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301. The New English-Tibetan Dictionary
302. New Horizons of Indological Research / Adat, Dharmraja
303. The New Light English-Tibetan Dictionary / Dhongthog, T.G.
304. The New Tibetan-English Dictionary of Modern Tibetan / Goldstein, Melvyn C. (Ed.)
305. Origin and Development of Buddhism in India: Collection of Articles from the Indian Antiquary / Mittal, P. & Dua, Geeta
306. Original Buddhist Sources: A Reader / Olson, Carl (Ed.)
307. Pakistan: A Mullah-Military Enterprise Unlimited / Joshi, P.C.
308. Pali Grammar / Muller, Edward
309. Pali Language / Muller, Edward
310. Pali Language and Literature: A Systematic Survey and Historical Study; 2 Volumes / Hazra, Kanai Lal
311. Pali: A Grammar of the Language of the Theravada Tipitaka / Oberlies, Thomas
312. Pali-English Dictionary / Mahathera, A.P. Buddhadatta
313. Pali-Hindi Dictionary; Vol.1, Part 1 (a - ahosi) / Panth, Ravindra (Chief Ed.)
314. Pali-Mahavyakaran / Kashyap, Bhikshu Jagdish
315. Pali-Vyakaran / Pandey, Ramavadh & Mishra, Ravinath
316. Paths to Transcendence According to Shankara, Ibn Arabi, and Meister Eckhart / Shah-Kazemi, Reza
317. Pentaglot Dictionary of Buddhist Terms / Raghu Vira (Ed.)
318. The Poems of Rasakhan: Treasure House of Love / Shyamdas, Krishna Kinkari & Haberman, David (Trs.)
319. Power of Buddhism in Political Order / Pagare, G.K. & Gupta, S.D.
320. A Practical Sanskrit Dictionary: With Transliteration, Accentuation, and Etymological Analysis Throughout / Macdonell, Arthur Anthony
321. Presidential Addresses on Arab-Islamic Studies / Ali, Abdul
322. Principle and Practice of Mahayana Buddhism / Goddard, Dwight
323. Rampur Raza Library Monograph / Siddiqi, W.H.
324. Rare Persian Manuscript Preserved in Khuda Bakhsh Library / Khan, Shayesta (Comp.)
325. Rediscovering Islam: Encyclopaedia of Islamic Studies; 35 Volumes
326. Reflection on Islamic Beliefs and Resurrection / Ahmed, Sharif
327. Religion and Culture in Indian Civilization: Essays in Honour of Prof. C.N. Venugopal / Sharma, Amit Kumar (Ed.)
328. Religion and the Modern World: A Study of the Philosophy of Dr. S. Radhakrishnan / Kumar, Chikile Prema
329. Religion for Atheists / Botton, Alain De
330. Religion, Politics and Good Governance / Muhammad, Mahmood Bin
331. Religious Cults in Vijayanagara Empire: A Many Splendoured Phenomena / Devi, Konduri Sarojini (Ed.)
332. Research in Indology: A New Perspective / Panda, Rabindra Kumar
333. The Sacred Books of the East; 50 Volumes / Muller, F. Max (Ed.)
334. The Sacred Dichotomy: Thoughts and Comments on The Duality of Female and Male Iconography in South Asia and the Mediterranean / Bunce, Fredrick W.
335. Sahih Al-Bukhari Shareef: Sayings and Doings of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) by Imam Bukhari, Urdu by Waheeduz Zaman; 3 Volumes (Arabic-Urdu)
336. Sahih Muslim; 8 Volumes (Arabic-English) / Siddiqui, A.H.
337. A Sample Dictionary of Gods and Other Mythlogical Characters / Uday, Lal L.
338. Sanskrit-Chinese Lexicon: being Fan Fan Yu, the first known lexicon of its kind dated to AD 517 / Lokesh Chandra (Ed.)
339. A Sanskrit-English Dictionary: Etymologically and Philologically Arranged with special reference to cognate Indo-European Languages / Monier-Williams, M.
340. Sanskrit-Tibetan Dictionary: Being the Reverse of the 19 Volumes of the Tibetan-Sanskrit Dictionary / Lokesh Chandra
341. Sanskrit-Tibetan-Chinese Dictionary / San bod rgya gsam shan sbyar gyi tshig mdzod / Rnam rgyal, Tshering
342. Sanskrit-Worterbuch; alongwith Nachtrage by Richard Schmidt; 7 Volumes / Bohtling, Otto & Roth, Rudolph
343. Santakuti Vedic Research Series; Vol.1-21 (in 22 parts) / Vishva Bandhu (Ed.)
344. Science and the Myth of Progress / Zarandi, Mehrdad M.
345. Science of Medicine and Surgery in Buddhist India / Talim, Meena
346. Secularism Democracy and Muslim Experience in India: Understanding Communalism and Terrorism / Engineer, Asghar Ali
347. The Siddhanta Kaumudi of Bhattoji Diksita; 2 Volumes (Translated into English) / Vasu, Srisa Chandra (Ed. & Tr.)
348. Siva-Kosha; 2 Volumes / Rao, S.K. Ramachandra (Prof.)
349. Sociology of Religion / McGuire, Meredith B.
350. Sparkling Punjab / Singal, Vijay
351. Sri Ananda Acharya Universal Series, 8 Volumes
352. The Sterling Dictionary of Religion / Sharma, Amrita
353. Students English-Tibetan Colloquial Dictionary: Text Incorporating Corrections Listed in the Errata / Bell, C.A.
354. Studies in Classical India: A Collection of the Articles of Prof. Dr. RaghuVira / Lokesh Chandra & Lohia, Sushama (Eds.)
355. Sublime Love Essay and Anthology / Rose, Stuart
356. Tell Me About the Creation: Scientific Evidence Demonstrates that all Living Things Have Been Created by God / Yaha, Harun
357. Tibetan Buddhism and Modern Physics: A Quantum Mechanical Challenge / Mansfield, Vic
358. A Tibetan English Dictionary: With Special Reference to the Prevalling Dialects (To which is added - An English-Tibetan Vocabulary) / Jaschke, H.A. (1817-1883)
359. Tibetan Grammar / Jaschke, H.A.
360. Tibetan Proverbs / Pemba, Lhamo (Comp.)
361. Tibetan Quadrisyllabics, Phrases and Idioms / Naga, Sangye T. & Rigzin, Tsepak
362. The Tibetan Vinaya: Guide to Buddhist Conduct / Rinpoche, Ven. Khenchen Thrangu (Geshe Lharampa) & Abbot of Rumtek Monastery
363. Tibetan-English Buddhist Historical Glossary / Das, Sarat Chandra
364. Tibetan-English Dictionary (with Supplement) / Buck, Stuart H.
365. Tibetan-English Dictionary of Buddhist Terminology / Rigzin, Tsepak
366. Tibetan-Sanskrit Dictionary (Compact Edition) / Lokesh Chandra
367. Tibetan-Sanskrit Dictionary (Supplementary Volumes), 7 Volumes / Lokesh Chandra
368. Tibetan-Sanskrit Dictionary; 16 Volumes / Negi, J.S.
369. Traditional Embroideries of India / Naik, Shailaja D.
370. Traditions of the Seven Rsis / Mitchiner, John E.
371. Uddhara-Kosa of Dakshinamurti: A Dictionary of the Secret Tantric Syllabic Code (Text, Introduction and Exegetical Notes) / Raghuvira & Taki, Shodo
372. Umar: The Great Administrator / Razi, Muhammad & Syed, M.H.
373. Vedic Bibliography; 6 Volumes / Dandekar, R.N. (Ed.)
374. Vedic Kosha (3 Volumes) / Upadhyaya, Chandrasekhar & Upadhyaya, Anil Kumar
375. Vishveshvaranand Indological Research Series, Vols. 1-88
376. Visuddhimagga; 2 Volumes / Bhikkhu, Dharmrakshit (Dr.) (Tr.)
377. Warfare, Religion, and Society in Indian History / Aquil, Raziuddin & Roy, Kaushik (Eds.)
378. The White Conch Dictionary: Dud dkar Tshig mdzod chen mo: Mkhas dban Dud dkar Blo bzan phrin las mchog gis mdzad pa'i Bod rig pa'i tshig mdzod chen mo Ses bya rab gsal ses bya ba bzugs so: Dungkar Tibetological Great Dictionary, 2 Volumes (Tibetan-Tibetan) / Dungkar Losang Khrinley
379. Why Reservation for Muslims? / Rehman, Habibur
380. Woman and Religion: An Encyclopadia on Women in Different Religions of the World; 8 Volumes / Anil Dutta Mishra (Ed.)
381. Women and Religion / Doshi, Nitin
382. The Wonders of the World; 4 Volumes / Johnston, Sir Harry & et. al.
383. Woolner Indological Series, 27 Volumes
384. The Word-Index of Abhidharmakosa / Pradhan, Subhangi S. (Comp.)
385. World Encyclopaedia of Islamic Empires; 5 Volumes / Husain, Syed Akhtar
386. World Muslim Gazetteer
387. World Press on Panchen Lama: Selections from Press Reports
388. Worterbuch Zum Rig-Veda by M. Kozianka / Grassmann, Hermann
389. Zakhiratul Khwanin, Volume 1 (English Translation) / Desai, Z.A.

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