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901. Production Technology of Fruit Crops in Wasteland / Singh, S.P. & Choudhary, M.R.
902. Production Technology of Plantation Crops, Spices, Aromatic and Medicinal Plants, 2nd Edition / Dashora, L.K.; Dashora, Abhay, & Lakhawat, S.S.
903. Production Technology of Spices and Plantation Crops / Shanmugavelu, K.G.; Kumar, N. & Peter, K.V.
904. Production Utilization and Conservation of Forage Crops in India / Bimbraw, Avtar Singh
905. Profitable Organic Farming / Newton, Jon
906. Promoting Horticulture Sector in India: Challenges and Strategies / Bagchi, Kanak Kanti
907. Propagation of Horticultural Crops / Rajan, S. & Markose, B.L.
908. Propagation of Horticultural Plants / Adriance, Guy W. & Brison, Fred R.
909. Propagation of Plants: Fruit Crops, Vegetable Crops, Oil Crops, Cereal Crops, Fibre Crops, Drug Crops, Forest and Avenue Trees, Tree Crops, Ornamental Plants, Misc. Crops / Sharma, V.K. (Dr.)
910. Propagation of Tropical and Subtropical Horticultural Crops (Volume 1) / Bose, T.K.; Mitra, S.K.; Sadhu, M.K.; Das, P.; Sanyal, D. & Parthasarathy, V.A. (Eds.)
911. Prospects of Hitech Agriculture / Giriappa, S.
912. Protected Horticulture / Preethi, T.L.; Aruna, P.; Kumar, S. Muthu & Ponnuswami, V.
913. Pulses / Singh, Guriqbal; Sekhon, Harbhajan Singh & Kolar, Jaspinder Singh (Eds.)
914. Pulses Sugar and Tuber Crops: Genome Mapping and Molecular Breeding in Plants / Kole, Chittaranjan
915. Punjab Today: General Introduction, Physiiography, economic development, HRD, Agricultural Development, Industrial Development, Infrastructure Development / Singh, Mandeep & Kaur, Harvinder
916. Pyrethrum Flowers / Gbadniger, C.B.
917. Quality Declared Seed / FAO
918. Quality Milk Production and Processing Technology / Thompkinson, D.K. & Sabikhi, Latha
919. Quantitative Genetics and Crop Breeding / Thirugnanakumar, S,; Saravanan, K,; Senthilkumar, N.; Anandan, A. & Eswaran, R. (Drs.)
920. Quarantine for Seed: FAO / Mathur, S. B. & Manandhar, H.K.
921. Rainfed Agriculture: Search for Sustainable Livelihood / Thorat, Sukhadeo
922. Rapeseed Mustard at the Doorstep of the New Millennium / Bhatnagr, A.K. (Ed.)
923. Rauvolfia Serpentina; 2 Volumes / Sahu
924. Reading in Agricultural Biotechnology Trends / Singh, Benu
925. Recalcitrant Seeds Causes and Effects / Sivasubramaniam, K.; Raja, K. & Geetha, R.
926. Recent Advances in Developmental Morphology of Crop Plants / Maheshwari, Devi H.; Rao, P.N. & Rao, K.V.H
927. Recent Advances in Plant Nematology / Trivedi, P.C.
928. Recent Trends in Disease Management of Fruits and Seeds / Prasad, M.M.; Singh, B.K. & Prasad, T.
929. The Recent Trends in Horticulture Biotechnology; 2 Volumes / Keshavachandran, Raghunath; Peter, K.V.; Nazeem, P.A.; Girija, D. & John, P.S. (Eds.)
930. Recent Trends in Horticulture in the Himalayas: Integrated Development under the Mission Mode / Jindal, K.K. & Sharma, R.C. (Eds.)
931. Recent Trends in Insect Pest Management / Ignacimuthu, S.; S.J. & Jayaraj, S. (Eds.)
932. Reclamative Soil Science / Plyusnin, I. I.
933. Regulated Agricultural Markets / Saxena, H.M.
934. Relevance of Genetically Modified Plants to Indian Agriculture
935. Reproduction in Cattle / Ball, P.J.H. & Peters, A.R.
936. Reproductive Biotechnology of Farm Animals / Dugwekar, Y.G. (Ed.)
937. Research and Growth in Agriculture Production / Rana, M.S.
938. Research Methodology in Agriculture / Mittal, R.R.
939. Resource Use Efficiency in Indian Agriculture / Takale, D.P.
940. Reuse of Municipal Sewage and Sludge in Agriculture / Shree Ramulu, U.S. (Dr.)
941. Rice and Food Security / Bhatt, B.P.; Ao, M. Alemla; Sahoo, Bhabagrahi. & Amenla, I. (Eds.)
942. Rice Cultivation and Processing / Sharma, Renuka
943. Rice in Indian Perspective; 2 Volumes / Sharma, S.D. & Nayak, B.C. (Eds.)
944. Rice Production, Preservation and Marketing / Mahindru, S.N.
945. Rice Research and Management in India; 2 Parts (bound in one) / Sharma, R.D.; Gahlot, Prashant & Gahlot, Mohit (Eds.)
946. Rice-Fish Integration through Organic Farming / Balachandran, P.V.; Louis, Vimi & Padmakumar, K.G. (Eds.)
947. Risk Spreading Agriculture: An Innovative Way of Agricultural Practices / Sharma, B.L. & Sharma, Pankaj
948. Role of Classical Mutation Breeding in Crop Improvement / Datta, S.K. (Ed.)
949. Role of Indigeneous Germplasm in Improvement of Horticultural Crops / Singh, R.; Ram, H.H. & Tiwari, J.P.
950. The Rose in India / Pal, B.P.
951. Rural Agriculture and Marketing / Verma, S.B.; Jiloka, S.K. & Mandal, B.
952. Rural and Agrarian Social Structure of Nepal / Yadav, Sohan R.
953. Rural Banking and Agricultural Finance in India: Promise and Reality / Roy, Durgadas
954. Rural Development in Post-Colonial Era / Dwivedi, Amit Kumar; Singh, K. Harnam & Rao, Nagraj (Eds.)
955. Rural Development through Land Reforms / Agnihotri, S.K.
956. Rural Development: Major Issues in Agricultural Management / Saurath, Vivek
957. Rural Empowerment through Agro-Based Industries / Yadav, B.S. & Rana, Sachi
958. Rural Empowerment Through Cooperatives / Yadav, B.S. & Tabasum, Kaynat (Dr.)
959. Rural Entrepreneurship Development in Liberalised Era / Dwivedi, Amit Kumar & Sukhwal, Anita
960. Rural Infrastructure: Irrigation / Verma, Sawalia Bihari; Thrambakam, Potukuchi & Lahori, Sharad
961. Rural Management / Verma, S.B.
962. Rural Management in Post-Reform Era / Rao, K. Nagaraja; Singh, Harnam & Sukhwal, Anita (Eds.)
963. Rural Market and Agricultural Marketing / Chakraborty, Kiran Sankar
964. Rural Non-Farm Growth: Sign of Farm Success or Failure? / Rao, M. Prasad (Dr.)
965. Sabjiyo Kee Utpadan Prodhogiki (in Hindi) / Arora, S.K. & et. al.
966. Safed Musli: A White Gold / Manjunatha, Gondi; Tyagi, Sanjay Kumar & Srinivasan, K.
967. Safety and Working Procedures in Food Analysis Laboratory / Jha, Shyam N. & Kumar, Yogesh
968. Salt Tolerance of Crops and Plants Metabolism in Saline Substrate: An Annotated Bibliography / Maliwal, G.L.
969. Sanskrit Krishi Shastra / Sharma, Neeraj (Dr.)
970. Scenario of Agriculture in Andhra Pradesh / Rao, I.V.Y. Rama & Raju, V.T.
971. Science of Tea Technology / Ahuja, P.S.; Gulati, Arvind; Singh, R.D.; Sud, R.K. & Boruah, R.C.
972. Scientific Cultivation of Mushroom / Chauhan, Nikulsinh M.; Gajre, Nirav; Prajapati, Viral P.
973. Scientific Horticulture; Volume 2-10 / Singh, S.P. (Ed.)
974. Scientific Management of Arecanut Gardens / Singh, S.P.
975. Scientific Turkey Farming / Thyagarajan, D. & Ashok, A.
976. Seaweeds of Indian Coast / Sahoo, Dinabandhu; Debasish & Nivedita
977. Seed Borne Diseases: Ecofriendly Management / Arya, Arun & Monaco, Cecilia
978. Seed Economics / Karanth, Apoorva
979. Seed Management / Kumar, Ashok
980. Seed Production of Agricultural Crops / Kelly, A. Fenwick
981. Seed Production of Commercial Vegetables / Sreenivas, Y.S.
982. Seed Science and Seed Technology / Shagufta
983. Seed Science and Technology / Van Gastel, A.J.G.; Pagnotta, M.A. & Porceddu, E. (Eds.)
984. Seed Spices Production, Quality Export / Agrawal, S.
985. Seed Storage of Horticultural Crops / Doijode, S.D.
986. Seed Technology (2nd Edition) / Khare, Dhirendra & Bhale, Mohan S.
987. Seed Technology and Seed Pathology / Singh, Tribhuwan et. al.
988. Seed Technology and Seed Pathology / Sreenivas, Y.S.
989. Seed Technology and Seed Pathology / Suri, Shalini
990. Seed Testing / Singh, Gurnam (Ed.)
991. Seed-Borne Diseases Objectionable in Seed Production and Their Management / Bhale, M.S.; Khare, D.; Raut, N.D. & Singh, D.
992. Seedlings of Some Tropical Trees and Shrubs Mainly of South-East Asia / Burger, Hzn. D.
993. Seeds, Bioregulants and Applied Plant Biotechnology / Bora, K.K.
994. Seeds: Their Preservation and Longevity / Barton, L.V.
995. Selected Formulary Handbook / NPCS
996. Sericultural Entomology / Singh, R.N. & Saratchandra, B. (Drs.)
997. Sericulture / Reddy R. & Shankar, J.P.A.
998. Sericulture / Venkatanarasaiah, P.
999. Sericulture and Pest Management / Sathe, T.V. & et. al.
1000. Sericulture and Rural Development / Rani, G Sandhya
1001. Sericulture Extention: Principles and Management / Singh, Tribhuwan; Bhat, Madan Mohan & Khan, Mohammad Ashraf
1002. Sericulture in India; 4 Volumes / Agrawal, H.O. & Seth, M.K.
1003. Sericulture Manual / Patnaik, R. K.
1004. Sheaf of Development Issues: Women, Agriculture, Human Resources / Eunice, B. Lilly Grace
1005. Sheep Production / Bhat, P.N. & Arora, CL
1006. Shifting Agriculture in Asia: Implications for Environmental Conservationand Sustainable Livelihood / Saxena, K.G.; Liang, L.; Rerkasem, K. (Eds.)
1007. Shifting Cultivation in South-Eastern Asia / Spencer, J.E.
1008. Shifting Cultivation: In Search of Alternatives / Acharyya, Ratan Krishna; Bera, Gautam Kumar & Choudhury, Jayanta (Eds.)
1009. Shoot Feeding and Sericultural Trends / Sathe, T. V. & Thite, S.H.
1010. Silk Reeling and Testing Manual / Lee, Yong Woo
1011. Silk Worm Crops / Chakravorty, D. & Pandey, P.N.
1012. Simulation and Systems Management in Crop Protection / Rabbinge, R.; Ward, S.A. & Van Laar, H.H.
1013. Simulation of Eco-Physiological Process and Growth in Several Annual Crops / Penning De V.F.W.T., Janson & et. al.
1014. Skills for Agricultural Scientists / Gupta, R.
1015. Small Scale Poultry Processing / FAO
1016. Small-Scale Livelihoods and Natural Resource Management in Marginal Areas of Monsoon Asia / Saxena, K.G.; Liang, L.; Kono, Y. & Miyata, S. (Eds.)
1017. Social Justice and Agricultural Planning / Sharma, R.N.
1018. Social Structure and Fertility Behaviour / Sharma, Satish K. & Niranjna
1019. Socio-Biography of Sugarcane Harvesting Labourers / Gaikwad, J.H. & Khalache, P.G. (Drs.)
1020. Socio-Economic Scenario of Agricultural Labourers / Punam
1021. Sociology of Changing Agrarian Society / Raghunath, K.K.
1022. Soil and Plant Analysis Laboratory Manual (2nd Edition) / Ryan, John; Estefan, George & Rashid, Abdul
1023. Soil and Water Conservation / Shagufta
1024. Soil Biodiversity: Inventory, Functions and Management / Saxena, K.G. & Rao, K.S.
1025. Soil Chemistry / Puri, Sriniwas (Dr.)
1026. Soil Conditions and Plant Growth / Russell, E. John & Russell, E. Walter
1027. Soil Conservation / Gaurav, S.S. & Parker, David
1028. Soil Conservation / Negi, S.S.
1029. Soil Conservation and Land Management / Datta, S.K.
1030. Soil Conservation and Management in the Humid Tropics / Greenland, D.J. & Lal, R.
1031. Soil Conservation for Sustainable Agriculture / Bennett, Hough Hammond
1032. Soil Conservation: Problems and Prospects / Morgan, R.P.C.
1033. Soil Dynamics in Tillage and Traction / Gill, W.R. & Berg, Vanden G.E.
1034. Soil Ecology and Management / Richards, C & Gaurav, S.S.
1035. Soil Fertility / Gaurav, S.S. & Parker, David
1036. Soil Fertility / Millar, Charles Ernest
1037. Soil Fertility / Shagufta
1038. Soil Fertility, Fertilizer and Intergrated Nutrient Management / Kashyap, Ravinder Kumar
1039. Soil Management and Organic Farming / Panda, S.C.
1040. Soil Microflora / Gupta, Rajan Kumar; Kumar, Mukesh & Vyas, Deepak
1041. Soil Physical Measurement and Interpretation for Land Evaluation / Mckenzie, Neil
1042. Soil Physical Properities and Crop Production in the Tropics / Lal, Ratan. & Greenland, D.J.
1043. Soil Quality and Contamination / 'Bharti', Pawan Kumar & Chauhan, Avnish
1044. Soil Salinity Assessment: Methods and Interpretation of Electrical Conductivity Measurements / Rhoades, J.D. & et. al.
1045. Soil Science / Srivastava, M.L.
1046. Soil Science: Dynamics of Erosion / Thakore, Sanat
1047. Soil Survey Laboratory Methods Manual / USDA
1048. Soil Survey Manual / USDA
1049. Soil, Plant, Water and Fertilizer Analysis / Shagufta
1050. Soils: Their Origin Constitution and Classification / Robinson, Gilbert Wooding
1051. Some Aspects of Agricultural Credit in a Developing Economy / Chaudhuri, Sarbajit
1052. Spices / Manindru, S.N.
1053. Spices / Nybe, E.V.; Raj, Mini N. & Peter, K.V.
1054. Spices / Ridley, H.N.
1055. Spices and Condiments (5th Edition) / Pruthi, J.S.
1056. Spices and Condiments: Origin, History and Applications / Patil, D.A. & Dhale, D.A.
1057. Spices: Cultivation and Uses / Thomas, R.P.
1058. Spices: The Elixir of Life / De, Amit Krishna (Ed.)
1059. Spices: Their Cultivation and Post-Harvest Management / Das, S.N.
1060. The Spirit of Beautiful Trees / Raju, R.A.
1061. Stagnation Retrograde Change or Positive Progress? Vignettes from the journey of the OBC Communities in the Process of Change in India / Verma, H.S. & Hasnain, Nadeem (Eds.)
1062. The Standard Cyclopaedia of Modern Agriculture and Rural Economy; 12 Volumes / Wright, Sir Robert P.
1063. The Standard Encyclopaedia of Modern Agriculture and Rural Economy; 12 Volumes / Wright, R. Patrick
1064. Standard Methods for Analysis of Soil Plant and Water / Gupta, I.C.; Yaduvanshi, N.P.S. & Gupta, S.K.
1065. State of the Indian Farmer: A Millennium Study; 27 Volumes with CD / Alagh, Yoginder K. & et. al. (Eds.)
1066. Statistical Methods for Agricultural Workers / Singh, S.R.J. (Dr.)
1067. Storage of Cereal Grains and their Products / Anderson, J.A. & Alcock, A.W.
1068. Storage of Potatoes: Post-Harvest Behaviour Store Design, Storage Practice Handling / Rastovski, A. & Van Es, A.
1069. Strategic Linkages in Rural Diversification / Saleth, R. Maria
1070. The Strategy of Food and Agriculture in India / Duggal, K. & Bajpai, Sandeep
1071. Studies in Agricultural Investments and Rural Savings / Dhawan, B.D.
1072. Studies in Important Plants in India / Nautiyal, K.P.
1073. Studies in Minor Irrigation-With Special Reference to Ground Water / Dhawan, B.D.
1074. Studies in Traditional and Modern Irrigated Agriculture / Dhawan, B.D.
1075. A Study of Resource Transfer From Agriculture / Joshi, G.N.
1076. Successful Poultry Management / Jull, Morley Allan
1077. Sugarcane Production Research in India (1912-2000) / Verma, R.S. (Dr.)
1078. Sugarcane Production Technology in India / Verma, R.S. (Dr.)
1079. Suicides Among Farmers / Rao, R.M. Mohan
1080. A Survey on India Agriculture / Bajpai, Sandeep
1081. Surveying for Agricultural Students and Planters / Stewart, Frederick R. & Grassie, James C.
1082. Sustainabe Agriculture: Issues in Production Management Agronomy and ICT Applications / Bandyopadhyay, A.; Sundaram, K.V.; Moni, M.; Kundu, P.S. & Jha, Mrityunjay M. (Eds.)
1083. Sustainable Agriculture / Umrani, Ramesh & Jain, C.K.
1084. Sustainable Agriculture for Food Bioenergy and Livelihood Security / Behl, R.K. & et. al.
1085. Sustainable Agriculture, Food Security and Climate Change / Chand, Subhash; Singh, Lal & Singh, Parmeet
1086. Sustainable Agriculture, Poverty and Food Security: Agenda for Asian Economics; 2 Volumes / Acharya, S.S. & et. al.
1087. Sustainable Agriculture: Status and Prospect / Kalla, P.N. & Singh, Anita & Pareek, S.S. & Sharma, Shanti K. & Ram, Hanuman
1088. Sustainable Crop Production Under Stress Environments / Maloo, S.R.
1089. Sustainable Dairy Farming: An Overview / Sethumadhavan, T.P.
1090. Sustainable Development of Dryland Agriculture in India / Singh, R.P. (Ed.)
1091. Sustainable Development of Hill Area by Tea Cultivation: A Study in the Nilgiris District / Pranesh, M.B.
1092. Sustainable Development: Issues and Consideration / Tripathi, Pratyush Mani
1093. Sustainable Development: Opportunities and Challenges / Dayanandan, R.
1094. Sustainable Food Security / Jain, P.K.; Hansra, B.S.; Chakraborty, K.S. & Kurup, Jayashree M.
1095. Sustainable Land Resource Management in Himalayan Region: Land Degradation, Water Management, Soil Fertility and Organic Farming / Raina, J.N.; Sharma, I.P.; Bawa, R. & Tripathi, D.
1096. Sustainable Organic Agriculture / Modi, H.A.
1097. Sustaining River Linking / Jauhari, V.P.
1098. Synonyms and Acronyms in Agriculture and Forestry / Pillai, O. Anchanam Alagia
1099. Systematic Enumeration of Species Calmus and Daemonorops of New Ones / Beccari, O.
1100. Tank Irrigation and Agricultural Development / Chiranjeevulu, P.
1101. Taxonomy; 4 Volumes / Johri, R.M.
1102. Tea Cultivation: Comprehensive Treatise / Hajra, N. Ghosh
1103. Teak: Ecology, Silviculture, Management and Profitability / Bebarta, K.C.
1104. Technical Crops: Genome Mapping and Molecular Breeding in Plants / Kole, Chittaranjan (Ed.)
1105. Techniques and Management of Field Crop Production / Rathore, P.S. (Ed.)
1106. Techniques in Host Plant Resistance to Insects / Chakravarthy, A.K.; Shashank, P.R.; Chandrasekhara & Doddabasappa, B.
1107. Technological Change in Indian Agriculture / Sharma
1108. Technological Change in Indian Irrigated Agriculture: A Study of Water Saving Methods / Dhawan, B.D.
1109. Technologies for Food Security and Sustainable Agriculture / Singh, Pratap & Maliwal, P.L.
1110. Technology Integration thorugh Agroecosystem Anlaysis Using Participatory Approaches / Jamal, Shagufta & Arya, H.P.S.
1111. Technology Intregation through Agro-Eco System Analysis: Using Participatory Approaches / Jamal, Shagufta & Arya, H.P.S.
1112. Temperate Horticulture: Current Scenario / Kishore, D.K.; Sharma, Satish K. & Pramanick, Kallol K. (Eds.)
1113. Tenancy Reform and Agricultural Development / Joshi, G.V.
1114. Tenancy Relations in Backward Agriculture / Puri, Pravat Kumar
1115. Testing and Evaluation of Agricultural Machinery / Mehta, M.L.; Verma, S.R.; Mishra, S.K. & Sharma, V.K.
1116. A Text Book of Silviculture / Dwivedi, A.P.
1117. A Textbook of Agriculture Statistics / Singh, S.R.J. (Dr.)
1118. A Textbook of AgroEcology / Waite, Steve
1119. Textbook of Agronomy / Saxena, Sandeep
1120. A Textbook of Animal Husbandry (8th Edition) / Banerjee, G.C.
1121. Textbook of General Horticulture / Schilletter, J.C. & Richey, H.W.
1122. Theories of Share Cropping: Evidence from North-East India / Dutta, Bijit Kumar
1123. Theory and Practice of Integrated Pest Management / Arora, Ramesh; Singh, Balwinder & Dhawan, A.K.
1124. Theory and Practice of Silviculture System / Ram Parkash & Khanna, L.S.
1125. Therapeutic Gardening / Sasmitha, R. & Arunachalam, R.
1126. Thrips: Their Biology and Control / Anantkrishna
1127. The Tiger Hunters / Burton, R.G.
1128. Towards Sustainable Agriculture in the New Millennium / Jana, Balai Lal
1129. Tqm in the Service Sector / Mohanty, R.P. & et. al.
1130. Trade Liberalisation, WTO and Indian Agriculture / Chand, Ramesh
1131. Trade Liberalization and Indian Agriculture / Bathla, Seema
1132. Traditional Agricultural and Water Technologies of the Thar / Jhunjhunwala, Bharat
1133. Traditional Agricultural and Water Technologies of Western Rajasthan / Jhunjhunwala, Bharat
1134. Traditional Organic Techniques for Indoor Garden / Chauhan, R.K.
1135. Training for Agriculture and Rural Development 1997-98 / FAO
1136. Transgenic Animals in Agriculture / Murray, J.D.; Anderson, G.B.; Oberbauer, A.M. & Mcgloughlin, M.M. (Eds.)
1137. Transgenic Crops / Sharma Renuka
1138. A Treatise on Integrated Pest Management / Sivasubramanian, P.; Samiayyan, K.; Ganapathy, N.; Bhuvaneshwari, K. & Jayaprabhavathi, S.
1139. Tree Farming / Singh, S.P.
1140. Trees on Marginal Lands: Afforestation Techniques and Systems / Sagwal, Sewa S.
1141. Trends and New Tendencies in Indian Irrigated Agriculture / Dhawan, B.D.
1142. Trends in Agrarian Structure in the Hills of North-East India / Behera, M.C. & Roy, N.C. (Eds.)
1143. Trends in Agricultural Insect Pest Management / Dhaliwal, G.S. & Arora, Ramesh
1144. Trends in Livestock Research / Kaushish, S.K.
1145. Trends in Organic Farming in India / Purohit, S.S. & Gehlot, Dushyent (Eds.)
1146. Tribal Agriculture and Animal Husbandry / Thakur, Devendra & Thakur, D.N.
1147. Tribal Agriculture and Modernization: The Change and Continuity / Paul, Sujit Kumar
1148. Tribal Farmers and New Agricultural Technology / Ghosh, Bhola Nath
1149. Tropical Agricultural Hydrology Watershed Management and Land Use / Lal, R. & Russell, E.W.
1150. Tropical Forest Eco-System Soil Fauna in Sub-Tropics / Bahuguna, V.K.
1151. Tropical Forested Watersheds: Hydrologic & Soils Response to Major Uses of Conservation / Hamilton, L.S. & King, P.N.
1152. Tropical Silviculture: New Imperatives: New Systems / Lal, J.B.
1153. Tropical Tasar Culture in India / Mohanty, P.K.
1154. Tropical Vegetable Production / Hussain, G. Jahir
1155. Tuber and Root Crops / Palaniswami, M.S. & Peter K.V.
1156. Understanding of Plant and Crop Physiology / Chandoliya, C.S. & Suri, Vaibhav
1157. Underutilized and Underexploited Horticultural Crops: Volume 1 / Peter, K.V. (Ed.)
1158. Unionisation and Politicisation of Peasants and Agricultural Labourers in India / George, Jose
1159. Upvan Vinod (with Chandrika Ct.) (Sanskrit text with Hindi translation) / Bahura, G.N. & Singh, Chandramani (Eds.)
1160. Use of ICTs in Agriculture Extension / Chauhan, Nikulsinh M.
1161. Use of Saline Water in Agriculture / Gupta, I.C. & Gupta, S.K.
1162. Utilization of Wastewater in Agriculture and Aquaculture / Kaul, S.N.; Juwarkar, A.S.; Kulkarni, V.S.; Nandy, T.; Szpyrkowicz, L. & Trivedy, R.K.
1163. Uttarakhand Update: A Statistical Profile for Development Planning / Joshi, A.; Garia, P.S. & Hasnain, I.
1164. Uttaranchal Kee Krishi Jaiv-Vividhta evam Tatsambandhi Kuch Jankariya; (in Hindi) / Pande, P.C. & Pande, H.C.
1165. Uttaranchal ki Parmukh Jadi Butiya aur Unki Jaivik Kheti: Devbhumi ki Divya Aushidhiya (in Hindi) / Joshi, Pramod
1166. Uttaranchal: Environment and Development: A Geo-Ecological Overview / Joshi, S.C.
1167. The Valley of Flowers: Myth and Reality / Kala, Chandra Prakash (Dr.)
1168. Value Addition and Quality Issues in Agriculture and Allied Areas: Techniques and Challenges / Adhikary, M.M.; Acharya, S.K. & Basu, D.
1169. Van Rheede's Hartus Malabaricus: English Edition with Annotations and Modern Botanical Nomenclature; 12 Volumes / Matilal, K.S.
1170. Varieties of Horticulture Crops / Thapa, U.; Sharangi, A.B. & Pal, A.K.
1171. Vegetable and Crop Production / Shagufta
1172. Vegetable and Fruit Production / Singh, Kalyan
1173. Vegetable Crops / Gopalakrishnan, T.R. & Peter, K.V. (Eds.)
1174. Vegetable Crops; 3 Volumes / Bose, T.K.; Kabir, J.; Maity, T.K.; Parthasarathy, V.A. & Some, M.G. (Eds.)
1175. Vegetable Gardening / Cooper, W E Shewell
1176. Vegetable Gums and Resins / Howes, F.N.
1177. Vegetables: Genome Mapping and Molecular Breeding in Plants / Chittaranjan, Kole
1178. Vegetation Studies of Goa: Close to Mining Site / Torne, S.G. & Nyabuto, H.N.
1179. Vermicomposting for Sustainable Agriculture / Gupta, P.K.
1180. Vermiculture and Organic Farming / Sathe, Tukaram Vithatran
1181. Village Information System: Innovation of Natural Infrastructure: Volume 1 / Yadav, H.R.
1182. Virus Diseases of Citrus and Management / Ahlawat, Y.S.
1183. Viruses of Potatoes and Seed-Potato Production / Bokx, J.A.De. & Van der Want, J.P.H.
1184. Vrikshayurvedic Farming: The Traditional Indian Agricuture / Swaminathan, C. & Nandhakumar, M.R.
1185. Warehouse Construction: Design and Storage / Verma, A.K.
1186. Waste Management / Srivastva, M.L.
1187. The Waste Products of Agriculture / Howard, A.
1188. Water Measurement Manual: A Guide to Effective Water Measurement Practices for Better Water Management / United States Department of the Interior
1189. Water of India: Quality and Quantity / Ghosh, G.K.
1190. Water Quality: Impact Analysis / Shukla, S.K. & Srivastava, P.R.
1191. Water Resources Development and Management / Chandrasekharan, H.; Sharma, R.K. & Sundaram, K.V.
1192. Water Resources Management / Bhat, Saligram (Prof.)
1193. Water Resources Management and Sustainable Agriculture / Khan, M.A.
1194. Water Resources: Planning and Development / Shukla, S.K. & Srivastava, P.R.
1195. Watershed and Drainage / Deep, Drick
1196. Weed Management / Pawar, R.K.
1197. Weed Management / Rammoorthy, K. & Subbian, P.
1198. Weed Management: Principles and Practice / Gupta, O.P.
1199. Weed Risk Assessment / Groves, R.H.
1200. Weed Science: Principles and Applications (3rd Edition) / Anderson, Wood Powell

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