Concept of Rhythm / Sen, A.K.
1065. The Indian Craftsman / Coomaraswamy, Ananda K.
1066. Indian Culture and Art: Continuity and Change, 2 Volumes (Shri R.C. Tripathi Felicitation Volume) / Prasad, Agam (Gen. Ed.)
1067. Indian Culture and Environment Protection / 'Suneela', Sunil Sud (Tr.)
1068. Indian Culture and India's Future / Danino, Michel
1069. Indian Decorative Designs / Aryan, Kamla
1070. Indian Design Edge: Strategic Insights for Success in the Creative Economy / Koshy, Darlie (Dr.)
1071. The Indian Encyclopaedia: Biographical, Historical, Religious, Administrative, Ethnological, Commercial and Scientific; 25 Volumes / Kapoor, Subodh (Ed.)
1072. Indian Erotica / Pande, Alka & et. al.
1073. Indian Fengshui (Vaastu) for American Homes / Hari, A.R.
1074. Indian Folk Bronzes / Aryan, K.C.
1075. Indian Folk Music: Bhawaiya: Ethnomusicological Study / Barma, Sukhbilas (Dr.)
1076. Indian Folklore / Goswami, Indira & Pattanaik, Prakash (Eds.)
1077. Indian Ikat Textiles / Crill, Rosemary
1078. Indian Images of Gods and Goddesses / Sastry, H.Krishna
1079. Indian Influence on the Art of Japan / Biswas, Sampa
1080. Indian Leather 2010 / Amudeswari, A.; Srinivasan, A.V. & Thyagarajan, G.
1081. Indian Miniature Painting / Chakraverty, Anjan
1082. Indian Miniatures: The Library of A. Chester Beatty / Arnold, Sir Thomas W.
1083. Indian Monoliths / Nagar, Shanti Lal
1084. Indian Music / Pingle, Bh. A.
1085. Indian Music and Its Assessment: A Sociological Perspective / Jahan, Ishrat
1086. Indian Music in Professional and Academic Institutions / Chaudhuri, Manjusree (Dr.)
1087. Indian Music Literature: A Compendium / Haroon, Mohammed (Dr.)
1088. Indian Music through Foreign Eyes / Agarwal, V.K.
1089. Indian Music: An Introduction / Mukerji, Bithika
1090. Indian Music: An Introduction / Mukerji, D.P.
1091. Indian Music: Its Origin History and Characteristics / Laxmi, M Vijaya (Ed.)
1092. Indian Music: Scientific and Practical / Prasad, Babu Nanak
1093. Indian Music: The Magic of the Raga / Menon, Raghava R.
1094. Indian Music: Through the Ages / Bandyopadhyaya, S.
1095. Indian Music: Trends and Traditions / Aggarwal, V.K. & et. al.
1096. Indian Orchestra Vadya-Vinda: Origin and Growth / Kaur, Pritam
1097. Indian Painting: A Romance / Prasad, Usha
1098. Indian Painting: The Great Mural Tradition / Seth, Mira
1099. Indian Painting: The Lesser Known Traditions / Dallapiccola, Anna L
1100. Indian Paintings and Drawings / Sharma, O.P.
1101. Indian Paintings in the Sarabhai Foundation / Goswami, B.N.
1102. Indian Performing Arts: A Mosaic / Banerjee, Utpal
1103. Indian Puppets / Ghosh, Sampa & Banerjee, Utpal K.
1104. Indian Response to Drama / Bhatia, Santosh K.
1105. Indian Rock Art and its Global Context / Chakravarty, Kalyan Kumar & Bednarik, Robert G.
1106. Indian Saris: Traditions, Perspectives, Design / Katiyar, Vijai Singh
1107. Indian Sculpture: Ancient, Classical and Mediaeval / Kramrisch, Stella
1108. Indian Soy Cookbook / Reddy, Kavitha
1109. The Indian Stage; 4 Volumes (Bound in 2) / Gupta, Hemendra Nath Das
1110. Indian Temple Architecture: Analysis of Plans, Elevations and Roof Forms; 3 Volumes / Gandotra, Ananya
1111. The Indian Temple Forms in Karnataka Inscriptions and Architecture / Dhaky, M.A.
1112. The Indian Temple Traceries / Dhaky, M.A.
1113. Indian Temples / Khanna, Amar Nath
1114. Indian Temples: Forms and Foundations / Sairam, T.V.
1115. The Indian Theatre / Gupta, Hemendra Nath Das
1116. Indian Theory of Aesthetics / Shastri, P.S. (Prof.)
1117. Indian Tourism Business: A Legal Perspective / Sajnani, Manohar
1118. Indian Tourism Today: Policies and Programmes / Sharma, Shaloo
1119. Indian Vegetarian Cooking: The Quick & Easy Way / Chopra, Veena
1120. India's Dances: Their History, Technique and Repertoire / Massey, Reginald
1121. India's Kathak Dance: Past, Present and Future / Massey, Reginald
1122. India's Popular Culture: Iconic Spaces and Fluid Images / Jain, Jyotindra (Ed.)
1123. Indigenous Characteristics of Mughal Architecture / Nath, R.
1124. Indigenous Modernities: Negotiating Architecture and Urbanism / Hosagrahar, Jyoti
1125. Indo-Greek Jewellery / Chandra, Rai Govind (Dr.)
1126. Indo-Islamic Architecture (Delhi and Agra) / Sharma, Praduman K.
1127. Indological Researches in India: Selected Works of Prof. K.D. Bajpai / Bajpai, S.K. (Dr.)
1128. Indological Studies: Literary and Performing Arts - Prakrit and Apabhramsa Studies; 2 Volumes / Bhayani, H.C.
1129. Indoor Sports / Thani, Yograj
1130. Indus Valley Seals: Navigate Sundarban Tiger / Sengupta, Arputh Rani
1131. Industrial Arts of India / Bhattacharjee, B.K.
1132. The Influence of the Jatakas on Art and Literature / Ahir, D.C.
1133. Information Architecture: A Multidisciplinary Textbook / Sarvanan, T.
1134. Information Needs of Indian Craft Industries / Dalai, Braja Kishor & Das, Kailash Chandra (Drs.)
1135. Inscriptions of the Pallavas / Mahalingam, T.V.
1136. Inscriptions of the Vijayanagara Rulers, Volume V - Part I: Tamil Inscriptions / Subbarayalu, Y. & Rajavelu, S. (Eds.)
1137. Inscriptions of the Vijayanagara Rulers: Inscriptions of the Rulers of the Sangama Dynasty (1336 A.D. - 1485 A.D.); Volume 1 in 5 Parts / Ritti, Shrinivas & Gopal, B.R. (Eds.)
1138. An Inside into Fashion History / Ezkiel, James
1139. Insights into Global Architecture: Trends, Growth and Development / Paul, Abraham
1140. Institutionalised Teaching System of Carnatic Music / Unnikrishnan, T.
1141. Instruments in Hindustani Classical Music / Chakravorty, Sumita (Dr.)
1142. Intellect India: The Vedas, Upanishads, Buddhism, Jainism, Classics, Folklore, Technical Literature, etc. / Macdonell, A.A.
1143. Interaction Between Brahmanical and Buddhist Art / Sharma, R.C. & Ghosal, Pranati (Eds.)
1144. International Encyclopaedia of Dance and Music; 2 Volumes / Kumari, Neetu
1145. International Encyclopaedia of Sports and Games; 4 Volumes / Kumar, Ashok
1146. International Tourism: Changing Patterns / Chawla, Romila
1147. Interval Training for Sprinters (Beginers) / Sisodiya, Aman Singh
1148. Introduction to Bharata's Natyasastra / Rangacharya, Adya
1149. An Introduction to Indian Architecture: Design and Development / Jalote, Raghuvir
1150. Introduction to Indian Art / Coomaraswamy, Ananda K.
1151. Introduction to Sports Training / Narasimham, T.K.
1152. Introduction to the Study of Musical Scales / Danielou, Alain
1153. Introduction to Tourism / Jayapalan, N.
1154. Inventory of Monuments and Sites of National Importance,Volume I, Part-3 / Joshi, J.P.
1155. Invisible City: The Hidden Monuments of Delhi / Jalil, Rakhshanda
1156. Iron Artifacts: History, Metallurgy, Corrosion and Conservation / Narain, Shyam & Jain Kamal K.
1157. The Irrigation and Water Supply System of Vijayanagara / Davison-Jenkins, Dominic J.
1158. Islamic Architecture in India (2nd Edition) / Grover, Satish
1159. Islamic Architecture of Deccan: With Special Emphasis on Rayalaseema Region / Vasantha, R. & Basha, M.A. Mannan
1160. Islamic Architecture of Delhi / Khwaja, G.S. (Ed.)
1161. The Islamic Art and Architecture / Arnold, T.W. (Prof.)
1162. Islamic Sacred Architecture: A Stylistic History / Pereira, Jose
1163. Islamic Tombs in India: The Iconography and Genesis of Their Design / Bunce, Fredrick W.
1164. Jahangir: A Connoisseur of Mughal Art / Srivastava, Sanjeev P.
1165. Jain Murti Kala / Nagar, Shanti Lal
1166. Jain Temples of Rajasthan: Architecture and Iconography (A Thousand Petalled Lotus) / Kumar, Sehdev
1167. Jain Temples: In India and Around the World / Singhvi, L.M.
1168. Jain Vastrapatas: Jain Paintings on Cloth and Paper / Andhare, Shridhar & Bhojak, Laxmanbhai
1169. Jain Wall Painting in Doab Region: With special reference to Saharanpur and Adjoining Areas / Jain, Madhu
1170. Jaina Art / Coomaraswamy, Ananda K.
1171. Jaina Art and Aesthetics / Tiwari, Maruti Nandan Prasad & Sinha, Shanti Swaroop
1172. Jaina Art and Architecture: Northern and Eastern India / Chanchreek, K.L. & Jain, Mahesh (Eds.)
1173. Jaina Art and Architecture: Western and South India and Jaina Bronze in Museums / Chanchreek, K.L. & Jain, Mahesh (Eds.)
1174. Jaina Art in Odisha / Das, H.C.
1175. Jaina Rock-Cut Caves in Western India; 2 Volumes / Shah, Viraj
1176. Jaina Sculptures in Indian and World Museums / Nagar, Shanti Lal
1177. The Jaina Stupa at Mathura: Art and Icons / Porwal, Renuka J. (Dr.)
1178. Jaina: Philosophy, Art and Science in Indian Culture; 2 Volumes / Jain, Dharam Chand & Sharma, R.K. (Eds.)
1179. Jaina: Religion & Art / Sahoo, Ananda Chandra
1180. Jaina-Rupa-Mandana, Vol.1: Jaina Iconography / Shah, Umakant P.
1181. Jainism: Art, Architecture, Literature and Philosophy / Rangarajan, Haripriya; Kamalakar, G. & Reddy, A.K.V.S. (Eds.)
1182. Jaipur Quilts / Hellstrom, Krystyna
1183. Jaisalmer: Art, Architecture and Tourism / Singh, Ranbir
1184. Jaisalmer: Life and Culture of the Indian Desert / Konishi, M.A. & Konishi, Kodai
1185. Jammu Ragamala Paintings / Charak, Sukhdev Singh
1186. Jari Embroidery: A Study of a Traditional Craft and the Craftsmen of Bengal / Mondal, Sekh Rahim
1187. Jatakas in Indian Art / Nagar, Shanti Lal
1188. Jatakas in South Indian Art / Subrahmanyam, B. (Dr.)
1189. Jayantu Kumauniyah: A Play by Smt. Leela Rao Dayal / Kulshreshtha, Sushma & Navlata (Drs.)
1190. Jewellery of Tibet and the Himalayas / Clarke, John
1191. Jewels on the Crescent: Masterpieces of the Prince of Wales Museum of Western India / Desai, Kalpana
1192. Jeypore Enamels / Jacob, S.S. & Hendley, T.H.
1193. Jharokha: An Illustrated Glossary of Indo-Muslim Architecture / Nath, R.
1194. Journey of the Straight Line: An Exposition of Sahni's Drawings and Creativity / Bhatti, S.S. (Dr.)
1195. The Journey Outside to India from North South, East West to the Centre, Madhyam: Forty Years 1958-1998 / Om Prakash
1196. Journeys: Four Generations of Indian Artists in Their Own Words; 2 Volumes / Dalmia, Yashodhara
1197. Judo Coaching Manual / Arora, Monika
1198. Jute Handlooms of India / Saptrashi, L.V.
1199. The Kadambas of Goa and their Inscriptions / Shantakumari, S.L. (Dr.)
1200. Kailasanatha Temple: The Realm of Immortals / Sengupta, Arputha Rani

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